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Our topics include the formation of the New World Order and the New Age Agenda, popular conspiracy theories.

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    2016: A New Warning From The Illuminati

    We have known Hollywood’s role in the “programming” of the masses is in accordance with the Illuminati agenda. Jason A of YouTube is convinced he may have uncovered the illuminati’s shocking plans for the future in 2016.

    He analyzed the satanic infiltration of the entertainment industry, and exposed Hollywood’s secret and hidden messages.

    An intriguing video …

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    As the world was wandering after the beast this Super Bowl 50 weekend, it appears to have missed abomination staring it in the face; the inverted cross on the CD cover of Beyonce’s, Formation song, which she performed at the Super Bowl 50 halftime show. The lyrics of the song include denial of Illuminati associations, yet here we see, hiding in plain sight, an inverted cross. The entire world missed this one.

    There are hints of transhumanism as she is merged with the El Camino car. The history of the California El Camino Real Highway seems to point to deep, dark, occult origins of human sacrifice and dates that synchronize past with recent history:

    700-mile-long El Camino Real linked California’s 21 Father Junipero Serra missions. Native Daughters of the Golden West were the ones who came up with this Highway of the King or Royal Highway. First meeting September 11, 1886, had thirty-three founding members, original name Ursula, logo Minerva: oriflamme and sheaves of wheat….


    Before It's News

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    Exclusive Revelation Of The Freemason Secret And The $ 1 Bill

    This article aims to give you the keys and bring you the evidence that has never released to the public.

    These keys will open the doors of the Bible, the pyramids, the Flood, the freemasons and the Planet x and show you that everything is connected in an incredible way and that all this is part of a single story!

    This article was one of the hardest to write because it needs to balance the accuracy and detail of a book while keeping the size of a newspaper article, and we also hope that it can serve as a working basis for the many independent researchers by enabling them to unravel the many mysteries not yet studied.

    Before revealing you the codes and Freemason secrets, a slight introduction necessary, without going into details because the subject is very complex.

    Heir of the Knights Templar, Freemasonry was originally a non-religious, non-political, the oldest fraternal and charitable and the biggest in the world.

    It was an alliance of free men of all denominations and from all social backgrounds.

    Benjamin Franklin, Franklin Roosevelt, Leonardo da Vinci, Georges Washington… were Freemasons.

    The main founders of the united states of America and the French revolutions, were Freemasons, they works to return power to the people by establishing in their new constitutions, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    Today the situation is very complex, many struggles to demonize and make them go for the bad boys, which is only at half true, because actually today many lodges do not pursue more noble objectives that motivated the cause and unfortunately work for a powerful minority guided by the invisible hand of « The Dragon ».

    I do not go into detail because as I have said the issue is complex and that interests us here is to unveil a few of their secret codes and known as “The builders secrets” which dates back to the ancient Sumerian, Egyptian civilization, and the Pyramids builders.

    These secrets were not hidden but rather transmitted in a particular way: they are encoded not in a complex way, but in a way so obvious and simple that you do not see them.
    “The secret is hidden because it is exposed in the light.”
    I incorporated throughout the article a little quiz (multiple answer) to test your intelligence but above all to make it more accessible and more enjoyable reading, even if the subject is very serious.

    There will be a photo behind each question so that you can not read the answer unintentionally.

    Secret # 1

    This famous photo, is the supreme Seal of the United States : “The Great Seal”.

    Many associate mistakenly to a powerful financial group occult.

    This symbol is extraordinary intelligence and simplicity, I sometimes wonder if it is a human spirit that created it (just kidding half and you will see at the end of the article, why…) there are in this symbol of virtually every Freemason secrets that I will reveal.

    They are so important that the Founding Fathers who were Freemasons did in the Supreme Seal of the United States of America, the future world power of our planet.

    And it’s no coincidence that they included a Pyramid on the seal …

    I begin by one of the great Secret, which is revealed to you in this video, but this time we will provide you the evidence and secret codes that are linked to it.

    Why is there the motto “In God We Trust” off of a pyramid?
    A. The author who is a Freemason was found that pretty.
    B. Surely there must be a connection.
    C. I do not know and I will like that you hurry to explain it.

    Answer: B

    This is the God of the Bible who is the architect of the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

    That is why there is a pyramid next to the motto of the united states “In God We Trust”

    It is through The Ark of the Covenant or “Ark of the testimony”, that Moses approached the Lord, and if you come to prove that the Ark was originally in the trunk granite, which is in the room of the King of the Great pyramid, then you infer that it is God who is the designer of that pyramid.

    Before you prove and enter with numbers we need to answer a simple but crucial question:

    what is the ark?

    As you’ll see throughout this article, the Ark of the Covenant is related to the famous Flood.

    Under the term of the Flood is hiding a devastating tsunami caused by unimaginable earthquake, by the gravitational effects of the famous Planet x.

    To understand what are the Ark, try to answer the following question:

    If a flood of biblical proportions (unimaginable tsunamis) happen tomorrow, what should be your reaction?

    A - Get high to protect me.

    B - Make a stock of food to survive.

    C - I backup my encyclopedias not go back to the Stone Age.

    Answer: A, B and C

    This does not recall anything?

    The first thing to do is protect themselves and thus get high.

    - God told Moses to go up the mountain.

    - Moses also in possession of something that protects the water (separation of the sea).

    Secondly you need food in order to survive.

    - For 40 years the tribe tongs desert survival by eating the famous “manna”

    Thirdly you need to save your knowledge to not start from scratch.

    - God gave Moses the tablets of the law, the rules for building a new society.

    - The “knowledge” is the ark itself … it is a tool of communication between God and Moses.

    The Ark of the Covenant is God’s help to face a deluge!
    And you will see that the Ark came to the Great Pyramid.

    Secret # 2

    The Ark and The Pyramid.

    From the book to understand how the author discovered that the Ark was in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid.

    Last Chapter “That I did not want revealed” (link to download the book for those who wish to read it, in the end of the article.)
    “Many archaeologists have suspected that the trunk of the king’s chamber could have contained the Ark of the Covenant of Moses, but the dimensions of the tabernacle (the receptacle that contained the Ark) which are in the Bible did not correspond with those of coffer which is in the king’s chamber. 
    Because the value of their cubit was wrong…

    Here are the measures of the Ark (tabernacle) that God gives to Moses:
    “The Lord spoke to Moses, saying, Speak unto the children of Israel. They will make an ark of acacia wood; its length shall be two and a half cubits, its breadth a cubit and a half its height a cubit and a half.”

    Of course I did not find anything, because I was not the first to have had the idea to make the comparison, and especially that we did not use the right Cubit …

    I discovered the true cubit, that of the triangle, until January 2015 and it is this “God” uses.

    As if we had wanted to leave a trail.

    We will see a little further new measures.

    So I proceeded in another way …

    I served, not measures of the trunk, but the king’s chamber, where he was.

    The king’s chamber is ten to twenty cubits.

    commonly accepted with 52.36 cm for the royal cubit measurement.

    In the Bible, God asked Solomon to build a temple:

    Bible 1 Kings 6

    “3 And the porch before the temple of the house was twenty cubits in length, depending on the width of the house; * its depth was ten cubits outside the house. “

    I had found my proof … this could not be a coincidence.

    My key was the Bible! And it was she who opened all the doors!

    For example, to know how much water it was necessary to introduce in the pyramid (to symbolize the Flood)

     I had just returned to the Temple of Solomon …

    A water volume of 36 m3 (symbolizing the seas, you will see a bit later) on oxen, to signify that he must travel …

    Victims of the Flood, is this volume of holy water.

    Besides, no one understood why it was buried under a pyramid, thousands of vessels … (40,000 exactly.)

    ( Bibliotheca Alexandrina Antiquities Museum )
    And the last thing: why we are pursuing someone? Why should the Egyptians pursue Moses?
    Because he has something that belongs to them…


    Measurements of God.

    In his message, God designed measures with the universal language of mathematics and geometry, and the most famous and mysterious number, the golden ratio or the number of God: Phi 1.618

    Here are three of the measures that the complete explanation is available in English and I really suggest you read this fascinating article: KEYS OF THE PYRAMID - FOUR CUBIT, FOUR KEYS

    The secret of the pyramid builders was before your eyes…

    Square cubit

    It corresponds to the side of a square of equal to φ perimeter

    = φ/ 4 = 0.40

    It symbolizes the square and the Moon. (Moon size = 1/4 size of Earth…)

    Circle cubit

    It corresponds to the diameter of a circle from having a perimeter equal to φ

    = φ/ π = 0.51

    It symbolizes the circle and the Sun.

    Triangle Cubit

    It quite simply, “marry” the circle and the square to get a new cubit, that of the triangle.

    Their union is 0.91/2 = 0.455

    It symbolizes the triangle, pyramid, The Earth.


    Ark : Length: 2.5 Width: 1.5 Height: 1.5

    Cubit triangle or pyramid = 45.5 cm

    Here’s what we found …

    68.10 cm = 1.5 Cubit Triangle!

    227.63 cm = 5 Cubit Triangle! Exactly twice!

    Why a double length? And why the outside volume of the coffer is twice the internal volume?

    God speak to us with the language of mathematics!

    “What is outside is double what is inside…”
    There were two Arches!

    Graham Hancock who has always supported the thesis that there were two arches was right …

    To be quite honest there is a difference of 1 mm, but is simply due to there room temperature and the phenomenon of thermal expansion of the materials.In our case, turn down the temp of 10 ° C and have your mm …

    As I tell you these measures, which I call the Keys of The Pyramid, opens all the doors of the Bible and of the pyramid and that God uses mathematics to transmit information.

    When there is a large building or a monument you must calculate the dimensions with two decimal places and three decimal places for small dimensions.

    Consider for example the dimensions of Noah’s Ark:

    Thanks to its key you understand the origin of the ark, the cause of the disaster and unique mathematical values.

    First, the simplest : the volume of the Noah’s Ark

    300x30x50 = 450000

    450 000 / 0.45 = 1 000 000 of Cubit Pyramid!


    300 / 0.45 = 666.6666 … The Planet X as was demonstrated in the article and with this litle riddle...

    As you know , the Cubits " Star " are symbolized by geometric figure : square, circle and triangle (see article "Keys of the Pyramid")

    In your opinion, what is the geometric symbol that builders have used to symbolize Planet X ?

    Solution :

    Cubit Planet X = 0.91

    0.91 corresponds to two cubits Earth ( [ 0.40 + 0.51 ] / 2 = 0.455 ), so two triangles...

    The Hexagram is the geometric figure for Planet X.

    The Seal Of Solomon…

    As this symbol carries with it the number 666 , explained by many authors ( like here ) , Planet X is therefore linked to the number 666 .

    God gives us the cause of the disaster and therefore the reason for the Ark.

    30 / 0.45 = 66.6666 … The satellite, which accompanies Planet X as explained in this article (here) and in the video.

    50 / 0.45 = 111.1111111 …

    What 111.111 mean?
    A – it’s just nice
    B – that’s what we call a pyramidal number
    C – when to take an aspirin with these issues in math!

    Answer B of course, it is a pyramidal number, which we recall again, mathematically the pyramid.

    111 x 111 = 12321 1111 x 1111 = 1234321…

    A final example not to overload the subject with numbers.

    Here are the dimensions, diameter 10 Cubit, Height 5 Cubit (Bible 1 Kings 7) of the Brazen Sea that I showed you above, which is found in the temple of Solomon.

    According to the Talmud, it was not entirely round: the upper two-fifths were round, but three-fifths were lower square (TalmudEruvin 14a, b)

    What round and square? The Triangle Cubit or Pyramid!

    If you calculate the volume in cubit, you get :

    125 x π

    Again the circle and the square or the triangle, Pyramid, Earth.

    Brazen Sea symbolizes in mathematical language, all the seas of our Planet who are rampaging during the flood.

    40,000 vases symbolize our planet, humanity (40,007 km Earth circumference)

    Water spilled into the pyramid (Earth) represents all the seas that flow in the earth and has virtually decimated humanity.

    Just amazing…

    How many of you know, than the diameter of Earth is the root of the number of Gold

    and symbolizes its divine origin? And that its size is a square, a symbol of home, our Home.

    Now back to our $ 1 bill and our Freemason

    Now you understand that The Great Pyramid is not a Tesla generator or whatever else, but the most extraordinary memorial of humanity.

    Freemason have registered this seal on the famous $ 1 bill in order to broadcast this important message of memory and printed billion copies in all countries over the world.

    All the hidden messages, or not, in the $ 1 bill will seem obvious now.

    With the motto “In God we Trust” next to the pyramid, there is also the mysterious Latin phrase

    - Annuit Coeptis It -

    meaning “We approve this entreprise”

    This sentence rather banal, does not deserve to be on a seal and of course it has a hidden meaning,

    The trick is very simple, just remove a “N” (and put aside)

    Anu It Coeptis

    Anu: God of Gods of mythology Sumerian

    It: It

    Coeptis: entrepresing

    All is said …

    The eye has several meanings:

    It is the eye of Horus, protective God and knowledge.

    It is the Eye of Providence or the Eye of God exercising supervision over humanity.

    This is also the eye of a Freemason.

    It is behind a “keyhole” to mean that it monitors.:


    Now, look, the Pyramid with simplicity:

    Where is this pyramid?

    A in a desert

    B in a jungle

    C on the seabed

    Answer C

    The pyramid is not in a jungle or in the desert … but on the seabed.

    The color green is the color of the algae.

    This symbolizing a pyramid under water, swallowed

    Observe the ends of the parchment; they go up and appear to float like an aquatic plant still to mean “water.”

    This is again a reference to the sunken continent and the Flood.

    “Atlantis Found – Located with The Great Pyramid”

    Now do behind the pyramid zoom at the 4th degrees from the ground

    You see clearly the sea, waves and what looks like a big wave.

    “The Great Seal”

    Simply just remove the “L” (and put aside with N)

    “The Great Sea…”

    Above and below the medallion, you have two huge waves.

    Harder to find … a work of vision and concentration is needed.

    you see behind a kind of fire with smoke.

    This smoke with clouds draws a sort of half world map that looks like the moon.

    This is clearly a planet and not Earth: Moon or Planet X ?

    We also find themselves in FM symbol

    And as we have seen in the video, on the top of the roof of the center of the world, which is the Royal Greenwich Observatory.

    Novus Ordo Seclorum means

    “New order of the ages.”

    The disaster is a disorder that occurs cyclically and bodes well for centuries to come, a new order.

    The 13 ° of the pyramid.

    The 13 ° of the pyramid does not indicate a level or degree, but actually the mathematical degrees,.

    13 ° indicates the variation suffered by the axis of rotation of our planet during the great Flood,

    The pyramid as you know now, symbolizes our planet and therefore the pyramidion a pole.

    In the photo the pyramidion is not a place to indicate that the poles are moved.

    This information which was never revealed, and we find it in the plane of the Great Pyramid.

    The ducts themselves, indicate the position of the poles before and after the disaster.

    The reasoning is as follows:

    The angles of the ducts of the Queen’s Chamber (Antarctica before the disaster) as reference.

    They just form a right angle with latitude; therefore they indicate the North and South poles.

    An angle difference with those observed in the King’s Chamber ( Antarctic after the disaster.)

    So just calculate the difference:

    All angles are on the web

    North: -5 °

    South: + 8 °

    A total difference: 13 °

    On other FM pyramids that number is 33 °

    This number corresponds to the angle difference of the equator before and after the disaster.

    This allows us to understand that the change of inclination of the axis of rotation of our planet causes a shift in the Earth’s crust and that Antarctica remained somehow on site.


    This date officially is the year of The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, but you will see that this date also has significance and that is very important.

    2016 corresponds to the year 6016 Masonic AL.

    AL means Anno Lucis, Year of the light.

    The year 0 of the FM calendar corresponds to the year -4000 BC

    Very few people knew what could match this very important year for the FM before it is revealed to you in the video.

    The -4000 years BC is the date of the last visit of Planet X and the warning given by God,

    Remember, the Bible, the pyramids, the Flood, the Freemasons and the Planet x, everything is connected…

    Everything is explained in detail in this important article : Return of Planet X, my last truth ; and in the above video.

    Remember we have an N an L aside…

    1776 NL – New or Next Light -

    1776 is the year of the next light and therefore the next warning …

    Just convert 1776 in Masonic year:

    Convert this year in God Calendar (Biblical calendar)

    5776 AM (Anno Mundi)

    MDCCLXXVI = 1776 = 5776 AL = 5776 AM = 2015 of our calendar.

    And you know what ?

    The year 2015 was declared Year of the Light by The UN.

    The year 2015 is the year of God’s warning and corresponds to the total solar eclipse, the day of the spring equinox and the new biblical year.

    Managing Director of the IMF Christine Lagarde’s Illuminati Numerology Message

    It corresponds to the opening of the first seal of the book of Revelation of John.
    “Then I saw a white horse appear; its rider held a bow, he was given a crown and he went forth conquering yet to conquer. “

    For those wishing more information about the 7 seals is here.

    Today $ 1 bill became Machiavellian weapon of finance occult led by a very powerful enemy…

    The last thing I will reveal, is not a secret but a hypothesis…

    As you’ve found the Freemasons are the heirs of a great knowledge bequeathed by the Templars.

    The Templars have not decoded the message of God, but they got it.

    But how?

    Books, scrolls?

    This is not sufficient to justify their almost total elimination decided by the clergy and the monarchy.

    Could it be that the Templars had discovered the ark?…

    Is it possible that the ark is in possession of an Freemason and he can be even communicated with God?

    Where is it today, which country the Freemason have they put in safety?

    In the middle of the ocean? In the desert ? In the middle of a forest? Or in the mountains? …

    What would you choose?

    A country different from all the others…A synonym of peace and security country …A powerful country…

    Remember, Freemason nothing hid…

    But this is mere supposition…

    Thank you for sharing this important article and May God bless you.

    Before It's News

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    Zika HOAX Exposed by South American Doctors

    Despite all the public hoopla, all the cases of microcephaly being discovered in Brazil have never been scientifically linked to the Zika virus. A group of doctors from South America are now saying the brain deformations the world is witnessing are caused by the mass fumigation of low-income Brazilian people with a chemical larvicide, not by mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus.

    What we’re seeing with the brain deformations of children, in other words, is more like the history of thalidomide, a prescription medicine given to pregnant women that caused children to be born with limbs missing. But the official narrative on all this is pushing a false link with Zika in order to justify more chemical fumigation, more vaccines and more genetically engineered mosquitoes.

    From the doctors at Red Universitaria de Ambiente y Salud (the Red University of Environment and Health), with h/t to GM Watch: (SOURCE document)

    A dramatic increase of congenital malformations, especially microcephaly in newborns, was detected and quickly linked to the Zika virus by the Brazilian Ministry of Health. However, they fail to recognise that in the area where most sick persons live, a chemical larvicide producing malformations in mosquitoes has been applied for 18 months, and that this poison (pyroproxyfen) is applied by the State on drinking water used by the affected population.

    It looks like the world’s health authorities are using Zika virus mosquitoes as a cover story to conceal the damage caused by toxic chemicals manufactured by powerful globalist corporations.

    The larvicide sprayed in Brazil, for example, is called “pyriproxyfen,” and it’s manufactured by Sumitomo Chemical, a corporation known to be a “strategic partner” of Monsanto. The Argentinian doctors’ report lists Sumitomo as a “subsidiary” of Monsanto. As GM Watch reports, “Pyriproxyfen is a growth inhibitor of mosquito larvae, which alters the development process from larva to pupa to adult, thus generating malformations in developing mosquitoes and killing or disabling them.”

    Hmmm… a growth inhibitor of developing organisms? Does that raise any question marks with anyone when considering the under-developed cranial and neurological systems of the children being victimized in all this?

    From the report:

    Malformations detected in thousands of children from pregnant women living in areas where the Brazilian state added pyriproxyfen to drinking water is not a coincidence, even though the Ministry of Health places a direct blame on Zika virus for this damage, while trying to ignore its responsibility and ruling out the hypothesis of direct and cumulative chemical damage caused by years of endocrine and immunological disruption of the affected population. Doctors from the Brazilian Association for Collective Health (ABRASCO) demand that urgent epidemiological studies taking into account this causal link be carried out, especially when among 3,893 cases of malformations confirmed until January 20, 2016, 49 children have died and only five of them were confirmed to have been infected with Zika.

    Zika virus doesn’t cause microcephaly!

    As reported by the Argentinian doctors in their report, Zika virus has never been known to cause brain deformations in children:
    Previous Zika epidemics did not cause birth defects in newborns, despite infecting 75% of the population in those countries. Also, in other countries such as Colombia there are no records of microcephaly; however, there are plenty of Zika cases.
    The entire reason these brain deformations are being blamed on the Zika virus, we’re now learning, is so that powerful chemical companies can sell more toxic chemicals that poison the people and the environment even more! From the doctors’ report:
    Brazilian doctors (Abrasco) are claiming that the strategy of chemical control is contaminating the environment as well as people, that it is not decreasing the amount of mosquitoes, and that this strategy is in fact a commercial manoeuvre from the chemical poisons industry, deeply integrated into Latin American ministries of health as well as WHO and PAHO.
    It’s a vicious cycle, of course: The government sprays chemicals that cause brain deformations in children, but in order to avoid blaming the chemicals, they blame mosquitoes, thereby demanding MORE toxic chemicals be sprayed, causing yet more deformations that demand yet more chemicals and so on.

    If all this sounds familiar, it’s because it’s ripped right out of the playbook of the vaccine industry: Many vaccines actually cause epidemics (which is why children who are stricken with measles and mumps have almost always been previously vaccinated against measles and mumps), thereby increasing public demand for more vaccines which cause more outbreaks, ad infinitum.

    It’s the perfect business model: When your product causes an epidemic of disease or birth defects, just find something else to blame and then pay off all the government health authorities to demand more of your product! After all, even the CDC loves these pandemics because it gives them an opportunity to exhibit more “authority” and push for more vaccines.

    Billions already pledged to the vaccine industry… even with no scientific evidence of a link

    Based entirely on fraudulent information and quack science, President Obama has now called for $1.8 billion in government handouts to vaccine companies and pharmaceutical corporations to combat Zika. Yet the linkage between Zika and microcephaly is nothing but an unproven, unscientific, mythological narrative dreamed up by the vaccine pushers. It carries the same scientific weight as saying “Black cats cause bad luck” or “Rubbing a rabbit’s foot gives me good luck.”

    Hence the term “vaccine voodoo” which is a technically accurate description of the total lack of science underpinning the fraudulent vaccine industry. Isn’t it amazing how quickly the government, the media and the vaccine pushers have leaped to their preferred conclusion about microcephaly even without a shred of scientific evidence to support such a notion?

    (Hey, it’s a pandemic… they don’t need any real EVIDENCE, right?)

    Genetically engineered mosquitoes aren’t working either

    When bad science and dangerous chemicals are already destroying people’s lives, the solution must be MORE bad science, right?

    Enter genetically engineered mosquitoes. According to all the criminally insane GMO pushers, GM mosquitoes are the instant answer to mosquito-borne diseases (and nothing can ever go wrong, we’re assured).

    The problem is that they’re criminally insane and scientifically illiterate to boot. That’s why the GM mosquitoes aren’t working. “The last strategy deployed in Brazil, and which might be replicated in all our countries, is the use of GM mosquitoes — a total failure, except for the company supplying mosquitoes,” say the Argentinian doctors.

    The English company Oxitec sells male GM mosquitoes, supposedly in order to decrease the Aedes population. A lethal gene is inserted in those mosquitoes, which is transmitted to the offspring, causing death to larvae if it is not blocked by an antibiotic (tetracycline).

    Currently in Brazil nearly 15 million GM mosquitoes have been released, and the failure is complete. Where field tests were carried out, less than 15% of larvae were transgenic, that is to say… wild females are not accepting the English mosquito from Oxitec. The response: increasing the release in poor areas. Also, we must take into account that the biology of the disease shows that the female only “stings” when it’s pregnant and generating eggs after being fertilised by a male; it does it in that state and only then, because it needs blood components in order to develop the eggs. So, if millions of male mosquitoes are released, there will be many more fertilised females looking to suck the blood of mammals, thus increasing the spreading of the disease from infected people to healthy people!

    A massive science hoax, vaccine hoax and chemical hoax all designed to generate more industry profits while ignoring the true causes of suffering in Brazilian children

    Once you put all the pieces of this puzzle together, it becomes crystal clear: The Zika virus narrative is a massive quack science hoax that’s being pushed solely to sell more chemicals, more GM mosquitoes, more vaccines and more fumigation of the Brazilian population with deadly substances.

    The real cause of microcephaly is being systematically ignored, lending yet more support to the idea that this is all part of the population control agenda to poison the people of Brazil, deliberately reduce their offspring to mutants, increase abortions and demand that women no longer get pregnant.

    All the signs are there, folks. This is the Bill Gates human depopulation agenda in full swing, disguised as a mosquito virus outbreak. It’s no mistake that the larvicide chemicals are being sprayed in the poorest areas of Brazil, targeting those very same populations that are now being told, “Don’t have any more babies!”

    By Mike Adams, Natural News

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    In 1967, the CIA Created the Label "Conspiracy Theorists" ... to Attack Anyone Who Challenges the "Official" Narrative

    One of the reasons for providing this important documentation and commentary is that even in supposedly “awakened” portions of the “truth movement”, or at least many people who frequent “alternative” social media pages and websites, there is a disturbing tendency to dismiss uncomfortable information as “conspiracy theory” as an emotional knee jerk reaction in defense of one’s worldview.

    We expect this infantile reaction from the so-called “sheeple” who think that the 6 o’clock news is keeping them adequately informed, however, it comes as a shock to the system when swathes of people who follow pages and websites that represent the trend in “new thought” and “alternative/ independent media” exhibit precisely the same thought and behavioural patterns as their obviously socially engineered/ brainwashed nightly news watching brethren.

    This article is both a shield and a sword of truth with which to respond to reactionary accusations/dismissals of being a “conspiracy theorist” whenever someone prefers to attack the messenger instead of addressing the message (in an open-minded and adult fashion).

    It is still mind-blowing to us at GFM that so many people are still so ignorant as to struggle with the fundamental notion that people in positions of power and influence might actually deliberately conspire among themselves to engage in morally reprehensible acts for self-benefit that would seem incomprehensible to the average person who is not a raging psychopath.

    Regardless, the historical record shows in abundance that this has always been the case in our known history.

    Moreover, the self-appointed “power elite” have devised – AND SUCCESSFULLY DEPLOYED – ways and means of manipulating the public’s awareness to such an extent that when a researcher shares an unpleasant conspiracy truth in an effort to raise awareness and thus collective empowerment, the would-be recipients of this unwanted information dismiss the material using the very terminology designed and supplied by the System that is duping them! We have, of course, been on the receiving end of this ourselves, much to our dismay.

    There is something sickening about observing the brothers and sisters we are trying to assist and awaken respond to those attempts at facilitating understanding in PRECISELY THE WAY THAT THE CONTROL SYSTEM HAS CONDITIONED THEM TO RESPOND, i.e., “Wow, you’re a real tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist” and such like.

    Well, below you will learn just who originated the “conspiracy theorist” label and to what malicious ends they have been successfully using it ever since. If you are not already aware of this, you might like to grab a bucket to throw up in. The strategy has worked for the System – BIG TIME.

    Attention “truthers” and “spiritual” types: we are all on notice. We need to grow up FAST, because we are witnessing a MASSIVE acceleration of Big Brother’s attempt to infiltrate and control every facet of human existence, rendering us little more than surveilled, vaccinated, and microchipped obedient sources of revenue who are running on auto pilot.

    In 1967, the CIA Created the Label “Conspiracy Theorists”… to Attack Anyone Who Challenges the “Official” Narrative

    Conspiracy Theorists USED TO Be Accepted As Normal

    Democracy and free market capitalism were founded on conspiracy theories.

    The Magna Carta, the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and other founding Western documents were based on conspiracy theories. Greek democracy and free market capitalism were also based on conspiracy theories.

    But those were the bad old days …Things have now changed.

    The CIA Coined the Term Conspiracy Theorist In 1967

    That all changed in the 1960s.

    Specifically, in April 1967, the CIA wrote a dispatch which coined the term “conspiracy theories” … and recommended methods for discrediting such theories. The dispatch was marked “psych” – short for “psychological operations” or disinformation – and “CS” for the CIA’s “Clandestine Services” unit.

    The dispatch was produced in responses to a Freedom of Information Act request by the New York Times in 1976.

    The dispatch states:

    2. This trend of opinion is a matter of concern to the U.S. government, including our organization.
    The aim of this dispatch is to provide materialcountering and discrediting the claims of the conspiracy theorists, so as to inhibit the circulation of such claims in other countries. Background information is supplied in a classified section and in a number of unclassified attachments.

    3. Action. We do not recommend that discussion of the [conspiracy] question be initiated where it is not already taking place. Where discussion is active addresses are requested:

    a. To discuss the publicity problem with and friendly elite contacts (especially politicians and editors), pointing out that the [official investigation of the relevant event] made as thorough an investigation as humanly possible, that the charges of the critics are without serious foundation, and that further speculative discussion only plays into the hands of the opposition. Point out also that parts of the conspiracy talk appear to be deliberately generated by … propagandists. Urge them to use their influence to discourage unfounded and irresponsible speculation.

    b. To employ propaganda assets to and refute the attacks of the critics. Book reviews and feature articles are particularly appropriate for this purpose. The unclassified attachments to this guidance should provide useful background material for passing to assets. Our ploy should point out, as applicable, that the critics are (I) wedded to theories adopted before the evidence was in, (II) politically interested, (III) financially interested, (IV) hasty and inaccurate in their research, or (V) infatuated with their own theories.

    Admission: Federal Government Hires Internet TROLLS to Monitor and “Correct” Online Discussions

    4. In private to media discussions not directed at any particular writer, or in attacking publications which may be yet forthcoming, the following arguments should be useful:

    a. No significant new evidence has emerged which the Commission did not consider.

    b. Critics usually overvalue particular items and ignore others. They tend to place more emphasis on the recollections of individual witnesses (which are less reliable and more divergent–and hence offer more hand-holds for criticism) …

    c. Conspiracy on the large scale often suggested would be impossible to conceal in the United States, esp. since informants could expect to receive large royalties, etc.

    d. Critics have often been enticed by a form of intellectual pride: they light on some theory and fall in love with it; they also scoff at the Commission because it did not always answer every question with a flat decision one way or the other.

    f. As to charges that the Commission’s report was a rush job, it emerged three months after the deadline originally set. But to the degree that the Commission tried to speed up its reporting, this was largely due to the pressure of irresponsible speculation already appearing, in some cases coming from the same critics who, refusing to admit their errors, are now putting out new criticisms.

    g. Such vague accusations as that “more than ten people have died mysteriously” can always be explained in some natural way

    5. Where possible, counter speculation by encouraging reference to the Commission’s Report itself. Open-minded foreign readers should still be impressed by the care, thoroughness, objectivity and speed with which the Commission worked. Reviewers of other books might be encouraged to add to their account the idea that, checking back with the report itself, they found it far superior to the work of its critics.

    Here are screenshots of part of the memo:

    Summarising the tactics which the CIA dispatch recommended:
    • Claim that it would be impossible for so many people would keep quiet about such a big conspiracy
    • Have People Friendly To The CIA attack the claims, and point back to “official” reports
    • Claim that eyewitness testimony is unreliable
    • Claim that this is all old news, as “no significant new evidence has emerged”
    • Ignore conspiracy claims unless discussion about them is already too active
    • Claim that it’s irresponsible to speculate
    • Accuse theorists of being wedded to and infatuated with their theories
    • Accuse theorists of being politically motivated
    • Accuse theorists of having financial interests in promoting conspiracy theories
    In other words, the CIA’s clandestine services unit created the arguments for attacking conspiracy theories as unreliable in the 1960s as part of its psychological warfare operations.

    But Aren’t Conspiracy Theories – In Fact – Nuts?

    Forget Western history and CIA dispatches … aren’t conspiracy theorists nutty?

    In fact, conspiracies are so common that judges are trained to look at conspiracy allegations as just another legal claimto be disproven or proven based on the specific evidence:

    Federal and all 50 state’s codes include specific statutes addressing conspiracy, and providing the punishment for people who commit conspiracies.

    But let’s examine what the people trained to weigh evidence and reach conclusions think about “conspiracies”. Let’s look at what American judges think.

    Searching Westlaw, one of the 2 primary legal research networks which attorneys and judges use to research the law, I searched for court decisions including the word “Conspiracy”. This is such a common term in lawsuits that it overwhelmed Westlaw.

    Specifically, I got the following message:
    “Your query has been intercepted because it may retrieve a large number of documents.”
    From experience, I know that this means that there were potentially millions or many hundreds of thousands of cases which use the term. There were so many cases, that Westlaw could not even start processing the request.

    So I searched again, using the phrase “Guilty of Conspiracy”. I hoped that this would not only narrow my search sufficiently that Westlaw could handle it, but would give me cases where the judge actually found the defendant guilty of a conspiracy.

    This pulled up exactly 10,000 cases — which is the maximum number of results which Westlaw can give at one time. In other words, there were more than 10,000 cases using the phrase “Guilty of Conspiracy” (maybe there’s a way to change my settings to get more than 10,000 results, but I haven’t found it yet).

    Moreover, as any attorney can confirm, usually only appeal court decisions are published in the Westlaw database. In other words, trial court decisions are rarely published; the only decisions normally published are those of the courts which hear appeals of the trial.

    Because only a very small fraction of the cases which go to trial are appealed, this logically means that the number of guilty verdicts in conspiracy cases at trial must be much, much larger than 10,000.

    Moreover, “Guilty of Conspiracy” is only one of many possible search phrases to use to find cases where the defendant was found guilty of a lawsuit for conspiracy. Searching on Google, I got 3,170,000 results (as of yesterday) under the term “Guilty of Conspiracy”, 669,000 results for the search term “Convictions for Conspiracy”, and 743,000 results for “Convicted for Conspiracy”.

    Of course, many types of conspiracies are called other things altogether. For example, a long-accepted legal doctrine makes it illegal for two or more companies to conspire to fix prices, which is called “Price Fixing” (1,180,000 results).

    Given the above, I would extrapolate that there have been hundreds of thousands of convictions for criminal or civil conspiracy in the United States.

    Finally, many crimes go unreported or unsolved, and the perpetrators are never caught. Therefore, the actual number of conspiracies committed in the U.S. must be even higher.

    In other words, conspiracies are committed all the time in the U.S., and many of the conspirators are caught and found guilty by American courts. Remember, Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme was a conspiracy theory.

    Indeed, conspiracy is a very well-recognized crime in American law, taught to every first-year law school student as part of their basic curriculum. Telling a judge that someone has a “conspiracy theory” would be like telling him that someone is claiming that he trespassed on their property, or committed assault, or stole his car. It is a fundamental legal concept.

    Obviously, many conspiracy allegations are false (if you see a judge at a dinner party, ask him to tell you some of the crazy conspiracy allegations which were made in his court).

    Obviously, people will either win or lose in court depending on whether or not they can prove their claim with the available evidence. But not all allegations of trespass, assault, or theft are true, either.

    Proving a claim of conspiracy is no different from proving any other legal claim, and the mere label “conspiracy” is taken no less seriously by judges.

    It’s not only Madoff. The heads of Enron were found guilty of conspiracy, as was the head of Adelphia. Numerous lower-level government officials have been found guilty of conspiracy. Seethis, this, this, this and this.

    Time Magazine’s financial columnist Justin Fox writes:
    “Some financial market conspiracies are real … Most good investigative reporters are conspiracy theorists, by the way.”
    And what about the NSA and the tech companies that have cooperated with them?

    But Our Leaders Wouldn’t Do That

    While people might admit that corporate executives and low-level government officials might have engaged in conspiracies – they may be strongly opposed to considering that the wealthiest or most powerful might possibly have done so.

    But powerful insiders have long admitted to conspiracies. For example, Obama’s Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Cass Sunstein, wrote:
    “Of course some conspiracy theories, under our definition, have turned out to be true. The Watergate hotel room used by Democratic National Committee was, in fact, bugged by Republican officials, operating at the behest of the White House. In the 1950s, the Central Intelligence Agency did, in fact, administer LSD and related drugs under Project MKULTRA, in an effort to investigate the possibility of “mind control.” Operation Northwoods, a rumored plan by the Department of Defense to simulate acts of terrorism and to blame them on Cuba, really was proposed by high-level officials…”
    But Someone Would Have Spilled the Beans

    A common defense to people trying sidetrack investigations into potential conspiracies is to say that “someone would have spilled the beans” if there were really a conspiracy.

    But famed whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg explains:
    “It is a commonplace that “you can’t keep secrets in Washington” or “in a democracy, no matter how sensitive the secret, you’re likely to read it the next day in the New York Times.” These truisms are flatly false. They are in fact cover stories, ways of flattering and misleading journalists and their readers, part of the process of keeping secrets well. Of course eventually many secrets do get out that wouldn’t in a fully totalitarian society. 
    “But the fact is that the overwhelming majority of secrets do not leak to the American public. This is true even when the information withheld is well known to an enemy and when it is clearly essential to the functioning of the congressional war power and to any democratic control of foreign policy. 
    “The reality unknown to the public and to most members of Congress and the press is that secrets that would be of the greatest import to many of them can be kept from them reliably for decades by the executive branch, even though they are known to thousands of insiders.”
    History proves Ellsberg right. For example:

    One Hundred And Thirty Thousand (130,000) people from the U.S., UK and Canada worked on the Manhattan Project. But it was kept secret for years
    A BBC documentary shows that:

    There was “a planned coup in the USA in 1933 by a group of right-wing American businessmen . . . The coup was aimed at toppling President Franklin D Roosevelt with the help of half-a-million war veterans. The plotters, who were alleged to involve some of the most famous families in America, (owners of Heinz, Birds Eye, Goodtea, Maxwell Hse & George Bush’s Grandfather, Prescott) believed that their country should adopt the policies of Hitler and Mussolini to beat the great depression”

    Moreover, “the tycoons told General Butler the American people would accept the new government because they controlled all the newspapers.”

    Have you ever heard of this conspiracy before? It was certainly a very large one. And if the conspirators controlled the newspapers then, how much worse is it today with media consolidation?

    7 out of the 8 giant, money center banks went bankrupt in the 1980′s during the “Latin American Crisis”, and the government’s response was to cover up their insolvency. That’s a cover up lasting several decades

    ・ Banks have been involved in systematic criminal behavior, and have manipulated every single market

    ・ Governments have been covering up nuclear meltdowns for fifty years to protect the nuclear industry. Governments have colluded to cover up the severity of numerous other environmental accidents. For many years, Texas officials intentionally under-reported the amount of radiation in drinking water to avoid having to report violations

    ・ The government’s spying on Americans began before 9/11 (confirmed here and here. And see this.) But the public didn’t learn about it until many years later. Indeed, the the New York Times delayed the story so that it would not affect the outcome of the 2004 presidential election

    ・ The decision to launch the Iraq war was made before 9/11. Indeed, former CIA director George Tenet said that the White House wanted to invade Iraq long before 9/11, and inserted “crap” in its justifications for invading Iraq.

    Former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill – who sat on the National Security Council – also says that Bush planned the Iraq war before 9/11. And top British officials say that the U.S. discussed Iraq regime change one month after Bush took office.

    Dick Cheney apparently even made Iraqi’s oil fields a national security priority before 9/11. And it has now been shown that a handful of people were responsible for willfully ignoring the evidence that Iraq lacked weapons of mass destruction.

    These facts have only been publicly disclosed recently. Indeed, Tom Brokawsaid, “All wars are based on propaganda.” A concerted effort to produce propaganda is a conspiracy

    Moreover, high-level government officials and insiders have admitted to dramatic conspiracies after the fact, including:

    Supporting Terrorists To Promote Geopolitical Goals
    Supporting False Flag Terror

    The admissions did not occur until many decades after the events.

    These examples show that it is possible to keep conspiracies secret for a long time, without anyone “spilling the beans”.

    In addition, to anyone who knows how covert military operations work, it is obvious that segmentation on a “need-to-know basis”, along with deference to command hierarchy, means that a couple of top dogs can call the shots and most people helping won’t even know the big picture at the time they are participating.

    Moreover, those who think that co-conspirators will brag about their deeds forget that people in the military or intelligence or who have huge sums of money on the line can be very disciplined. They are not likely to go to the bar and spill the beans like a down-on-their-luck, second-rate alcoholic robber might do.

    Finally, people who carry out covert operations may do so for ideological reasons — believing that the “ends justify the means”. Never underestimate the conviction of an ideologue.


    The bottom line is that some conspiracy claims are nutty and some are true. Each has to be judged on its own facts.

    Humans have a tendency to try to explain random events through seeing patterns … that’s how our brains our wired. Therefore, we have to test our theories of connection and causality against the cold, hard facts.

    On the other hand, the old saying by Lord Acton is true:

    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely.”
    Those who operate without checks and balances – and without the disinfectant sunlight of public scrutiny and accountability – tend to act in their own best interests … and the little guy gets hurt.

    The early Greeks knew it, as did those who forced the king to sign the Magna Carta, the Founding Fathers and the father of modern economics. We should remember this important tradition of Western civilization.

    Postscript: The ridicule of all conspiracy theories is really just an attempt to diffuse criticism of the powerful.

    The wealthy are not worse than other people… but they are not necessarily better either. Powerful leaders may not be bad people… or they could be sociopaths.

    We must judge each by his or her actions, and not by preconceived stereotypes that they are all saints acting in our best interest or all scheming criminals.


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    The 1996 'Hungarian Roswell' You Never Knew About. Recovery of A Live Alien

    On February 7th, a Slovakian ufologist claimed to leak "top secret" UFO files from the Hungarian Air Force to MUFON. has looked into the files and feels it's well worth sharing with the UFO community for further investigation.

    The files document a September 18th, 1996 crash between a Hungarian air force pilot and an extra-terrestrial space craft, interactions with the live ET recovered from the crash, and a plan to hide the information from the public, even profiling witnesses, in particular a curious ufologist. The original Hungarian documents have been leaked in a recent MUFON report and previously in 2013 by Slovokian ufology website.

    Whether or not these files can ever be validated, it's crucial to note that the crash in question did actually happen - the cause of it is the only thing up for debate. The following is a summary of the contents of these files, based on translations shared in both the MUFON report and the ufology website. "Google translated" some key phrases, but overall could not translate the blurry photo copies. If you speak Hungarian, and can help verify the translations below, please reach out.

    Hungarian Air Force "UFO" Files:

    The crash apparently happened in the town of Papa, south of Lajosmizse in central Hungary:

    According to the many documents (10+ pages) published over a period of time, two alien bodies were retrieved from the crash - one was dead and had an autopsy perfomed, while the other was alive and detained. The living alien resembled a small humanoid man (sounds like Roswell), and the Hungarian/Slovakian government wasn't able to learn much from the alien but speculated it was angry at them, and plotting an escape that would rely on some sort of "cosmic energy" beyond the Air Force's understanding:
    [Translation] Over the past five days it was made ​​one attempt to engage in some mutual communication between him and us. It does not respond to any of our experiments - we have the impression that harbors anger toward us because of detentions. Or does not communicate telepathically - the attempt was unsuccessful. We do not have sufficient experience with it, an expert in telepathy could not be present due to confidentiality reasons. 
    We fear that by being may change behavior for long-term retention, which can lead to the creation of some power, which may optionally be combined with cosmic energy that could help him try to escape. They are among us some who are worried about this. They argue that being in relative calm, because he knows that at any moment can escape from captivity, when his second attempt to rescue him flying objects.
    The government also had theories about the alien's space craft:
    "The power unit of the device is a machine, but the fact we have not nedopracovali. The machine works on the principle of an unknown, probably produces or uses magnetic effects. Opinions are divided. Some of us believe that the motion itself does not produce the necessary energy power unit, but the unit it receives from the cosmos. We suspect some "lines of force", "energy channels" or other physical phenomena."
    There was concern about the witnesses:
    "The second eyewitness could be a problem since disappeared. From what he learned from ufology literature he was so cautious that has caught on to what will follow."

    Eventually, the event gets classified as operation "Second Object" and it is decided that anything related to it should be hidden from public:
    [Translation]"So, gentlemen, we can sum it up. The "second object" do not say, even confidential, insider circles! After the house this operation action name "MO" ( "second object") *. Later, we decide that what will happen next with flying objects and live alien beings brought to the base. This is not just about us. While it is most important to be published in print only what used to be published in other cases. Everything else that refers to "MO", we have to hide from the public."
    What makes the files all the more intriguing is that (1) there is barely anything online about them and no clear attempt to profit from them, and (2) the pilot who crashed into this ET ship is real - there's in fact an official public record of the September 1996 crash and pilot Attila Dobay's ejection from his plane, due to "hydraulic problems".

    Finally, the MUFON report includes a detailed plea for the ufology community to share this case with the world and place it next to UFO events like the Roswell crash in history:
    "we ask all amateur (but also professional if any) ufology researchers from around the world to help us with this important case help in its dissemination and awareness that this information is disseminated further, especially among us, ufologist and also among the general public. Please inform about this serious incident ufological our other colleagues around the world, bark of Hungary Roswell do not yet know."
    If these documents are real, they join a very large mountain of now declassified files from all over the world. The CIA even recently blogged about its own UFO X-files, and went so far as to encourage thorough investigation of flying saucers and other unidentified flying objects. (Yes, really.) Even Hilary Clinton has made UFO Disclosure a campaign talking point. (Yes, really.)

    Clearly, a lot has come out about UFOs since this supposed 1996 "Hungarian Roswell."

    Is the public informed enough now that it's finally okay for world governments to be open with its citizens about extra-terrestrials and UFOs? Citizens have an opportunity to give the green light to the government that they can handle the truth about UFOs (George Bush Sr. recently said Americans couldn't) and not only that, but help to calmly document it. In fact, Disclosure is not really about aliens, it's about You. You discussing your thoughts on all things UFOs ad ET - head over to the Facebook page now!

    Full MUFON report un-edited:

    Long Description of Sighting Report We ufologist from Slovakia, and this at this point, the whole world reported that on Wednesday evening on september (09) 18. 1996, around 18:35 CET in Veszprém county, near the village Pápa and Ugod Hungary, there was a very serious incident ufology. Military aircraft of Soviet production Mikoyan-Gurevich, MiG-21 bis-75AP "Fishbed L" s number 5822, piloted by Captain Mr. Attila Dobay, was the unlucky hit in vehicles of extraterrestrial origin. Aircraft and IFO UFO before, successfully identified as IAC, that is identified by an alien spaceship, after colliding with each other with the plane crashed to the ground, in the approximate area, here are the approximate GPS Coordinates:

    47.324088 ° N 17.551592 ° E

    The pilot of the aircraft was successfully catapult, suffered only minor injuries and still lives. Worse landed alien crew spacecraft. One unearthly, humanoid creature did not survive the crash. Second, similar to a human being, extraterrestrial, was found in a living state. She was paid on a secret military base that has been labeled as "Z-4". We have no idea where that is the base was situated. Everything about this serious incident.

    Through international compiler from Google, you can translate to you technical language. Ufology our esteemed colleagues from the United States, the company MUFON but also other amateur interested in ufology, people from around the world residents of this planet Earth, all who are reading this, we inform you also that we are serious about this incident from Hungary managed to get eight severely classified documents from the Hungarian Air Force about a secret project called "Project Second Object". In the Annex, you will find them as Xerox photocopy of electronically digital format. They are written in the Hungarian language, but in the above article is the translation. We know well the existence of additional, top-secret documents, we only their content, their photocopies to us so far, and naptiek intensive efforts, unfortunately, failed to obtain. This year, 2016, over the weekend, on September 18, will now 20th anniversary of this important event. For this reason we are on this "Hungary Roswell" decided to inform the whole world, because few people know about it. This event we Thoroughly check and came to the clear conclusion that it is a trustworthy ufology event of international importance, which striking and steep event really truthfully and objectively actually occurred, so this is another accident UFO / IFO = IAC on the planet.

    Our common goal is to ufology, where appropriate, to the first half of September 2016, and the "Hungarian Roswell", appeared on the list of all other global disaster "flying saucers". Therefore, we ask all amateur (but also professional if any) ufology researchers from around the world to help us with this important case help in its dissemination and awareness that this information is disseminated further, especially among us, ufologist and also among the general public. Please inform about this serious incident ufological our other colleagues around the world, bark of Hungary Roswell do not yet know. Especially those ufologist together let us inform you that operate the Hungarian to the case of detected more detail and also to obtain further, the missing documents and the like ( via ).

    Thank you for your cooperation. Your colleague Kybernaut ufology and the other ufology your colleagues from Central Europe, from the state of Slovak Republic. From affection I greet people from all over the world, the inhabitants of our beautiful planet from Slovakia!

    The Awakenzone

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    Caught On Camera: Satanic Ceremony Speech Held In Washington, DC

    This video shows what appears to be a satanic ceremony being held at the Capitol Washington, DC.

    According to the video’s description:

    This Satanic Ceremony was held at the Capitol, directly accepted and sponsored by the state, protected by Governments, to let them carry this out.

    Satanism runs over the world stronger than ever, controlled by the Dark Emperor Satan himself, ruling from the planet Saturn, where the Black Cube has it’s mind-controlling origin and effects upon the people, letting demons out in the world, possessing people, including Those in Power, and turning the World into Blasphemy, Perversion, Lies and Deceit.

    Thanks to Illuminati, the Vatican, The Governments, the Elite, and Secret Orders and Societies that controlled us for thousands of years into ancient times of history.


    Your News Wire

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    Esoteric Symbolism in Disney's 'Gravity Falls'

    At first glance Disney XD’s Gravity Falls has all the elements of your every-day, quirky kids show, with its description on Wikipedia stating:
    “For their summer vacation, 12-year-old twins Dipper and Mabel Pines are dropped off from their home in Piedmont, California to the fictitious town of Gravity Falls, Roadkill County, Oregon to live with their Great Uncle Stan Pines (often shortened to Grunkle Stan), who runs a tourist trap called Mystery Shack. Things are not what they seem in this small town, and with the help of a mysterious journal that Dipper finds in the forest, they begin unraveling the local mysteries.”
    However, for those who are adept at identifying esoteric symbolism, this “kids” show is actually riddled with occult references that are hidden in plain sight. Some websites such as Vigilant Citizen believe there is a nefarious agenda behind the “subconscious programming” in the show – and with the conspiracy lore behind Disney, one can only wonder what the true intention behind Gravity Falls is.

    Sadly, for fans of GF, the show is coming to an end on February 15th, 2016 – so, being huge fans of the show, we’ve decided to put together a mini analysis in celebration of the series, which breaks down some of many symbols and ciphers. Analyzing all of the symbols in GF would be a massive undertaking, but we hope you enjoy this small snapshot…

    The Esoteric Symbolism in Disney’s ‘Gravity Falls’:

    Grunkle Stan Pines…

    Stan is depicted wearing a fez, which members of a fraternal organization known as The Shriners, commonly wear. The Shriners society was established in 1870, is headquartered in Tampa, Florida, and is an appendant body to Freemasonry. They describe themselves as “a fraternity based on fun, fellowship, and the Masonic principles of brotherly love, relief, and truth.” Up until 2010, only 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Masons (the highest degree attainable other than the honorary 33rd) or Knight Templars of the York Rite could join the Shriners – even now, in order to become eligible to be a Shriner you must have completed your third and final degree as a Master Mason.

    In the show, Stan is a member of The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel (Gravity Falls’ equivalent to The Shriners), and the symbol on his fez has changed a few times throughout the course of the series.

    Some suggest the symbol originally changed, because it was (apparently) offensive to Muslims – so a new symbol was designed. From an esoteric perspective – both symbols could represent many different things.

    If you take a look at the first symbol (the image to the left), it appears to be a crescent moon, when – if flipped – looks similar to the Ottoman flag, which relates to the nation of Islam. This symbol wasn’t commonly used until the 20th century, but it dates back to Sumerian times – when the iconography was used to associate with the moon god Sin (Nanna to the Sumerians) and the star (often identified as Venus) with Ishtar (Inanna to the Sumerians).

    If you look at the second symbol (the symbol on the right) it could be a clever way of paying homage to Mithra, which is the Zoroastrian angelic Divinity (yazata) of Covenant and Oath. In addition to being the Divinity of Contracts, Mithra is also a judicial figure, an all-seeing Protector of Truth, and the Guardian of Cattle, the Harvest and of The Waters.

    According to Wikipedia:

    In Zoroastrian tradition, Mithra evolved from being an all-seeing figure (hence vaguely associated with the Sun) into a divinity co-identified with the Sun itself, effectively taking over Hvare.khshaeta’s role. How or when or why this occurred is uncertain, but it is commonly attributed to conflation with Babylonian Shamash and/or Greek Apollo, with whom Mithra shares other characteristics (e.g. a judicial function). This characteristic is not part of Mithra’s Indo-Iranian inheritance since both the Iranian Avesta and the Indic RigVeda have solar divinities that are distinct from Mithra/Mitra, and in the RigVeda Indian Mitra is likewise not yet co-identified with the Sun.

    Writers of the Roman Empire period referred to this mystery religion by phrases which can be anglicized as Mysteries of Mithras or Mysteries of the Persians;[1][2] modern historians refer to it as Mithraism,[1] or sometimes Roman Mithraism.

    Worshippers of Mithras had a complex system of seven grades of initiation (see chart below), with ritual meals. Initiates called themselves syndexioi, those “united by the handshake”.[6] They met in underground temples (called mithraea), which survive in large numbers. The cult appears to have had its centre in Rome.

    Mithras is also believed to be the Pagan version of Christ, as the mythology of his incarnation follows a similar Zeitgeist.


    Thus, the following list represents not a solidified mythos or narrative of one particular Mithra or form of the god as developed in one particular culture and era but, rather, a combination of them all for ease of reference as to any possible influences upon Christianity under the name of Mitra/Mithra/Mithras.

    Mithra has the following in common with Jesus:
    • Mithra was born on December 25th of the virgin Anahita.
    • The babe was wrapped in swaddling clothes, placed in a manger and attended by shepherds.
    • He was considered a great traveling teacher and master.
    • He had 12 companions or “disciples.”
    • He performed miracles.
    • As the “great bull of the Sun,” Mithra sacrificed himself for world peace.
    • He ascended to heaven.
    • Mithra was viewed as the Good Shepherd, the “Way, the Truth and the Light,” the Redeemer, the Savior, the Messiah.
    • Mithra is omniscient, as he “hears all, sees all, knows all: none can deceive him.”
    • He was identified with both the Lion and the Lamb.
    • His sacred day was Sunday, “the Lord’s Day,” hundreds of years before the appearance of Christ.
    • His religion had a eucharist or “Lord’s Supper.”
    • Mithra “sets his marks on the foreheads of his soldiers.”
    • Mithraism emphasized baptism.
    Stan lives in the Mystery Shack, and connecting the notion of mystery school teachings and Mithraism, with the symbols and ciphers in the show seems consistent. It is also interesting to note, that Stan’s (as well as Dipper’s and Mabel’s) last name is Pines – which could be relating to the pineal gland. According to Rene Descartes, the pineal gland is “principal seat of the soul”, or essentially the “third eye”.

    Both ancient mystery schools, and modern day Freemasonry teach of mastering the mind/mind’s eye, and dissolving all fear in order to become a god-man on Earth – and both have strong ties to both angels, and demons – which we will discuss next…

    Demons and Gravity Falls…

    The GF Wikia describes Bill Cipher, the all-seeing-eye dream demon, by saying:
    “Bill Cipher is a triangular dream demon formerly existent only in the mindscape who wished to gain access to the real world. He has been running amok in Gravity Falls, Oregon since being summoned by Stanford Pines over thirty years ago. He is known for his mysterious demeanor and sadistic humor…
    Trillions of years prior to the events of the series, Bill was trapped inside his own decaying dimension, waiting for the gate between his world and the real world’s to open. He eventually discovered the human race and decided to use them as puppets to help him achieve his goal. The only way for Bill to be seen by humans, is if he projects himself through the Mindscape.”

    The show’s creator, Alex Hirsch, claims that Bill is based on the all-seeing-eye on the back of the dollar bill – but it’s interesting to note that in demonology the demon, “Baal/Bael” is believed to speak in a raucous, but well formed voice (like Bill) – and is the head of the infernal powers. He is also the first demon listed in Wierus’ Pseudomonarchia daemonum, and is also the first king of hell with estates in the East.

    Demons are a consistent common thread throughout all world religions, and they prey upon fears, and desires for influence in the material world. Demons are believed to exist on the astral realm, and are powerless until summoned, or allowed a human body to be used as a “puppet” (see video clip above).

    To summon a demon, you must know it’s particular sigil (“an inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magical power”), and focus upon that intention. This magical practice dates back to King Solomon, who was believed to have summoned and controlled 72-demons.

    Mabel and Dipper’s 13th Birthday…

    The three-part finale of the show, “Weirdmaggedon“, begins with summer coming to a close, and Mabel and Dipper’s 13th birthday. In Jewish tradition, when a child turns 13 (12 for girls) this is the age where they officially become responsible for fulfilling the Commandments, and must take accountability for all actions from that point forward. The term “bat (or bar) mitzvah” literally means sons or daughters of the Commandments.

    Other important esoteric interpretation of the number 13 are as follows…
    • The 13th card of the Tarot is the card of Death, and is the most commonly misinterpreted. Death is symbolic of ending a major phase in life, in order to bring about a new beginning of something more valuable or important – simply put, closing one door to open another. The Death card also indicates transformation, change and transition – this alchemical concept (see: 7 steps in Alchemy) relates to spiritual transformation, and the evolution of the soul as well. The Death card is ascribed to the planet Saturn, which is known to be the Lord of Karma, “who reveals what the Soul is seeking to perfect in the present incarnation, in order to foster its own growth and aid in the externalization of the Plan for humanity.” (via: EsotericSaturn)
    • On the back side of the dollar bill there are 13 steps in the pyramid of the Great Seal. The motto above the pyramid, which reads “Annuit Coeptis,” has 13 letters; the eagle on the right side has a ribbon in its beak that bears the motto “E pluribus unum,” which contains 13 letters. The eagle has 13 tail feathers, and on its breast there is a shield of 13 stripes. In one talon the eagle holds 13 arrows, and in the other an olive branch with 13 leaves and 13 berries. Over the eagle’s head are 13 stars that form the six-pointed “Star of David.”
    • In the ancient mystic religions 13 was the characteristic number of participants in many orders and occult groups, including sacred meals – a fact reflected in the size of the original Nazarene Last Supper.
    • In the occult science of numerology it is said that, “He who understands the number 13 will be given power and dominion. It is a number of upheaval and destruction; a symbol of power which, if wrongly used, will wreak havoc and destruction upon itself.”
    • The 13th letter of the English alphabet is M, which finds its roots in the 13th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, “mem” (meaning mother), which was the ancient Phoenician word for water. The ancient Egyptian word for water was “moo.” M is the most sacred of all the letters, for it symbolizes water, where all life began. It is the root of the word “mother,” and relates to the evolutionary destiny of Africans, African-Americans, and all people of African descent who are ruled by the number 13, and believed to be the chosen caretakers of the universe…
    The Final Episode is #40…

    It is synchronistic to note that the final episode Weirdmaggedeon 3: Take Back the Falls, is the 40th episode of the series. In numerology, and the Hebrew Gematria, there’s a deep meaning to the number 40.

    40, like 13, symbolizes death with oneself and the spiritual rebirth. It also relates to the 13th Hebraic letter, mem, and (again) the Death card in Tarot – marking completion of a stage. According to French psychoanalyst, René Allendy, 40 represents “the achievement of a cycle in the world, or rather the rhythm of cyclic repetitions in the Universe”.

    Relating to the Hebrew Gematria, the number 40 has great significance throughout the Torah and the Talmud. 40 represents transition or change; the concept of renewal; a new beginning. The number 40 has the power to lift a spiritual state.

    According to

    “When a person becomes ritually impure, he must immerse in a ritual bath, a mikveh. The Talmud tells us that a mikveh must be filled with 40 se’ahs (a measure of water). Immersion in a mikveh is the consummate Jewish symbol of spiritual renewal.

    It is no accident that in the story of Noah, the rain poured for 40 days, and submerged the world in water. Just as a person leaves a mikveh pure, so too when the waters of the flood subsided, the world was purified from the licentiousness which had corrupted it in the days of Noah.

    Moses was on Mt. Sinai for 40 days and came down with the stone tablets. The Jews arrived at Mt. Sinai as a nation of Egyptian slaves, but after 40 days they were transformed into God’s nation.

    According to the Talmud, it takes 40 days for an embryo to be formed in its mother’s womb.

    In Kabbalah, 40 represents the four sides of the world, each side containing the ten Sefirot (esoteric powers).

    When a rabbinical court finds someone guilty of a crime, the punishment is sometimes lashes, prescribed in the Torah as “forty less one.” The purpose is to bring the offender to a point of change, transition and atonement.

    There are 40 days between the first day of Elul, when we begin to blow the Shofar to prepare for Rosh Hashana, until Yom Kippur, the end of the annual teshuva (repentance) period. These 40 days are the most auspicious time for personal growth and renewal.

    According to the Talmud (Avot 5:26), at age 40 a person transitions from one level of wisdom to the next. After Moses led the Jewish people for 40 years in the wilderness, he told them: “God has not given you a heart to know, and eyes to see, and ears to hear, until this day” (Deut. 29:3-4). From here we see that it took the Jewish people 40 years before reaching a full level of understanding.”

    We’ve merely scratched the surface with this brief analysis, and there are many more synchronistic symbols and ciphers within this show that contain the secret wisdom of the ages.

    In conclusion, whether you’ve watched the show or not, this analysis can serve as a field guide to revisit (or visit) Gravity Falls with new vision. Our world is created in symbols which stimulate the senses, and allows us to create our reality based on the level of consciousness we possess – the more we become aware, the more our reality expands. Inspiration to expand our reality can come from unassuming sources of inspiration, but sometimes these unassuming sources are the best of all

    By Jennifer Sodini, Evolve And Ascend

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    Mysterious Numeric Symbol Found on Both the Moon and Mars

    You might look at Earth as a privileged planet because of all the new discoveries, but the truth is the entire solar system is full of these mysterious marks, probably left behind by advanced aliens.

    A conclusive example of such symbols comes from Earth’s natural satellite, but also from the distant Mars. The amazing discovery was made by Marcelo Irazusta and his son James, two UFO analysts who hunt for anomalous sightings on Earth and its vicinity. Using Google Mars and Google Moon, the two stumbled upon what many analysts consider to be an alien symbol – number 58.

    The discovery became even more intriguing when Irazusta saw the same number on two celestial bodies from Earth’s vicinity. The anomaly miraculously survived the blurry lines or stiches used by the officials to cover up essential sites on Google Earth, and it remains open to everyone interested in seeing it with their own eyes.

    Mars coordinates: 1°29’8.27″N 23° 0’11.92″W / Moon coordinates: 43° 1’55.12″S 9°45’57.30″O

    At a closer analysis, the number 58 present on the Moon is slightly smaller than the one from Mars, however, they are very similar if not identical. The fact that the numeric symbol is located on two celestial bodies rejects the theory of this being pareidolia, leading at most to a bizarre coincidence hypothesis. But is it really a coincidence?

    According to the renowned UFO enthusiast and researcher Scott C. Warring, the numeric symbol might be “the name of a group of alien species that work together in our solar system”, backing up his claims saying that:

    Roca Pia, Italy case mentioned a group calling themselves the W56. Also, in Area S4 inside Area 51, they teach the USAF newbies that there are 56 space faring species known by the military.

    Roca Pia, Italy case mentioned a group calling themselves the W56. Also, in Area S4 inside Area 51, they teach the USAF newbies that there are 56 space faring species known by the military.

    If his claims prove to be correct, the secret alien alliance might had gotten bigger by now since the number clearly shows “58”.

    While we cannot deny Scott Waring’s theory, our thoughts are bent in a different direction. We do believe in subliminal symbols left by secret organizations, however, we consider the possibility of a big alien organization leaving symbols on the Moon and Mars unlikely. The case is extremely fascinating as the number 58 was discovered in two different locations, none of them being on Earth. The earthen numeric symbols discovered on other planets suggests that humans originated elsewhere in the universe or that maybe at some point in time, humans departed from Earth in spaceships and left signs encoded on other planets in order to preserve a long forgotten alternative history.

    Other theories claim that ancient alien gods left those symbols after they left Earth in the distant past. Whatever the case, the discovery of an earthly 58 on both the Moon and Mars remains one of the most fascinating cases so far, and if they try to remove it in the near future, we’ll still have the truth archived in our minds and laptops.

    See the anomaly with your own eyes before it becomes an amalgam of blurred lines, and don’t forget to share the word to support the cause.



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    Gerry Battles claims he’s met a real-life ET

    An Irishman has told the terrifying tale of his abduction by ALIENS – and how they predicted the end of the world.

    Retired carpenter Gerry Battles, 61, from Pallaskenry, Co Limerick, claims he was walking home after two Christmas drinks with a pal when the real-life ETs struck.

    During the experience, he says he was paralyzed, came face-to-face with a “cone-headed” extraterrestrial and travelled to the North Pole in the blink of an eye.

    He also recalled being warned of earth’s impending doom during the encounter on December 26, 2001, as he walked home from The Seven Sisters Pub in Kildimo.

    He said: “I was only minutes away from my house. It was a clear, dry night. You could have read a book with the light off the night sky, but I wasn’t drawn by the light of the stars or the moon but by a bright, surgical, white light coming from the other end of the boreen.”

    After being drawn by the white light, Gerry remembers finding himself aboard a spacecraft with about 40 others — all in a subdued state, standing motionless like statues.


    He told The Limerick Post: “They were all male, of different age groups, all standing shoulder to shoulder like mannequins.

    “I remember one man next to me wearing a Colombo-style coat and hat. We were all in a state of paralysis, I could only move my eyes, so I couldn’t see much.

    “The next thing I remember floating into another bigger chamber with a 360 degree viewing deck. It was then I saw the extraterrestrial.

    “I couldn’t tell how big he was or even if he had arms or legs, all I remember is his big cone head and his beautiful, ginormous eyes.

    “They were jet black, almost like mirrors.

    “He spoke to me through telepathy and said: “you are not terrified like the others”.

    “No, I am not. Should I be?” Gerry asked.

    The alien then quizzed the Limerick grandfather about what he would like to see.

    “The North Pole”, came his instant reply.

    In the blink of an eye, they were transported to the North Pole, which Gerry says was “like driving through a snowstorm at 500 miles an hour.”

    He admits that anyone he has revealed this fantastical story to thinks he is mad and laughs when asked if he has any history of mental illness.

    “No, not at all,” he replies.

    Nicholas Eveleigh

    He said those who don’t believe his tale are “naive and have small imaginations” before revealing the alien warned him that mankind will go the same way as the dinosaurs when a giant asteroid smashes into earth.

    Gerry says the alien told him mankind has come a long way but its time is running out.

    “In 850 years from now, a giant asteroid the size of Munster is going to obliterate your planet. The asteroid will approach your planet from the 35th Quadrant,” the alien said.

    “We are four million light years more advanced than you are. We have been observing you for Millennia. In all that time you have only excelled at two things — global warfare and lying to your own species.”

    “You must use the force. Be one with the force. Harness the force,” the alien advised.

    Gerry wasn’t terrified when confronted by the alien being

    Gerry said the alien also warned us not to trust governments or the banks as they have been “lying to us since day one”.

    He has no recollection of how long the abduction lasted and had no memory of it afterwards until the coat he was wearing that night turned on the roof of the Regional Hospital.

    He said: “I have no idea how it got there. It was only after having the coat returned to me that the events of December 26, 2001, started to come back to me.”

    Gerry is hopeful his story will reach the world’s scientific community and said: “The truth is definitely out there.”


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    Close to 35 restaurants in China have been found to be spiking their food with opiates, including morphine and codeine. There is currently an investing to find out exactly how these establishments have been doing it.

    Chinese Restaurants Found Lacing Their Food With Morphine To Get Customers Addicted

    Food that has been found to have been laced with opiates include noodles, hotpot and lobsters, according to local news, and 5 of the 35 restaurants under investigation are currently being prosecuted. “Consuming soup or hot pots mixed with poppies for a long time will make you become addicted … and eventually lead you to drug abuse in serious cases,” said Wei Tao, deputy chief of the Food Institute with Guizhou Provincial Centre for Disease Control.

    In an earlier case, one restaurant owner was sentenced to 18 months in prison for lacing his food with poppy powder, a powerful opiate. When mixed with chili oil or Chinese salt, it is hard to detect, especially in low quantities. However, over time the small amounts can build up in the system and seriously affect the human body.

    China is not known for its high food standards and regulations, however, this news is none-the-less, crazy.

    Complete Health And Happiness

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    A vimana has been discovered in a cave in Afghanistan. It has attracted the attention of world leaders including U.S. president Obama. A group of soldiers made the discovery on a scout mission in the desert of Afghanistan. 8 U.S. troops are missing after making the discovery. FYI a vimana is an ancient flying machine described in ancient Indian Sanskrit epics. The vimana found in Afghanistan is reported to be an estimated 5,000 years old. It is said to be protected by a strange energy barrier that is preventing troops from extracting the vimana.

    8 US Soldiers Disappear Removing 5000 Year Old Flying Machine From Afghan Cave

    What caused the sudden rush of these most powerful leaders of the Western World to go to Afghanistan, this report continues, was to directly view the discovery by US Military scientists of what is described as a “Vimana” entrapped in a “Time Well” that has already caused the “disappearance” of at least 8 American Soldiers trying to remove it from the cave it has been hidden in for the past estimated 5,000 years.

    Listen George Noory about this subject

    From the ancient accounts found in the Sanskrit epic The Mahabharata, we know that a Vimana measured twelve cubits in circumference, with four strong wheels. Apart from its‘blazing missiles’, The Mahabharata records the use of its other deadly weapons that operated via a circular ‘reflector’. When switched on, it produced a ‘shaft of light’ which, when focused on any target, immediately

    Consumed it with its power’.


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    Home Haunted? Parapsychologists Have Proven It, Resident Says

    A man who says his home is haunted by poltergeists who turn over his furniture, burn his Bibles and throw objects says he finally has some answers.

    A team from the Scientific Establishment of Parapsychology just released their report that says the disturbances and noises in the home may be from Irish settlers.

    One of the noises picked up on surveillance cameras in the home is that of a baby laughing.

    Bothell resident Keith Linder says the baby's laugh was recorded when no one was home. He says there also appears to be a shadow moving near the motion detector in the home -- and a few minutes later, the alarm goes off.

    It's the latest evidence of what he says is four years of poltergeist activity in his rental home.

    He's found his upstairs office completely trashed ... and objects thrown, including a pair of scissors buried in a wall.

    Linder just wanted an explanation for the phenomena.
    "A previous team, Ghost Adventures, had been in and left with zero evidence and kind of painted us in the wrong light of attention-getting, hoaxing," he said.
    But he refused to give up. So he convinced parapsychologist Steve Mera and paranormal specialist Don Philips from Britain to investigate, using a room full of equipment that they say recorded a smoke detector being knocked off the wall.
    After a week living in the house, they certified it as an "intelligent haunting."
    "We came here, we listened to Keith's story. We talked to a priest. That priest told us something quite phenomenal, that there was evidence, or he believed, Keith's home was built on settlements of people who had passed away and they could still be here," Mera said.
    Philips crawled underneath the home to investigate and came out with some freaky recordings, including one in which a voice could be heard saying, "I want more, I want more."

    Linder, for his part, feels vindicated.
    "We were dragged through the mud, my girlfriend especially, dragged through the mud as being hoaxes, pranksters and attention-seekers -- none of which is true," he said.
    The paranormal researchers say they have 427 recordings of EVPs -- or Electronic Voice Phenomena -- and will release their results to other researchers

     By David Rose, Q13 Fox

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    Absolute Proof Shapeshifting Is A Real Phenomenon

    The girl on Presley’s right has a stunned look on her face. Presley’s face morphs before their eyes into hideous forms. The girl’s face also morphs into hideous forms and also that of the man next to her. The physical transformation is a real event, not merely Satan’s kingdom altering the electronics of recording to imprint the morphing. There is no morphing of the background or Presley’s clothing only his face (and hands, fingers) and that of the girl and man next to her. After Presley’s morphing pics below is the same video but in real time and with sound. Seen in real time it is evident how quickly the whole scene unfolded, just a matter of several seconds, and yet so many different demonic faces seen for that brief time.


    The lady interviewing McCartney sees the transformation of his eyes and asks him how did he do that. McCartney’s eyes become supernaturally huge.


    The demonic morphing of McCartney and Presley is outstanding proof of the reality of the phenomenon. In both cases, the people around them are seen reacting to the morphing they witness. Below are photos from the video of Presley’s demonic morphing.

    Another look at the face of a demon on a man. The above is the man who stands to the left of the girl. He is normal looking through most of the film and is morphed toward the end. Below is the video in real time and with sound. To see the pics above in the video below, hit the pause as Satan’s kingdom starts morphing Presley, and the girl, and the man next to her.

    Need a magnifer to get good view of the morphing. Some say high defintion makes the morphing visible, but that is not true. Recorded video that can look back on frame by frame and see the morphing.

    It happens very quickly. Quite a few images of different forms of evil morphing of Presley’s face in the pics above and when viewed in real time can see how quickly the changes came and went. Presley bends down to kiss the Sioux tribe Indian girl and when he straightens up, the morphing begins.


    The photo below of Oprah Winfrey with demonic eyes and hand turned hoof-like did physically occur as seen in the photo. That is a one frame pic, less than a second. The body is morphed by Satan’s kingdom for a brief instant.

    The morphing is so fast most of the time that it passes unnoticed and can only be discovered by examining the event recording, if there is one. But sometimes, as with McCartney and Presley, the morphing lasts a few seconds.

    The horizontal white line is the YT video display control. The hand has been morphed into a hoof-like thing, in addition to other demonic morphing of her.

    The person being morphed does not know same is occurring and I say that based on the footage below of a reporter who begins to morph and she gets yelled at in her earpiece, probably being told to get off the set. She turns to her co-reporters asking if she did something wrong, not knowing why she is being yelled at. The footage of Presley shows he does not know what is going on, that his body is being hideously morphed.



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     1924 Newspaper Article Outlines Six Goals of the Illuminati

    Of course, these days the concept of the Illuminati is much less a shadowy secret society bent on world domination than a cruel inside joke MTV has played out with borrowed symbolism.

    But back in 1924, people were very worried about the Illuminati’s plans to take over the world by destroying it.

    This article in the June 21, 1924 edition of the Joplin Globe laid bare the six “principles” or goals of the Illuminati:

    First, the abolition of government.
    Second, the abolition of patriotism.
    Third, the abolition of private property rights.
    Fourth, the abolition of all rights of inheritance.
    Fifth, the abolition of religion.
    — and finally —
    Sixth, the abolition of the family relations.

    Marvin also notes that even though the order of the Illuminati had long since disappeared from public view by the 1920s, he was convinced it was alive and well and “responsible for all the radical efforts so well exemplified in recent years by Lenin and his followers in Russia”. The article goes on to spell it out:
    “[Marvin] is assured it is operating in America today, seeking first to create mental attitude of unrest, then distrust, and finally, class hatred.”
    In 1936, the Fred R. Marvin (1868-1939) mentioned by the Globe would go on to write Fools Gold: An Expose of Un-American Activities and Political Action in the United States Since 1860 (which listed him as the “Senator from Alaska” although he was not a Senator and he apparently wasn’t from Alaska either, plus Alaska didn’t even become a state officially until 1959).

    The chain of custody for these covert actions lands back in the circle surrounding the likes of scheming and well-connected family dynasties such as Harriman, Bush, Dulles, Rockefeller, Rothschild and other fellow travelers, through covert financier-style foreign policy on behalf of the international banking circles to which they belong.

    Read Antony Sutton’s Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution for detailed information and also Webster Tarpley’s unauthorized biography on George H.W. Bush and perhaps also the Isaacson/Thomas book The Wise Men for an unbelievable account of the behind the scenes power play by acting world architects in the lead up to and aftermath of WWII reordering.

    The same characters built up other despotic regimes, not only during the 20th Century, but throughout their sordid and secret history, as with the Bavarian Illuminati ‘s sponsorship of the French Revolution during which it worked to undermine the king and trampled over the masses of society.

    The accounts are detailed, but can be traced through time to the order of men who today congregate at Davos, Bilderberg and above, well inside the ring of power of those orchestrating — if no longer in name, then at least in deeds — as the “Illuminati.”

    But then again, there are many names; many of the groups are transient. It is a bit of a shell game, after all.

    Now fast forward to today and take a look around. Notice anything…

    Truth Stream Media

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    Man Loses Pulse for 45 Minutes, Wakes Up With Incredible Vision of Afterlife

    A trucker in Ohio shocked hospital staff after coming back to life nearly an hour after he lost his pulse following a massive heart attack — but it’s what he claims to have seen during those tense moments that has him sure there’s an afterlife.
    Brian Miller, 41, was opening the lid of a container when he knew something felt wrong — he immediately called 911 and told the operator, “I’m a truck driver and I think I’m having a heart attack.”
    Sure enough, his main artery was completely blocked — causing what’s known as a “widow-maker” heart attack.

    He was rushed to a local hospital where doctors managed to revive him and clear the blockage, but after regaining consciousness and feeling the pain dissipate, he developed ventricular fibrillation, when the heart starts quivering wildly and is unable to pump blood.
    “He had no heart rate, he had no blood pressure, he had no pulse,” said ICU nurse Emily Bishop. “I mean think about that.”

    Doctor’s performed “strong, hard, fast CPR” and shocked Miller four times to try to revive him, but had no luck.

    It was during that time that Miller said he slipped away into a celestial world, “The only thing I remember I started seeing the light, and started walking toward the light.”

    He described walking down a flower-lined path into white light — until he came upon his step mother, who had died recently, “She was the most beautiful thing when I seen her, it was like the first day I met her, (she) looked so happy.”

    Miller remembered, “She grabbed ahold of my arm and told me, ‘It’s not your time, you don’t need to be here, we’ve got to take you back you’ve got things to go and do.’”

    After 45 minutes his pulse returned “out of nowhere,” Bishop said. ”His brain had no oxygen for 45 minutes, the fact that he’s up walking, talking, laughing, everything is amazing.”

    Glad to be back amongst the living, Miller now says there is one thing he is sure of, “There is an afterlife and people need to believe in it, big time.

    By Jeremy Tanner, PIX11

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    Bermuda Triangle Mystery Revealed in Indian Vedas Long Time Ago

    One of the biggest mysteries that has haunted man since the past century is the Bermuda triangle . Also referred to as the Devil’s triangle geographically , Miami (Florida), San Juan (Puerto Rico) and the Bermuda Island form the three vertices of this much debated triangle .

    When did it start?

    On December 5 1945, 5 flights with 14 crew members went missing , later on the same day a rescue plane with 13 crew members set off ,after take off all communications were lost with the rescue plane !!Many such mysterious disappearances of both planes and ships in the coming twenty years led many to wonder what was happening?

    What was the reason?

    While these incidents triggered the probe into the mystery of Bermuda triangle there were several incidents in the past that indicated these mysterious happenings .While some attributed the existence of a string magnetic field in this part of the ocean , others blamed it on rumors . There are a few possible explanations for this mystery in Vedas .

    Bermuda Triangle Mention in RAMAYANA:

    In Ramayana there is a mention of the demon Simhika or Chayagrahi , the demon capable of attracting objects by focusing on its shadow , but Simhika’s presence was attributed to the Indian ocean , if her powers extended to the Atlantic ocean it is one possible explanation for the Bermuda triangle

    What does the RIGVEDA say?

    According to Brahmanda Purana (composed more than 5000 years ago) and Rig Veda (written more than 23000 years ago) planet Mars was born out of Earth .Hence Mars is referred as Bhauma (‘son of Bhumi’) or Kuja (Ku = Earth + Ja = Born out of ) in Sanskrit.

    Asya Vamasya Sukta in Rig Veda states :”When Earth gave birth to Mars, and Mars seperated from its mother, her thigh got injured and she became imbalanced and to stop it heavenly doctors, Aswini Kumars poured iron into the triangular shaped injury and Earth got fixed in her current position.

    That is why Earth’s axis is bent at a particular angle. ”This triangle shaped injury filled with iron later went on to become the Bermuda triangle . The iron on longstanding through magnetic induction gained the properties of magnet .Planes and Ships have iron content and hence when they flew or sailed over this region there was a strong force of attraction which drew these objects into the sea


    In Atharva Veda there is a mention of a gem named as the Darbha Gem . In Khanda 19 there is adescription which says “As the Sun brings down clouds on earth in the same way oh! Darbha gem you fall down the rising enemies.”This is due to the high gravitational force of the gem

    “As the curd is stirred in the same way oh! Darbha gem you stir enemies.”This means that the Gem causes stirring of oceans or in modern language whirlpools

    Mantra 7 of Sukta 29, says, “to burn the bodies”;This burning is due to the emission of high energy rays like Laser rays which have the ability to burn bodies .

    All these descriptions indicate the happenings at the Bermuda triangle. Not one but several Darbha gems could cause the effect witnessed at the Bermuda triangle .

    What modern scientists are trying to solve , India has solved the same decades ago!

    All India Round Up

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    News Media Blackout as World War 3 Approaches

    It appears the whole world has gone mad. The threat of World War 3 escalated dramatically this week, but our mainstream news media is barely even mentioning it, towing the lines drawn by their new world order masters.

    I just visited the home page for and found not one single mention of the insane events now unfolding in the Middle East. I could not believe it, so I used my Find tool to search for Syria and Saudi Arabia. Not one mention!

    Of course that could change at any moment, but nothing there when I checked. Their stories were all about the meaningless Presidential election, which has already been decided regardless of what we think about it, and other stories about entertainment, sports, Congressional political theater, etc.

    So I went to CNN and found just about the same thing with one news story about the Syrian cease fire, but when I read it there was no mention of any of the big events that have developed this week. This is truly an amazing media blackout!

    The American people will be stunned and confused when war breaks out, which might be part of the plan because it would make them easy prey for a misinformation blitzkrieg, craftily prepared ahead of time by evil masters behind the scenes.

    When war breaks out, we should question everything reported in the mainstream news media because it will almost certainly be a lie. I say this because of a series of dreams God gave me in recent years revealing our news media is completely controlled by the same people who control our federal government. I would never have believed it myself a few years ago, but I learned it by revelation so I now know it is true. Both groups are controlled by new world order psychopaths bent on our destruction.

    Very few people believe this stuff, but God has revealed it to those who are listening. The rest of the world thinks we are the ones who have gone mad, but it is not us. It is them.

    Just consider if any of this week’s events are newsworthy:

    Wednesday, February 10 – Saudi Arabia and at least 20 Arab allies began moving 350,000 ground troops into northern Saudi Arabia. From there, it is just a short pass through western Iraq to reach the Syrian border. In addition, they are also moving 20,000 tanks, 2,450 warplanes and 460 military helicopters. Does that sound newsworthy? (Source: Trunews)

    The Saudi’s are claiming the movements are for military exercises, which is a big stretch because it would be the region’s largest military exercises ever. They are claiming these “exercises” will be completed by February 28, which means we might see military conflicts starting very soon.

    Another more believable explanation for the troop movements is the Sunni rebels fighting against the Syrian government are getting whipped badly now that Syria has the help of Russian forces. The rebels are very close to losing the war, which has been largely funded and equipped by Saudi Arabia and the United States. The Saudi’s are using Syria as a proxy war to fight their true enemy, Iran. So if the rebels can’t get the job done, the Saudi’s are preparing to do it themselves, with the backing of the United States of course.

    Saudi Arabia’s troop movements prompted Russia to repeat a warning released earlier in the week that any foreign troops entering Syria without permission from the Syrian government would be a declaration of war. Does that sound newsworthy?

    Thursday, February 11 – Saudi military leaders announced on television they will not back down, saying, “The decision to send ground troops into Syria is final.”

    Did they just say the decision to invade Syria is final? Yes they did, and unless they change course, World War 3 would be unavoidable.

    But did you hear the latest backlash about Beyonce’s half-time show at the Super Bowl? It’s the latest breaking news right now at Fox News!

    It gets worse because U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter followed the Saudi announcement with a strong show of support asking our NATO allies to join a coalition to send ground troops into Syria! Ignoring Russia’s threat to declare war, the United States just upped the ante by threatening the Russians with all of NATO.

    Then Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev escalated Russia’s threat to declare war by warning about a new world war! He said, “The demands of some Arab countries to send ground forces into Syria risks starting a new world war.”

    The enormous size of the Saudi coalition is raising concerns that Russia’s only way to stop them would be with tactical nuclear weapons, which would then make it virtually impossible to avoid a world war.


    Isn’t it amazing these events are not getting any coverage from the mainstream news media? Nothing to see here folks, just keep moving right along. This is pure mind control! They are taking plays right from the Nazi playbook. Heil Hitler!

    What Is Really Going On?

    In the unseen realm, under cover of darkness, four riders have been released from hell and are now riding in the earth. Their influence has launched the world into what Jesus called the time of “birth pangs”, which are leading up to the tribulation period (Matthew 24:8).

    The first rider, riding a white horse, secured one of his key objectives in 2008 when the antichrist was given his first crown.
    1 Then I saw when the Lamb broke one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures saying as with a voice of thunder, “Come.” 
    2 I looked, and behold, a white horse, and he who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer. (Revelation 6:1-2)
    Then he went forth conquering and to conquer, which has led to war, destruction, and overthrow of governments around the world including Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, and others. For more on the exploits of this rider, see my post, The Rider on the White Horse is Now Riding Across America.

    Following closely behind him came the rider on the red horse, whose mission is to remove peace from the earth. The missions of these two riders compliment each other as the conquests of the first rider help bring about the war sought by the second rider.

    War is coming. It is inevitable because it is written in this ancient prophecy, which was inspired by the Spirit of God.
    3 When He broke the second seal, I heard the second living creature saying, “Come.” 
    4 And another, a red horse, went out; and to him who sat on it, it was granted to take peace from the earth, and that men would slay one another; and a great sword was given to him. (Revelation 6:3-4)
    For more details about this rider, see my previous post, The Rider on the Red Horse is Now Riding All Over the World.

    End-time Bible prophecies are being fulfilled in our news headlines today. We have entered the season of birth pangs, which coincides with the first four seals, which release the four riders. We are now close to seeing the fulfillment of the second seal. Jesus warned us about these very things:
    6 You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end. 
    7 For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes. 
    8 But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs. (Matthew 24:6-8)
    These riders are spirits of antichrist, which God has allowed to be released because the world has rejected His leadership by refusing to repent from their evil ways. So God is handling the nations the same way He has instructed us to handle unrepentant sinners in our midst.
    I have decided to deliver such a one to Satan for the destruction of his flesh, so that his spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus. (1 Corinthians 5:5)

    The Evil Banksters:

    While the real puppet master behind the scenes is Satan, he is working through his evil minions, which includes the Satan-worshiping members of the Fed Cartel. These psychopaths took the world to the brink of financial ruin in 2008 for the purpose of securing their control over every major market in the United States. As a result, we no longer have free market capitalism. America as we used to know it ended back in 2008. Market forces have become almost irrelevant because the only thing that matters to investors now is what will our Fed taskmasters think about it.

    The United States is already a captured operation. We have already lost our country, but hardly anyone even realizes it.

    Since 2008, the Fed Cartel has kept the U.S. economy alive, but not for the sake of the American people. They have extended it only to enrich themselves as they are now able to totally manipulate currencies, stocks, housing, and bond markets. Imagine how much money could be made by someone who knows every move before it happens.

    They understand time is now quickly running out for the global economy as nearly every nation is buried in debt that has grown deeper every year since 2007. They have now driven the global economy to the brink of an even worse disaster than 2008. We are on an unsustainable path that requires a major reset, so they have a plan for that too. Very soon they are going to unleash hell through a series of planned events. Coming soon, they will push the table over, knocking the U.S. economy flat on its back and the dollar along with it. After that they will take down the euro and the EU with it. Then comes the big one, the death of the dollar and the global financial system with it.

    I saw these events in a series of dreams. After getting enough pieces, I was able to put them together in sequential order, which is how I listed them above.

    World War 3 is just another part of their plan, their scapegoat for the economic problems. No one would blame the Fed for the economic problems when the world is at war. Everyone would blame the war, and thanks to our news media most Americans will be blaming the Russians. Ra! Ra! Go America! Go kill those evil Russians! In reality we should be killing those evil banksters!

    With Russian subs off our coast, who will even care who gets the blame for the economy? The banksters will be off the hook and ready to implement a new global order with a new global currency.

    Why aren’t Fox News or CNN reporting any of this? It is because they are under the dominion of the same evil taskmasters as our federal government, along with every other mainstream news media outlet. To say it another way, they are under the control of the same spirit of antichrist as their evil taskmasters. Yet, every day millions of so-called Christians tune in for their latest dose of antichrist indoctrination. Amazingly, they believe everything reported by the mainstream news media, but sites like Z3 News are lunatics to them. They have full faith in the spirit of antichrist, but zero faith in the spirit of Christ, yet they delude themselves into believing they are good Christians. No wonder a great shaking is coming.

    Prophetic Warnings:

    Pastor Benjamin Faircloth recently shared a word he received about bloodshed coming in the month of red. He was not told what month that was, but he thought it could be February due to Valentine’s Day. See his post, In the Month of Red, Blood Will Be Shed.

    In a prophetic poem shared in December, Matt Smith saw a sudden event coming before the end of February 2016, which he stated as follows:
    December through February, winter finds itself here,
    A sudden event will strike, and many will be in fear. 
    Know then My judgment, has come upon this land,
    God reigns supreme, and deals with a heavy hand.
    See his whole poem here: Prophetic Poem Reveals the Future of America in 2016 and Beyond.

    Prophet Brian Carn shared this warning for 2016:
    “You know, coming into the new year, usually a time of great rejoicing, coming right into the new year, something is going to happen that is going to send this nation into a shock. Something is going to happen, and it is probably going to manipulate the political process. Something is going to happen that is going to take away our confidence in voting, where people are going to say what’s the use in voting because something is going to take place during this election that is coming that has never happened before.”
    See the whole post, An Event Worse than 9/11 is Coming to America.
    Rachel Baxter shared this prophetic warning: ”

    The spirit of the living God comes to you. Write what I say:
    “An event will occur that will begin World War 3 (without debate) and there is to be no stopping it. All the planning and scheming has led to this. Many will lose their lives.”
    See the whole post, An Event Will Occur that Will Begin World War 3 and There Is No Stopping It.

    War in the Middle East could also drive the value of the dollar way up as investors around the world seek a safe haven for their wealth. That would fit what I saw in a prophetic dream showing the price of USD/CHF moving way up to 1.35. I shared that in my post, Wild Volatility Coming in Currency Markets. A world war would certainly cause wild volatility.


    The recent developments seem to fit the prophetic warnings, although it is impossible to know if these are all related to the same events. Only God sees the future clearly. The rest of us only see in part (1 Corinthians 13:9).

    By James Bailey, Z3News

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    Stealth Alien Invasion Of Earth Under Way? UFOs Dropping Pods Across The Country

    Recent multiple reports of mysterious glowing orbs dropping “landing pods” over locations across the U.S. have caused UFO researchers to raise the alarm that a stealth invasion of Earth by possibly hostile alien races could be under way.

    The rumors intensified after the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a U.S.-based organization that reports and documents alien and UFO sightings, received a slew of disturbingly similar reports from across the U.S. in which witnesses sighted and filmed glowing or flashing orbs hovering over the sky and releasing or dropping smaller orbs that fall to the ground.

    Members of the alien and UFO community claim that the remarkably similar reports by unrelated witnesses from across the country provide convincing evidence that alien invaders are secretly planting and building up sleeper cells across the country in anticipation of a possibly pre-determined D-Day.

    MUFON, recently reported an incident in which a stealth orb UFO was observed dropping a “landing pod” pod over Boise, Idaho (see video below).

    The incident was reported by at least three unrelated witnesses, whose identical and mutually corroborating accounts prove the authenticity of the sighting, according to UFO enthusiasts.

    In the first of the three independent reports filed as Case 52934 in the reporting database of MUFON, a witness driving home with his wife on December 24, 2013, looked up and saw a glowing red UFO in the sky. He drew his wife’s attention to the

    clearly visible red and glowing object in the sky, and she suggested that they pull over and observe.


    “It caught my eye because I am always looking up for strange lights,” the witness stated. “I asked my wife what she thought and she recommended that we pull over – so I did.”
    The UFO hovered in the night sky, and after observing for several minutes, the witness decided to rush home and fetch his video camera. He began filming just as the glowing orb dropped a smaller flashing orb that fell to the ground.
    “Got home, ran inside, grabbed my camera and got it into view just in time to see it drop another orb, but this one was flashing.”
    According to the witness, at first, the “landing pod” dropped slowly from the larger glowing orb, then it appeared to rise briefly before it shot to the ground.

    After the “landing pod” fell to the ground, the witness re-focused his camera on the initial hovering UFO and watched as its light faded and disappeared mysteriously.

    A second witness corroborated the sighting in a testimony filed as Case 52930 in the MUFON reporting database.

    The witness reported that while smoking outside on December 24, 2013, at about 9:15 p.m., he saw a glowing red UFO hovering in the sky. After hovering for about three minutes, it moved east and then stopped and dropped another red object about half its size to the ground.

    After it had dropped the smaller orb, the larger orb disappeared.
    “This really freaked me out,” the witness said. “I watch the sky all of the time and have never seen anything like this before.”
    A third witness, in a testimony filed as Case 52942 in the MUFON archives, reported sighting the same UFO at about 9:15 p.m. on Christmas Eve 2013 with his entire family. He also reported that the “landing orb” appeared to speed up as it neared the ground.

    After dropping the secondary object, the primary object disappeared.
    “We told some family members and my brother in law saw it on his way home after it was split in two,” the witness said. “This left us with a very odd feeling as it was so unusual and hoping we get an answer.”
    The incident over Boise is remarkably similar in essential details of a very recent reported sighting over Spokane Valley, Washington.

    The Inquisitr reported last week that in a report filed as Case 53762, a witness claimed that at about 7 p.m. on January 26, 2016, he witnessed an orb UFO with a bright orange-red glow dropping another orb that floated earthward (see video below).

    According to the witness, after the landing orb had dropped to the ground, the primary orb disappeared as it drifted eastward.
    The witness said, “The object stopped, flashed very brightly several times and then discarded something. There was glowing discharge from the bottom of the object. The object lost brightness intensity and then slowly went away.”

    The Inquisitr also reported that UFO researchers suggested that the Spokane orb was “likely an alien craft designed with a detachable section that can be released from the main engine of the UFO as a ‘landing pod’ or ejected during emergency as an ‘escape pod/capsule.'”

    According to UFO enthusiasts, the witness may have filmed “a ‘manned’ alien UFO dropping a landing module containing astronauts or an unmanned probe dropping a robotic explorer comparable to NASA’s robotic Mars exploration rovers.”

    UFO researchers also pointed attention to the fact that the witness in the Spokane incident claimed that was not the first time that he and his family witnessed a mysterious bright orb UFO dropping another orb to the ground over Spokane Valley.

    He said that he and his family witnessed an incident in the previous month.

    A nearly identical sighting was also reported over California in January 2015. Witnesses sighted and filmed a mysterious glowing orb dropping another orb as it streaked across the sky.

    MUFON investigators led by Charles Stansburge determined after an exhaustive investigation of the Boise incident that the orb was dropped over Camel’s Back Reserve area on the outskirts of Boise.

    “I contacted the Mountain Home Air Force Base,” Stansburge stated in his report, “and they claim there were no flights or exercises done that night – no aircraft were out at all. I also called the Boise Gowen Air National Guard and they had no exercise or any aircraft out at all. No calls were made to the police department or sheriff’s office as well.”

    Members of the online UFO community have claimed for years that aliens are living secretly among us. The claims have been supported by high ranking military, government officials, and politicians.

    Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian defense minister, claimed a few years ago that world leaders are aware of the clandestine build-up by alien invaders living among us ( via ).

    Hellyer claims that aliens from distant planetary systems have been visiting Earth for thousands of years and that recently they began planting spies and sleeper cells among us. He said that some of the races monitoring Earth and living secretly among us include the “Short Grays,” the “Tall Whites,” and the “Nordic Blondes.”

    The Inquisitr 

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    Alien 9 Mile Dome City Found On Earths Moon In NASA Photo?

    This dome was found by Earths Files Earths History of YouTube. As you can see for yourself this is a dome on Earths moon. Scientists have mislabeled it as a crater, when obviously its a dome. This is mislabeled in astronomy as Harden Crater. I don’t blame the scientists. Its just the way education goes in school.

    Learn it our way or the highway. According to Google Moon ruler Harden Dome is 9.2 miles or 14.8 km in diameter. In the NASA photo I can see the domes height is about 20% that of its diameter.

    Meaning its 1.8 miles or 2.96 km at its center. That is only if its inside floor is equal to the outside level, but I believe the inside may be much deeper.


    UFO Sightings Daily

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