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Our topics include the formation of the New World Order and the New Age Agenda, popular conspiracy theories.

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    The Tower On The Far Side Of The Moon Found By Soviet Spacecraft Zond 3

    On July 20, 1965, the soviet Spacecraft ZOND 3 took some of the first ever high-quality images of the FAR SIDE of the Moon as the Soviet space probe made its way to Mars. Because of the fact that our planet is ‘tidally locked’ with the Moon, the same side of the moon constantly faces us. Previous to these missions, we had no idea what’s on the ‘other side’ of Earth’s natural satellite.

    Zond 3 wasn’t the first!

    Two years after the Soviet Union made history by launching Sputnik, it launched Luna 3, the third mission in their lunar program. Luna 3 reached the moon on October 7 when it started taking images of the far side of the lunar surface, covering about 70 percent of the unexplored side of the moon. The spacecraft sent back 17 noisy images before operators in the Soviet Union lost contact on October 22.

    Even though the images sent back from Luna 3 weren’t the best, it was the first set of images of the moon’s far side, a first for the Soviets and mankind.

    Zond 3 would complement the exploring Luna 3 did. Zond 3 was meant to reach Mars, and photographing the far side of the moon was a secondary objective for the Soviet Spacecraft. The Soviets equipped the Zond 3 with extremely useful technologies, equipping the spacecraft with two cameras, infrared and ultraviolet spectrometers, a magnetometer, a cosmic ray detector, a solar particle detector, and a meteoroid detector. Zond 3 made its way to the moon 33 hours after being launched on July the 18th, 1965. Just as it passed the far side of the moon, its cameras started exploring the far side of Earth’s satellite, focusing on the 30% that its predecessor, Luna 3 had missed, taking one picture every two minutes and 15 seconds for a total period of one hour and 8 minutes.

    Nine days after Zond 3 had taken the images, they arrived to Soviet operators on Earth. The images sent back to Earth were among the first which allowed researchers to take a peek at the numerous geological formations on the far side of Earth’s natural satellite, but among them, one image caused quite a stir among researchers and Ufologists.

    In one of the images of the far side of the moon, a mysterious tower-shaped structure can clearly be seen protruding the lunar surface. In its vicinity, no other similar structures are seen, and Ufologists believe that the mysterious ‘tower’ seen in the Zond 3 image is a crucial piece of evidence supporting their theory that there are alien structures on the far side of Earth’s moon.

    The image of the Tower on the moon was obtained on 20 July 1965 by the Russian vehicle Zond 3. At the time, the probe was about 10,000 kilometers above the Moon.

    So far, the mysterious structure on the far side of the moon is only one of the many that have been found to date according to Ufologists and UFO hunters.

    Several Monoliths across our Solar System?

    While some of these structures can be rationally explained as natural geological formations on the surface of the moon, there are some that simply defy every explanation. Is it possible that the tower on the far side of the moon really has an ‘Alien’ origin? And is it possible that there are similar structures across the moon?

    Looking at the image from the far side of the moon and the mysterious structure, we cannot help and compare it to the mysterious monolith on Mars’ moon Phobos.

    When the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) spacecraft was mapping the small moon of Mars, Phobos, and sent its incredible images from the small, potato-shaped moon back to Earth satellite Ufologists had a field day speaking about the mysterious structure that was clearly visible on the surface of Phobos. There in plain view, a large rectangular object undoubtedly resembling an artificial monolith stands alone. Nothing in the vicinity has a similar shape or size, so the question is, what is it? What is its purpose? And who placed it there?

    Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the surface of the moon, surprised many by saying, “We should visit the moon of Mars, there’s a monolith there, a very unusual structure on this little potato shaped object that revolves around Mars once every seven hours. When people find out about that they are going to say, “Who put that there? Who put that there?” Well, the universe put it there, or if you choose God put it there.’

    Astronomers didn’t hesitate to quickly offer and explanation about the mysterious structure that had Ufologists scratching their heads. According to astronomers and specialists in images, it’s just another “Extraterrestrial rock”.

    A specialist in images from NASA Lan Fleming, who studied Mars and other solar system anomalies examined the picture of Phobos and stated that the so-called monolith is just a physical anomaly and that there are many others found in different part of our solar system.


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    People have been building temples for a long long time and I love that kind big time. But there are certain techniques used to do so that are tried and true that have been used to built the Pyramids of Giza, and the Megalithic's in Asia, South Asia and basically all over the world. The amazing thing about this is that they always use stones to create structures by carving and knapping them into shape.

    But there is a temple in India that was basically carved out of a mountain, in a time where humans weren't even doing such things. The Kailashnath Temple was dedicated to Hindu Lord Shiva. And features many amazing things like bridges, pathways and hidden chambers scattered throughout the place. What's interesting is that it is claimed that this was build in a matter of 18 years, and that it only took a crew of 300 to do so. Modern scientists and architects are still baffled at how this was achieved.

    They know math, and they did it. They realized that in order for them to do this in 18 years that would mean 12-hour shifts with no sleep or breaks, And removing a total of 420,000,000 tons of rock. If you work it out, it means they had to remove a total of 5-6 tons of rock an hour. We can't even do that today with our modern machinery and equipment, how did they do that before the wheel with only hammers, chisels and picks.

    That time doesn't even account for the many hours it would have taken to carve all the amazing and intricate animals, gods and features. It just makes you wonder how the hell something like this is even possible in today's world, let alone in a time when we didn't have rulers or levels... Enjoy the pictures!


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    Video Of Prince Talking About Chemtrails & The New World Order

    As most of you reading this probably know by now, music legend Prince passed away recently at the age of 57. His memory will assuredly live on.

    Not long ago, Prince shared one of our articles on his Facebook page, and he has spent much of his time raising awareness about issues threatening our safety. In particular, he has spoken about ‘chemtrails,’ otherwise known as geoengineering, and the New World Order.

    Several years ago, Prince was a guest on a show hosted by Travis Smiley, an American talk show host, author, political commentator, and activist.

    During the interview, Travis asked Prince about his song ‘Dreamer,’ which Prince reveals was inspired by American civil rights activist Dick Gregory, a social critic, writer, and entrepreneur.

    He explained that Gregory had said something that “really hit home” for him:
    “You know, when I was a kid, I used to see these trails in the sky all the time. So that’s cool, a jet just went over.

    “And then you started to see a whole bunch of them, and next thing you know everybody in your neighbourhood was fighting and arguing and you didn’t know why, okay, and you really didn’t know why, I mean, everybody was fighting.

    “So he started riffing about the chemtrails, and, he started to say things that hit home so hard, and I would recommend that everybody try to get what he said online, or wherever, and try to get a copy of it and just listen to it, because I was so moved that I had to write this song.”
    Here is an excerpt from his song “Dreamer”:
    “While the helicopter circles us, this theory’s getting’ deep, Think they’re spraying chemicals over the city while we sleep? From now on I’m staying’ awake, you can call me a dreamer too, wake up, wake up.”
    Prince then goes on explain the meaning behind some of his lyrics in the song:
    “The first line of the song says I was born on a slave plantation, in the United States of the red, white and blue, and we live in a place now, that feels just about like a plantation, we’re all indentured servants, you know.” 
    Here is the video clip below; it also features a clip of Dick Gregory as well.

    By Arjun Walia, Collective-Evolution

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    New BLACK Chemtrails Reported Worldwide

    Word of chemtrails has been pacing the internet for years, but if you were a person saying that they are fake, there will be no denying this.

    Black chemtrails are all over the skies, it is a new phenomenon with reports increasing world wide. You will not believe your eyes!

    In the video below you will see other chemtrails not making a shadow directly beside one that is making a shadow, so the theories about shadows cannot be correct.

    The fact is, clouds cast shadows on the ground, not the sky, therefore, we do not see chemtrail shadows on the ground and we do not see cloud shadows in the sky.

    They spray a line of black and then go directly over the line and spray with white, making a shadow effect! It is absolutely crazy!

    What are they spraying on us, and why has it become black instead of white? Please do not say that it is a passenger jet because it is much too big to be a normal passenger jet.

    Please watch the following video below, and you will not believe what you are seeing.

    Awareness Act

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    Shockingly Incredible Footage Shows Surgeon Pulls ‘Brain-Eating Parasite’ Out Of Girl’s Head

    The doctor extracts a huge white object, described as a parasite, in the horrifying clip and leaves a gaping hole in the patient's head.

    In the incredible footage, which has been shared on YouTube, a doctor slices the woman's brain open and inserts a tube down the side of the monster parasite embedded inside.

    The waterlogged blob flops into a metal bowl placed by the person's head.

    But the clip then shows a monstrous hole in the woman's head.

    Doctors sew the organ back together after the tissue was cleaned.

    Somehow, the woman survived the risky operation.

    The grim clip has been uploaded on YouTube with a caption that reads: "Parasite eggs are carried by the blood to all organs of the body, where they grow and multiply.

    "The parasites enter the body with food, meat, poultry, fish and other life sea products."

    More than 200,000 people have viewed the video online.

    One YouTuber wrote: "I don't believe life after that would have been possible or even worth it.

    "Poor individual that suffered from the cyst and very incredible that modern medicine makes it possible to remove that."


    By Bradley Jolly, DailyStar

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    Goat 'born With The Face Of A Human Baby'

    A farmer was shocked after he found a newborn goat on his farm had the face of a human baby.

    Ibrahim Basir shared pictures of what people have claimed is a fawn - the mythical fusion of goat and human - after it was born in the village of Felda in southern Malaysia.

    The kid did not last long after its birth and its carcass has now been handed over to the Veterinary Services Department.

    Ibrahim told local media he was informed by one of his farmworkers, Jamaludin Abdul Samad, 50, that some parts of the baby goat looked like a human infant.

    He said: "When I went to check, I was quite shocked but fascinated too as its face, nose, short legs and even the condition of its soft body seemed like that of a human baby, whereas the light brown fur covering its whole body resembles that of a goat."

    He added that despite the features, the fawn-like creature did not have any umbilical cord.


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    Strange Details Behind Prince Blood Sacrifice To Baal

    The arch of triumph was introduced in London on April 19th (Prince died 1 day before Passover starts). The first night, it was lit up in blood red color. Simultaneously, the Empire State Building was also lit up in blood red color to “celebrate Donald Trump’s New York Primary Victory” or so they claimed. Remember, last August the Empire State had a giant image of Kali, the dark mother, beamed onto the side of it.

    Prince’s death takes place on the third day that the arch of triumph stands in London. There is another prince that is coming into the world, and his beast will receive a deadly head wound, but will come back from the dead. I believe the principalities used Prince to mock the passover of our Lord and Savior, Jesus, who is the Passover lamb. They did this as a blood sacrifice.

    Blood sacrifices to Baal are not new and have been done for years. Hollywood worships Baal and many celebrities sell their souls to him for fame and fortune. Unfortunately, once the careers of these individuals is over, as it was for Prince, they are sacrificed. This is a part of selling your soul.


    Before It's News

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    Mahabharata War, 16th October 5561 B.C.. Did The Indians Use The Atomic Bomb?

    J. Robert Oppenheimer, American physicist and director of the Manhattan Project, learned Sanskrit in 1933 and read the Bhagavad Gita in the original, citing it later as one of the most influential books to shape his philosophy of life. Upon witnessing the world’s first nuclear test in 1945, he later said he had thought of the quotation “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds”, verse 32 from Chapter 11 of the Bhagavad Gita.


    ET Updates

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    90 Year Old Woman Pregnant After Years Of Praying

    BOONE COUNTY, West Virginia – despite the fact that Margaret Allen has brought up fourteen kids, she is not completely satisfied in life, as none of them has given her a grandchild, which is something she wishes for the most.

    The woman was even ashamed of her children, as they did not want to breed.

    As she told, God has always answered her prayers, and if she prayed hard enough, He will let her give birth to her own grandchild, i.e. her child whom she will be treating like a grandchild. She has decided to do this and claims that it is possible despite the fact that the doctors say it isn’t.

    Margaret’s ritual is getting up at 3 am and praying to God for fourteen hours a day so that he makes her pregnant. After these fourteen hours of prayer the 80-year-old has her dinner and goes to bed to ‘mate with’ this 22-year-old she has selected to be the father of the baby.

    Angie Dickson, a friend of Margaret’s and a fellow congregation member at Bible Baptist Church says that Margaret is very dedicated, just like a professional athlete. Once she decides to do or achieve something, she won’t stop until she manages to do so. The previous year, as Angie recalls, Margaret spent two weeks praying her IBS away. She has also stopped a terrorist attack on their town, and she even succeeded in making some homosexual men get out of their town only by prayer. It’s like she can do miracles. This is why Angie thinks that Margaret will get the baby.

    Margaret Allen’s children remained silent on this matter. Still, her eldest son spoke and said that he also believes that people can accomplish anything if they put their mind to. He mentioned an example from his personal life:

    Years and years of praying later, Margaret today is five months pregnant. She wishes to name her child ‘Miracle’, as according to her own words, she really is one. Let us remind you that Sarah was 90 and her husband Abraham was 100 when they had their first born child, according to the Bible.

    Consume Healthy Food

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    It seems that after all, we may not bee the only intelligent civilization in the known universe.

    In 1961, astrophysicist Frank Drake came up with an equation that calculates the number of advanced civilizations likely to exist in the Milky Way galaxy. Today, researchers have revolutionized this equation using new data from the Kepler satellite. The results are fascinating.

    Scientists State: Advanced Alien Civilizations DID Exist Before Us

    Scientists have concluded that human beings aren’t the only intelligent civilization in the universe after a recent revision of the famous Drake Equation of 1961, which estimates the number of potential intelligent civilizations in the universe.

    Scientists adapted the Drake Equation adding data from NASA’s Kepler satellite on habitable planets in the cosmos. Researchers modified the Drake Equation from specifically detailing the number of extraterrestrial civilizations that exist now, to being about the chance of civilization, being the only one ever existed.

    The new research indicates that unless the odds of intelligent lifeforms evolving on habitable planets are extremely low, then life on Earth is not the only one that evolved to an advanced stage.

    Scientists explain that the chance of an advanced civilization developing would need to be less tan one in 10 billion trillion, for our civilization to be the only intelligent one in the known universe.

    However, data obtained from Kepler changes everything placing the odds at a much higher percentage, meaning that technologically advanced civilizations are likely to have evolved at a certain point in the life of the universe.

    A New Empirical Constraint on the Prevalence of Technological Species in the Universe

    Researchers turned to the specific question, ‘‘Has even one other technological species ever existed in the observable Universe?’’

    Adam Frank, professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Rochester and co-author of the paper stated that: ‘The question of whether advanced civilizations exist elsewhere in the universe has always been vexed with three significant uncertainties in the Drake equation.
    ‘We’ve known for a long time approximately how many stars exist.
    ‘We didn’t know how many of those stars had planets that could potentially harbor life, how often life might evolve and lead to intelligent beings, and how long any civilizations might last before becoming extinct.’
    ‘Thanks to Nasa’s Kepler satellite and other searches, we now know that roughly one-fifth of stars have planets in ‘habitable zones,’ where temperatures could support life as we know it.
    ‘So one of the three big uncertainties has now been constrained.’
    However, a question that remains a puzzle is how long civilizations might have survived.
    ‘The fact that humans have had rudimentary technology for roughly ten thousand years doesn’t really tell us if other societies would last that long or perhaps much longer,’ he explained.
    However, authors of the study Frank and Woodruff Sullivan of the astronomy department at the University of Washington discovered that they could eliminate that term altogether by simply expanding the question.
    “Rather than asking how many civilizations may exist now, we ask ‘Are we the only technological species that has ever arisen?” said Sullivan. “This shifted focus eliminates the uncertainty of the civilization lifetime question and allows us to address what we call the ‘cosmic archeological question’—how often in the history of the universe has life evolved to an advanced state?” (source)
    Frank and Sullivan mixed things up, refreshing the Drake equation. Instead of taking a guess at the odds of intelligent life developing, they calculated the change against it occurring for humanity to be the only known advanced civilization out there. Researchers calculated the chance between a universe where mankind has been the sole experiment in civilization and another one where other advanced civilizations might have developed before the rise of advanced lifeforms on earth.
    “Of course, we have no idea how likely it is that an intelligent technological species will evolve on a given habitable planet,” says Frank. But using our method we can tell exactly how low that probability would have to be for us to be the ONLY civilization the Universe has produced. We call that the pessimism line. If the actual probability is greater than the pessimism line, then a technological species and civilization have likely happened before.” (source)

    Sullivan and Frank calculated how unlikely would it be for advanced life to exist if there has never been another one developing somewhere in the ten billion trillion stars in the universe or even among our own galaxy’s hundred billion stars. This approach changed the way we look at the Drake equation and the likelihood we are alone in the universe.
    “One in 10 billion trillion is incredibly small,” says Frank. “To me, this implies that other intelligent, technology producing species very likely have evolved before us. Think of it this way. Before our result, you’d be considered a pessimist if you imagined the probability of evolving a civilization on a habitable planet were, say, one in a trillion. But even that guess, one chance in a trillion, implies that what has happened here on Earth with humanity has in fact happened about a 10 billion other times over cosmic history!” (source)
    However, on a smaller scale, the universe are less extreme. Researchers speculate that another technologically advanced species likely evolved on a habitable planet in our galaxy if the odds against it are better than one chance in 60 billion.

    “The universe is more than 13 billion years old,” said Sullivan. “That means that even if there have been a thousand civilizations in our own galaxy if they live only as long as we have been around—roughly ten thousand years—then all of them are likely already extinct. And others won’t evolve until we are long gone. For us to have much chance of success in finding another “contemporary” active technological civilization, on average they must last much longer than our present lifetime.”
    “Given the vast distances between stars and the fixed speed of light we might never really be able to have a conversation with another civilization anyway,” said Frank. “If they were 20,000 light years away, then every exchange would take 40,000 years to go back and forth.” (source)
    Franck and Sullivan point out in their revolutionary study that even though there aren’t other advanced civilizations in the Milky way, the results of the study have a profound scientific and philosophical meaning.


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     Remains Of Pixie Specimen Discovered

    Galway| Construction workers excavating the ground for the site of a new project in western Ireland, made an astonishing discovery: the corpse of a tiny winged humanoid ressembling a fairy or pixie-like creature.

    From the look of the site, it seems to have been some sort of Celtic, druidic shrine, dating from the early Neolithic period. Remains of pottery vases and food offerings were discovered, next to some gigantic broken stone monoliths, marked with mysterious inscriptions. One complete skeleton of a tiny winged humanoid, and two or three incomplete ones, laid amongst the offerings.

    “It is yet unclear what kind of creature we are dealing with for now, but it is certainly unique” explains Sheamus O’Leary, a biologist at the University of Dublin and member of the research team studying the remains. “Irish litterature and oral history is filled with stories of such wonderful beings, but we had never found physical evidence of one, before. Now that we have one, we can easily see why! The bones are so delicate and fragile. They also seem to be hollow, like those of a bird. It’s amazing!”

    A complete set of tests is expected to be performed upon the bones in the following weeks, to determine their authenticity and the true nature of their origin.

    World News Daily Report

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    Smart Meters: Tidal Wave Of Mysterious Illnesses That Strike People In Their Homes

    In recent years there have been increasing reports that "smart meters"– the digitized electric meters that are designed to send usage figures to power companies wirelessly – are causing a range of health issues among a growing portion of the population where such devices are in use.

    In fact, notes the EMF Safety Network, a growing number of people from around the world are beginning to report health problems they believe are related to an increased amount of wireless radiation from various devices, including smart meters.
    "Utilities claim smart meters are safe, and compare them to cell phones. However, cell phones, cell towers, wi-fi and other wireless devices can also affect your health," the organization states on its website. "Reducing your EMF exposure can benefit your overall health and wellness."
    The group also notes that the World Health Organization has classified radiation as a 2B carcinogen, and based that declaration on studies that have linked cell phone radiation to brain tumors.

    As noted by, here is how the devices work:
    "Smart meters talk to their central systems using RF transmissions, based on a cell phone, pager, satellite, radio, power line (PLC), Wi-Fi or Internet (TCP/IP) communication method. Internet and cell phone applications have become the preferred options because of their flexibility and ease of deployment." notes further that smart meters are typically installed outside homes and places of business to measure electricity, water and gas usage. How much RF energy people are exposed to depends on how far they are from the antenna that transmits the signal.

    The power and frequency of the RF signal emitted from smart meters are similar to those of a typical cellular phone, cordless phone or residential Wi-Fi router. These meters typically send and receive short messages about 1 percent of the time. notes that the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) named RF radiation as "possibly carcinogenic to humans," based on findings of at least one study that examined a link between it and a particular type of brain tumor.

    In addition, the EMF Safety Network has identified the following symptoms as possibly linked to RF radiation, based on a survey the group did in 2011:

    --Sleep problems (insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, night waking, nightmares)

    --Stress, agitation, anxiety, irritability

    --Headaches, sharp pain or pressure in the head

    --Ringing in the ears, ear pain, high pitched ringing

    --Concentration, memory or learning problems

    --Fatigue, muscle or physical weakness

    --Disorientation, dizziness, or balance problems

    --Eye problems, including eye pain, pressure in the eyes

    --Cardiac symptoms, heart palpitations, heart arrhythmias, chest pain

    --Leg cramps, or neuropathy

    --Arthritis, body pain, sharp, stabbing pains

    --Nausea, flu-like symptoms

    --Sinus problems, nose bleeds

    --Respiratory problems, cough, asthma

    --Skin rashes, facial flushing

    --Endocrine disorders, thyroid problems, diabetes

    --Hyperactivity or changes in children's behavior

    Many are skeptical that smart meters cause cancer or any of the problems listed in the EMF Safety Network survey, but the activist organization Stop Smart Meters, which opposes their use, says some people "have or develop symptoms of physical distress in the presence of electro-magnetic or radio-frequency fields (or both)."

    "There are many symptoms associated with this type of sensitivity, and the main key in determining whether EMF fields are the cause of the problem is seeing what happens when you lessen or avoid exposure," the group says on its website.

    The group also noted that it has been unable to ascertain from the federal government whether or not the condition falls under the Americans With Disabilities Act.

    Natural News

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    Atlanta| A man was arrested this morning in the Georgian capital, for the murders of 27 people over the last two years.

    54 year-old Michael Rodriguez is accused of killing 23 women and 4 men, slaying at least one victim per month since December 2013.

    According to the police, the accused seemed to regularly feel the urge to kill and would attack anyone he saw as vulnerable to satisfy his thirst for blood.

    “He seems to have literally been addicted to killing,” said Captain Jerry Woodson. “He says he heard voices telling him to kill people, and that they would sometimes become unbearable, until he finally killed someone. Like many serial killers, he visibly suffers from mental problems.”

    The Atlanta police confirmed that the suspect has already confessed to at least 19 of the murders and is still being interrogated.
    According to his ex-wife, who divorced him in February 2015, the date at which the murders began, coincides with Mr Rordiguez’s heart transplant operation. She says that his personality changed dramatically after he got his new heart, and that the operation is responsible for his actions.
    “He was a peaceful and charming man before his transplant,” claims Michelle Gonzales,“but after he got his new heart, he became quick-tempered, and he seemed obsessed with weapons and hunting. He bought some guns and knives, and began killing everything from rabbits to bears. I didn’t recognize the man I had married and I decided to leave. I knew he had become more aggressive, but I never thought that he had become such a monster. This is all due to the heart they gave him, it’s evil!”
    The identity of organ donor is often kept secret, but the police investigators were given access to Mr. Rodriguez’s file. They discovered that the organ donor was a convicted serial killer named Dereck Emery, who was executed by the state in 2013.

    Mr. Emery was condemned to death in 2009, after being found guilty of murdering 17 women and 2 men across southern Georgia.

    Mr Rodriguez’ crimes could be linked to a strange secondary effect of organ transplants, called the cell memory phenomenon. While still not considered 100 percent scientifically-validated, is still supported by several scientists and physicians. and many transplanted people have reported feeling such effects.

    The behaviors and emotions acquired by the recipient from the original donor are due to the combinatorial memories stored in the neurons of the organ donated. Heart transplants are said to be the most susceptible to cell memory where organ transplant recipients experienced a change of behavior.

    An Austrian study published in the journal of Quality of Life Research, showed that 79 percent of patients of heart transplants did not feel that their personality changed post-surgery, while 15 percent experienced a moderate change change in personality, and six percent did confirm a drastic change in their personality due to their new heart.


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    More than a century ago, a secret society discovered a cave hidden deep beneath the Earth’s surface. Inside the cave were several ancient giants, alive but in a state of suspended animation.

    We might think we know the truth about Earth’s ancient history but it isn’t so.

    Whistleblower Corey Goode claims to have spent 20 years enrolled in secret space programs and covert government operations. During this period, he witnessed a multitude of extremely bizarre events and visited places we never even knew existed.

    One of the most interesting of them was an underground chamber where ancient giants were being kept in suspended animation, since times immemorial. According to Goode, the chamber was constructed by the Ancient Builder Race, and the hibernating giants were the last of their kind.

    Several of these giants were kept inside crystal pods, in a deathlike state. But they were not dead.

    Ancient Giants In Suspended Animation Found In Iran

    At the time of its disappearance, this civilization possessed technological capabilities that far surpass our own. The stasis chambers were a testament to their progress, as they employed crystal technology that allegedly altered the flow of time. Thirty thousand years could pass, but for the crystal capsule’s occupant, it would only seem like thirty minutes.

    The technology to create and maintain time bubbles is something humans aspire to one day possess but, according to Goode, it has been present on Earth for thousands of years.
    This Ancient Builder technology is so far beyond even what most of these fourth-, fifth-density ETs use that some of these beings want to get their hands on it. It’s multi-dimensional technology.”

    The underground cavern was no secret to the shadow government Goode claimed to have worked for. In fact, it was discovered sometime during the 19th century:
    […]there was this one location that, back in the 1800s even, people were going from certain—I guess people would call them Illuminati or other elite groups—they were going to visit this one area that was kind of like a grotto, or an underground cave.

    It went up about 90 feet and it was covered—they had coated it—in some sort of pitch-black material. And there was an ancient script language that was around on the inside that they had mostly deciphered. There also were three sarcophagi in kind of a Y-shaped formation on the floor.” 
    In between the three sarcophagi was a cube-shaped pedestal holding “a blue glowing crystal matrix with like a spider web connecting it to the four corners, suspending it.” Goode said this crystal was responsible for creating and maintaining the time bubble.
    The three giant caskets held three “very tall beings, or large, giant humans with reddish beards and pale white skin.”


    And the mystery goes deeper. Goode recalled that the giant humanoids appeared to have squeezed themselves into the sarcophagi on account of being too tall. By the looks of it, the stasis chamber had been originally built by some other beings and the giants were intruders. They had simply taken advantage of the ancient high tech.

    No-one knows who they were or where they came from, but Goode claimed there are countless other giants in stasis chambers all over the world.
    All over—yes, all over the planet. In some areas, some of the beings they found in stasis were of a different ethnic group that had, I guess, found these technologies and learned to use them. But these tall, red-headed, red-bearded groups were only found in Europe and the Americas.

    […]this technology is littered beneath the Earth’s surface. And there were a lot of these locations where they found these stasis beings, and the technology had failed, and the beings were deceased.”
    Goode even provided visual evidence to back up his claims. The video below showcases one of the ancient beings whose stasis chamber had been tampered with and died as a result:

    Its interesting to note the other items present in the sarcophagus, such as the gold fish engraved with Sumerian cuneiform symbols. Goode claimed that it wasn’t unusual for them to find such artifacts and he noted that ancient Egyptian and Hindu symbols were also present on the walls of other stasis chambers.

    And those weren’t the only out-of-place inscriptions.
    Right at the entrance there was a large stone that came out, rounded out before you went this way to go into the grotto. And people had been basically tagging it, writing their names on it. And one of the names that was on it was Abraham Lincoln.”
    While this statement sounds outrageous, we should point out there might be some truth behind it. In 1848, while visiting the Niagara Falls, Lincolg gave a speech in which he mentioned the ancient giants:
    The eyes of that species of extinct giants, whose bones fill the mounds of America, have gazed on Niagara, as ours do now.”
    You might be wondering how on Earth did Corey Goode come by this information and his answer adds a few more layers to this weird puzzle.

    While serving in the Secret Space Program, he would routinely analyze information on what he called “smart glass pads.” These glass pads were as old as the stasis chambers themselves and served as ancient encyclopedias providing information about our planet’s secret past, extraterrestrial visitations and various alien technologies.

    Goode’s disclosure, however intriguing, raises a few questions regarding legitimacy, the most pervasive of them being: can we trust him?

    Some of his claims seem to be verified by the discovery of giant skeletons all over the world. Whenever possible, these discoveries were kept secret or suppressed by the powers in charge. There are virtually hundreds of reports of unusually large humanoid remains being found but physical evidence is almost impossible to come by.

    At the moment, Goode has no evidence to back up his claims. Perhaps this will change in the future, when the giants awaken or the Ancient Builders return, whichever comes first.
    There’s a huge vibratory change in our solar system. We’re supposedly changing from, graduating from one density to another. We’re in transition. So if this is true and these beings are awakening, and they set themselves to wake up during this time period, I could only speculate that they wanted to be a part of that.”

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    Seven miles northwest of San Marcos, Texas, 50 or so naked human bodies in varying stages of decomposition are strewn about in a 16-acre field.

    Some are fully mummified, their flesh dried out by the harsh Texas sun. Others have been picked over so voraciously by vultures that their bones are frayed. The most lurid are the fresh ones: week-old bodies that have ballooned to twice their normal size and crawl with thousands of maggots.

    This operation, at a place called Freeman Ranch, is part of the Forensic Anthropology Center at Texas State University. Colloquially, facilities like these — this is the largest of six worldwide, all in the US — are simply called body farms.

    The bodies are donated and left out in the elements as part of research aimed at better understanding the process of decomposition, mainly to assist in criminal investigations. When an unidentified body turns up, the first question police typically ask is how long ago the person died — and the observations made at body farms have been crucial in allowing them to answer it. Researchers at Freeman Ranch are also using their knowledge of decay to help identify the bodies of hundreds of people who die of dehydration or heat stroke every year after they cross the border into Texas.

    "What we really want to figure out is, at a basic level, how decomposition works," says Daniel Wescott, an anthropology professor at Texas State and the director of the body farm. "There's a whole little ecosystem going on right here." He gestures towards one body, with a leathery face that's stiffened into an opened-mouth yowl. "And we want to understand every part of it."

    The vast majority of humans who have ever lived share the same fate after death: decomposition. Unless your body is frozen, cremated, or otherwise destroyed after you die, it will inevitably be consumed by bacteria, insects, and animals that recycle your organic substances into new forms of life. Even today, the protection of embalming fluid and wooden caskets doesn't stop the process — it only delays it slightly. Given how universal decomposition is, it's a bit surprising that until quite recently, our knowledge of it was fairly thin.

    The first known study of human decomposition is Washing Away of Wrongs by a Chinese judge named Song Ci. It's a 13th-century treatise on basic autopsy principles: how to examine the body and determine the cause of death, for instance. This work was eventually followed by a series of European scientists who exhumed bodies in the 1800s and first observed the specific stages of decomposition that a body experiences as it decays.
    "What we really want to figure out is, at a basic level, how decomposition works"
    These studies made broad generalizations on decomposition based on just a few bodies. Through the 1970s, forensic scientists still largely relied on research involving pig carcasses when consulting on criminal cases and attempting to determine the all-important post-mortem interval — the time between when a person dies and when his or her body is found. No one had ever watched a human body decay in a controlled setting firsthand.

    That changed in 1980 at the University of Tennessee, where the anthropologist William Bass founded the first body farm. Bass got the idea after being called on to help police in a local murder case: they'd found a disturbed Civil War-era grave and suspected that the body in it was a recent one, swapped in by the suspect to conceal the evidence. Bass analyzed the body's clothing and other factors and found that wasn't the case. But he was troubled by our incomplete knowledge of human decomposition.

    So he started collecting bodies. The very first one — a 73-year-old man who'd died of heart disease — was left to decay at an abandoned farm that had been donated to the university, just outside the town of Knoxville. Eventually, Bass and his students fenced in a 1.3-acre patch of woods on the property and began studying multiple bodies at once. Over the years, researchers at the Tennessee body farm (a group that would include both Wescott and Kate Spradley, another current professor at the Texas body farm) processed more than 650 bodies, legitimized the study of human decomposition, and established much of what we now know about it.


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    Alien Entity Shows Up While Person Attempts Contact Through Meditation

    After weeks of spending hours meditating through the night to communicate with extra-terrestrials, Zed Khan says he made contact.

    Sitting in his back garden in Catforth, near Preston, 47-year-old Zed said an alien-like being appeared in the sky at 6am last Saturday – and he snapped these photos of the odd apparition.

    “I’ve been meditating through the night for about nine months now to try and communicate with extraterrestrials and out of the corner of my eye I saw something appear,” Zed said.

    “It was only for a few seconds but luckily I had my phone ready and managed to get a shot of it before it disappeared a few seconds later.

    “It was weird because normally you expect them to be a disc shape but this appears to have had four legs.

    “I think it might be part organic and part machine, although some people have said it looks like the alien from Alien vs Predator. I wouldn’t say that, as it’s very negative and I’d like to be positive about what it is,”

    And this isn’t the first time Zed believes he’s seen beings from another world, although they have always taken other forms.

    “This is first time I’ve managed to catch one on camera,” he said. “I’ve seen like triangle 3D crafts before which were fiery orange in colour but nothing like this one.”

    Lancashire Evening Post

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    There’s A ‘High Level’ Of Poo Bacteria In KFC’s Cold Drinks

    A 'high level' of poo bacteria has been discovered in fast food restaurant KFC's cold drinks containing ice.

    The discovery was made at a branch in Martineau Place, Birmingham, by researchers looking into food hygiene standards at popular takeaway joints.

    Swabs of the drinks were sent off to Leeds Beckett University where researchers found 'high levels' of faecal coliform, the bacteria present in poo, in the drinks.

    The discovery was made during BBC One's Rip Off Britain show.

    Dr Margarita Gomez Escalada said: 'We found high levels of bacteria in the ice. The presence of faecal coliform suggests that there's faecal contamination either on the water that made the ice, or the ice itself, and so it increases the risk of getting sick from consuming this ice.'

    The rest of the samples turned up low and with harmless levels of bacteria, she added.

    Janet Cox, Head of Health, Safety and Environment at KFC UK&I, told that they were 'extremely disappointed by the ice test results and immediately launched an investigation.'

    'We have also undertaken a retraining programme with all team members on our standards for touch point cleaning and procedures.' 

    Referring to the zero rating, she said it was 'completely unacceptable' and that they have been working to 'get the restaurant back to our high standards.'

    Following a recent inspection of Martineau Place, the branch has now been given a hygiene rating of five out of five.


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    Traces Of Giants Discovered Worldwide

    The skeletons of giants were removed; whenever a new one appears the bones are quickly removed; they are carried far away to big hangars hidden from the public eye or are destroyed. The Smithsonian Institute has admitted in court that has destroyed thousands of skeletons of giant since 1900.

    The Bible speaks of the existence of giants in ancient times, but today we can only approach that reality through their fossilized footprints, of ancient paintings or carvings on which they appear. We also have the old stories that speak of huge skeletons found , but it is difficult now to know which images of giant skeletons are true and which are false, as there is people dependent on institutions or companies controlled by the occult elite, which controls the information that comes to light; these people includes false images on the network so that we will not have certainty with any of them and will doubt everything.

    Traces on stone In India

    Footprint in Malaysia

    Footprint in Botswana



    Footprint of giant of Permian period; between 299 and 251 million years

    Canada 100 million years

    Tahoe Lake area, USA



    giant wearing sandals in the Valcheta Museum, Argentina; it comes from Patagonia the land of the giants Patagones

    Apparently, a giant was using shoes thousands of years ago

    Foot of giant beside a dinosaur footprint; It is one of the footprints found in the Paluxi river, USA; multiple analysis were made on it with X-rays and computed tomography; there was no retouch or counterfeiting

    Footprints of giant beside a dinosaur footprint; Many of these tracks have them in the Paluxi river, Glen Rose, USA, dating from the Cretaceous period, ie, having at least 65.5 million years. Evolutionists believed at first that it was a fraud, but then had to admit that they are genuine footprints, as it has been proven that traces continue to appear under layers of rock when they have become lost. In addition, the mud together with human footprints had also been fossilized over time, which would not happen with footprints made recently; but after verifying its authenticity have you seen that the official human history was changed?

    Footprint of the Permian period, 251 million years at least; New Mexico

    Giant Traces Found World Wide

    Watch below giant traces in stone "Fossilized footprints":

    Helenas Tales

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    Does the phrase “Just a sprinkle a day helps keep odor away” ring a bell? It’s the catchy slogan Johnson & Johnson used back in the 80s to advertise their product “Shower to Shower”.

    Johnson & Johnson To Pay $72M For Ovarian Cancer Death Linked To Talcum Powder

    Even though it may surprise a lot of people, long ago before this product reached the shelfs there was a research which connected talk to an increased risk for ovarian cancer, one study even revealed that most ovarian tumors contained talc particles in them.

    You’re probably wondering how this can be true. How can any company knowingly sell a product with such serious implications? And spend millions on advertising said product, knowing it has been connected to cancer?

    Reuters reports that a Missouri state jury ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $72 million in damages to the family of a woman who died of ovarian cancer and whose death was linked to her decade long use of Johnson & Johnson products, more specifically the talc-based Baby Powder and Shower to Shower.

    The family’s lawyer, Jere Beasley, said Johnson & Johnson “knew as far back as the 1980s of the risk,” and still decided “lying to the public, lying to the regulatory agencies” , he said at the press conference.

    Moreover, The Guardian said that this verdict “doesn’t bode well for Johnson & Johnson”. Leaving this single case aside it faces 1.200 still-pending lawsuits and maybe thousands more.

    Can you prevent bad vaginal odor using natural ingredients?

    Natural remedies are always better when it comes to your overall health and hygiene. Instead of exposing yourself to harmful chemical try the following tips:

    Add 2 cups of ACV to your warm bath water. Soak for at least 20 minutes and enjoy your healthy bath. Repeat the bath a few times a week for more effective results.

    Every day try to consume at least 2 cups of plain, unsweetened yogurt.


    Healthy And Natural House

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    Throughout history a large number of books have been banned only because they contained various uncomfortable truths or tales. Such books have been systematically hunted down and destroyed by representatives of the church or the state. Some copies have even been poisoned, thus giving the books a reputation of being cursed, as those who read them ended up dying due to the fatal poisons. Such was the case of books mentioning or telling tales about the entity known as Il Separatio.

    The Bible mentions the following passage: “God said, ‘Let there be light’, and there was light. God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness”. According to legend, this separation between light and darkness took the form of an entity known as Il Separatio meaning “The Separation”.

    This entity was regarded as being neither good, nor evil. Instead, it represented perfect and absolute neutrality. As this legend placed the third entity midway between God and the Devil, the medieval church did not want people to begin to wonder which entity is the strongest—God or Il Separatio.

    Il Separatio provided a third option, one not recognized by the church. According to the teachings of the church, good people went to Heaven and bad people were destined for Hell. In the catholic case, should the situation have been unclear, the person ended up in Purgatory. If the individual did good deeds in Purgatory, then he or she progressed to Heaven. If the person was bad, then he or she went to Hell. All was very simple until Il Separatio entered the equation.

    This entity could claim the people who had done just as much good as they had sinned. So, when a person has done exactly as many good deeds as bad deeds, then that person was said to belong to Il Separatio.

    Things got even more complicated as medieval texts discussed the powers of this entity. According to legend, the power of Il Separatio was “absolutum” meaning “absolute”. With such a description, it is not surprising that the medieval church banned all books mentioning Il Separatio and the Inquisition hunted down everyone who dared utter his name. Therefore, Il Separatio came to be known as Anonymus, “The Anonymous One”, “The Nameless One”, “The One Who Should Not Be Named”. Calling this entity Anonymus offered people a means of protection against the Inquisition. Still, there was little protection for the books which included the entity.

    The most forbidden aspect of Il Separatio is the option that he brought. Once the angel and the demon had left, the wounds of Amantes all healed and he was restored to his appearance as it was at the ideal age of 30. Also, it was said he became immortal and had great power. He could no longer die, he could no longer fall ill. He was young and strong and he could do whatever he wanted and travel wherever he wanted just by using the power of his mind. Legend has it he could transport himself to other worlds—on the sun, inside the sun and even into stone and minerals.

    Ancient Origins

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