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Our topics include the formation of the New World Order and the New Age Agenda, popular conspiracy theories.

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    When Kirsan Ilyumzhinov wakes up every day, perhaps he wonders if this will be the day when his extraterrestrial friends will return to bestow new, earthshaking secrets of the universe on him.

    That's right, you read it correctly -- his ET friends. And this isn't even a new revelation about the 53-year-old former president of the Russian republic of Kalmykia.

    Ilyumzhinov is currently president of the International Chess Foundation (FIDE), a position he's held since 1995, after readily defeating former world chess champion Garry Kasparov last year for the job.

    His background and position on UFOs and ETs will undoubtedly bring Ilyumzhinov under fresh scrutiny -- he's reportedly considering running for president of FIFA, the international governing body of football. "The suggestion has been made but ... for myself, I haven't decided anything about this issue yet," Ilyumzhinov said, according to the Associated Press.

    During his Kalmykia presidency, Ilyumzhinov -- pictured above at a 2006 meeting in Moscow's Kremlin with Russian President Vladimir Putin (left) -- claimed he was abducted by extraterrestrials.

    Ilyumzhinov says that, on an evening in September 1997, ETs wearing yellow spacesuits spirited him out of his Moscow home and took him to their spaceship. Here's part of an interview he gave in 2007 for an Al Jazeera news report, "Meet the President -- Kirsan Ilyumzhinov":

    I was taken [from] my apartment in Moscow to this spaceship, and we went to some star and after that, I asked them, 'Please bring me back.' They are like people, like us. They have the same mind and the same vision. I talked with them and I understand that we are not alone in this whole world -- we are not unique. 

    I'm not a crazy man, but after I gave the first interview to Radio Freedom in Russia ... thousands -- not hundreds -- thousands of people wrote me letters and called on the phone, saying, 'Oh, Kirsan, you are a politician and you are not afraid to talk about it?'

    Following a 2010 television interview in which Ilyumzhinov freely spoke of his alleged meeting with aliens on a spaceship, a member of the Russian Parliament -- Andre Lebedev -- voiced several concerns to President Dmitry Medvedev, according to BBC News.

    Lebedev wanted to know if Ilyumzhinov was "fit to govern."

    "He is also concerned that, if [Ilyumzhinov] was abducted, he may have revealed details about his job and state secrets. ... Assuming the whole thing was not just a bad joke, it was an historic event and should have been reported to the Kremlin," the BBC quoted Lebedev.

    "[Lebedev] also asks if there are official guidelines for what government officials should do if contacted by aliens, especially if those officials have access to state secrets."

    Considering his alleged otherworldly encounter and his long-term association with FIDE, it's not surprising to hear Ilyumzhinov make an out-of-this-world connection between aliens and the game of chess.

    By Lee Speigel, Huffington Post

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    PROOF Tupac is STILL ALIVE!!!!

    Below are the top 20 reasons why 2Pac is still alive. I have heard over 50 reasons to prove he is alive, but I decided on the top 20, and posted them here! I have included some other info that may prove some reasons wrong as well… Even some reasons that prove Suge Knight killed him… I suggest printing out this page so you can show everyone! If you think 2Pac is dead or there’s no kind of scandal in his death, prepare to be convinced otherwise!

    1. 2Pac now calls himself Makaveli…
    Machiavelli was an Italian war strategist who advocated faking one’s death to fool their enemies… 2Pac was a fan of his and had read his books several times. Perhaps 2Pac is taking his advice… (But that is not all Machiavelli did… Nicolo Machiavelli was a political, military theorist, historian, playwright, diplomat, and military planner. He is well known today. Some of his works are “The Prince” (1513), and The Art of War (1521). NOTE: Bone Thugs ‘N’ Harmony’s new double album which features 2Pac rather Makaveli is called just that. “The Art Of War”. Coincedence Or Not???)

    2. 2Pac was cremated the day after he died… Since when does some one get cremated the day after a murder? There was no autopsy. Plus, no one can ask to dig up his grave like they wanted to do with Elvis and like they did with Abraham Lincoln. (In the new book entitled “Death Of Tupac Shakur” there is a picture of 2Pac receiving an autopsy. This may prove this reason to be false, or it’s a fake (edited) picture. To my knowledge, 2Pac did not reveive an autopsy though. I don’t know about this picture…)

    3. 2Pac has completed 2 movies, 3 LP’s, and keeps on appearing on new artist’s albums…
    (Many of the unheard songs 2Pac has completed are unreleased and not on any albums) Why would he do so much at one time??? With so many people upset about 2Pac’s death, literally anything connected with him is bound to net a whole lot of cash… (Yet, 2Pac had big plans for ‘Makaveli Records’. This may be why he’s completed so many songs. Makaveli Records is the the new record company 2Pac planned on doing with “Tha Outlaw Immortalz”. He was leaving Death Row Records. Suge Knight could have killed 2Pac so they could get all the money. 2Pac’s mother is currently suing Death Row Records for this money.)

    4. In a 1994 interview with Tupac, he said before he went to prison that if he was ever sent to prison when he came out he would be worse than before. He was. He also said when he came out it would be like he was reborn. Was he speaking literally? He already died and he was worse when he came out of jail, plus Tupac switched his rapping name from 2Pac to Makaveli, that could be considered a rebirth, all that’s left is a physical rebirth (A sighting) and so far he’s already completed more than half of this prophecy.

    5. The cover of 2Pac’s latest album, Makaveli has 2Pac looking like Jesus Christ… Could he be planning a resurrection? (I am almost sure Death Row Records did this themselves for the publicity. It just adds to the whole 2Pac alive stuff which has been getting the album more sales.)

    6. Las Vegas is a payoff city, meaning all sorts of folks have been known to be on the take. That means doctors, press, lawyers, etc. (This works both ways… The payoff city Las Vegas could be a factor in either 2Pac faking his death OR Suge Knight killing him.)

    7. The producer on the new Makaveli album is simply “SIMON.” This was the apostle who helped Jesus carry the cross and one of the first to witness his resurrection. Could Suge be SIMON?

    8. There are many numerological coincidences. Tupac was gunned down exactly seven months after All Eyez On Me was released. The number seven keeps coming up too. He was shot on September 7th and survived on 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and died the 13th. This could explain the title of his new album…. “The Don Killuminati: The 7 day theory.” 2pac was 25. His age adds up to 7 (2 + 5). Even his time of death, 4:03, adds up to 7 (4 + 0 + 3). Also, on track five on the Makaveli album the voice at the begining says “And if the Lord returns in the coming seven days, then we’ll see ya next time.” He even talks about the number 7 on his album! There are more ‘coincidences’ too.. The newest is on his brand new double album entitled “R U Still Down?”. This album was released on November 25th. 2 + 5 = 7. The 7 day theory continues! What’s with this?

    9. Inside the cover of 2Pac’s newest album, it reads “Exit: 2pac, Enter: Makaveli” as if 2pac has died and Makaveli born. There is also that statement by 2Pac saying when he came out it would be like he was reborn. (Refer to #4)

    10. 2Pac’s video ‘I Ain’t Mad At Ya’ foretold his death …. 2Pac dies in that video. Then a new video came out under the name “Makaveli”. Its just like 2Pac died in “I Ain’t Mad At Cha”, and Makaveli was born in “Toss It Up”. Exit 2Pac Enter: Makaveli. It all makes sense!

    11. In the video “Toss It Up”, 2Pac is supposedly wearing some Penny Hardaway sneakers which were not available at the time of his death!!!! Also, some say in the video “Live & Die In LA” when 2Pac jumps in the car you see that he is wearing some Michael Jordan sneakers which were not available at the time of his death! (If 2pac is dead, then his double is doing his new videos… So, that explains tha shoes!)

    12. In Tupac’s song “Life of an Outlaw” on the album The 7 Day Theory, he says “All for the street fame on how to be managed, 6 months in advance to what we plotted, approved to go on swole and now I got it”-Life Of An Outlaw. This implies that Tupac planned his “death” in advance and now he is enjoying the success of his plan.

    13. 2Pac always wore a bulletproof vest but for some strange reason he didn’t wear one this time.. why not? (I’ve heard Suge Knight was caught on surveilance cameras at the fight telling 2Pac to take off the vest ’cause it was hot in there. If this is true, why would Suge Knight not want 2Pac wearing his vest???)

    14. The memorial services that were open to the public were canceled in both Los Angeles and Atlanta… (This could be in the request of family or friends. It’s quite possible.)

    15. 2Pac’s vehicle got shot 12 times and Suge didn’t get hit once.. He was ‘grazed’ by a bullet.. Why did 2Pac get shot all those times and Suge not get hit?

    16. The white Cadillac containing the assailants was never found… How could this be when Vegas is in the middle of a desert?

    17. Las Vegas is in the middle of the desert. How come there was no helicopter chase? If some one were to rob a casino, the LVPD would’ve chased you down with some helicopters.. . How come this didn’t happen with 2Pac shooting?

    18. A shooting involving Snoop Doggy Dogg occurred close to the release of his album Doggystyle which made Snoop appear more “real” and showed that he really was a gangsta. The shooting gave him respect because everyone that bought his album believed what he was talking about. Within one week of its release, Doggystyle went platinum. Snoop is signed to the same label as Tupac which is Death Row Records.

    19. Suge said he drove 2Pac to the hospital and they had a coherent conversation? How bad was 2Pac hit? In addition to all this .. there are conflicting stories claiming that Quincy Jone’s daughter was in the back of the car.. and then she wasn’t.. what’s the deal for real?

    20. Have you seen the video of the song “Smile” by Scarface, and Makaveli?? I have heard it is not 2Pac in that video. It is the look-alike from Ohio. (That’s why ‘2Pac’ never looks at the camera) The video starts out showing a car just like the one 2Pac got shot in, and the car of course has bullet holes in it! You then hear garbled words which I am currently decoding. Then, they show 2Pac (Makaveli) up posing as Jesus Christ again! That’s Twice! Once on the album & now in this video!?


    Most Extreme News

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    Would it be wise to believe that a primitive society erected one of the most mysterious cities, thousands of years ago, using nothing more than early Bronze Age tools? If not, who helped them carve and transport the largest stones in the world?

    In Lebanon, 4,000 feet above sea level, lies the mythical Baalbek, an ancient site with a history spanning over 9,000 years. It was an ancient Phoenician city, named after the god Ba’al.

    According to Phoenician legends, Baalbek was the location where Ba’al first arrived on Earth in ancient times, therefore the initial building must have served as a huge landing platform for the alienswho once visited our planet.

    Baalbek: Ancient Alien Sanctuary and Landing Spot Revealed

    This theory seems plausible because the stone blocks used to build the initial temple or city of Ba’al, are the largest that have ever existed in the whole world.

    The building blocks weigh about 1,500 tons and have a size of 68 x 14 x 14 feet. Beyond the remarkable size of this site, there is no information regarding its builders or the actual purpose of the structure.

    The method used for cutting those stones has captivated scientists for many years now. Because some ancient writings describe Baalbek as a landing place, the idea of a pre-existing advanced civilization, as well as alien technological support doesn’t seem far from reality.

    Evidence shows that the colossal stones at Baalbek were not built by the Romans or any other civilization after Christ. While Roman technology at that time could cut stones up to 5 tons, we can’t explain who managed to shape the 1,500-ton blocks, considered the largest megaliths in the entire world.

    How did the ancients carve and transport such massive blocks?

    It is likely that the platform under Heliopolis – the name given by Alexander the Great after he conquered the area – served as the base of another older temple that possibly the Egyptians or the Romans wiped out to build their own.

    The same area where Heliopolis was built was formerly used by the Egyptians to worship Ra. Now I wonder why they would build another temple on the exact same spot, unless that location was of extreme importance for some reason?

    Another interesting remark is the fact that, after the old temple was destroyed and the Romans built Heliopolis, people were still worshiping Ba’al as well as other Greek and Roman Gods.

    Other large temples were built over this site, such as the temple of Jupiter – the largest of its kind, also temples for Venus and Mercury, a bit smaller in size.

    The rock quarry was located a quarter mile away from the area, meaning that the builders had to transport the colossal stones all the way to where the site is located.

    Another remarkable achievement is the precision of their stonework; the stones were set so close to each other that not even a sheet of paper could fit between them.

    The lack of reference for building such a massive platform is intriguing. Why is there no trace of evidence upon the building of this place if the Romans or Greeks have done it?

    Considering the amount of work put into it and the fact that this place is unique should make any civilization want to take credit for their astonishing work.

    Biblical researchers have linked Baalbek – temple for Ba’al to Ba’al-gad, sanctuary to Ba’al. Many similarities exist between these two, including the same region in Lebanon where these were built:

    "So Joshua took all that land, the hill country and all the Negeb and all the land of Goshen and the lowland and the Arabah and the hill country of Israel and its lowland from Mount Halak, which rises toward Seir, as far as Ba’al-gad in the Valley of Lebanon below Mount Hermon. And he captured all their kings and struck them and put them to death."– Joshua 11:16 – 11:17

    It has become clear that Baalbek is an enigmatic and legendary site, used by distinctive civilizations throughout thousands of years – The Romans, the Greeks, the Egyptians and the Phoenicians are some of the known cultures who used it and all of them worshiped Ba’al.

    Depiction of Ba’al. Notice his size compared to a human.

    Beyond these, we lack information concerning its origins or why the site was so important.

    Though one thing is certain: the original site wasn’t constructed by the Romans, and there is no other civilization that would have had the means to accomplish such a feat.

    These are not clumsy artifacts like Stonehenge. These are perfectly fitted 1,500-ton stones assembled into the biggest ancient foundation known to present day science.

    What exactly occurred that made the builders leave without a clue regarding their existence and what purpose the site once held remains a complete mystery.


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    Although many people like to think we are the only intelligent life forms to walk this earth, this might be far from the truth. This is one of the mysterious fossilized humanoid skulls found in Africa that make us question what we think we know. It’s a common theme in the evolution of man and thought.

    We consider something to be true and factual for many years, and then suddenly a new piece of information arises that completely dismisses everything we once believed. Think of the earth being flat for example. This was once commonly believed to be true, and it took a great deal of time before people finally let go of this false notion in favor of the reality which was that earth is round. Now we have the technology necessary to soar into space where we could get a full view of the shape of our planets, but like all things, advancements like these take time.

    The same goes for all the alien evidence. At the moment there’s no way we can fully prove that they exist. Accounts from people who have spotted strange sightings abound, but it’s difficult to tell what they actually saw. Sometimes our eyes play tricks on us, other times certain optical illusions can be quite persuasive. And finally, when people have video footage or photographs, there’s always a chance that it was totally altered to look like something completely different.

    The skulls that have been found in the past 10 years have brought about a lot of controversy. Some people claim that they are completely fake, and that it’s all just a hoax. While others protest and swear that they are real artifacts that are carbon dated to thousands of years ago. It’s hard to say what’s true, either way it certainly makes for an interesting story.

    This skull is one of the many that resemble a human in certain respects, but is clearly still not human at all. The size of the top of the head is way out of proportion, exactly like the alien heads we’re used to on our movies and shows. The eyes are huge, and the chin is sharply pointed. This particular skull is a little more creepy than some of the other ones that have been found, but it’s still consistent in the shape and form of the features. What’s more interesting is that this skull is dated to around 14 million years ago, in addition it has incredibly high amounts of iridium in it which is a common element found in meteors. So what do you think, is this skull truly an artifact that proves aliens have walked the earth? Or is it just a hoax? It’s fascinating to think about, and only time will tell. Currently many universities across the world are conducting studies on this strange artifact. Checkout the page on the “Flickr” website to see for yourself, it’s definitely worth taking a look. It honestly seems like it’s straight out of a movie!


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    The 1952 Washington, D.C. UFO incident, also known as the Washington flap or the Washington National Airport Sightings, was a series of unidentified flying object reports from July 12 to July 29, 1952, over Washington, D.C. The most publicized sightings took place on consecutive weekends, July 19–20 and July 26–27.

    At 11:40 p.m. on Saturday, July 19, 1952, Edward Nugent, an air traffic controller at Reagan National Airport, spotted seven objects on his radar. The objects were located 15 miles (24 km) south-southwest of the city; no known aircraft were in the area and the objects were not following any established flight paths. Nugent’s superior, Harry Barnes, a senior air-traffic controller at the airport, watched the objects on Nugent’s radarscope. He later wrote:

    “We knew immediately that a very strange situation existed . . . their movements were completely radical compared to those of ordinary aircraft.”

    Barnes had two controllers check Nugent’s radar; they found that it was working normally. Barnes then called National Airport’s other radar center; the controller there, Howard Cocklin, told Barnes that he also had the objects on his radarscope. Furthermore, Cocklin said that by looking out of the control tower window he could see one of the objects:


    At this point, other objects appeared in all sectors of the radarscope; when they moved over the White House and the United States Capitol, Barnes called Andrews Air Force Base, located 10 miles from National Airport. Although Andrews reported that they had no unusual objects on their radar, an airman soon called the base’s control tower to report the sighting of a strange object. Airman William Brady, who was in the tower, then saw an “object which appeared to be like an orange ball of fire, trailing a tail . . . [it was] unlike anything I had ever seen before.” As Brady tried to alert the other personnel in the tower, the strange object “took off at an unbelievable speed.” Meanwhile, another person in the National Airport control tower reported seeing “an orange disk about 3,000 feet altitude.” On one of the airport’s runways, S.C. Pierman, a Capital Airlines pilot, was waiting in the cockpit of his DC-4 for permission to take off. After spotting what he believed to be a meteor, he was told that the control tower’s radar had picked up unknown objects closing in on his position. Pierman observed six objects — “white, tailless, fast-moving lights” — over a 14-minute period. Pierman was in radio contact with Barnes during his sighting, and Barnes later related that “each sighting coincided with a pip we could see near his plane. When he reported that the light streaked off at a high speed, it disappeared on our scope.”

    At Andrews AFB, meanwhile, the control tower personnel were tracking on radar what some thought to be unknown objects, but others suspected, and in one instance were able to prove, were simply starsand meteors. However, Staff Sgt. Charles Davenport observed an orange-red light to the south; the light “would appear to stand still, then make an abrupt change in direction and altitude . . . this happened several times.” At one point both radar centers at National Airport and the radar at Andrews AFB were tracking an object hovering over a radio beacon. The object vanished in all three radar centers at the same time. At 3 a.m., shortly before two jet fighters from Newcastle AFB in Delaware arrived over Washington, all of the objects vanished from the radar at National Airport. However, when the jets ran low on fuel and left, the objects returned, which convinced Barnes that “the UFOs were monitoring radio traffic and behaving accordingly.” The objects were last detected by radar at 5:30 a.m. Around sunrise, E.W. Chambers, a civilian radio engineer in Washington’s suburbs, observed “five huge disks circling in a loose formation. They tilted upward and left on a steep ascent.”

    White House concern and the “shoot-down” order

    The sightings of July 26–27 also made front-page headlines, and even led President Harry Truman to personally call Capt. Ruppelt and ask for an explanation of the sightings. Ruppelt, remembering the conversation he had with Capt. James, told the President that the sightings might have been caused by temperature inversion, in which a layer of warm, moist air covers a layer of cool, dry air closer to the ground. This condition can cause radar signals to bend and give false returns. However, Ruppelt had not yet interviewed any of the witnesses or conducted a formal investigation.

    CIA historian Gerald Haines, in his 1997 history of the CIA’s involvement with UFOs, also mentions Truman’s concern. “A massive buildup of sightings over the United States in 1952, especially in July, alarmed the Truman administration. On 19 and 20 July, radar scopes at Washington National Airport and Andrews Air Force Base tracked mysterious blips. On 27 July, the blips reappeared.”

    White House concern may possibly have resulted in an order to shoot down the UFOs, reported in various International News Service (INS) stories on July 29, 1952. E.g., one such story reported that “jet pilots have been placed on a 24-hour nationwide ‘alert against the flying saucers’ with orders to ‘shoot them down’ if they ignore orders to land.” An Air Force public information officer, Lt. Col. Moncel Monte, confirmed the directive stating, “The jet pilots are, and have been, under orders to investigate unidentified objects and to shoot them down if they can’t talk them down.” It was further stated that no pilot had been able to get close enough to take a shot at a “flying saucer”, as the objects would disappear or speed away as soon as an interceptor approached, sometimes outflying their pilots by “as much as a thousand miles an hour.”

    However, in seeming contradiction to the admitted “shoot-down” order, Air Force headquarters also put out statements that the unidentified flying objects were no threat to the United States and not controlled by “a reasoning body.”

    Some public protests resulted, including telegrams and letters to the White House stating that the policy was dangerous if the UFOs were controlled by extraterrestrial beings, who would obviously be much more technologically advanced than humans.


    Secret Of The Fed

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    These beings who created mankind are referred to in the Popol Vuh as “the Creator, the Former, the Dominator, the Feathered-Serpent, they-who-engender, they-who-give-being, hovered over the water as a dawning light.”

    What does this mean? When you think about it, the ancients were telling how “they” possibly referred to as the gods, the heavenly beings created mankind.

    Interestingly, the ancients speak about how everything came to be, and we can clearly see that other beings seemed to have influenced the creation of “man.”

    According To The Sacred Book Of The Maya, Otherworldly Beings Created Mankind

    Reading further through chapter one we find the following:

    “They are enveloped in green and azure: that is why their name is Gucumatz (Feathered-Serpent). Of the greatest sages is their being. Then came his Word with the Dominator and the Feathered-Serpent; and they consulted together and meditated, and while they consulted, it became day.

    And at the moment of the dawn, MAN manifested himself, while they, in the darkness and in the night, were holding counsel upon the production and growth of trees and creeping vines, of sentient beings and humanity, by him who is the Heart of the Heavens, whose name is Hurakan.

    Lightning is the first sign of Hurakan; the second, the path-of-the-lightning; the third is the thunderbolt. And these three are the Heart of the Heavens.”

    Interestingly, not only did the Creator, the Former, the Dominator, the Feathered-Serpent CREATE man, they created everything else:

    Thus, of a truth, the Creation took place, and the Earth was spoken into being. “Earth!” cried they, and instantly it took form.

    Like a mist or cloud was its beginning. Then the mountains rose up out of the water.

    Only by a magical power could that be performed which had been meditated upon as to the shadowing forth of the mountains and valleys, and at the same time the cypress and the pine appeared.

    Then was the Gucumatz filled with joy, crying out: “Blessed be thy coming, O Hurakan!

    Our work and our labor has accomplished its end.” The earth then was covered with various forms of animal life. And the Creator and Former said to the animals: “Speak now our name!”

    “But the animals could not speak as a man. Then said their Makers: “Our glory is not yet perfect, since ye cannot invoke us. Dens and food shall ye have, but as to your flesh, it shall be eaten. This is your destiny.”

    Does the ancient text speak of several times “they” tried creating man? It seems as though these beings failed at the beginning, and in the “heaven” they sat and thought it through one more time. Can you literally sit in heaven? Well, probably, if you are in an airplane or other vehicle… right? But here is what the ancient texts says:

    “Again there is counsel in heaven. “Let us try again; let us make them who are to be our vehicles and nourishers.” So the Creators determined to make man. Of red earth they molded his flesh; but when they had made him, they saw it was not good.

    “He was without coherence, strengthless, inept, watery; he had been endowed with speech, but he had no intelligence; and straightway he was consumed in the water without being able to stand upright.”

    It seemed as if the Creator, the Former, the Dominator, the Feathered-Serpent, they-who-engender, they-who-give-being were not satisfied with their creation and took matter into their own hands again. The ancient texts continues:

    Again the gods took counsel. It was decided to make man of the wood of the tzite cork-tree, and woman of the marrow of the zibac (willow); but the result was in no wise satisfactory — they were merely wooden mannequins.

    And these are the people who inhabit the surface of the earth. They existed and multiplied, but had neither heart nor intelligence, nor memory of their Creators. They led a useless life and lived like the animals.

    hey were but an attempt at men. Because they had not directed their thoughts to the Heart of the Heavens, the face of the earth grew dark, and a dismal rain began to fall.

    Then came the nature sprites, big and little, and the animals that had formerly served them, to torment them; even their utensils took shape and voice to add to their misery.

    Then the men ran hither and thither in despair. They sought refuge upon the house-tops, but the houses crumbled beneath them; they tried to climb the trees, but the trees shook them down; they attempted to enter the caverns, but the caverns closed before them.

    Thus was accomplished the destruction of these creatures, save a few of their descendants who now exist in the woods as little apes.

    The third part of the Popol Vuh continues the story of creation with the following text:

    “Once more the gods commune together and the Creator and Former made four perfect men — wholly of yellow and white maize was their flesh composed.”
    “The name of the first was Balam-Quitze; of the second, Balam-Agab; of the third, Mahucutah; of the fourth, Iqi-Balam.”

    Here is the interesting part of the Popol Vuh:

    They had neither father nor mother, neither were they made by the ordinary agents in the work of creation, but their coming into existence was a miracle extraordinary, wrought by the special intervention of the Creator.
    “Verily, at last, did the gods look on beings who were worthy of their origin.”
    As you can see in the above parts of the Popol Vuh, we have detailed descriptions of how beings not from Earth, CREATED man: the Creator, the Former, the Dominator, the Feathered-Serpent, they-who-engender, they-who-give-being communed tighter on several occasions, and after several tries, “THEY” created MANKIND.


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    Sirius Business: The Facts Concerning the 'Lizard Man' of Scape Ore Swamp

    For about two days last week all the viral media trackers were lit up with a sighting of a cryptid near a church in South Carolina. The general news story is that Sarah Berra, upon emerging from a church, spotted a Lizard Man running along a tree line near the church. Demonstrating quick thinking, which is rare for sightings like this, she actually managed to get a smartphone picture of the loping lizard. This wasn’t the first sighting, but it is the only recent sighting of the creature since 2008. There were also a cluster of two other sightings that surfaced after the photos hit social media, one of which included a video which is uselessly vague.

    As this is a reptilian cryptid it does fall within the scope of my work. No one in the general media has made the connection between Lizard Man and Reptoids, but the potential connection is pretty obvious. However, after spending the last week considering Lizard Man and what evidence is available I am convinced that he is in no way a Reptoid or Siriusian. I do believe that Sarah Berra does think she took some snapshots of an unusual event. It’s quite possible that she believes she saw a bi-pedal reptilian, because that is what she was supposed to see.

    Media circulated freeze frame from the phone video.

    The Creature

    Now, let’s start with the basic biological problems of the Lizard Man. If we take that the photo is an image of an actual creature, it is an extremely unlikely one. The bulky features, broad snout and oddly bent tail suggest a primal creature that might have been spotted around 70 million years ago, four million years before the K-T Extinction which destroyed all the non-humanoid dinosaurs. Experience has shown that the reptilians that survived the K-T Extinction had tails which were nearly vestigial and had much less prominent snouts. There are theories, of course, which have the reptilians domesticating less evolved creatures much in the way humans have cultivated livestock and circus mammals. Even so, this way of life vanished for all reptilians after the Atlantean War of 3000 BC. Life for the remaining Reptoids would have made husbandry of this sort impossible, so the odds of a family of these creatures surviving for 5000 years is ridiculous. Especially if the furthest point of evolution has these animals thinking that cars are a useable meal (1).

    Of course, there is always the potential that the off-world Siriusians maintained these creatures when they fled the Earth in 3025 BC. We all know that the Siriusians have developed a bestiary of reptilian hybrids and mutations to serve various roles in their society. Exopolitics being as complicated as they are, it seems unlikely that anyone would stand for random Siriusian livestock to be left behind. Especially in a populated and visible area. This isn’t even considering the likelihood that such a creature would be hunted down and killed by Reptoids at the earliest opportunity.

    None of this is to say that the Lizard Man is a hoax in the sense of something perpetrated by pranksters. This event is more than likely a PSYOP perpetrated by one of several likely culprits. The purpose of the PSYOP depends on the agenda of each of the sponsoring agencies, and as with all things in this murky world, most likely has multiple levels of effectiveness.

    The Sponsors

    The Office of Exopolitical Policy (OEP) could be planting the Lizard Man to discredit actual sightings of either Siriusian or Reptoid activity in the area. (There are no known Reptoid clusters in the area, but they could be expanding into other regions in anticipation of climate change.) The Siriusian sympathizer group known as Nidhug could be beginning a campaign to discredit the Reptoids and create organized human opposition to them. Another option is that it is a mundane wing of the Intelligence services seeking to assert itself against OEP. History points to CIA, but as murky as these things are it could be NSA, DIA, ONI or even the mysterious SIA (Space Intelligence Agency)(2).

    I wouldn’t say this if it weren’t for the fact that this sort of thing is on the official historical record already. Air Force Brigadier General Edward G. Lansdale oversaw an early PSYOP against the Huk rebels in the Philippines. (You can guess how that came to be; former rebel group against Japanese occupation becomes the new enemy.) This was circa 1950-1953 (concurrent with the Korean War) and he became known for his ability to use local folklore as a weapon. In one case he developed a program where special forces troops would only kill the tail man in a column of Huk fighters. They would then leave the body with bite marks consistent with an Aswang (a local variation of vampire) for the Huk’s to discover. As a result, the fighters would leave the area and have to take the time and resources to redeploy. This was further reinforced by the use of “eyes of God”. These were sinister lights placed around Huk encampments to suggest the watching eyes of the Aswang.

    Brig. Gen. Lansdale was deployed to Vietnam in 1954 to assist with covert operations against the growing insurgency there. In 1962 he was sent to oversee similar activities against Fidel Castro’s nascent government. These operations must have been considered successful, because in 1964 the Pentagon produced a document detailing the use of superstition and folk lore in PSYOP warfare. Some of these campaigns are mention in Allan Dulles’ (the patriarch of the CIA) legendary book The Craft of Intelligence.

    Both cryptid and covert action research requires a significant amount of balancing the need to imagine connection with the problem of confirmation bias. Much is unseen and will most likely remain unseen, but with an array of facts it is possible to see several possibilities emerge as most likely. With all the information we have about “Lizard Man” it is safe to say that it is not, in anyway, what it appears to be. This event is not an authentic cryptid. Nor is it a simple prank. The truth lies in the twilight zone between all of theses potentials. This answer is within a Venn diagram that’s been redacted so much that it becomes an Escher drawing.


    (1) Sightings report Lizard Man trying to eat the witnesses car as if it were prey.
    (2) So mysterious it may or may not exist. If in fact they do exist, they are most likely the agency “running” David Icke since 1994. ( via )


    0 0

    Red Alert : Harvard Scientists Confirm That There Will Be A Mega Earthquake

    Professor David Schwartz, president of the Seismological Association Harvard University issued a red alert to the United States Geological Survey, to mark the imminent massive earthquake that will shake the territory of North America during the last days of this month.

    The massive earthquake history known as “The Big One” (The Great) takes about 100 years preparing to react. Its intensity is calculated at 9.2 degrees on the Richter scale according to the scientific journal “Nature Geoscience”. The only previous known an earthquake of this scale is what occurred during 1700, which proved to be one of the most destructive in the history of mankind. The San Andreas Fault and the Cascadia subduction zone now report the same levels of stress that led to the great MEGATERRE MOTO happened in 1700.

    The Doctor Schwartz confirmed in a statement that the quake will occur between 24 and 26 September and is expected to affect the territories comprising the countries of Mexico and the United States.

    The analysis by the Seismological Association of Harvard University has been sent to the Security Department of the United States, as well as the Secretariat of the Government of Mexico, this in order that both nations prevent its population and establish the relevant mechanisms.

    Here are some steps you can take at home to protect your family we leave.

    1. It is important that your family know how to act, how to cut the supply of gas, electricity and water, and emergency numbers that can be called if necessary.

    2. Have your emergency kit.

    3. Set a rallying point, for if the family is scattered.

    4. Remember to keep canned food and water, batteries, flashlights and a radio in one place.

    SHARE note and help us spread among all the inhabitants of both countries.


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    More news from Russia as researchers in Volgograd have discovered over a dozen of disk-shaped objects, including one which has over four meters in diameter. According to experts, these “Alien” disc-shaped rocks contain tungsten, a high-density metal used in military technology. Tugnsten, aka “wolfram“ is remarkable for its robustness, especially the fact that it has the highest melting point of all the elements. Tungsten’s hardness and high density give it military applications in penetrating projectiles.

    The group responsible for the discovery was Kosmopoisk, according to a Russian website, Kosmopoisk is a Russian UFO and cryptozoology research group that was performing excavations in the district of Zhirnovsky, Volgograd. While researchers have stumbled upon disc-shaped rocks in the past, this is the first time a disc-shaped rock with such proportions was unearthed.

    “We had already found over a dozen of these discs, most of them had a diameter of around one meter, at Kuzbass we unearthed a disc-shaped object with a diameter of nearly two meters, but this new ‘giant’ disc shaped rock is unique and impressive,” said Vadim Chernobrov, who was in charge of the excavation.

    Researchers In Russia Discover Over A Dozen Of Mysterious Disc-shaped Objects Containing ‘Tungsten”

    The shape of the four-meter disc, which is extremely similar to modern-day interpretations of UFO’s has given UFO hunters and Ufologists a lot to talk about. Scott Waring, editor of believes that the discovery of this mysterious disc-shaped rock is the ultimate evidence of extraterrestrial visitations in the past, and that its composition is what makes it unique, since it is made of tungsten, which is used in military technology today.

    Beyond speculations about the nature of the mysterious objects that have been unearthed, the newly found disk-shaped “UFO” has been transported to the Zhirnovsky museum, where scientists are studying it trying to find out its age and the exact composition of the material’s it is made from. However many people remains skeptical about the objects suggesting that these could be the result of natural erosion and are not the result of ‘alien beings’ visiting Earth in the distant past.

    Earlier this year, another mysterious disc shaped object was discovered in Russia by a mining company near the city of Belovo located in the Kuznetsk Basin. The mysterious 1.2 meter disc was located a t depth of 40 meters suggesting that it could be very old. Archaeologists performed several tests and concluded that this perfectly circular 1.2 meter disc was something made by man in the distant past.

    Is it possible that these mysterious objects are “monuments” created by ancient man? Representations of what they had seen in the past? Or is it possible as skeptics suggest, that these disk-shaped objects are the product of natural erosion?

    By Ivan Petricevic, Ancient-Code

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  • 09/22/15--01:29: New Selfie Spoon is Here

  • Tired of choosing between eating or posting? Relax. Have your cake and eat it, but make sure you are armed with a new Selfie Spoon.
    The stick, which extends over 30 inches, has a spot on one end to hold your phone, and a spoon on the other. “Gone are the days of eating a delicious breakfast and all your friends not knowing about it,” the video describing the device, introduced by Cinnamon Toast Crunch, says.

    Just turn on the Bluetooth feature on your smartphone, take a photo and post each mouth-watering bite you eat for others to feel jealous.



    The world's obsession with selfies has taken social media, including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, by storm, with people of nearly all ages, genders and nationalities posting a zillion photos of their faces wherever they are.

    A number of narcissists have had accidents while using selfie sticks, however. A Japanese tourist died of a heart attack on Friday after reportedly slipping down the stairs at India's Taj Mahal monument. An eyewitness told the BBC that the tourist fell while taking a selfie.

    A teenage girl from Moscow was critically wounded after trying to take a selfie with a pistol pressed against her temple in May. The 21-year-old was at her office when she took a 9-millimeter rubber-bullet pistol and decided to take a selfie. She accidentally pressed the trigger and the bullet ricocheted off a wall right into her head.

    The same month a man from Singapore died in Bali after falling off a cliff while taking a selfie. Mohammed Aslam Shahul, 21, lost his balance and fell into the sea off a cliff while on vacation with his friends.


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    B-17 lands perfectly at an RAF airbase, does the whole pattern as well, comes to a full stop, but nobody is observed coming out of the bomber. Emergency crews climb aboard to find not one single person inside the air plane, no trace of any bodily fluid. What they do find are pilot logs, copies of radio transmissions. From the looks of it, the pilot stated that the plane was heavily damaged, the crew was badly hurt, but the plane itself was not damaged at all. Let alone, from what was seen, it was flying and landed itself!

    “The gunners were surprised to see a B-17, wheels down, approaching their positions. As they called in to their operations room, the B17 landed. It bounced to a stop when one wing tip dug into the ground about 30 yards from the AA gun position. One propellor buckled and stopped, the other 3 kept going.

    John V. Crisp arrived upon the scene 20 minutes after the B17 landed. The propellors continued spinning, but no one had emerged form the plane. Crisp managed to get into the plane and looked around. No one was in there, although there were signs of recent occupation. Crisp managed after some experimenting to get the remainder of the engines shut off.

    “I looked next at the navigators table,’ Crisp has written. “The aircraft log was open and the last words, written sometime before were ‘Bad Flak.’
    “We now made a through search of the fuselage and found about a dozen parachutes neatly wrapped and ready for clipping on. This made the whereabouts of the crew even more mysterious. The Sperry bombsight remained in the Perspex nose, quite undamaged, with its cover neatly folded beside it. Back on the navigator’s desk there was the code book giving the colors and letters of the day for identification purposes. Various fur lined flying jackets lay in the fuselage together with a few bars of chocolate, partly consumed in some cases.”
    8th AF Service Command, part of the Advanced HQ in Belgium, sent out a crew to investigate. On checking the planes serial number, they learn that the B17 has come from the 91st BG and the crew is already safe in England.

    Throughout the war there were other reports of B17s which continued to fly though pilotless, but the Phantom Fortress was the only one that succeeded in landing itself more or less intact.”
    To anyone interested in reading and fully understanding the how and why of the 8th AF, the B17, in the ETO or PTO, tactics, etc. I highly recommend this book.
    What had happened was that the plane, on a mission to Merseburg oil targets, developed trouble just before reaching the target area. The plane wasnt able to climb with the rest of the group, and in addition, was plagues with a malfunction of its bomb racks. Then a direct hit knocked out the #3 engine and another filled the center of the plane with a tremendous flash. “We had been hit in the bomb bay,” said pilot Harold R. DeBolt, “and I’ll be darned if I know why the bombs didn’t explode.”

    With one propeller wind milling and the weather closing in, DeBolt headed for England and then changed his mind, for the plane was obviously not going to make it back to East Anglia. He pointed the B17 towards Brussels and ordered all loose equipment jettisoned to lighted the load. It was then that 2 engines quit. Setting the B17 on automatic pilot, DeBolt ordered the crew to bail out, leaving the plane at last.

    All landed safely-and so did their stricken B17. What had happened was that after the crew jumped, with the justification as far as they could discern, the trouble in the engines cleared up and the beautifully designed, stable B17 flew itself. Its malfunctioning engines, however, would not keep it up and it simply came down as described by the British gun crew. To his uneducated eye the plane appeared to be undamaged and what he thought were the crew’s parachutes were probably extra chute packs.

    War History Online

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    Captured ISIS leader Yousef al-Salafi has confessed that the Islamic State is being funded by the U.S. government. America has been suspicious of the Obama Administration’s treason without concrete evidence – until now. You’re shocked? Really?


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    ISIS ASSASINATION: Nostradamu's New York Visit Pope Warning Prophecy

    One should worry for the Holy Father .. very much, and only in four days time will he be leaving. It is not ONLY to Philadelphia, PA he will go, but has additional plans to stop first in Washington, D.C. and then in New York City. He will be in Washington on September 22, 23, and also much of the 24th. At 5pm on September 24 he will arrive in New York City at John F. Kennedy International Airport. This is most ominous a name, John F. Kennedy, the slain Catholic US president.

    He will be in NYC throughout the remainder of September 24 and also on the 25th. On the morning of September 26, he departs for Philadelphia. He will remain there until 8pm on September 27 at which time he will return to Rome. So, two days in Washington, two in New York, and two in Philadelphia.

     Thus, established prophecies need not even apply to the coming visit (and visits in 2016 and 2017) for the Pope's life to be in danger. An attempt on his life could occur without any prophecy being fulfilled.


    However, returning to the upcoming papal trip to the United States: how might the two rivers prophecy of Nostradamus apply?

    Washington D.C. is watered by the Potomac River only.
    Thus, it is unlikely to be applicable there.

    NEW YORK CITY is marked for destruction by ISIS terrorists. When is unknown, but it may be this very month ... even this very day! Will New York be the city that is "half-destroyed?" Two rivers flow through it: the Hudson River and the East River. They do not meet, and they don't have to! The prophecy does not say the two rivers must meet, only that they water the city.

    Indeed, it is now being reported by officials that screening checkpoints will be in place, as well as airspace restrictions and patrols, on the Hudson and East Rivers.
    The two rivers of NYC will be closely watched! But will they be watched enough??

    PHILADELPHIA also has two rivers, and these two do meet
    . Whether or not this matters is difficult to say, but for what it's worth Philadelphia is an example of a confluential city, a city where a confluence of two major rivers occur. No pope in recent history has actually travelled to such a city ... at least not during a time of global war or when a global war was threatening to break out.

    The two major rivers that twist and course through and around it are The Delaware River and The Schuylkill River. 

    Nostradamus, Quatrain 2.97 ~
    Romain Pontife garde de t'approcher,
    De la cité que deux fleuves arrouse,
    Ton sang viendras aupres de là cracher,
    Toi & les tiens quand fleurira la Rose.

    Roman Pontiff beware of approaching,
    The city that two rivers arrouse,
    Your blood will come from the spitting,
    You and yours when the Rose will flourish.
    New Prophecy

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    Dick Cheney WARNS That A New Terrorist Attack “Worse Than 9/11” Coming To America

    In a recent interview on Hugh Hewitt’s radio, former vice president Dick Cheney predicted that a new terrorist attack was coming to the US. In the interview, he stated that the attacks would be even worse than those experienced on September 11, 2001 and that the attacks would likely come in the next few years.

    When asked if the US would be able to “get through this decade without another massive attack on the homeland,” Cheney responded by saying, “I doubt it. I think there will be another attack and the next time I think it’s likely to be far deadlier than the last one. You can just imagine what would happen if somebody could smuggle a nuclear device, put it in a shipping container, and drive it down the beltway outside Washington D.C.”

    Cheney also alluded to a cold-war era plan that would give the government ultimate power during an attack, although he claimed that the government would maintain “the constitutional-based government authority.”

    “Basically, it involved having a government in waiting if you will ready to go in the event of nuclear attack on the United States so that we could always maintain the constitutional-based governmental authority,” he said.

    “We operated and actually trained under circumstances of how would we go about providing for a government to survive if we were having nuclear weapons from the Soviet Union falling all over the country,” he added.

    Cheney is known to be a fear-monger when it comes to the issue of terrorism, so his comments should come as no surprise. However, if a terrorist attack does happen in the US, the Bush administration that Cheney was a part of, along with the current Obama administration, are largely responsible for provoking those attacks by instigating conflicts and killing innocent civilians in the Middle East.

    By John Vibes, True Activist

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    China has been producing fake rice for at least four years, and it is still on the market.

    by Yelena Sukhoterina, AltHealth Works

    Singapore media reported that this “rice” is produced with potatoes, sweet potatoes and – believe it or not – poisonous plastic. It is shaped like regular rice grains but remains hard after cooking and can cause serious health issues.

    The rice in question China’s Wuchang rice. The rice is very popular because the real Wuchang rice is famous for its smell, and it costs more for its quality (almost double the price), according to Blue Ocean Network (BON) TV report, a popular English Channel in China.

    Warning! Chinese Companies Are Mass Producing PLASTIC 'Rice'

    But many consumers still don’t know what they’re getting.

    An undercover journalist has found out that in order to make the fake rice, a small amount of real Wuchang rice is mixed with plastic rice, sprayed with a fragrance to replicate the original rice smell, packaged and shipped to stores across China.

    It was reported that annually 800,000 tons of real Wuchang rice is produced, yet 10 million tons of “Wuchang” rice is sold – whether plastic or another type of rice; more than 9 million tons of it is fake.

    Eating three bowls of this rice is equal to consuming about one plastic bag; it can be dangerous and can cause serious digestive issues, and even be fatal if consumed daily.

    Most people in China eat more than a half a pound of rice a day. The distributors have said that selling this rice in large qualities is very profitable, according to Korean Times.

    The truth about this synthetic product started coming to light when the rice distributors started selling it outside China. It has been reported to have been found in India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Singapore.

    The National Food Authority (NFA) of the Republic of the Philippines is currently investigating a few reports of plastic rice sold in their country, and is reportedly using a handheld “spectroscopy device” to detect the rice, which may cause serious health problems if too much is consumed.

    So far no reports of plastic rice in the United States have surfaced, and most countries’ officials have dismissed it as a major concern. But this is yet another example of why it’s so important to stay connected to the sources of our food and to buy from people and companies we really trust.

    See the full TV report from BON:

    By Yelena Sukhoterina, AltHealth Works

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  • 09/23/15--00:05: Article 0
  • Susan Sarandon: Pope Francis Will Be Assassinated

    Actress Susan Sarandon has said that she is scared that Pope Francis will be assassinated during his visit to New York this Thursday, due to his “progressive views”.

    “I think they’re going to assassinate him … he’s done some major, major cleansing of the whole system”, she said. reports:

    The Catholic University alum’s shocking remark about the pontiff isn’t the first time she’s commented on the papacy.

    Back in 2011, while being interviewed at the Hamptons International Film Festival, the “Dead Man Walking” Oscar-winner revealed she’d sent Pope St. John Paul II a copy of the book that the film was based on. As for sending one to his successor, Benedict XVI: she said: “Not this Nazi one we have now.” Catholic and Jewish groups criticized the comment.

    “I love this Pope,” Sarandon says. “He’s humble . . . he doesn’t live in the palatial whatever. I think he’s a Pope of the people.”

    The political activist also told us her thoughts on Donald Trump’s popularity: “I think people are really starved for something authentic and even though he has no idea specifically what he’s talking about. He speaks to the guy who wishes he could say, ‘Everything’s a mess, we’re tired of the machine, we’re tired of politics as usual.’ . … I think it’s great that the Republicans have to figure out how to deal with him, it’s interesting.”

    Sarandon revealed she’s a huge supporter of Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders and hates when people dismiss him as someone unable to secure the nomination.

    “Everybody said that about Obama,” she notes. “It’s like, the laziest way to do politics as usual. To just say, ‘Oh, well, he can’t get elected. I think at least he’ll make some very unexpected dialogue in the debates.”

    By Sean Adl-Tabatabai, YourNewsWire

    0 0

    Blood Moon, Pope Francis Visits The U.S., And The End Of The World?!

    Starting over the last several years, various pastors made 2015 predictions claiming the latest blood moon Tetrad would signal a world-shaking event such as World War 3, the end of an age, or perhaps even Jesus’ second coming. Now that Pope Francis’ plans for 2015 happen to coincide with a blood moon, some believe it’s possible the event could signify something major for the future.

    In a related report by the Inquisitr, predictions for 2015 already include multiple ways the end of the world could happen, notwithstanding Nostradamus’ predictions. Artificial virus technology created for medical purposes in late 2014 could be used to create a viral bio-weapon that rivals the horrors of zombie fiction. NASA also considers a 2015 asteroid impact on Earth to be of concern, and scientists are even hosting an event to simulate the doomsday scenario.

    Pastors like John Hagee claim the blood moon Tetrad has been known to coincide with significant historical events. For example, it’s claimed the Tetrads of 1492, 1948, and 1967 coincided with events such as the expulsion of Jews from Spain at the end of the Inquisition, statehood for Israel, and the Six-Day War.

    “The heavens are ‘God’s billboard.’ He’s been sending signals to earth, and we haven’t been picking them up,” Hagee said in a statement announcing a documentary called Four Blood Moons. “Two blood moons, in 2014 and 2015, point to dramatic events in the Middle East and, as a result, changes in the whole world.”

    Even as recently as last year, while Americans were watching a blood moon in April, the Ukrainian government in Kiev launched the very first offensive to take back government buildings seized by the separatist movement. The Ukraine war has only escalated since then, and almost half of the Russian people fear World War 3 will begin if the United States gives Ukraine military aid.

    The 2015 predictions regarding the 2015 blood moons happen to coincide with feasts of the Bible. The first will be the 2015 Passover, which starts on April 3, 2015. The next day, April 4, signals another blood moon, which also happens to be the date for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. The second Biblical event will be the first day of Tabernacles 2015 on September 28, 2015, and a blood moon will occur exactly on that day.

    In the week before this blood moon, Pope Francis will become the first ever Catholic pontiff to speak directly to the U.S Congress, with House Speaker John Boehner making the invitation because the world is in a “time of global upheaval.” The date of September 23, 2015 also happens to be the Day of Atonement in Israel. Pope Francis is also expected to address the United Nations General Assembly in New York and meet with President Barack Obama.

    According to the Catholic News Service, Pope Francis is also expected to visit Philadelphia in the days before the second 2015 blood moon as part of the World Meeting of Families. These visits will be the first time Pope Francis has visited the U.S. and will also be the second papal visit to Philadelphia since Pope John Paul II visited the city in 1979. Pope Francis will also be the fourth sitting pope to visit the United States.

    While many say it’s likely Pope Francis will focus on speaking about the trials facing families throughout the world, some pastors are making 2015 predictions claiming it’s possible the historic visit will signify a deeper meaning. What do you think?


    By Patrick Frye. INQUISITR 

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    Fish-Tailed Humanoid Discovered !! Mermaid?

    Humans have always been fascinated and terrified by the ocean. Stories of sea-monsters can even be found in places that have been landlocked for ages. One of the creatures these stories bring up is the mermaid – half-human and half-fish, it was said to inhabit the mysterious blue depths. Sometimes they were benevolent and aided men who were lost at sea. Other instances have them actually cause the shipwrecks and drag the unlucky humans down to their watery graves.

    The earliest recorded tales come from Assyria and date back to around 1000 BC, but there are depictions of mermaids that could possibly be older. The Karoo Desert in South Africa is home to a series of caves that were inhabited by humans thousands of years ago. Paintings on the walls record strange fish-tailed humanoids and the legends of local bushmen called Khoi San tell of strange and evil water spirits that make their home in the mountain pools nearby. These spirits sometimes take the form of beautiful women, luring and drowning anyone who dares tread their territory.

    The legends are interesting and date back thousands of years, but are they anything more than just tales? Are mermaids just the product of fertile imagination, spurred on by something we could never achieve – dominion both on land and below the waves?

    Taking into account the possibility of alien species visiting Earth for thousands and thousands of years, it stands to reason that some of these extraterrestrials could have been aquatic creatures. After all, life tends to colonize all environments.

    We know very little about what our oceans hold. Recent advances in satellite imagery have shown undersea mountain ranges that we had no idea were there. In fact, more people have visited outer space than the Mariana Trench, the deepest point in the Pacific. Every deep-sea expedition discovers previously unknown species of animals. Many more are yet to be discovered.

    Not all UFOs are restricted to air travel. When an unidentified object continues its journey underwater it becomes an unidentified submerged object or USO. They are not as well-known as UFOs but there are plenty reports about massive spacecraft disappearing into and taking off from the oceans.

    If the frequency of UFO reports is to be taken as a measurement of the aliens’ interest in our planet and if we can consider their little or no contact policy evidence of their secrecy, then it seems logical that their bases of operation would be located somewhere we couldn’t easily reach. This theory is about as accepted by mainstream science as any other involving alien lifeforms on Earth.

    Although sightings have been reported in recent years, many of them tend to be disproved and as always, officials dismiss the possibility of mermaids being real. Following a 2012 fiction documentary made by Animal Planet, the National Ocean Service ( a branch of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) made an unusual statement, saying that “no evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found.” Issues that belong entirely in the realm of sci-fi are not usually addressed by state agencies but let’s not grasp at straws here.

    Although the subject of mermaids captures the attention of many of us, hard evidence is hard to come by. But absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.


    0 0

    The only certainty we have in our lives is that we know nothing. Kind of ironic, don’t you think? We have just recently started to learn about our world and our history, yet our understanding is extremely restricted and incomplete.

    One of the most puzzling aspects of our existence is the source of all life, the beginning point that led to the creations of this world and the diverse life it hosts.

    Throughout history, many different religions have sprung up trying to explain the meaning of life, creating a system of morality, leading to the dogmatic nature of our belief system.

    There was a time when creationist theories were dominant. Although, there have been many different versions and interpretations explaining divinity and creationism, all pretty much conformed to similar foundations.

    Anunnaki: Correlation Between the Sumerian God and the God of the Old Testament

    For example, the Abrahamic religions all conform to similar beliefs with slight variations, yet all claiming to be authentic, while disproving the same foundational beliefs they are built upon.

    Now creationist theories have lost their luster, and evolutionist theories are gaining more credibility. But even the modern scientific theories fail to adequately explain the missing link between our leap from homo-erectus to homo-sapiens.

    Today, we have various alternative theories that attempt to explain humanity’s evolution.

    The Sumerian Cuneiform tablets discovered in the 17th century provide an alternative understanding. A lot of these alternative narratives were slow to enter mainstream knowledge and thought. The main reason why certain knowledge that contradicted biblical accounts was slow to surface was due to the absolute control exerted by the Church in earlier times.

    Since the Roman Catholic Church had great influence over the civilized world, they would only allow archaeological expeditions that helped perpetuate their own narrative, the narrative dictated by the canonical Bible.

    The Hidden Truth

    The God that the Old Testament talks about, Yahweh, is the same God or deity worshiped by the people of the Ancient Sumerian city of Ur, who was known as Enlil.

    Proof of Enlil and his divine relatives can be found in the various temples from Assur to Nineveh to Ur. Enlil’s brother Enki, along with his children Innana and Nannar also had temples dedicated to them in various prominent trade and cultural centers. These higher beings are known as the Anunnaki.

    The Genesis mentions them both, Enlil and Enki, along with some prehistoric tablets. These accounts dictate that these beings were involved in genetic engineering to produce workers, the Homo sapiens.

    We also have historical records of a document, dating around 5,000 years ago, that provides a rather vivid account of the creation of human beings through genetic engineering.

    This also helps explain the story of Noah, who according to historical accounts, was around 600 years old at the time of the flood that nearly destroyed the world.

    The Bible tells us that Noah was the son of a divine being. What if this divine being was an extra-terrestrial entity – an assumption that would explain the abnormally long lifespan Noah enjoyed?

    According to Mantheo, an Egyptian historian and priest, the first dynastic rulers and Egyptian gods ruled the region for about 12,300 years.

    Interestingly, Sumerian texts dictate that Enki was assigned as the ruler of Egypt and Africa by Anu, his father, around 3760 BCE, the same time as the Jewish calendar starts, which also has its roots in Nippur, a Sumerian city.

    According to the Sumerian culture, all aspects of their civilization were taught to them by their “Gods.” This makes sense considering their unusually detailed and accurate knowledge of Earth’s orbital plane, spherical shape, tilted axis, and the construction of the Zodiac.

    However, in Middle-Age Europe, a period considered by historians to have been far more modern and scientifically advanced in comparison to the Sumerian civilization, scientists believed the Earth to be flat, whereas, Sumerians possessed advanced knowledge of mathematics, law codes, metallurgy, astronomy, had one of the most advanced alphabets and produced many inventions. Our history is clearly wrong.

    All this evidence forces us to think about all of what we have been taught so far, shattering all of our beliefs and causing severe dissonance.

    However, once a person is over the initial phase and simply examines the conflicting information regarding the prevailing beliefs, they acquire more clarity, as old misconceptions and fallacies are left redundant.

    Without our beliefs clouding our view of the world and all of the evidence pointing towards an alternative truth, we are forced to look at history all over again and discover the influence of the Anunnaki.

    History is wrong

    All of the evidence that we have, correlates the Sumerian god with the God of the Old Testament. For example, Enlil, the Sumerian God of Storm highly resembles the Wrathful and vengeful God in the Old Testament.

    The primary reason for this information not being part of the mainstream is due to the influence exerted by the dominant ruling powers or superpower on our mainstream culture.

    Consequently, those who have ever ventured away from the mainstream religious teachings, have been considered as deviants and labeled with derogatory terms such as occultists or pagans. This results in the rejection of new ideas by the mainstream society and the polarization prevents people from seeking or advocating for the truth.

    The perfect example of the ruling party narrating their version of truth is present not only in our history but also in present time.

    Let’s examine the cradle of civilization, the Middle East, where all three dominant religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, were born.

    Since the Middle Ages, these three religious factions have been involved in a perpetual war in the same region as the ancient land of Canaan. All of these religious factions originate from Sumer.

    The devotees of Yahweh or, originally, Enlil, still find themselves in conflict with the followers of Enki. The current conflicts in Israel, Iraq, Iran, Syria and other surrounding countries seem to be linked with the past wars that took place in the same region between the Gods, Enlil and Enki and their respective offsprings.

    In other words, the violent conflicts that we are witnessing today, are the same, never ending, wars for supremacy of the Anunnaki.

    According to leading Sumerologists, the term Anunnaki is interpreted as “those who descended from the heaven to earth.” An important point to note is the word heaven, which is used to refer to the planet of origin for the Anunnaki.

    Their home planet was called Nibiru, which is explained in the book, “The 12th Planet” by the renowned author, Zecharia Sitchin.

    Biblical Reference of Nibiru

    The planet Nibiru has been frequently associated with the term Heaven, as used in the Bible. This little detail is of particular importance when re-examining religious prayers such as “Our father who art in heaven”, which provides us with a whole new perspective on who this father is and what heaven truly refers to.

    Hence, we find the correlation between many Biblical prayers and its origination from Anu’s children who ruled the earth as Gods.

    According to Sitchin, the reason for Anunnaki’s departure from their home planet to earth is because of its location, which lies beyond Pluto and is entrapped in a 3,600 year long retrograde elliptical orbit around the center of our galaxy, the sun.

    Nibiru’s location is dictated by Sumerian maps, which was consolidated when Dr. Harrington discovered a large planet and conveyed his discovery in reports from the 1983 IRAS Naval Observatory.

    The planet was found in the same region dictated by Sumerian accounts. Meaning, the planet that is home to the Anunnaki is real and inbound to perihelion, a point in orbit that is closest to the sun, around 1,400 years from now.

    There are many dwarf planetary bodies that we do not consider as planets due to their size. They do not receive the necessary solar radiation to maintain habitable surface temperatures.

    Because of this, life on this alien planet could only be sustained artificially, through technology that is unknown to us, or some other natural phenomena, such as steam that is released from geothermal heat.

    According to Sitchin’s research and translations on the history time line, around 450,000 years ago, Nibiru’s environment was reaching extinction levels, especially when it was nearest to the sun.

    The need to look for another habitable planet, led the leaders of the planet to travel inwards, where they found Earth, which was not only the perfect environment for life but also rich in many resources such as Gold.

    Due to the superior technology possessed by the Anunnaki, they could use our planet's gold reserves in an attempt to save their own civilization, by dispersing ionized particles of gold dust into their planet’s atmosphere.

    As a result, Anu and his two sons, Enlil and Enki, came to our planet to mine for gold. Anu put Enki in charge of Earth's excavation operations.

    However, due to Niburian inheritance laws, the elder son is the rightful heir to the throne. Enlil was the eldest son of Anu and Anu’s sister (hence of royal blood), whereas, Enki, was the younger son of a non royal mother.

    Anu's decision to put Enki in charge of Earth's mining operations, resulted in a fierce rivalry between the two brothers.

    Once the Anunnaki arrived on Earth, Anu divided and assigned various locations for mining operations. Enki was assigned Africa, Enlil was in charge of Mesopotamia, and Inanna, his granddaughter, was responsible for the Indus Valley region.

    All of this was finalized in 3760 BCE, hence, the significance of the date.

    The labor was conducted by subservient workers, known as Igigi or the Watchers. These workers worked hard under slave-like conditions for some time but, overtime grew disillusioned by the perpetuity of their situation and revolted against the Anunnaki.

    In order to acquire labor, the Anunnaki resorted to genetic engineering, which resulted in a new species and a primitive worker, the Homo-sapiens.

    Humans Are Free

    0 0

    Could Ebola and Aids have been created in a Bio-warfare laboratory in the USA?

    The horrific Aids pandemic tremendously has generated scientific controversies within and outside the scientific establishment. Only a minority of scientists, like Johan van Dongen, and other engaged people have access to inside information concerning (bio-warfare) Aids and Ebola research.

    As an experimental microsurgeon Johan van Dongen, in the early seventies, almost at the beginning of the multiple organ transplantation era, has carried out thousands of experimental organ transplantations. In order to deal with organ rejection he administered, radiation and sera for diminishing the immunity of the organ receiver. Besides that he also administered uncountable agents to recipients of organs in order to trigger, diminish or completely whipe out the immune capacity which can be compared with Aids.

    During his university and hospital appointments in the early seventies, and later undercover in the pharmaceutical industry, he discovered at that time that animals did’nt die because of rejection of the transplanted organ but because of multiple infections which can be compared with human Aids victims. So, Johan van Dongen noticed that Aids can be induced by radiation, aflatoxins, Immuran/prednisolone combination, anti lymfocyte sera and many other bio-warfare agents.

    Dormant HIV virus

    As head of the the Department of Experimental Microsurgery, and involved in all transplantation and immunological experiments, Johan also have been involved in many controversies. Especially the connection of his work and the polemic concerning the transmission of HIV in many ways he discovered not only in his experiments but also in the extensive scientific literature the role of an obligatory cofactor that transactivates the “Dormant” virus HIV in specific human cells. And this obligatory cofactor which transactivates the “Dormant” virus in specific human cells are deliberately introduced into mostly black-skinned African people, governed by massive environmental factors as you can read in our book: “Aids and Ebola the greatest crime in medical history against mankind,” in order to depopulate Africa.

    Therefore we will always like to enlighten readers about the real origin of Aids and the true nature of famous international researchers as Robert Gallo.

    And as far as Gallo is concerned, Ricardo Veronesi, professor of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Sao Paulo, was personally informed about the true nature of Gallo’s research long before this controversy turned into a public scandal and as a consequence thousands of scientific Aids dissidents.

    It was no less then Francoise Barré-Sinoussi of the French Pasteur Institute who revealed the criminal intention of Gallo. And not only she became an Aids dissident but also the discover of the HIV virus Luc Montagnier disputed Gallo, the fake discoverer of the HIV virus.

    In their opinion the major bursts in the common scientific approach lies in its ignoring that the pathogenicity of the HIV indeed is governed by multiple deliberate environmental factors. And one of these determinant factors is the PCR test (Polymerase Chain Reaction Test).

    Polymerase Chain Reaction Test

    This test is a technology in molecular biology used to amplify a single copy or a few copies of a piece of DNA across several orders of magnitude, generating thousands to millions of copies of a particular DNA sequence. Especially the diagnosis of hereditary diseases; the identification of genetic fingerprints, used in forensic sciences and paternity testing; and the detection and diagnosis of infectious diseases the PCR test can be used to investigate the connection of diseases to the specific black race. Moreover, PCR can be extensively modified to perform a wide array of genetic manipulations not only in humans but also from microorganisms which causes Aids and Ebola.

    Using and extrapolation of these kind of techniques we can conclude that almost all persons who have HIV in their bodies, were purposely infected with this virus which can lead to Aids. Biowarfare scientists are able to made black-skinned people artificially susceptible for HIV or Ebola by using controlable diseases as a cover-up.

    Most of the biowarfare research using viruses which causes Aids and Ebola was predominantly carried out in Germany and Japan until 1945 and since then mainly in the USA and France, using Nazi and Japanese (military) scientific war criminals.

    The Revealing Voices of Aids/HIV Theory Dissidents

    The official scientific origin of the diverse HIV-strains has been placed somewhere between 1938 and 1948 when scientist T.F. Smith et al published an article in the authoritative medical journal Nature about this period in 1988 named: “The phylogenetic history of immunodeficiency virus”.

    And he was’nt the only scientists who revealed the true nature of the HIV virus. Smith’s efforts to reveal the real origin of HIV was followed, to name a few, by Sharp et al with his article: “Understanding the origins of Aids viruses”, also in Nature, followed by Meyers et all with: “The phylogenetic analysis of the HIVs”. But the most important article is described in the top of the bill of medical journals the Lancet by scientist L.A. Evans et al who discovered the; “Simultaneous isolation of HIV-1 and HIV-2 from an Aids patient”.

    And all these mentioned scientist agreed that the distribution of the HIV virus was an intentional action. Their findings makes it very conceivable that this distribution was intentional because sometimes both the new viruses HIV-1 and HIV-2, respectively HTLV-IV, are existing in one and the same person according to Evans. And because his publication is checked by the editing and scientific boards of the Lancet the outcome of his investigation is true. And this counts also for thousands of publications in other medical journals as described in our book “Aids and Ebola the greatest crime in medical history against mankind”.

    German scientist Wolff Geisler
    According to the famous Aids/HIV theory dissident Wolff Geisler further evidents of the intentional distribution, out of the mentioned simultaneous infection of the same persons, it was described as a second Aids epidemic in the same black-skinned population by an inefficient transmission of the HIV virus. The appearance of this extreme rare retrovirus among the African Aids patients is so conspicious that some world famous scientists uttered a sentence about it. They alleged this to be; “Only another acquired opportunistic infection but rather an additional death sentence”. But? Is it?

    In Africa the probability of an early death of HIV patients is three times bigger then eslwere when HIV patients are simultaneously infected with HTLV-1 as described in the Lancet by Page et al in his scientific publication: HTLV-I/II seropositivity and death from Aids among HIV-I seropositive intravenous drug users (Lancet, 1990; 335: 1439-41), an even more extremely important publication for the Aids/HIV theory dissidents. Because especially HTLV-I, amongst many other HIV viruses, was only demonstrated in Uganda, Ghana, South Africa and Namibia. In HIV patients only in these countries appear simultaneously up till now. According to Wolff Geisler the concommitant existance of HTLV-I and HIV produces the observed rate of Aids patients in Uganda, Kenya and black-skinned people in Florida, USA and some Caibbean Islands, even though in general black-skinned persons are by nature more resistant against HIV-infection than pale-skinned persons (see below). This means the HIV viruses are geneticly engeneered as describe in our book.

    No less than Luc Montagnier et al, the discoverer of the HIV virus stated that this virus is made out of the Nazi eugenics and genetic engeneered experiments as well as the development of Aids causing viruses in horses. In a very talked about article he described in the authoritative Annals of Virology: “A new type of retrovirus from patients presenting with lymphadenopathy and acquired immune deficiency syndrome”: Structural and antigenetic relatedness with Equine Infecious Aenemia Virus EIAV (horse Aids), 1984; 135E: 119-31.

    Equine Infecious Aenemia Virus EIAV (HIV/Horse-Aids) made by Nazi Germany.

    If we compare these findings to our references in:“Aids the greatest crime in medical history against mankind” the book now available at Amazon, the HLA-A, B, C, DR3 and DR5 loci, is examined by the Nazi’s led by Otmar Verschuer.

    In 1956 he joined the American Eugenics Society and worked under auspices tiis of the Rockefeller-fund. He was also head of the Department of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Germany.

    Furthermore we have to take into account that within people who have blood type HLA-DR3 Aids, it is much less common than in people who have the HLA-DR5 type. Under the Nazi’s research, it is important to note that precisely the HLA-DR5 type occurs mainly in Jews. The HLA-DR3 type contrast is most common in dark-colored Africans.

    These two evidences or references are enough to let you know vividly what took place. In general you can say that it is harder for blacks to get Aids than as it is for whites, but blacks have been made susceptible for a broad spectrum of brand new diseases caused by Germans, partly under the auspices of the South African Apartheid regime, and after the war under guidance of the U.S.A.

    Nowadays we now know that monkeys do not get Aids when infected with the human Aids virus. The same goes for tuberculosis until the moment that monkeys in a laboratory made receptive. Therefore black-skinned people are under no circumstances contaminated with Aids by monkeys with or without eating them. That is so to speak a criminal scientific fairytale.

    By Sean Adl-Tabatabai, YourNewsWire

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