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Our topics include the formation of the New World Order and the New Age Agenda, popular conspiracy theories.

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    “Through violent earthquakes and floods, in a single day and night of misfortune … [the whole race] … was swallowed up by the Earth and the island of Atlantis … disappeared into the depths of the sea.” – Plato.
    Has the lost City of Atlantis been spotted on Google Earth?

    Perhaps the biggest archeological discovery in the history of mankind would be the discovery of the lost city-continent of Atlantis, described by Plato in his famous work titled ‘Dialogues’. According to Plato, the story of Atlantis was passed to him by his grandfather, who in turn, heard the story about ancient Atlantis from an Athenian statesman called Solon who learned about the existence of Atlantis from an Egyptian priest who claimed that Atlantis existed nine thousand years ago before that.

    Ever since Plato mentioned the incredible city-continent for the first time, theories about Atlantis’ location and existence have been proposed by many researchers around the globe. While many people firmly believe Atlantis is somewhere out there hidden beneath the vast oceans of our planet, there are those who believe that Atlantis could, in fact, be Antarctica, while others believe Atlantis was in fact part of the Minoan Civilization or located somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle. However, there are those who believe Atlantis is right there, located where Plato described the ancient city-continent to be:“Beyond the Pillars of Hercules and within the Ocean of Atlas there lies Atlantis – rich in wisdom, power, and wealth.”
    “A mighty power which unprovoked made an expedition against the whole of Europe and Asia. This power came forth out of the Atlantic Ocean” from “an island situated in front of the straits which are by you called the Pillars of Heracles.” (Timaeus by Plato; translation by Benjamin Jowett [BJ]) (source)

    Until today, there has been no solid evidence that supports that this ‘mythological city’ ever existed. But, a video posted on YouTube claims to have spotted mysterious formation on the bottom of the Ocean floor, formations that do not lock like natural formations. Could this be where the mighty empire of Atlantis once existed?


    According to the video, at a depth of over 4500 meters, lie the remains of the mythical city of Atlantis. You can check out the alleged sunken city by entering the following coordinates into Google Earth: 31 24 25. 58” N 24 32 09. 08” W.

    There, you will find a number of mysterious straight lines, forming intricate geometric patterns which according to many, indicate the presence of structures hidden deep beneath the ocean floor. However, there is one slight problem with the discovery. In all of the accounts about Atlantis, Plato described the ancient city-state to be composed of several ‘rings’, and not a series of straight lines like we see in the video.

    Plato’s descriptions of Atlantis clearly indicate the ‘shape’ of the alleged city:
    “[117d] And after crossing the three outer harbors, [117e] one found a wall which began at the sea and ran round in a circle, at a uniform distance of fifty stades from the largest circle and harbor, and its ends converged at the seaward mouth of the channel. The whole of this wall had numerous houses built on to it, set close together; while the sea-way and the largest harbor were filled with ships and merchants coming from all quarters, which by reason of their multitude caused clamor and tumult of every description and an unceasing din night and day.” – Critias by Plato; translations by R.G. Bury unless otherwise noted.” (source)

    From the translation, we understand that Atlantis was, in fact, a wall that fully encircled the mythical ancient city, with a series of additional circles with a diameter of around 5 kilometers.

    But if the coordinates of Google Earth do not show the lost city of Atlantis… is it possible that we are looking at another ‘lost’ city?

    Around the globe, there are numerous sunken cities that have been discovered recently. One of the most noteworthy is, in fact, the ancient city of Heraklion which was just like Atlantis, believed to be a myth all the way until its discovery. The ancient city of Heraklion was known to many ancient Greek philosophers, among them Herodotus, who referred to this ancient city in numerous of his writings, although the existence of this city wasn’t proven until the nineteenth century. Among the Egyptians and Greek, the city was referred to as Heraklionpor Thonis.

    Many large cities just like Heraklion, Alexandria and Canoups were destroyed by catastrophic natural disasters, so it isn’t improbable that the coordinates are showing us, the remains of a lost city.

    But, what if the coordinates on Google Earth are not displaying a sunken city? What if the mysterious geometrical patterns are in fact nothing at all?

    On February 2009, posted an interesting article regarding the anomalous geometric patterns are seen on Google Earth, debunking the alleged finding.

    According to the article, Walter Smith of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and David Sandwell of Scripps Institution of Oceanography believe ‘the marks are actually “ship tracks” created during the process of echosounding’. However, many others don’t seem to agree with this theory, saying that there are numerous other intricate geometric shapes found on our planet’s ocean floor which seem to indicate the presence of prehistoric, ‘pre-flood’ structures that were wiped out in the distant past by huge cataclysmic floods.

    Interestingly, Smith and Sandwell believe that if we really were to find Atlantis, it would be hard to achieve it with the help of Satellites, since according to the duo, human-made structures are not big enough in order to be measured that way. They propose that for around 2 BILLION US dollars, we could probably map the entire ocean floor of our planet with ships, and that way, possibly discover Atlantis, and other ‘lost’ ancient civilizations.


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    Ancient Megaliths and the Illuminati

    To understand how the Illuminati are linked to the giant megalithic sites around the world, first you have to understand the Illuminati belief system. Then, once the two can be linked conclusively, some rather large questions come to the surface.

    Regardless of your religious beliefs, or lack of religious beliefs, the fact that arguably the most powerful organization on the planet is using its power to make certain you or I never know our birthright is maddening. The global elite are literally stealing mankind’s history from us, locking it up, and throwing away the key. For more on destroying history, be sure to check out, The Smithsonian: Where “Forbidden Archeology” Goes to Die.

    With regard to understand the Illuminati’s beliefs, understanding them is the central pillar to being able to understand how they are involved in the largest cover-up in human history. The Illuminati believe they are the actual lineal descendants of the great Gods of Egypt known as Isis, Osiris and Horus. They also believe these same gods actually come from SPACE. Imagine how shocked they were last year to find out Osiris’s tomb was found in Egypt. That article is below.

    Frankly, I don’t care if they believe they are linear descendants of the tooth fairy, but what I do care about is learning the truth about the past they are keeping from us. I understand a fair number of the megalithic sites around the world have plausible explanations for how it’s “possible” they were built by man of the day, but the explanations given for how most of them were built don’t even pass the laugh test. Allow me to give an example to prove the point:

    Did you know that the earth’s ideal distance from the sun is 91,287,092.9?

    Don’t feel bad, most people today don’t know that even with all our fancy technology and Internet access, much less ancient man having access to that knowledge.

    So, how do you explain that the builders of the Great Pyramids in Egypt knew to make the distance 9128.709 inches between the Great Pyramid’s two north side corner sockets and is the first dimension, line, number to be addressed when preparing to enter it? Do you suppose that was just dumb luck?

    How do you suppose the four corners of the Great Pyramid all sit EXACTLY on N, S, E, and West to within 1/2 a degree? I could go on for days with the Great Pyramid, but I think I’ve proven my point, but if you feel it’s necessary, you can do some research and learn they had access to dozens and dozens and dozens of astrological mathematical figures that would have had no way to know. If you decide to do more research here, might I suggest checking out the following first: What Secrets Does One of the Oldest Maps on Earth Tell Us? Plenty! Even Einstein couldn’t debunk that one, so I doubt you will.

    So, here’s the way I see who built the massive megalithic wonders of the world that have survived thousands of years. As best I can tell, all the ancient mysteries can be boiled down to one of three possibilities.
    1. Either ancient man in his loin cloth, without the help of so much as a wheel, was able to build that which we would struggle to build today thousands of years later, and with all our technology; OR
    2. There was another race of creatures here before us, perhaps a race of Giants, something virtually every ancient culture in the world has myths and stories that suggest giants were real, and they roamed the earth. Even the Christian Bible talks about the sons of God who came down from Heaven, mated with human woman and produced offspring known as the Mighty Nephilim in the Book of Genesis; OR
    3. Beings from another world came here and settled, for at least a time, and manipulated mankind’s DNA in some way. The earliest writings known to man in ancient Sumerian Sanskrit texts explain an encounter like this is exactly what happened. It is also the basis for a new theory where Scientists discover that Human DNA Bears a Message from Extraterrestrials 
    Regardless of your belief system, there is something for everyone, except the first one. I’ll let the hopelessly gullible continue to believe ancient man was able to do things we could hardly do today, and the religious and the non-religions can argue over who exactly the civilization that predates us was… but we have to have access to that information, and below is why I am convinced the Illuminati are involved…

    Despite personally having no idea myself why it would be important to them, as you’ll learn below, last year the tomb of Osiris was found in ancient Egypt, and I’m sure that it was a very big deal to the Illuminati. Unfortunately, I’ll probably never know specifically why it’s so important, because such things are hardly talked about in public. In today’s society, the very mention of the words, “New World Order,” or The Illuminati in a crowded place tends to cause a rather fast acting chilling effect on anyone in the vicinity, but have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? There has to be something that beyond the “tin foil hat jokes,” because people get very visibly uncomfortable.

    We live in a time when information is more abundant than ever, but we also live in a time when The Global Elites Use Mass Media to Manipulate the Consensus Reality of Society more than ever. The media controls what makes certain things ok to talk about, and other’s not ok to talk about. For example, trying to make sense of Forbidden History and Hidden Symbols That Connect All Major Ancient Civilizations Worldwide.

    Before you watch the first video below, you should know that today’s Secret Societies believe they are lineal descendants of the great Gods of Egypt known as Isis, Osiris and Horus. They also believe these same gods actually come from SPACE. Knowing that fact, doesn’t it seem suspicious to you that virtually every megalithic site, dating all the way back 200,000 years, all share the same Illuminati obsession with Orion?

    Why do both the ancients and the Illuminati have this supreme loyalty to the constellation Orion, and more specifically, to ORION’S BELT? Does anyone honestly think that cave dwellers from all four corners of the globe all had the same imagination, and they ALL saw a soldier in the sky, they ALL knew he was deserving of much praise, and they all know that the THREE STARS that make up ORION’S BELT were somehow special?

    With millions of stars in the sky, and without any city lights, I’m supposed to believe that every culture knew to build monuments aligned with those three stars? REALLY? Here’s a question: Have you personally looked in the sky lately and seen the constellation Orion? Have you seen how many starts are up there? Find someone who knows nothing about constellations. As long as they don’t know what Orion looks like, ask them to pick three stars to build monuments to, and see if they all actually pick the same three stars?

    There is NO WAY, and yet we’re supposed to believe that every culture from every corner of earth looked up and saw the same thing? PA-LEASE! Furthermore, even if we entertain the insane notion that every primitive being had the exact same imagination regardless of location or environment, that STILL doesn’t explain why they ALL gave such importance to the BELT of all things. Not the shield, not the arrow, not his sword or dagger, but his BELT? I am of the belief that there is a direct correlation between the ancient megalithic alignments, and the modern day Illuminati obsession with the astrological alignments.


    Make no mistake, the Illuminati are a rotten bunch. Below is a brief half our documentary that you should find very helpful in understanding the Illuminati motives. Just never forget: At the core of their beliefs is that they are descendants of the Gods. In their minds, that makes you a slave. End of story, following the video, is an article on the tomb of Osiris that was found last year.

    The Illuminati (plural of Latin illuminatus, “enlightened”) is a name given to several groups, both real and fictitious. Historically, the name refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776. The society’s goals were to oppose superstition, prejudice, religious influence over public life and abuses of state power, and to support women’s education and gender equality. The Illuminati—along with other secret societies—were outlawed by the Bavarian ruler, Charles Theodore, with the encouragement of the Roman Catholic Church, and were permanently disbanded in 1785.[1] In the several years following, the group was vilified by conservative and religious critics who claimed that they had regrouped and were responsible for the French Revolution.
    In subsequent use, “Illuminati” refers to various organizations which claim or are purported to have links to the original Bavarian Illuminati or similar secret societies, though these links are unsubstantiated. They are often alleged to conspire to control world affairs, by masterminding events and planting agents in government and corporations, in order to gain political power and influence and to establish a New World Order. Central to some of the most widely known and elaborate conspiracy theories, the Illuminati have been depicted as lurking in the shadows and pulling the strings and levers of power in dozens of novels, movies, television shows, comics, video games and music videos.

    The Illuminati movement was founded on May 1, 1776 in Ingolstadt, Upper Bavaria as the Order of the Illuminati, and had an initial membership of five.[2] The founder was the Jesuit-taught Adam Weishaupt (d. 1830),[3] who was the first lay professor of canon law at the University of Ingolstadt.[1] The Order was made up of freethinkers as an offshoot of the Enlightenment and seems to have been modeled on the Freemasons.[4] Illuminati members took a vow of secrecy and pledged obedience to their superiors. Members were divided into three main classes, each with several degrees, and many Illuminati chapters drew membership from existing Masonic lodges.

    The goals of the Illuminati were to eliminate superstition, prejudice and the domination of government, philosophy and science by the Roman Catholic Church, to reduce oppressive state abuses of power, and to support the education of women and encourage their treatment as intellectual equals. [1] Weishaupt’s original plan was for the Order to be named the “Perfectibilists”.[2] The group has also been called the Bavarian Illuminati and its ideology “Illuminism”.

    Many influential intellectuals and progressive politicians counted themselves as members, including Ferdinand of Brunswick and the diplomat Xavier von Zwack, who was the Order’s second-in-command. [5] The Order had branches in most European countries and reportedly had around 2,000 members over a span of ten years.[1] It attracted literary men such as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Johann Gottfried Herder and the reigning dukes of Gotha and Weimar.

    In 1777, Karl Theodor became ruler of Bavaria. He was a proponent of Enlightened Despotism and his government banned all secret societies including the Illuminati. Internal rupture and panic over succession preceded the society’s downfall.[1] A government edict dated March 2, 1785 “seems to have been deathblow to the Illuminati in Bavaria”. Weishaupt had fled and documents and internal correspondence, seized in 1786 and 1787, were subsequently published by the government in 1787. [6] Von Zwack’s home was searched and much of the group’s literature was disclosed. [5]


    An amazing discovery has been made by a Spanish-Italian archeological team in Egypt – an ancient reproduction of the mythical Tomb of Osiris, the god of the dead in Egyptian mythology, was found in the necropolis of Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, on the West Bank at Thebes.

    The tomb complex is a huge multi-level structure which includes numerous chambers and shafts. It consists of a massive hall hold together by five pillars and has a staircase leading down to the funerary complex adorned with the carvings of Osiris. The funerary room also has the relief of demons brandishing knives, which, according to the archeological team, were placed there to guard the body of the deceased.

    The tomb is constructed around the emerald statue of the god, which is located in a central vaulted chapel and faces a staircase with a 29.5 foot long shaft cut into it. This shaft leads to another empty chamber, which, in turn, has another, 19.6 feet long shaft connecting to two other rooms. Here is a sketch showing the entire structure of the tomb of Osiris:

    The researchers consider that the ancient tomb was built between 760 BC and 525 BC, date corresponding to the period of the rule of the 25th dynasty (760 – 656 BC) and the 26th dynasty (672 – 525 BC). This estimation is mostly based on the architectural similarity of the newly discovered tomb with another funeral complex devoted to Osiris – the so-called Osireion located in the city of Abydos, Luxor.

    According to an article written in Luxor Times Magazine, the Osirian symbolism is very clear in this ancient tomb, which contains “a big staircase of 3.5 meter long with a 4 meter high ceiling at the bottom leading to the Netherworld and another one leading directly to the Osiris statue, which is therefore at a higher level and ideally isolated on ‘his island’; the Osiris statue itself; the empty corridor surrounding it which symbolizes the channel of water (see Osireion in Abydos); the expected burial chamber below the statue, thus identifying the deceased with Osiris.


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    2022 - Date Of The Coming Cataclysm Given By The Builders Of The Pyramid

    "Message to Moderator to erase :hello friends , here in detail the revelation that I made about the date of 2022, that all the people can verify . The message from the builders of the Pyramid for our generation is to be shared to the maximum and reveal to the public. In the broadcast , you maybe save lives... God Bless you my friends :-) Jean Seimple / Truthwalker"

    To begin, I apologize for possible grammatical error , Know that I am a French author who publishes in English, to broadcast to as many people the truth about our history that is lost in the maze of time and which was also hidden us. Following many requests , here in detail the famous date of 2022 we revealed to you in the video "The Biggest Secret Of Mankind "
    And the Pharisees and Sadducees came, and to test him they asked him to show them a sign from heaven. He answered them,“When it is evening, you say, ‘It will be fair weather, for the sky is red.’ And in the morning, ‘It will be stormy today, for the sky is red and threatening.’ You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times... Matthew 16
    Take the time to read, because it is perhaps one of the most important information that you had under the eyes.

    To understand the following article, you must have completed all her cheminent logical and coherent reading at least the preceding three articles in this order: the keys of the pyramid / Annex Px / Atlantis found with the help of the Pyramid Cheops ( avaible on Disclose Tv) .

    It's a little long and detailed as you see, but it is the necessary condition for whether you're enlightened.

    However it is not mandatory because I will try to recall the most important points.


    The demonstration shows that I just figured out how they write the message.

    It will be useless and you will have that to look at it ... it's so simple that even your child understand that.

    All this work has one goal, you know the truth, your history and your heritage.

    This article will probably be my last.

    I will treat the date of return of the famous Planet X, Nemesis, Tyche, Hercolubus...No matter the name, something is coming.

    And this date as you will see, we have inherited.

    The most important thing to understand is that the Sphinx of Giza marks the date of one of the largest catastrophe of mankind, known as "the Flood", this term hides indescribable earthquakes and devastating tsunamis, a result of its effects on our solar system, like a grain of sand is enough to tip the balance...

    An inevitable disorder, which give way to a "New Order for Centuries" ...

    A secretive and elitist organization knows with certainty that date, it is an indispensable basis for preparing their New World Order ...

    ( Climate change is the term encoded by this powers to discuss the upheaval caused by the approaching planet ...)

    But you also , you know the date now.

    SPHINX watched "his" constellation of LEO exactly opposite 10,915 years ago.


    Is a cycle of 19,607 years after decoding (Annex Planet X).

    Precession of the axis of rotation of the Earth: between 19000 years- 25000 years approx.

    The angle of the floor is about 24 ° is the obliquity of the Earth's axis of rotation that causes the precession.

    The builders give us much information related to the precession to mean that the Sphinx is well connected with the constellation Leo and precessionel cycle.

    Using the position of the stars we can find a period in the past but also in the future.

    A simple but above ineffaceable method.

    It is this method that have used the Builders.

    The builders of the pyramids are also the designers of the Zodiac.

    To mark the return of Planet X to the peoples of the earth, they have imagined and listed constellations to represent a danger to the chart to each respective period.

    The constellation of Aquarius is the date of return of this planet and so the next flood.
    (Who will also be a Deluge of Fire, if we read the scriptures )

    I doubt between two or four constellations, so two or four hazard.

    Leo and Aquarius or Taurus and Scorpio too.

    Apocalypse of John:

    "Before the throne, and round about were four animals having eyes everywhere, in front and behind. (7) The first Animal like a lion, the second a bull, the third has human figure and the fourth looked like a eagle in flight. (8) These animals had six wings full of eyes outside and inside, "

    My doubts fly away like this Eagle...

    ( In antiquity his name was Eagle constellation )

    The four constellations are therefore also in the Bible and also announce misfortunes.

    It is clear that the method is simple to tell us the return period of the Planet X ...

    But it has one defect.

    It is not precise enough ...

    The period of the zodiac is 2150 years approx, which is not worthy of Builders.

    The Knowing well enough, they had to use something else to give us a more specific date.

    Locate a particular star in the constellation will give you extraordinary accuracy of a few years or even a few months (six to be exact)

    Yes but which star ?

    I'm sure you'll find there now.

    It's obvious!


    It's great simplicity and their incredible sign of intelligence !

    The horns for Taurus, dart for Scorpio and Water (the flood) for Aquarius!

    Now you understand why all ancient peoples were watched the sky.

    All archaeological sites, Maya, Stonehenge etc... pursuing this single vital goal.

    For men the danger was on earth but in the sky too !

    To alert them when to check the danger of the sky , the pyramids changed its appearance at the precise time of the equinoxes !

    Pyramid on the day of the equinox


    Book's extract :

    "What troubled me most , this is not the ingenuity of the system, but the willingness to share this crucial information , forward it to the entire population. I grabbed the sole reason for these gigantic monuments, behind these stones, there was a footprint , the footprint of goodness..."

    Again the builders have designed a simple and accurate method for preventing ALL MEN.

    "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

    Leonardo Da Vinci

    Just a word to the Lion:

    It represents Planet X and its danger, but also :

    The flood that occurred, the builders did not indicate his fangs or claws, but their heart.

    Leo is still alive...

    "Al Kalb al assad: The heart of the lion", the Sphinx is in a quiet position, Serene, it monitors and builders have made forever in heaven in light of all the peoples of the Earth, the most magnificent duty memory.

    Information begin to match and only a demo will allow me to convince you.

    Virtually all my items are mathematical demonstrations and so are demonstrable.

    And that's what we'll do now.

    We have the precise date of the Flood Lion -8900 BC.

    The cycle given by the floor of the Sphinx : 19607 years / 4 = 4900 years approx.

    -8900 + 4900 = -4000 BC

    This date must necessarily correspond to a sign in the sky.

    I will use an astronomy program (Stellarium 0.13.3) and enter the same values and references that demonstrate Bauval (see video)

    Date: -4000 BC

    Sphinx Position: 29 ° N 31 ° E

    Direction: East-Rising Sun.

     Updated: Spring Equinox


    The immensity of the sky, the indicated area is exactly between the two horns...

    ( I confess that I prayed a little :-) )

    To be completely honest, I am not so surprised, because unlike you since I possess the keys of the pyramid, all the doors open...

    But I'm also still fascinated !

    As my math teacher told me: QED

    A picture is worth a thousand words ..

    The year 4000 BC is the Year 0 among Calendar's Freemasons , called the " ANNO LUCIS -Year of Light ... "

    (Which I did not know ) .

    Here is further evidence that many Freemasons hold the knowledge of the Builders.

    Also, strangely ... the year 2015 was declared by the United Nations " International Year of the Light. "
    ( you'll know why in the part II of this article : Revelation ) .

    Now are entering the heart of the matter because what matters to us is today.

    I proceeded in exactly the same way but I came across a rather longer period .

    I then proceeded by trial and error to find a more precise date, because I am convinced that "God" we said.

    I put God in quotes to avoid offending some people, but this is the last time I do it.

    Here Date:


    Mercury = "Mercury, transmits according to mythology Jupiter messages. Commissioned but so light and clever, he can play on the circumstances, adapt to communicate ..."

    Bible, New Testament Apocalypse of St. John, chapter 12:

    "Then appeared a large meteor: a lady wrapped in the sun, the moon under her feet, her head crowned with twelve stars (2) She was pregnant and cried in pain and work of childbirth (3) Then.. a second meteor: a great red dragon, with seven heads and ten horns, and seven heads, seven crowns ... "

    Second meteor = planet x, first meteor = his satellite; discovered there are about two months (see Annex Planet X).

    Here is the view, turning to the west of the Previous Image:

    The Moon under her feet, the head is precisely at sunset, exactly at the time of sunrise and the day of the equinox, she's literally "wrapped" with the sun, with the crown, the horizon and the twelve constellations.

    the Moon is precisely in the middle of the bar of Libra (symbol of the judgment).

    South view

    The fire of the altar thrown on Earth, the seventh and final seal, the star is perfectly aligned.

    The spring equinox of 2022 is the date given by God and His Messenger to Planet X which will be closest to Earth.

    (Its effects on the solar system and our planet are already being felt. )

    Watch the sky two days after the day of the equinox (20 March) is not a vague, but further evidence of their incredible intelligence.

    The explanation with this picture:

    Cycle of the Planet x : Leo- Taurus 4900 years, Taurus-Aquarius 6000 years, Aquarius-Scorpio 4900 years

    And as any firework that respects itself, now is the "final straw".

    In a previous version of my article, I explained that the dimensions of the pyramid of Khafre ( Planet X ) brought out the number 666 and thus that this planet was one of the beasts of the Apocalypse .

    I deliberately suppressed this passage because the archaeological evidence unfortunately were destroyed and that my hypothesis was easily contestable

    Knowing that all I have is authentic reveals you and so consistent, I was able to find another way to prove it , that it is mathematical and therefore easily verifiable ,

    A little riddle ...

    As you know , the Cubits " Star " are symbolized by geometric shapes : square, circle and triangle (see Keys Of The Pyramid

    In your opinion, what is the geometric symbol that builders have used to symbolize Planet X ?

    Solution :

    Cubit Planet X = 0.91

    0.91 corresponds to two cubits Earth ( [ 0.40 + 0.51 ] / 2 = 0.455 ), so two triangles .

    Knowing that Px almost the same mass as the Earth (see the pyramids appearance ) , so we can symbolize Px with two triangles.

    The Hexagram is the geometric figure for Planet X.

    (Thank you not to see behind this revelation, any attack on a religious community, I respect that also a lot . Only the explanation of a symbol that is lost over the time.)

    In my book, my proofs were found in the Temple of Solomon, and with the Seal of Solomon who symbolizes Planet X, This is again confirmed...

    As this symbol carries with it the number 666 , explained by many authors ( like here ) , Planet X is therefore linked to the number 666 .

    Knowing that Px is symbolized by the Lion , so a beast :

    Planet X is the Beast of the Apocalypse.

    But there is a second beast (Entity : Banking System-Printing money-Goldman Sachs) which carries a human number, that of Solomon (again) with its 666 talents of silver (P.Jovanovic)


    Apocalypse of St. John

    "And he had power to give breath to the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. And he cause all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, the name of the beast or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast. For it is a human number, and his number is six hundred and sixty to six. "

    My job ends here, the second Beast is not my responsibility.

    But of someone else ...

    As there was a fifth Cubit, there is also a fifth constellation in Builder's plan...


    (Small star repere to the right of the sun ...)

    33mn later you see it better...

    33 minutes later, Orion rises on the horizon with his gold belt exactly centered.
    And as you now know who the Lion...

    At noon , the time of zenith, the day of the summer soltice , Orion in all its splendor !

    (I hope you understand , which is Orion...)

    As you see, the intelligence of the builders and their plan were amazing, they were able to reconcile the extreme simplicity with the utmost precison, just as in my other article " Atlantis Found "

    To design this plan is extraordinary.

    Implement with men and explain to them is simply beautiful.

    But the most incredible is to read the plan and derive as much information worthy of Wikipedia, without writing a single letter, not even a line, only stones, stars and Spirit...

    The spirit of the golden section, the figure of God, mathematics.

    The spirit of simplicity and goodness.

    I am moved...

    Those like me who sometimes despair of this world goes crazy, we find a little hope I am sure with this spirit of sharing.

    For there is hope, trust me from the heart.

    We are not alone...

    In the sky they loved us and they still love us .

    His covenant is everlasting.

    An alliance between the Earth and the Heavens ...

    Like a Sky Arch ...

    A sign of Peace, so do not let you abused ...

    As I told you, this is probably my last article, it is free dissemination and sharing and even publish it under your own name if you like it.

    My one desire and that we find our history that our forefathers bequeathed to us and which they have stolen from us.

    The ultimate truth is in the book (for them v 1.618) it is for you to share ...(unveilled in the video THE BIGGEST SECRET OF MANKIND)

    The Builders has spent infinite energy and love for give us that message.

    To you, simply a click, just a click, not for me, because my approach is anonymous... not for you... but for our children.

    And as the builders that simplicity will become a symbol of our intelligence.

    SHARE, TRANSLATE, DISTRIBUTE, SAVE, because the enemy is powerful
    Be prepared that there is still time and God Bless you...


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    There have been many books over the eras that promise other worldly powers to those that read it. It makes since that many texts had magical powers in ancient times.

    Ancient Book Teaches Amazing Mental Abilities

    There have been many books over the eras that promise other worldly powers to those that read it. It makes since that many texts had magical powers in ancient times. Many people could not read so the words on the paper were inherently mysterious. The knowledge gained by reading these texts provided otherwise unknown information and could hear the opinions of people long dead. All of this combined, would definitely color how the masses saw certain books.

    In the famous grimoire Lesser Keys Of Solomon, there is a book called Ars Notoria, or ‘The Notory Art Of Solomon’. This portion of the Lesser Keys Of Solomon is from the thirteenth century though parts were written as early as the twelfth centuries. There were many grimoires and other magical texts of the time, this one was more focused on prayers, meditations, and oral exercises rather than spells, potions and rituals.

    The oldest of the texts found in The Lesser Keys Of Solomon, it promises a silver tongue, a ‘perfect memory’, and wisdom. As the book has gone through numerous and unauthorized revisions through the ages, it’s hard to quantify its success. Also, the original texts were written in mash up of ancient Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. King Solomon himself used the original content of Ars Notoria to become as wise, compassionate and clever as he was made to be famous.

    Another famous user of the Ars Notoria was John of Morigny, a fourteenth century monk When he tried to achieve academic mastery, he bacema afflisted with demonid visions . He went on to create his own grimoire, Libor Visonum. He believed that the Ars Notoria worked but came at too high a price.

    There is a communication trick inside that modern readers will find fascinating. Labeled a ‘magnetick experiment’, details how to use a lodestone and two compass needles to communicate great distances. If the two needles are rubbed against the same lodestone (a lodestone is a natural magnet), the needles will be ‘entangled’. In this fashion, if one needle moves the other does as well. By placing the needles in the center of a circle of letters and pictures, two individuals across great distances, could talk to each other by spelling out words.

    The book has many clever ideas and notions that were ahead of its time. It was also attached to prominent occult and political names. All this combined with the fact we discussed earlier, that many people can’t read, lead people to believe it had magical properties. The expansion of perspective and attainment of knowledge made others believe that the book itself was magical.

    If we were able to get an unabridged and original copy of the book, then my mind could be easily changed. If the book did have inherently dangerous information, authorities of various types would have worked to contain and limit the public’s access to this information. If you’d like to see an example of the text here is a pretty good translation.

    The Spirit Science

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    Jesus 'Married Mary Magdalene And Had Children', According To Ancient Manuscript

    Jesus married the prostitute Mary Magdalene and had children, according to a manuscript almost 1,500 years old unearthed at the British Library.

    The so-called “Lost Gospel”, which has been translated from Aramaic, allegedly reveals the startling new allegations, according to The Sunday Times.

    Professor Barrie Wilson and writer Simcha Jacobovic spent months translating the text, which they claim states Jesus had two children and the original Virgin Mary was Jesus’s wife and not his mother.

    Many experts have downplayed the biblical figure’s historical importance but, according to the translators of the new gospel, she is of much greater significance than previously thought.

    Mary Magdalene already features in the existing gospels and is present at many of the important moments recorded in Jesus’s life.

    “The Lost Gospel” is not the first to claim that Jesus married Mary Magdalene.

    Both Nikos Kazantzakis in his 1953 book “The Last Temptation of Christ” and, more recently, Dan Brown in “The Da Vinci Code” made the same allegation.

    Further revelations from the book, including the names of Jesus's children, will be released on Wednesday.

    The publisher, Pegasus, has confirmed the press conference will go ahead as planned.

    By  Ben Tufft, Independent

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    For years the general public has been tantalized by stories of UFO sightings and even, in a few cases, actual alien encounters. Proof of the claims, however, has been disappointingly elusive. More often than not, it simply comes down to taking a person’s word for it. In a few instances, photographs have been taken, but, inevitably, questions always arise about their authenticity. Hard physical evidence has been almost the Holy Grail of UFO research. But some now believe they have it.

    Reports from people who claim alien abductions first became widespread in the 60s and 70s. Often, the supposed abductees would describe experimental procedures that the aliens had allegedly performed on them. Sometimes, they would even insist that the aliens had inserted something inside them. Soon, these “alien implants” had become a staple of UFO lore.

    Alien Implants and Roger Leir’s Journey of Discovery

    Roger Leir was a successful Californian podiatrist (foot doctor) when he first heard stories going around about people who claimed to have alien implants inside them. Although he had believed in UFOs since he was a child, many of the newer developments in UFO lore, such as reports of alien abduction, struck him as fanciful. He didn’t believe for a second that any of the alien implant stories were true and he decided to disprove them. When he heard of a patient complaining that she had an alien device implanted in her body, Leir offered to do the surgery required to remove it for free. To his amazement he discovered that she really did have a mysterious object inside of her after all. For him, it was the beginning of a journey of discovery.

    Since then Roger Leir has become the go-to guy for alien implant removal. He is inundated with inquiries from people who believe they have something strange inside of them. Leir and a small panel of scientific colleagues evaluate the reports they receive but, because of limited funds, can follow up on only a few. Nevertheless, over the years, Leir has performed over a dozen surgical operations designed to remove anomalous objects from inside people’s bodies. Some of these operations have even been performed on camera and the footage has been shown in television documentaries.

    What Analysis of Alien Implants Has Discovered

    Experience has shown that, usually, the objects that are supposedly alien implants are metallic. Some emit radio frequency waves. Many are attached to nerve endings within the body, causing patients to cry out in pain when they are removed, even after they have been anesthetized. Leir has found that sometimes there is a scar in the external part of the body where the implant is located, but often there is not. While inside the body, the implants are often wrapped in a protective membrane.

    Of course, several of the “alien implant” objects which have been removed have been sent to laboratories for analysis. Alas, none has been so definitively “alien” that it represents irrefutable proof of extra-terrestrial contact. Perhaps the alien technology is simply beyond our understanding, just as one of our own electronic devices would be if we handed it to a tribe in the stone age. Some also suspect that the implants cease functioning once they are removed from the body.

    Origins and Purpose of the Alien Implants

    Leir performs surgery only on patients who have not previously undergone hypnosis, because he knows that UFO sceptics will claim that the hypnotic experience induced them to imagine all kinds of fantastic things. Many patients do undergo hypnosis afterwards, though. In these hypnotic regression sessions, reports of the patient sighting UFOs, or even being the victims of alien abductions and carried away in them, are very common.

    If the “alien implants” really do represent alien technology then, what is their purpose? The most sinister suggestion is that they are some kind of mind control device. Since the victims eventually sought help for their condition, if that were so, they would seem, at the very least, to have been of limited effectiveness. Perhaps they are just monitoring devices which send back reports to UFOs and the aliens on the victim’s location and condition? Stories of repeat alien abductions, even lifelong abductions, are very common. This suggests that the aliens are interested in monitoring specific individuals. We have no way of knowing what makes them choose one person rather than another for their invasive procedures.

    Alien Implants – Conclusion

    The idea of aliens implanting devices inside our bodies is deeply frightening. We can only hope that, if these alien implants really are of extra-terrestrial origin, they can one day offer clues about who or what their creators are, and what their intentions might be.


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    The Pyramids of Giza are considered one the greatest wonders of the world. Gerald Massey (29 May 1828 – 29 October 1907) was a poet and author of spiritualism.

    He was best known for his book Ancient Egypt: The Light of the World. He soon died after the book was published but it remains a staple today in academic circles.

    I remember reading a profound statement Massey made (and I paraphrase) when he said although he has been studying ancient Egypt for over 40 years, he felt his knowledge base on ancient Egypt was that of a child!

    Ancient Pyramids Were High Frequency Power Stations

    I wonder where his knowledge base would have been if he lived during our times; advanced enough to put the pieces together?

    There has been a tremendous amount of theories regarding the pyramids. In the earliest phases archeologist believe pyramids where nothing but tombs for the pharaohs.

    In essence, they believed the larger than life a pharaoh was correlated to the size of their pyramid.

    “Herodotus, in the 5th century BC, who has been called the “Father of History” wrote that Cheops never used the great pyramid as a tomb, but was buried elsewhere, “in a subterranean region on an island surrounded by the waters of the Nile.”

    Later theories morphed into showing the power of Egypt and they were aligned with celestial markers to honor their gods.

    Many dedicated authors studied over large chunks of their lives and have built compelling cases but it just might be really simple.

    Due to theft and looting we have been left with a shell and architectural clues. Suppressing the truth of the Great Pyramids of Giza leads back to the elite protecting their systems in order to stay filthy rich.

    What we are looking at, when evaluating the Pyramids of Giza, was a multi-purpose energy system. This was free energy afforded to all of the people.

    All homes enjoyed light and power even the most rudimentary batteries stayed charged. I discovered a cymatic match on the Sumerian Tablet of Shamash which shows a particular frequency embedded in stone. I began to understand the ancient people used sound to move objects.

    Recording of sound from near the Earth’s core:

    The Great Pyramids of Giza harness the very sound waves from the inner core of the earth. Humans cannot hear the frequencies from the Earth but sound waves are emanating from the Earth.

    These pyramid cultures flourished because they took care of the basic needs of the people. This is exactly why these ancient empires lasted thousands upon thousands of years.

    The Great Pyramid is flat dab in the center of the earth’s land mass and also acts like a fulcrum. This design takes advantage of the sound waves pushing out of the inner core into the shafts.

    Where the limestone dampens the low frequencies and only allows the highest frequencies to emanate out of the pyramid. The pyramids where coated with gold which conducted these high frequencies.

    This is why there was such a quest for gold from these ancient civilizations because it led to power…just not the kind most think!

    Based on the size of the Pyramid of Giza a field of free energy was created around Egyptian cities. The ancient word for battery was djed and any battery in this field was constantly charged.

    Ankhs in this field had increased power and the darker the skin the higher the frequency a person could conduct. Rods were used to direct this power in a field for the intended purpose.

    The Pyramid of Giza is essentially the world’s largest Pepco station! Due to its enormous size massive amounts of high frequency could be generated. 

    The field must have went out for hundreds of miles! The Pyramid of Giza was flooded with water because sound travels about 4 times as fast in water as it does in air! 

    Which means the high frequency were moving with increased velocity by the time it hit the crystals.

    “Due to the partial covalency of water's hydrogen bonding, electrons are not held by individual molecules but are easily distributed amongst water clusters giving rise to coherent regions capable of interacting with local electric and magnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation.”

    Can you imagine living in a country that not only was responsible for the infrastructure and development of the nation, but provided FREE energy to the people? 

    This was a time when people actually worked together and did amazing things because of FREE energy.

    Any device which required power was automatically powered if it was in this field; the caveat is you would have to know the tune.

    The elements used to design the high frequency power stations were ferreted away after Napoleon’s “scientific” expedition. Soon after Napoleon’s return new patents for electronics began to emerge. 

    After Napoleon’s army left the pyramids unprotected the ransacking began; but rest assured the components of the high frequency generator had already been removed. 

    Knowing the Pyramid of Giza is a high frequency generator allows us to reverse engineer the necessary components based on the architecture of ALL of the shafts. Including the King and the Queen’s chamber, as they like to call it.

    Now when I look at the King and Queen’s chamber I see a housing for the missing components. I believe there were customized crystals housed in these chambers. When the high frequency sped through the water then the crystals began to vibrate. 

    A frequency so high it was undetectable by humans ears. Let’s get a better understanding of crystal used for frequency. 

    A crystal oscillator is an electronic oscillator circuit that uses the mechanical resonance of a vibrating crystal of piezoelectric material to create an electrical signal with a very precise frequency.

    This means a precise frequency was generated, instrument, tools, and weapons had to be configured to this precise frequency allowing them to tune in and gain power! 

    If you were an outsider and you needed power you had to be cleared and trained about the precise frequency. Any invention in the ancient land need only tune-in and massive amounts of free energy was available.

    “The Earth’s inner core has an inner core of its own, with crystals aligned in a different direction.”

    Let’s take a look at the architectural structure and you will see how The Great Pyramid’s design takes the energy from our rotating earth. Inside the Earth’s inner core are more crystals! 

    Remember, I mentioned crystals were used in the King and Queen’s chamber?

    Well the Earth’s crystals created an ever present field of sound... we just can’t hear it; but it surely can be harnessed. As demonstrated by many ancient pyramid cultures.

    This also explains why these ancient cultures lived in such harmony with the Earth because she was more than the sustainer of life. The ancients knew the Earth was a power station giving her children free energy. 

    As a by-product of the Earth’s free spin her crystals vibrated frequency... sound waves. This explains the design of the “Unfinished Chamber” of the Pyramid of Giza, accepted by academia and perpetuated by the educational systems.

    The “Unfinished Chamber” is quite finished. I assure you. It was designed to capture and direct the sound waves through the pyramid. In its rawest form the sound waves come bundled in low to the highest frequencies. 

    Again, the water acted as a “turbo boost” pushing the frequencies through four times faster than if they merely passed through air. This allowed the King and the Queen’s crystals to vibrate and increase the propagating sound waves in the pyramid! 

    The frequencies propagated toward the outside of the pyramid where the low frequencies were filtered out and only the high frequency escaped the pyramid. The gold coating on the Great Pyramid of Giza allowed the pyramid structure to resonate only the high frequency.

    Now we understand why the ancient Egyptians decided to build the Great Pyramid at the exact center of the surface of the Earth’s land mass. That must have been the best location for acoustic capture of free energy! 

    If the Earth’s core is a massive iron/crystal core at 1,500 wide silently ringing free energy around the earth who needs fossil fuels?

    We are all being distracted and the solutions are right in our face. We could replicate this basic design and transform every industry and change life for the better.

    At one time the entire academic systems perpetuated the Pyramid of Giza was a tomb for Cheops. I can only suspect after the Napoleon’s “scientific” theft of the inner workings of the pyramids false notions were planted in academic circles. 

    Even then the elite knew not to share free energy with the people; let alone, with an energy the elite could not profit off. The elite worked through secret societies that spanned the globe. 

    There is a phrase that whoever wins the wars owns the history. As you can see the Pyramid of Giza is more than just a spiritual symbol or a show of great power... it is a transformer of great power!

    This means all the other planets in our solar system... including our Sun emanate sound waves; a high frequency symphony waiting to get tapped like a college keg party. 

    We need only to disconnect from our current path of being “fear-aholics” and “doomsday prophecy junkies.” We are being distracted as a human race on unprecedented levels. 

    The irony is answers are right in our face yet all we need to do is to focus on them. Technology has reached such a place in conjunction with the Internet where we are becoming aware. Dots are being connected much quicker now.

    Instead of focusing on doom and a rush to death we need to embrace being alive. We need to focus our collective consciousness on improving our lives through free energy. The ancients left us blueprints embedded in stone. 

    We need only use our current scientific knowledge base to reverse engineer the solutions. Understanding the Earth is not only the sustainer of life but a free energy power station should guide us in protecting her. 

    No more needs for hydrofracturing, oil, or gas because man needs to rape the Earth in order to collect these fossil fuels. It is time to wake up as a people and feel the vibrations.

    Revelation Now

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    Is it possible that NASA bombed the moon in order to destroy an Alien base? According to many people around the world, the answer is a big YES.

    According to a set of images and alleged reports, there are alien structures on the surface of the moon, and NASA launched a 2-ton kinetic weapon to destroy them, despite international laws clearly prohibiting it.

    One of the greatest enigmas regarding UFOs and Alien life is whether governments and Space Agencies around the world are covering up such information. While seeing UFO’s on Earth and videos from space isn’t something new, in the last couple of years, a lot of attention has been drawn to Earth’s moon. There, on the surface of Earth’s natural surface lay numerous ‘Alien’ Bases. The fact that many believe NASA and governments around the world have covered up information on these alien bases has become a widely accepted ideology in the last decade among ufologists and believers.

    One of the most interesting things about the moon, which involves a ‘typical’ cover-up is the LCROSS mission by NASA where they literally BOMBED the surface of the moon for alleged ‘Scientific’ purposes.

    Despite the fact that it strictly prohibited, NASA released a ‘Centaur’ kinetic weapon which ultimately impacted the moon.

    In the last couple of decades, several extremely important treaties have made significant impact on Military Space Policy, and according to the Book The Paths Of Heaven: The Evolution Of Airpower Theory, the following treaties are of note:

    1) The Outer Space Treaty (OST) which dates back to 1967, clearly states that international law applies BEYOND the atmosphere. The treaty of 1967 reemphasized standing international laws and initiated new space-related laws: Free Access to space and celestial bodies for peaceful intent, prohibitions on national appropriations of space or celestial bodies, prohibitions on putting any weapons of mass destruction in space or on celestial bodies.

    2) The Antiballistic Missile (ABM) treaty of 1972 (which was signed between the USA and the USSR) banned the development, testing, and employment of space-based ABMs.

    3) The Convention on Registration (1974) requires parties to maintain a registry of objects launched into space and report orbital parameters and general function of those objects to the UN.

    4) And most importantly, the Environmental Modification Convention signed in 1980 which prohibits the hostile use of environmental modification.

    Apart of the above-mentioned treaties, in 1977 a convention was concluded on the prohibition of military or any other hostile use of environmental modification techniques which set out a number of prohibitions also with respect to outer space and celestial bodies. (Source: Perestroika and International Law)

    Despite the above-mentioned facts, NASA modified the surface of the moon after launching the 2-ton kinetic weapon which created a 5-mile wide crater.

    ‘Officially’, the main LCROSS mission objective was to explore the presence of water ice in a permanently shadowed crater near a lunar polar region. The mission was launched together with the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) on June 18, 2009, as part of the shared Lunar Precursor Robotic Program, the first American mission to the Moon in over ten years.

    But… why break numerous international laws and go against their very own standards all of a sudden? Well, according to many, the true purpose behind the 2009 LCROSS ‘Moon bombing’ was far more enigmatic than anyone at NASA is willing to accept.

    According to many ufologists,-and alleged images which show ‘alien’ structures on the surface of the moon- NASAs LCROSS mission had a more militaristic objective rather than scientific. Many believe that the 2-ton kinetic weapon that was detonated on the Moon’s South Pole was aimed at an Alien Base located there.

    Check out these images:

    This “bombed” moon base might perhaps explain why we haven’t been there in recent years, why would we avoid the Moon so much? We know that it is a place filled with minerals, it has water (and they really needed to bomb it to find out?) and it would make a perfect outpost for anyone who wants to continue the exploration of our solar system and it would also help us get to Mars and beyond.

    However, despite the fact that many reports and enigmatic images of alleged structures on the moon are there, it’s nearly impossible to prove (or disprove for that matter) their existence and the truth behind until perhaps one day, we return to the Moon. However, returning to the moon isn’t a guarantee that we will finally have disclosure whether or not there is an alien presence on the moon.

    It is a profound mystery why NASA decided to break international laws and literally BOMBEDthe moon for alleged scientific purposes.


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    ‘Breathing’ Sidewalk Takes Italy By Surprise

    The city is keeping us from seeing most of the amazing stuff nature has to offer. There are natural wonders all around us that are still waiting for an explanation. Sometimes however, nature finds a way to surprise us even in the most urbanized areas.

    We’ve seen how the rays of light can wave from the clouds, and all the strange entitiesthat are crawling through the sky. Mother Nature doesn’t care if it’s night or day, she’ll show off whenever she likes. But how do we humans interpret her messages? Are rational explanations enough to make us understand the message sent by nature, or is there a deeper meaning for which we must dig deeper?

    In late 2015, a video appeared on YouTube showing the forest floor ‘breathing’ like a snoozing giant. It happened in Nova Scotia, one of Canada’s Maritime provinces, and people were fascinated and intrigued at the same time of the unusual sighting. Large portions of the forest’s floor started moving similar to a breathing lung, and people wanted to know if this is an omen foretelling something big that’s about to happen in the future, or only an isolated anomaly easily explained by science.


    So what could be causing all this? At first, people thought it was because of the murky terrain in that region, but they quickly reached a different conclusion. The ‘breathing earth’ is the result of the shallow root system together with a shallow bedrock that’s being triggered by the wind crossing throughout the trees. This hypothesis implies that powerful wind moves the treetops that furtherly balances the base of the trees supported by roots buried extremely close to the surface. This seems logical enough, but there are other facts to take into consideration. How can the trees stand so much pressure without falling apart, and how come this is not a widespread phenomenon since trees are basically found all around us?

    Science is not always reliable when it comes to answering questions. Although some reasons are good enough, it proves that sooner or later, scientific explanations get replaced by others, be it scientific or pure speculative.

    As it happens, nature found a way to surprise us once more when a few days ago, a sidewalk was caught ‘breathing’ in Cadimare, Italy. It shares the same characteristics as the phenomenon observed in the Canadian forest, but there are no trees around this time to think of the same scientific explanation. CDS News documented the sighting and proposed that it could be caused by the waves of the sea washing under the sidewalk and lifting it up. But apparently, such explanations are not well founded, and are only based on speculative reasons. So, what could be really moving the ground?


    According to researchers, the ‘breathing earth’ phenomenon could be caused by intense underground activity. What’s causing havoc below we can only guess, but since global warming is real and is intensifying year after year, this could occur due to nature responding to the many pollutants. Because of the global warming, nature may try to shake us humans off. It’s likely that new phenomenon such as this will emerge in the near future, and it’s up to us to carefully interpret the signs.

    Until the time comes, try to make as many people aware of what is happening around us. There are countless mysteries waiting outside, all of them guaranteed to blow your mind in a good way.


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    Until receiving a phone call from Nina Angelo (OAM), I knew nothing of neither the struggles involved in protecting the land around Kariong (near Gosford) nor that part of this land was now on the market. When on-site I had seen a lot of tagged trees, and a for sale sign somewhere along a main road, but being unfamiliar with the whole region, nothing registered.

    The land for sale contains the Gosford Glyphs, located near Kariong, about 60 km north of Sydney. This site features little known carved ‘ancient Egyptian’ hieroglyphs that were brought to light by various researchers in past decades.

    We are convinced that close to this site, and never before seen by non-Aboriginals until discovered very recently, is a rock platform covered with a set of sacred engravings of considerable significance. On this large platform we saw a fish, serpent, massive dolphin or whale, circles and a variety of shapes and symbols.

    Ancient Egyptian Glyphs Found in Australia Could Rewrite History

    However, despite the endorsement of the resident expert in Cairo, Australian academics with less impressive credentials are adamant this is an elaborate hoax.

    The site includes an engraved Ankh (see image above courtesy of Steve Strong), an essential accompaniment to Thoth, placed alongside an Ibis footprint (Thoth’s recent animal counterpart) and what we believe to be the ‘River of Life’. Two Ibis-men engraved into rock, both in profile with the head of an ibis and body of a human, seem to resonate to the same ancient Egyptian theme.

    What really surprised us was that not only are the ibis and Thoth synonymous, but originally Thoth was depicted in ape-form. And it is this more ancient representation that is found twice in Australia, extending the horizons considerably.

    A statue found at Gympie, said to act as one of five sentries guarding the controversial seven-stepped pyramid at Gympie, is a depiction of Thoth in his more primal ape-like form and has been argued over and often ridiculed.

    The recent discovery of an engraving of Durramullan, again in profile, is less open to debate. The pronounced long forehead and protruding lips is reminiscent of a baboon or one of the larger apes, and so out of context when carved into a continent lacking ape or monkey.

    The engraving is ancient, carved by an artist aware of an African animal and Egyptian deity supposedly unknown until the British invasion. In what only adds to the quality and quantity of this cross-cultural partnership, there are two sets of Aboriginal engravings, one containing 31 separate and distinct human characters and the other five figures, of which three have human bodies and what appears to be crocodile heads.

    It is for these reasons, and many others, we are in complete agreement with Robert Lawlor, author of the highly regarded Voices of the First Day, when noting the same origin and sequence.

    “The Egyptian religious practices, zoomorphic pantheon of gods, concepts of death and rebirth, sorcery, magic and medicine all have their origins in the primal culture of the First Day.” [2]

    We see the presence of Egyptians in Australia beginning at around 5,000 years ago, entirely in keeping with a global history that saw, for a variety of reasons too complex to discuss now, the Australian Aboriginal mariners and explorers finally return to Australia at around the same time.

    We believe the glyphs and other Egyptian remains found ‘within two hours of Sydney’ bear testimony to a spiritual sabbatical to the place where Egyptian religion and culture began.

    That the Gosford Glyphs are so close to the sacred Durramullan site suggests an agreement between the first Australians and people from a distant continent. The Durramullan platform is undeniably special, and the Glyphs are an integral part of this arrangement, unique not only in Australia but the world.

    The Egyptian crypt and engravings, dedicated to the memory of the son of a Pharaoh, was constructed close to the Durramullan rock platform and could only be created with the consent of the local Aboriginals.

    Of course, if Australian Aboriginals did sail the globe in ancient times this journey is dependent upon ocean-going boats being constructed in Australia. Up at the Top End there are many engravings and paintings of boats which are mistakenly claimed to be inspired by Maccassan boats fishing for trepan.

    No such claims can be made for the engraving of an ocean-going boat found in the northern section of the Gosford site. The boat’s design, with a steep prow and stern, has one primary function: to sail through large waves.

    It would be a waste of time, effort and resources to construct a boat according to the shape and proportions engraved into the rock, if the vessel sailed in stiller waters. More importantly, this engraving goes a long way towards establishing the claims made by Ramindjeri Elders.

    If indeed, as they insist, their ancestors circumnavigated the globe in a figure eight then this sophisticated design would serve that purpose.

    That engraving and the Ramindjeri account provide answers to a series of unresolved questions that mainstream academia are unable to appreciate. The presence of Australian Aboriginal people in America was the focus of Issue 35 of the highly respected science magazine Cosmos.

    The front cover carried the following caption:

    “Did Aborigines discover America? Startling new finds suggest Australia’s first people made it all the way to South America more than 11,000 years ago.” [3]

    Of course, America was merely one port-of-call when the First Australians set sail.

    “Dr. Raghavendra and researchers from the Indian-government backed Anthropological Survey of India project found unique genetic mutations were shared between modern-day Indians and Aborigines.” [4]

    They “identified seven people from central Dravidian and Austro-Asiatic tribes who shared genetic traits only found in Aborigines.” [5]

    These facts, along with newly discovered Australian genetic links to a hominid in Siberia referred to as Denosovan, necessitate the same means of transport: a boat.

    However, the plan of a boat is insufficient. Also required are both the tools needed to construct such a vessel and navigational skills before sailing to India, America, Asia, Egypt or any other destination. An axe is an essential prerequisite if building a vessel capable of sailing across oceans.

    In keeping with all other firsts, it should come as no surprise that the oldest axes yet found are located within Sahul (the greater Australian continent which includes PNG, Tasmania, etc).

    The oldest axe was found at Huon Terrace (PNG) and is dated at 40,000 years, followed by an axe found in Jawoyn land (N.T.) claimed to be 35,500 years old. Remaining within Australia, an axe was discovered at Sandy Creek (QLD 32,000 years) and another at Malangangerr (N.T. 23,000 years).

    In what confirms the antiquity of Australian axe technology, and by association boats, Angel John Gallard has in his possession a hand-held chopper (the precursor to the axe) which he believes to be no less than 60,000 years old, with the real possibility it is over 100,000 years old. The oldest axe discovered outside Australia was found at Niah Cave (Sarawak) and is thought to be 15,500 years old.

    For such an epic journey to succeed, especially if circumnavigating the world in a figure eight, Aboriginal mariners must have navigated by the stars. Once again it all begins here. As announced by a team of scientists from the CSIRO, the oldest astronomical construction was found at Wurdi Youang (Victoria). “The strange stone arrangement” has “two points set in perfect alignment with the setting sun on a midsummer’s day.” [6], [7]

    CSIRO experts are of the opinion the “ancient Aboriginal sundial could be upwards of 10,000 years old.” [8]

    Nor do these rocks stand in isolation – there are two sets of walls recently found in the Snowy Mountains, the first is aligned east-west, marking out the conjunction of planets and contains no less than 10,000 rocks. The second is at least four times bigger and runs down an extremely steep slope.

    Within ‘two hours from Sydney’ is a perfectly aligned five-rocked compass and another construction that is far more enigmatic, which for obvious reasons, we call ‘mini-Stonehenge’. It is made up of 46 stones in the inner circle and 18 rocks forming what we feel are clusters of stars.

    The four directions are marked out by arches with a horizontal stone supported by stone pillars. All four constructions, although separated by hundreds of kilometres, serve the same purpose: charting the heavens.

    There is one pattern exhibited by these sites that seems to openly contradict an artistic maxim we assumed held fast throughout Australia. It was our belief that traditional Aboriginal art was region specific. Within this area we have found over 25 styles/techniques, many of which are claimed to be created in one tribal estate.

    We found evidence of the following Aboriginal artistic styles: Panaramitee; X-Ray; Figurative; Mimi; Lightning Brothers; Wandjina; Papunya; Hand stencils (two types); Representational; Rock engraving; Rock Pecking; Stone Arrangements; Bands across the body; Egyptian symbols; Bird prints; Engraved shield design (found throughout Australia); Profiled spirits; and others we could not identify.

    Where does that leave us? Relying on textbooks and academics ‘dazed and confused’… Or there is an alternative route. We are convinced the First Australians are completely separate to the Africans and were the first homo sapien sapiens.

    It was from Australia, not Africa, the first migration originated, and it is from Australia that religion, gender equality, astronomy, burials, sailing, music, art, democracy and all the nobler pursuits began.

    And it is in Australia, in particular the area ‘within 2 hours from Sydney’, that proof of this global legacy can still be found.


    New Dawn Magazine

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    Could it be Michael Jackson?

    We took this photo in Perth, Western Australia in a hotel hallway. We were walking through a hallway when we bumped into someone. When we bumped into them we were on snapchat and must’ve accidently taken a photo and when we looked at the photo we realised it looked like Michael. When we turned around the person was quickly walking away dressed in black.

    Scary similarities!

    This photo was taken after Michael Jackson died. However the person who is circled has a scary resemblance to Michael Jackson. Did he really fake his death?

    This is on the “This is it” cover. On his lips, it spells “alive”, even though the cover was designed after he died. Take a look at the original for yourself!

    Dave dave

    Dave Dave says that Michael Jackson was an inspiration to him, and only popped up after his death. However, the resemblances are astonishing, and will be leaving you questioning the death for a long time.



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    Mother Finds Extraterrestial-Like Entities Communicating With Her Daughter

    A bizarre apparition perturbed the careless sleep of an infant girl from Australia. Her mother noticed something strange on the baby monitor surveilling her daughter, and she was utterly amazed of what she saw next.

    Renowned for its numerous UFO sightings, powerful telescopes and wild animals, Australia is definitely a country full of action and mystery. However, other peculiar examples such as ghostly apparitions or aliens in disguise might complete the list in the near future.

    While watching the baby monitor of her little girl, a mother from Barongarook, Victoria, Australia, distinguished a luminous shape moving freely near the child. At first, it looked like some kind of lens flare, but after the light started to move, its plasmatic body became more and more visible.

    Near the half of the video, a second silhouette is revealed, making the sighting even more puzzling for the frightened mother. The two spirits appear to be watching the baby, and while one of them is leaned over the girl, the other appears to be moving inside the cradle. Could this be interpreted as two spirits whispering something into the child’s ear?


    According to Scott Waring from, the two luminous figures might be in fact cloaked aliens trying to implement hidden knowledge into the child’s subconscious.

    Here we have a baby monitor video of an entity standing over the head of the baby, he said. The entity has a tilted head, looking down at the baby’s face. For an alien to come to a baby, it must have some vested interest in this child. What I mean is that the child may have been implanted with knowledge or abilities that are beyond the human understanding.

    It might sound crazy, but considering the yearly numbers of UFO sightings and abductee cases in Australia, the hypothesis doesn’t sound so nuts after all and although S. Waring compares the spirits to extraterrestrials, he might not be far off from the truth after all.

    From our perspective, what we see in the video is proof of invisible entities that are only visible under a certain spectrum of light. The visible spectrum is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to the human eye. The spectrum does not, however, contain all the colors that the human eye and brain can distinguish, thus leaving plenty of space for invisible beings which co-existing with humans.

    Many species of animals can see light with frequencies outside the human “visible spectrum”, ability which allows them to sometimes see or sense these ghostly apparitions. But what could these actually be? Are they really spirits from this world? Or rather otherworldly beings from space or a parallel dimension?

    Well, since these apparitions cannot be felt in any way, we cannot say for sure what they are, neither from where they come from, but at least there are cameras that can see them, providing a unique view into this formidable and invisible realm.

    Other more skeptic theories claim that the luminous entities are in fact the result of light from the room reflecting in the monitor, a lens flare or a mere artifact on the lens of the camera. However, the dynamic movement of the ghostly being is proving the exact opposite. So could this be an authentic phenomenon? If so, what are the two mysterious entities doing to the baby?

    Until further answers arrive in this case, the possibility of ghostly spirits and even camouflaged aliens remains viable, while also taking into account the probability of a mere light reflection. Help us elucidate the case in the comments section.

    Earth We Are One

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    This is the 12-year-old girl who has had more than 1,000 giant ants removed from her ears after doctors find them nesting in her drum canal.

    Shreya Darji, from Deesa, in Gujarat, western India, has around ten live ants crawl out of her ears daily, her parents say.

    Shreya's problem first started as an irritation in her ear in August last year, and when she visited her local hospital, doctors found the ants inside her ear canal.

    Indian Girl, 12, Who Has Had 1,000 Giant Ants Removed From Her Ears

    Itchy, itchy: Shreya Darji, 12, from Deesa, western India, has around ten live ants crawl out of her ears daily

    So far, doctors have removed hundreds of ants, but despite trying 'everything' the problem persists and the ants continue to breed.

    A video filmed with an endoscopic camera shows a doctor removing what appears to be dead ants from her ear.

    Her desperate parents say they have tried everything, from traditional medical aids to witch doctors, but the ants keep emerging from her ears.

    Dr Jawahar Talsania, 58, senior Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) surgeon, in Gujarat, said: ‘We have conducted all possible scans on the child including an MRI and CT scan but they are all normal. We cannot find any abnormality in her ears.

    'She doesn’t experience any kind of pain - despite the ants biting her - and no damage has been found to the eardrums.

    Gross: A video filmed with an endoscopic camera shows a doctor removing what appears to be dead ants from the 12-year-old's ear

    No cure: Her desperate parents say they have tried everything, from traditional medical aids to witch doctors, but the ants keep emerging from her ears

    ‘The family live a normal life and they have a healthy environment so we can’t even blame their living conditions. We’ve not seen anything like this in our medical history.’

    Dr Jawahar explained that he has tried to even suffocate the ants with drops but they continue to breed.

    ‘We don’t believe the ants are laying eggs inside the ear as we've not spotted a queen ant inside. We are completely perplexed,’ he said, adding he has already used a camera inside the ear to check for an egg chamber.

    Father Sanjay Darji, 40, who runs a small television repair business, in Gujarat, said his daughter would sit in school and ants often crawled out of her ear.

    He’s terrified the condition is getting worse and not better.

    He said: ‘I have done everything I can. I have taken her to the best doctors but they have failed to solve the problem. I just hope things get better.

    'I’m worried about her future and how this will affect her studies. She is a brilliant child and she’s already missed a lot of school.

    Other children in her school and community are teasing her and it’s already making her feel bad. I need this problem cured as quickly as possible before it affects her confidence in life.’


    By Sara Malm, MailOnline

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    10 Civilizations With High End Technology

    Like a real life Indiana Jones, maverick archeologist David Hatcher Childress has taken many incredible journeys to some of the oldest and most remote spots on earth. Writing prolifically of lost cities and ancient civilizations, he has produced no less than six lengthy books (the Lost Cities series) chronicling the dimly remembered glories of obscure locales from the Gobi Desert to Puma Punku in Bolivia, from Mohenjo Daro to Ba’albek. We caught up with him shortly before taking off for New Guinea on yet another archeological expedition and asked him if he would be willing to write an exclusive for Atlantis Rising on the Top 10 Ancient Civilizations with Advanced Technology. He agreed to dig through his archives and give us a story. ED


    According to various esoteric sources, the first civilization arose 78,000 years ago on the giant continent known as Mu or Lemuria and lasted for an astonishing 52,000 years. It is sometimes said to have been destroyed in earthquakes generated by a pole shift which occurred some 26,000 years ago, or at approximately 24,000 B.C.

    While Mu did not reach as high a technology, supposedly, as other later civilizations, it is, nevertheless, said to have attained some advanced technology, particularly in the building of long-lasting megalithic buildings that were able to withstand earthquakes. However, it was the science of government that is sometimes said to have been Mu’s greatest achievement.

    Supposedly, there was one language and one government. Education was the keynote of the Empire’s success, and because every citizen was versed in the laws of the universe and was given thorough training in a profession or trade, magnificent prosperity resulted. A child’s education was compulsory to the age of 21 in order for him to be eligible to attend citizenship school. This training period lasted for seven years; so the earliest age at which a person could become a citizen of the empire was 28.


    It is said that when the continent of Mu sank, the oceans of the world lowered drastically as water rushed into the newly formed Pacific Basin. The relatively small islands which had existed in the Atlantic during the time of the Lemurian civilization were left high and dry by the receding ocean. The newly emerged land joined the Poseid Archipelago of the Atlantic Ocean to form a small continent. This continent is called Atlantis by historians today, though its real name was Poseid.

    Atlantis is believed to have taken technology to very advanced stages, well beyond what exists on our planet today. In the book A Dweller On Two Planets, first dictated in 1884 by Phylos the Thibetan to a young Californian named Frederick Spencer Oliver, as well as in a 1940 sequel, An Earth Dweller Returns, there is mention of such inventions and devices as air conditioners to overcome deadly and noxious vapors; airless cylinder lamps, tubes of crystal illuminated by the night side forces; electric rifles, guns employing electricity as a propulsive force (rail-guns are similar, and a very new invention); mono-rail transportation; water generators, an instrument for condensing water from the atmosphere; and the Vailx, an aerial ship governed by forces of levitation and repulsion.

    The sleeping clairvoyant, Edgar Cayce, in a reading spoke of the use of aeroplanes and of crystals or firestones used for energy and related applications. He also speaks of the misuse of power and warnings of destruction to come.


    Fortunately, the ancient books of India’s Rama Empire have been preserved, unlike those of China, Egypt, Central America, Peru. Many of these ancient nations are now either desert wastelands, swallowed by thick jungle or literally at the bottom of some ocean. Yet India, despite devastation by wars and invasion, managed to maintain a large part of its ancient history.

    For a long time, Indian civilization was not believed to date from much earlier than about 500 B.C., only about 200 years prior to Alexander the Great’s invasion of the subcontinent. In the past century, however, the extremely sophisticated cities of Mohenjo Daro (Mound of the Dead) and Harappa have been discovered in the Indus Valley of modern-day Pakistan.

    The discoveries of these cities forced archaeologists to push the dates for the origin of Indian civilization back thousands of years. A wonder to modern-day researchers, the cities were highly developed and caused leading archaeologists to believe that they were conceived as a whole before they were built: a remarkable early example of city planning. Even more remarkable is that the plumbing-sewage system throughout the large city is superior to that found in Pakistan, India, and most Asian countries today.


    It is said that at the time of Atlantis and Rama, the Mediterranean was a large and fertile valley. This ancient civilization, pre-dating dynastic Egypt, was known as the Osirian Civilization. The Nile river came out of Africa, as it does today, and was called the River Stix. However, instead of flowing into the Mediterranean Sea at the Nile Delta in northern Egypt, it continued into the valley, and then turned westward to flow in the deepest part of the Mediterranean Valley where it created a large lake and then flowed out between Malta and Sicily, and south of Sardinia into the Atlantic at Gibraltar (the Pillars of Hercules). When Atlantis was destroyed in a cataclysmic upheaval, this cataclysmic change in the Atlantic slowly flooded the Mediterranean Basin, destroying the Osirian’s great cities and forcing them to move to higher ground. This theory helps explain the strange megalithic remains found throughout the Mediterranean.

    It is an archaeological fact that there are more than 200 known sunken cities in the Mediterranean. Egyptian civilization, along with the Minoan and Mycenean in Crete and Greece are, in theory, remnants of this great, ancient culture. The civilization built huge earthquake-proof megalithic structures and had electricity and other conveniences common during the time of Atlantis. Like Atlantis and Rama, they had airships and other modes of transport, often electrical in nature. The mysterious cart tracks of Malta, which go over cliffs and under water, may well be part of some ancient Osirian tram-line, possibly taking quarried stone to cities that are now submerged.

    Probably the best example of the high technology of the Osirians is the amazing platform found at Ba’albek, Lebanon. The main platform is composed of the largest hewn rocks in the world, the famous ashlars of Ba’albek. Some of the individual stones are 82 feet long and 15 feet thick and are estimated to weigh between 1,200 and 1,500 tons each!


    Many ancient cities are said to have existed at the time of Atlantis and Rama in the Uiger civilization of the Gobi Desert. Though the Gobi is now a parched land-licked desert, these cities were ocean ports. Edgar Cayce once said that elevators would be discovered in a lost city in the Gobi Desert, and while this has not happened yet, it is not out of the question.

    Vimanas and other advanced devices are said to have been in use in the Uiger area, and the famous Russian explorer Nicholas Roerich reported seeing a flying disc over northern Tibet in the 1930s. Perhaps the craft was an ancient vimana coming from a still active city using Uiger technology that exists in Northern Tibet or the Gobi Desert.

    Significantly, it is claimed that the Elders of Lemuria, known as the Thirteenth School, moved their headquarters prior to the cataclysm to the uninhabited plateau of Central Asia that we now call Tibet. Here they supposedly established a library and school known as The Great White Brotherhood.

    For instance, the great Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu, born in 604 B.C., talked frequently of Ancient Masters and their profound wisdom. He wrote the famous book, Tao Te Ching, probably the most popular book ever written in Chinese. When he finally left China, near the close of his very long life, he journeyed to the west to the legendary land of Hsi Wang Mu. According to the ancient Chinese, this was the headquarters of the Ancient Ones. Could this have been The Great White Brotherhood and the Thirteenth School of Mu? 


    As in Mu and Atlantis, construction in South America was on megalithic scale with polygonal construction techniques designed to make the massive walls earthquake-proof. Earthquake-resistant walls were important all around the Ring-of-Fire, ancient Mu.

    Homes and communal buildings were built out of megalithic blocks of stone. Because of the high regard the culture had for the well being of future generations and the value they placed upon the gradual, sustained growth of the community, structures were built to last for thousands of years. A house built of cement, wood and plaster-wall will last a hundred years or so, if kept up. Witness the megalithic construction of Egypt, Malta, Peru. These buildings are still standing today. Cuzco, the ancient capital of Peru, which was probably built before the Incas, is still inhabited today after thousands of years. Indeed, most of the buildings of downtown Cuzco today incorporate walls that are many hundreds of years old (whereas more recent buildings constructed by the Spanish are already crumbling).

    Only a few hundred miles to the south of Cuzco lie the fantastic ruins of Puma Punku, high in the Altiplano of Bolivia. The ruins of Puma Punku, about one mile from the famous ruins of Tiahuanaco, are massive megalithic constructions that are tossed about like toy building blocks. What kind of cataclysmic upheaval could have done such a thing? Here is the kind of megalithic construction meant to last for thousands of years, yet, the 100-ton blocks have been torn asunder by mighty geological forces.

    It would appear that the South American continent was suddenly and violently thrust upward during some kind of cataclysm, most likely a pole shift. A former sea-level canal can now be seen at 13,000 feet in the Andes Mountains. As possible evidence for this scenario, many ocean fossils can be found near Lake Titicaca. The lake is even inhabited by the only known fresh water sea horses.


    Mayan pyramids are found from Central America to as far away as the Indonesian island of Java. The pyramid of Sukuh, on the slopes of Mount Lawu near Surakarta in central Java is an amazing temple with stone stelae and a step pyramid that would match any in the jungles of Central America. The pyramid is in fact virtually identical to the pyramids found at the ancient Mayan site at Uaxactun, near Tikal.

    The ancient Mayans were brilliant astronomers and mathematicians whose early cities lived in agrarian harmony with earth. They built canals and hydroponic garden cities throughout the ancient Yucatan Peninsula. Some of the Mayan glyphs were allegedly radionic-type insect control devices that broadcast an etheric vibration of the targeted pest.

    Edgar Cayce mentions the Mayas and their technology in one reading: As for a description of the manner of construction of the stone: we find it was a large cylindrical glass (as would be termed today); cut with facets in such manner that the capstone on top of it made for centralizing the power or force that concentrated between the end of the cylinder and the capstone itself. As indicated, the records as to ways of constructing same are in three places in the earth, as it stands today: in the sunken portion of Atlantis, or Poseidia, where a portion of the temples may yet be discovered under the slime of ages of sea water, near what is known as Bimini, off the coast of Florida. And (secondly) in the temple records that were in Egypt, where the entity acted later in cooperation with others towards preserving the records that came from the land where these had been kept. Also (thirdly) in records that were carried to what is now Yucatan, in America, where these stones (which they know so little about) are now, during the last few months, being uncovered.

    It is believed that an ancient Hall of Records resides somewhere in the Mayan region, probably beneath an existing pyramid complex, in an underground tunnel and chamber system. Some sources say that this repository of ancient knowledge is kept in quartz crystals that are of exceptional quality and capable of holding large amounts of information in the similar manner as a modern CD.


    Ancient China, known as Han China, is said to have come, like all civilizations, from the huge Pacific continent Mu. The ancient Chinese are known for their sky-chariots, their geomancy, and the jade manufacture that they shared with the Mayas. Indeed, the ancient histories of the Chinese and the Mayas seem indelibly linked.

    Anthropologists makes a good case for a Taoist influence coming to Central America by showing Shang dynasty symbols and motifs (the yin-yang is the most famous, but there are many more) and then relating them to known Mayan art and sculpture. Jade was of particular importance to the Shang Chinese. So far, the source of Chinese jade has not been pinpointed. Much of it may have come from Central America. Even the source of Central American jade is a mystery; many ancient jade mines are believed to be still undiscovered. Anthropologists suggest that Chinese voyages to Mexico, between 500-300 B.C., may have been related to Taoist trade in magic mushrooms or drugs of longevity.

    The ancient Chinese are often said to be the originators of every invention from toilet paper, earthquake detectors, paper money, canons, rocket technology, printing methods, and thousands of other clever and high-tech items. In 1959 archaeologists in China discovered belt buckles made out of aluminum thousands of years ago. Aluminum is generally processed from bauxite with electricity!


    From such ancient texts as the Bible and the Ethiopian book Kebra Negast, we have tales of the high technology of ancient Ethiopia and Israel. The temple at Jerusalem is said to have been founded upon three gigantic ashlar blocks of stone similar to those at Ba’albek, Lebanon. Today, the revered Temple of Solomon and Muslim Dome of the Rock mosque exist on this site, whose foundations apparently reach back to the Osirian civilization.

    Like much of the later Phoenician construction, the building at the Temple to hold the Ark of the Covenant and the temples in Ethiopia are the last of the megalithic stone constructions. The massive Temple Mount, built by King Solomon on the ruins of earlier megalithic temple, was made to house the ancient relic known as the Ark of the Covenant.

    The Ark of the Covenant is said to have been an electrical generator box which housed several sacred objects, including a solid gold statue from earlier cultures that is called the Holy of Holies. This box and gold statue were said to have been removed from the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid in Egypt by Moses during the period of the Exodus.

    Many scholars believe that the Ark of the Covenant, as well as other ancient artifacts, were actually electrical devices, some of which were worshipped in temples as oracles. The Bible recounts how certain unauthorized persons would touch the Ark and be electrocuted.


    The last of my list of ancient civilizations is that of the virtually unknown ancient culture of the Aroi Sun Kingdom of the Pacific. While the so-called lost continent of Mu sank over 24,000 years ago in a pole shift, the Pacific was later repopulated by a racial mixture of all civilizations, coming from Rama, China, Africa and the Americas.

    An advanced island nation, with larger areas of land than are currently in the Pacific, grew up around Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia. Ancient legends in Polynesia attribute this remarkable civilization to the Aroi Kingdom that existed many thousands of years before the European rediscovery of the Pacific. The Aroi allegedly built many of the megalithic pyramids, platforms, arches, roads and statues throughout the central Pacific.

    When some of the more than 400 gravel hills on New Caledonia were excavated in the 1960s, cement columns of lime and shell matter were carbon dated by Yale and the New Caledonia Museum as having been made before 5120 B.C. and 10,950 B.C. These weird cement columns can be found in the southern part of New Caledonia and on the Isle of Pines.

    According to the Easter Islanders, the statues of the islands walked or levitated in order to move in a clock-wise spiral around the island. On the island of Pohnpei, the Micronesians claim that the stones of the eleven-square-mile city were levitated into place.

    The Polynesians of New Zealand, Easter Island, Hawaii and Tahiti all believe that their ancestors had the ability of flight and would travel through the air from island to island. Was this the Air Atlantis flight that stopped in Malta, Ba’albek, and Rama destined for the remote but popular convention center at Easter Island?


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     Was Jesus Really Nailed To The Cross?

    Jesus’s crucifixion is probably one of the most familiar images to emerge from Christianity. Good Friday, one of the holiest days in the Christian calendar, marks the event. But what was crucifixion? And why was Jesus killed that way?

    Crucifixion was a Roman method of punishment. Suspended from a large cross, a victim would eventually die from asphyxiation or exhaustion – it was long, drawn-out, and painful. It was used to publicly humiliate slaves and criminals (not always to kill them), and as an execution method was usually reserved for individuals of very low status or those whose crime was against the state. This is the reason given in the Gospels for Jesus’s crucifixion: as King of the Jews, Jesus challenged Roman imperial supremacy (Matt 27:37; Mark 15:26; Luke 23:38; John 19:19–22).

    Crucifixion could be carried out in a number of ways. In Christian tradition, nailing the limbs to the wood of the cross is assumed, with debate centring on whether nails would pierce hands or the more structurally sound wrists. But Romans did not always nail crucifixion victims to their crosses, and instead sometimes tied them in place with rope. In fact, the only archaeological evidence for the practice of nailing crucifixion victims is an ankle bone from the tomb of Jehohanan, a man executed in the first century CE.

    So was Jesus nailed to the cross?

    Gospel accounts

    Some early Gospels, such as the Gospel of Thomas, don’t include the narrative of Jesus’s crucifixion, choosing instead to focus on his teaching. But Jesus’s death by crucifixion is one of the things that all four canonical Gospels agree on. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, all include the crucifixion event in their own slightly different ways.

    None of the Gospels in the New Testament mentions whether Jesus was nailed or tied to the cross. However, the Gospel of John reports wounds in the risen Jesus’s hands. It is this passage, perhaps, that has led to the overwhelming tradition that Jesus’s hands and feet were nailed to the cross, rather than tied to it.

    The Gospel of Peter, a non-canonical gospel from the first or second century CE, specifically describes in verse 21 how after Jesus had died, the nails were removed from his hands. The Gospel of Peter also famously includes the cross itself as an active character in the Passion narrative. In verses 41-42 the cross speaks, responding with its own voice to God: “And they were hearing a voice from the heavens saying, ‘Have you made proclamation to the fallen-asleep?’ And an obeisance was heard from the cross, ‘Yes.’” Tradition is clearly of paramount importance to this text.

    Over the past few years, several people have claimed to have found the actual nails with which Jesus was crucified. Each time, biblical scholars and archaeologists have rightly pointed outthe assumptions and misinterpretations of evidence behind these claims. Curiously, this fixation on the nails persists, despite the fact that the earliest gospels make no mention of Jesus being nailed to the cross.

    Depictions of the crucifixion

    It isn’t surprising that Christians took a while to embrace the image of Christ on the cross, given that crucifixion was a humiliating way to die. What is surprising is what the earliest image of the crucifixion turns out to be. Rather than the devotional icons with which we are familiar – pictures that glorify Jesus’s death – this earliest image appears to be some late second-century graffiti mocking Christians.

    Called the Alexamenos Graffito, the image shows a figure with the head of a donkey on a cross with the words: “Alexamenos worships his God.” This was apparently a common accusation in antiquity, as Minucius Felix(Octavius 9.3; 28.7) and Tertullian (Apology 16.12) both attest. Since the graffito was clearly not made by a Christian, this image suggests that non-Christians were familiar with some core elements of Christian belief as early as the second century.

    Gemstones, some used for magical purposes, also provide some of our earliest depictions of the crucified Jesus. This second or third century piece of carved jasper depicts a man on a cross surrounded by magic words.

    Another very early image of the crucifixion is found carved into the face of a carnelian gemstone made into a ring.

    Scholars think that the Constanza gemstone, as it is known, dates from the fourth century CE. In this depiction, Jesus’s hands do not appear to be nailed to the cross, since they fall naturally, as if he is tied at the wrists.

    Since the evidence from antiquity doesn’t provide a clear answer as to whether Jesus was nailed or tied to his cross, it’s tradition that dictates this common depiction. Those who have seen the film The Passion of the Christ will recall how much time the director, Mel Gibson, devoted just to the act of nailing Jesus onto the cross —- almost five whole minutes.

    Given the relative silence on the act of crucifixion in the Gospels, this stands out as a graphic expansion. One of the only films that does not assume that crucifixion involved nails is Monty Python’s Life of Brian, which shows multiple crucifixion victims, though not Jesus, tied to their crosses.

    Eventually, Emperor Constantine put an end to crucifixion as a method of execution, not for ethical reasons, but out of respect for Jesus. But in the end, it is the enduring image of the cross, and not the matter of whether nails or ropes were used, that most firmly evokes the death of Jesus in art and tradition.

    By Meredith J C Warren, The CoversationSOURCE

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    Giant Hatch That Opened Up In The Sun To Allow 'UFO Motherships' To Exit

    A UFO blogger has made a bizarre claim that an image of the Sun snapped earlier this week by cameras aboard NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) satellite contains proof of the controversial Hollow Artificial Sun Theory popular in conspiracy theory circles but derided by mainstream scientists as a crank theory.

    A SOHO image of the solar atmosphere captured on March 14, 2016, shows a massive anomaly that extends millions of miles across the face of the Sun. According to UFO blogger Scott Waring, the anomaly is a gigantic rectangular hatch that opened up in the Sun just enough to allow alien UFO motherships to exit or enter the hollow interior of the Sun, believed in some conspiracy theory circles to contain a massive alien base.


    However, some UFO hunters disagreed with Waring’s view that the image shows the massive entrance to an alien base inside the Sun. UFO hunter TheWatcher252, who first reported the solar anomaly, had suggested it might be a massive UFO flying close to the Sun. But many UFO researchers opposed the assumption, raising questions about the structural integrity of a single UFO extending millions of miles across the face of the Sun.

    But pointing to the fact that the structure appears to extend beyond the edge of the Sun, some UFOlogists suggested that the image shows a form of “alien megastructure,” consisting of billions of solar panels, sweeping over the solar atmosphere as it harvested energy from the Sun.

    One UFO researcher speculated that the massive anomaly could be “streaks left by cosmic rays.”

    UFO Sightings Daily’s Scott Waring was the first UFO researcher to suggest that the photo shows a giant hatch that opened up on the surface of the Sun to allow alien spaceships to exit or enter the Sun’s hollow interior. The UFO hunter claimed that the NASA image may have settled the debate over the Hollow Artificial Sun Theory, which posits that our Sun is an artificial structure, a giant alien base, or space station that generates energy from a non-thermonuclear energy source.

    In comments posted on his blog UFO Sightings Daily on March 16, 2016, Waring writes, “A giant door opened up on the sun this week, just a little bit, enough to make a crack across the sun, and through the crack shined pure white light of the world inside.”

    “It opened just enough to allow motherships to exit or enter,” he added.

    According to the UFO researcher, the SOHO image proves the Hollow Artificial Sun Theory.

    “For many UFO researchers it is believed that the sun itself is an artificial structure, with a flaming camouflage on the outside and a massive world 1000X our own on the inside,” he writes, and concludes, “This photo, as rare as it is, confirms that theory.”

    The Hollow Artificial Sun Theory is a bizarre conspiracy theory that serves as the logical extension of other equally bizarre but popular conspiracy theories, such as the Hollow Earth Theory and the Spaceship Moon Theory — also known as the Artificial Moon Theory or Alien Moon Theory.

    The Hollow Artificial Sun Theory originated from the speculations of “fringe” theorists, such as Jeffrey Wolynski, who claimed that the Sun is much younger than the Earth and that it does not have a core, being a hollow structure like a giant inflated balloon. According to Hollow Sun theorists, because the Sun has an empty or hollow interior, it will eventually collapse on itself gravitationally.

    Wolynski originated the theory of Stellar Metamorphosis. He speculated that contrary to scientific consensus, the Hollow Sun does not generate energy through thermonuclear fusion reaction but through a process linked to “galaxy growth.”

    But Wolynski did not suggest that the Sun is an artificial structure or a space station constructed by technologically advanced alien races. The idea that the Sun is a hollow artificial structure was popularized in conspiracy theory circles as an extension of the speculations of fringe theorists, such Eric Dollard and Stephen J. Goodfellow (see YouTube below), who in turn based their ideas on the so-called Plasma Cosmology theory — first proposed by Nobel Prize winning physicist Hannes Alfven — and its extension, the Electric Universe Theory. Both theories share in common the idea that the Sun runs on electrical rather than thermonuclear fusion and that the formation and evolution of stars is shaped by electricity and magnetism and not gravity as mainstream science claims.


    Goodfellow, for instance, suggested that the Sun consists of an outer shell that is some form of charged plasma encasing with a hollow vacuum interior that induces gravity (see video above).

    Conspiracy theorists and paranormal buffs extended these fringe theories by suggesting that they imply the Sun is a massive artificial space station or alien UFO base inhabited by technologically advanced alien races.

    The Hollow Artificial Sun Theory is an extension of the Hollow Artificial Moon Theory, which claims that our Moon is a giant artificial space station or gigantic alien UFO spaceship with a hollow interior, placed in orbit around the Earth by technological aliens.

    According to proponents of the Spaceship Moon Theory, there is evidence to suggest that the Moon was built by an alien civilization with highly advanced science and technology.

    The Hollow Artificial Sun theory is also an extension of the Hollow Earth Theory, which argues that the Earth is a hollow structure with a “central sun” and that there is an alien civilization living in subterranean cities inside the Earth.

    Some UFOlogists believe that the UFOs we see on Earth come from the aliens living in the Earth’s interior.


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    The Government Actually Has A Zombie Apocalypse Plan — And It’s Just Been Declassified

    A few year ago, the Center for Disease Control launched a zombie preparedness initiative that drew significant attention. The Department of Defense followed suit and developed an entire training course intended for the Joint Operational Planning and Execution System (JOPES). The complete response plan, called CONPLAN888, was recently declassified, and it’s just as weird and creepy as you might imagine.

    The Black Vault posted two documents retrieved from the NSA using the Freedom of Information Act.

    The purpose of the plan, according to the United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM), was to use a fictitious scenario to prepare for real-world emergencies.
    “[The training focused on how to] undertake military operations to preserve ‘non-zombie’ humans from the threats posed by a zombie horde. Because zombies pose a threat to all ‘non-zombie’ human life (hereafter referred to as ‘humans’), USSTRATCOM will be prepared to preserve the sanctity of human life and conduct operations in support of any human population-including traditional adversaries.”
    The objective of the three-fold plan includes the neutralization of zombies through “denial, deception, disruption, degradation or destruction,” though with the exception of ‘destruction,’ it is unclear what is meant by these terms with regard to fighting zombies.

    Reading at times like the treatment to a campy science fiction script, CONPLAN888 categorizes eight classes of zombies:
    • Pathogenic zombies — Zombie life forms created after infection by a viral or bacterial contagion.
    • Radiation zombies — Zombie life forms created after infection from electromagnetic or particle radiation.
    • Evil Magic Zombies — Zombie life forms created by occult experimentation, or “evil magic.”
    • Space Zombies — Zombies that come from space or are created by extraterrestrial toxins (this also includes Zombie Satellites that could pose a threat to SATCOM services like DirecTV)
    • Weaponized Zombies — Zombie life forms engineered through bio-mechanical technology for the purposes of attacking another nation.
    • Symbiant-Induced Zombies — Zombie life forms created after the“introduction of a symbiant life form into an otherwise healthy host.”
    • Vegetarian Zombies — Zombie life forms that cause no threat to humans because they only eat plant life (could nevertheless “cause massive de-forestation or elimination of basic food crops essential to humans [rice, corn, soybeans])”
    • Chicken Zombies (yes, this is real)— Zombies that are essentially old hens that can no longer lay eggs. Farmers euthanize them with carbon monoxide and stack them in piles; however, some of the hens are still alive and crawl out. Though they ultimately die of organ failure, chicken zombies are “simply terrifying to behold” and are likely only to make people become vegetarians in protest of animal cruelty.
    CONPLAN888 consists of multiple striking passages, given this is a government agency assessing a fictitious zombie uprising. More practical factors concern environmental issues such as groundwater contaminated with zombie pathogens.

    Other, more ominous notes, include references to the government declaring martial law within the United States. There is also a reference to epidemiologic surveillance for the purposes of watching changes in disease vectors.

    The government response to a zombie uprising unleashed by a nation-state, large corporation, or terrorist group includes the following additional measures: HAND SANITIZER, which, marketing materials say, kills 99% of germs (they note that hand sanitizer has never been tested on biohazard level 4 pathogens like ebola); and FIREPOWER TO THE HEAD (“the human brain will still be functioning in the zombie state, but it is universally agreed that the only part actually active will be the brain stem”).

    The document’s assessment of zombies states that they are “undead and thus feel no pain or fear of death, (therefore) riot control counter-measures would be completely ineffective.”

    CONPLAN888 references the books and articles The Zombie Survival Guide,World War Z; An Oral History of the Zombie War, and “Zombie Chickens Taking Over California,” among others.

    By Jake Anderson, Anti-Media

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     What (Else) is NASA Hiding From Us On Mars?

    While the Martian conspiracy thickens, an unanticipated clue emerges from the planet’s “soft soil”. Is this the evidence that proves NASA lied to us all along?

    In 2003, the renowned space agency launched its robotic Spirit rover towards Mars. After a successful landing on the Red Planet in 2004, the rover collected precious data until it got stuck in mud. Yes, you heard it well – mud or soft soil on the dusty, arid planet. From 2009 to 2010 NASA tried to free the captive wheels of their precious Spirit, but without success.

    In their attempt to unlock the rover however, the assigned team of scientists stumbled upon the most curious find – traces of water and ice. Yes, NASA already knew about the wet past of Mars, they might even know about the former civilization that inhabited the planet in its distant past for all I know. Check out the picture below showing the trail left behind by Spirit rover stuck in the so-called “soft sand”.

    A white trail is also seen behind the robot. Could it be ice, or is it something else? Well, according to scientists, the white substance is in fact silica, a chemical compound usually found in nature as quartz crystals, but also in various living organisms.

    Albert Yen, a Curiosity science team member at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory explained how the silica ended up there, after Curiosity rover discovered a high concentration of it at some of the investigated sites on Mount Sharp.
    These high-silica compositions are a puzzle. You can boost the concentration of silica either by leaching away other ingredients while leaving the silica behind, or by bringing in silica from somewhere else, Yen said.
    Either of those processes involve water. If we can determine which happened, we’ll learn more about other conditions in those ancient wet environments.”
    This proves NASA knew about water on Mars and its distant and probably inhabited wet environment for at least 6 years, when the first photos from the Spirit rover arrived. As reported in an official article, the discovery came as a surprise, leaving room for heated debate regarding its origins.
    Apart from presenting a puzzle about the history of the region where Curiosity is working, the recent findings on Mount Sharp have intrigued threads linked to what an earlier NASA rover, Spirit, found halfway around Mars.
    Other pictures prove the same – the existence of ancient Martian lakes. So why did they admit about water only recently if they knew about it for so many years? Is the white trail silica, or could it be something else such as permafrost? Are they preparing us for a far greater discovery?


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    Earliest Reference Describes Christ As ‘Magician’

    A team of scientists led by renowned French marine archaeologist Franck Goddio recently announced that they have found a bowl, dating to between the late 2nd century B.C. and the early 1st century A.D., that is engraved with what they believe could be the world’s first known reference to Christ.

    If the word “Christ” refers to the Biblical Jesus Christ, as is speculated, then the discovery may provide evidence that Christianity and paganism at times intertwined in the ancient world.

    The full engraving on the bowl reads, “DIA CHRSTOU O GOISTAIS,” which has been interpreted by the excavation team to mean either, “by Christ the magician” or, “the magician by Christ.”
    “It could very well be a reference to Jesus Christ, in that he was once the primary exponent of white magic,” Goddio, co-founder of the Oxford Center of Maritime Archaeology, said.
    He and his colleagues found the object during an excavation of the underwater ruins of Alexandria’s ancient great harbor. The Egyptian site also includes the now submerged island of Antirhodos, where Cleopatra’s palace may have been located.

    Both Goddio and Egyptologist David Fabre, a member of the European Institute of Submarine Archaeology, think a “magus” could have practiced fortune telling rituals using the bowl. The Book of Matthew refers to “wisemen,” or Magi, believed to have been prevalent in the ancient world.

    According to Fabre, the bowl is also very similar to one depicted in two early Egyptian earthenware statuettes that are thought to show a soothsaying ritual.
    “It has been known in Mesopotamia probably since the 3rd millennium B.C.,” Fabre said. “The soothsayer interprets the forms taken by the oil poured into a cup of water in an interpretation guided by manuals.”
    He added that the individual, or “medium,” then goes into a hallucinatory trance when studying the oil in the cup.
    “They therefore see the divinities, or supernatural beings appear that they call to answer their questions with regard to the future,” he said.
    The magus might then have used the engraving on the bowl to legitimize his supernatural powers by invoking the name of Christ, the scientists theorize.

    Weird science: Top unexplained mysteries Goddio said, “It is very probable that in Alexandria they were aware of the existence of Jesus” and of his associated legendary miracles, such as transforming water into wine, multiplying loaves of bread, conducting miraculous health cures, and the story of the resurrection itself.

    While not discounting the Jesus Christ interpretation, other researchers have offered different possible interpretations for the engraving, which was made on the thin-walled ceramic bowl after it was fired, since slip was removed during the process.

    Bert Smith, a professor of classical archaeology and art at Oxford University, suggests the engraving might be a dedication, or present, made by a certain “Chrestos” belonging to a possible religious association called Ogoistais.

    Klaus Hallof, director of the Institute of Greek inscriptions at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy, added that if Smith’s interpretation proves valid, the word “Ogoistais” could then be connected to known religious groups that worshipped early Greek and Egyptian gods and goddesses, such as Hermes, Athena and Isis.

    Hallof additionally pointed out that historians working at around, or just after, the time of the bowl, such as Strabon and Pausanias, refer to the god “Osogo” or “Ogoa,” so a variation of this might be what’s on the bowl. It is even possible that the bowl refers to both Jesus Christ and Osogo.

    Fabre concluded, “It should be remembered that in Alexandria, paganism, Judaism and Christianity never evolved in isolation. All of these forms of religion (evolved) magical practices that seduced both the humble members of the population and the most well-off classes.”
    “It was in Alexandria where new religious constructions were made to propose solutions to the problem of man, of God’s world,” he added. “Cults of Isis, mysteries of Mithra, and early Christianity bear witness to this.”
    The bowl is currently on public display in the exhibit “Egypt’s Sunken Treasures” at the Matadero Cultural Center in Madrid, Spain, until November 15.

    By Jennifer Viegas, Discovery News

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    Woman’s Mouth Gets Impregnated By Squid

    A 63-year-old South Korean woman discovered that she had become pregnant in the mouth after eating a squid.

    While this may seem ridiculous, a paper by researchers at Kwandong University College of Medicine confirmed that the story is true and went on to explain just how someone could become pregnant after eating a squid.

    “A 63-yr-old Korean woman experienced severe pain in her oral cavity immediately after eating a portion of parboiled squid along with its internal organs,” the study reads. “She did not swallow the portion, but spat it out immediately. She complained of a pricking and foreign-body sensation in the oral cavity. Twelve small, white spindle-shaped, bug-like organisms stuck in the mucous membrane of the tongue, cheek, and gingiva were completely removed, along with the affected mucosa. On the basis of their morphology and the presence of the sperm bag, the foreign bodies were identified as squid spermatophores.”

    The International Business Times describes spermatophores as, “packages that carry semen and other tools that attach themselves to the female squid’s body. Spermatophores are adhesive in some species of squid, which allows them to easily glue onto the surface of the female’s skin.”

    Essentially, the spermatophores released by the squid penetrated the 63-year-old woman’s skin inside of her mouth. Reports say that the woman did not actually ingest the squid but instead spit it out immediately after putting it in her mouth because of a sharp pain. Doctors now say that the sharp pain was likely the squid, which clearly was not entirely dead, penetrating its “ejaculatory apparatus” into the woman’s skin.

    It should be noted that some have decided to call the woman, “New Octomom.” Seems fitting.



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