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Our topics include the formation of the New World Order and the New Age Agenda, popular conspiracy theories.

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    Russia announced today that it would deploy the latest version of its high-tech doomsday plane, the Ilyushin-80, which is designated for use during nuclear war or national emergencies.

    “The flying command center will be able to coordinate the worldwide operations of its ground, naval, air and missile forces, including nuclear weapons, as well as the country’s satellites,” reports Debkafile.

    According to Global Security, the command and control aircraft, also known as the Maxdome, “Is meant to fly the President of Russia and/or surviving authority figures and highest ranking members of the Soviet (now Russian) government to safety in the event of all-out nuclear war.”

    The jet is designed to be used when command infrastructure is disrupted due to nuclear conflict and will be, “permanently staffed with senior generals, operational commanders and technicians,” according to the report.

    It is fitted with an air filtration system that resists radioactive fallout as well as technology that protects against an EMP attack or a nuclear explosion.

    Tensions have continued to build between NATO and the Kremlin since last week’s shoot down of a Russian fighter jet by Turkey.

    As we reported yesterday, Russia is now equipping its Su-34 fighters with air-to-air missiles in preparation for potential dogfights with NATO over Syria.

    By Paul Joseph Watson, InfoWars

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    The chairman of the Security Councils of the United Nations, Raimonda Murmokaite, officially declared from New York on Wednesday that after World War II ended, several countries have declared against the forces called itself Islamic State or ISIS.

    An association of countries was held includes: The U.S, Russia, Germany, France, Iran and Iraq. All member had agreement together to destroy ISIS after they attacked France and Lebanon.

    According to the Security Councils of the UN, the war which involves five countries or more is considered a World War.

    Similarly, the president of Security Councils of the UN announced that ISIS will be attacked in next hours and will not stop until Supreme Commander of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, surrenders.

    The president of the U.S Barack Obama spoke at that this force ( ISIS) is “ the face of evils”. He said that he felt pressured by criticism that he didn’t act enough to beat them, specially after the attack at Paris recently.

    By Helen Cassan Dra, Time Green

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    Amateur star-gazers, UFO hunters and survivalists believe a prophesied encounter between Earth and a large heavenly body known as Nibiru or Planet X will take place by April 2016.

    But the doomsdayers are increasingly certain the collision or catastrophic near miss will happen in December 2015.

    They say an increase in comets, asteroids and natural disasters is down to the incoming planet and claim to hold evidence Governments around the world are secretly preparing for the impending disaster – by amassing coffins and training soldiers to deal with inevitable anarchy in the aftermath.

    A giant asteroid narrowly missed Earth in October and NASA and the European Space agency have admitted preparing a disaster plan for collision with a cosmic missile.

    “As it goes by it's going to grab the crust and flight it up over the North Pole.”

    Gordon James Gianninoto, Alien contactee
    Followers believe the gravitational pull of the massive passing planet will shift the Earth's continents so different countries are over its north and south poles and cause 600ft tidal waves – before the world is battered by rocky satellites following in Nibiru's wake.

    Alien contactee Gordon James Gianninoto said: "As it goes by it's going to grab the crust and flight it up over the North Pole and let go of it – and when it lets go, the North Pole is going to be the eastern tip of Brasil."

    Mr Gianninoto claims China is already preparing for the resulting chaos by building great empty "ghost" cities.

    Other conspiracy theorists claim Puerto Rico is stockpiling body bags and coffins, the US Government has been sending out emergency rations of water and self-heating meals and UN peacekeepers – and even Russian soldiers – are being taught English and training in US military equipment on American soil, so they can work together when disaster strikes.

    The myth – dubbed the Nibiru Cataclysm – dates back to 1976, when writer Zecharia Sitchin claimed that two ancient Middle Eastern cultures – the Babylonians and Sumerians – told of a giant planet – Nibiru – that orbited the Sun every 3,600 years.

    He based this on a translation of Sumerian writing – one of the earliest systems of writing in the world – which is not recognised by other scholars.

    Believers linked this to Planet X – a hypothetical planet astronomers suggested could account for unexplained unusual changes in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune.

    His far-fetched claims of a huge astral body beyond Neptune – somehow missed by NASA and other astronomers – got an unexpected boost when NASA's Infrared Astronomical Satellite found signs of an "unknown object…possibly as large as the giant planet Jupiter and possibly so close to Earth that it would be part of this Solar System" in 1983.

    NASA later explained away all the evidence as being from bodies outside our Solar System – leading to accusations of a cover-up.

    Then, the following year, dinosaur doctors David Raup and Jack Sepkoski published a paper claiming they had discovered a series of mass extinctions – when a large part of life on Earth is wiped out – roughly every 26 million years.

    Two teams of respected astronomers – working independently – came up with startlingly similar theories explaining the cyclical disasters.

    They hypothesised that the Sun has a smaller "companion star" in the far reaches of the Solar System and its slow orbit affects life – and death – on Earth.

    The small red or brown dwarf was dubbed Nemesis or the Death Star.

    Nibiru believers have suggested Planet X may orbit Nemesis rather than the Sun, explaining its distance, orbit – and possible collision course with Earth.

    They have also jumped on claims by a team of astrophysicists from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette that another giant planet – like Jupiter or Saturn – lies in the outer reaches of the Solar System.

    They used the hypothetical planet – dubbed Tyche – to explain the orbits of comets in the Oort Cloud – an icy cloud of debris surrounding the Sun at great distance.

    Self-proclaimed extraterrestrial psychic Nancy Lieder first forecast the astral crash in 1995 – claiming aliens from the Zeta Reticuli star system warned her about it via an implant in her brain.

    She originally claimed Nibiru would strike in 2003 – but the prediction was pushed back when the cosmic wrecking ball failed to materialise.

    Lieder said it would happen in 2012 – matching it to much-publicised doomsday predictions of the ancient American Maya civilisation.

    It again failed to appear – but Lieder's supporters across the Internet are sure it will appear by April and possibly even this month.

    NASA has repeatedly assured Earth's terrified inhabitants that Nibiru is complete fantasy with no scientific basis.If the planet was due to strike or pass Earth this month, even at some distance, it should be visible to the naked eye by now – let alone by all the amateur star gazers across the globe.

    By David Trayner, The Daily Star

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    Two of the most respected figures in Jewish history predicted a world war between Turkey and Russia would lead to Armageddon – sparking fears we are on the edge of total annihilation.

    A Jewish oracle called Elijah ben Shlomo Zalman warned Jews to start preparing for the end of days when Russia captured Crimea shortly before his death in 1797.

    That eerie prophecy – recently uncovered – was fulfilled when Vladimir Putin annexed the region from the Ukraine– to international outrage – last year.

    The mystic, who was known as the Vilna Gaon – "The Saintly Genius of Vilnius"– foretold Russia would then go to war with Turkey – a terrifying possibility which is looking increasingly likely.

    SAINTLY GENIOUS: Yisroel Israel ben Eliezer is one of the most influential Jewish thinkers

    Another sage from the same era – Yisroel Israel ben Eliezer – predicted Russia would team up with Muslims before the final battle.

    Moscow has allied itself with Shiite Muslim Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, the Islamic regime in Iran and Islamist militant group Hezbollah in Syrian civil war.

    The messy conflict is drawing in more and more sworn enemies on opposing sides– including Russia, the US, Iran, Saudi Arabia, France – and now possibly the UK.

    Russia has threatened to use Nuclear weapons against historic rival Turkey after it shot down one of its jets – which could end the world at the push of a button.

    And that's before we mention the Islamic State DEATH CULT.

    TINDERBOX: The downed Russian jet may have sparked World War 3

    Vilna Gaon's prophesy was a closely-guarded secret until his great-grandson – Rabbi Moshe Shternbuch – shared it publicly for the first time last year.

    The wiseman – who grew up in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius before "wandering" Europe to spread his message – said: “When you hear that the Russians have captured the city of Crimea, you should know that the times of the Messiah have started – that his steps are being heard.

    "And when you hear that the Russians have reached the city of Constantinople, you should put on your Shabbat (Sabbath) clothes and don’t take them off – because it means that the Messiah is about to come any minute.”

    Constantinople is now called Istanbul – the largest and most important city in Turkey.

    SCHOLAR: Ben Eliezer AKA Baal Shem Tov

    Ben Eliezer – who is better known as Baal Shem Tov, meaning "The Master of the Good Name"– gave a creepily similar prophesy.

    He is quoted as saying: “The Russians will come – they will come and be together with the sons of Ishmael.”

    The "Sons of Ishmael" are Muslims – who claim descent from Ishmael, first son of Abraham – who is said to buried in Mecca.

    The End Of The world? Russia And Turkey To Fight APOCALYPTIC WAR Predicted 200 Years Ago

    Global security experts say the civil war in Syria is really a power struggle between Saudi Arabia and other Sunni Arab Gulf States and their historic enemy – Shiite Iran.

    ISIS has hijacked the war and is trying its hardest to the West into a fight to the death between Islam and the "Crusader Nations" like America, Britain, France.

    The US and a newly resurgent Russia have ended up on opposite sides of the conflict – and the two have had to hold crisis talks after Moscow bombed Syrian rebels trained and funded by the Americans.

    Nato – which includes Britain and the US – is sworn to defend any individual member attacked.

    Turkey is a member – so if Russia follow through on its threats of retaliation for Turkey's destruction of one its jets near the Turkey-Syrian border, there is real risk of the local conflict spiralling out of control.

    By David Trayner, Daily Star

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    Amid reports that a war between Russia and NATO is imminent, Moscow is already building plans as to who will be its allies in a nuclear confrontation against the Alliance. And yes, Russia has so far picked nuclear-powered allies. A coincidence? Unlikely.

    In an attempt to team up with even more nuclear-powered countries, Russia is seeking to build military ties with Pakistan, according to Bloomberg. The move also appears to be a response to India, Pakistan’s traditional rival, buying more weapons from the United States. Thus, Moscow has just killed two birds with one stone.

    Last week, Moscow and Islamabad signed a historical military cooperation deal. The world community “wants to do business with Pakistan now,” as said by Sergei Shoigu, Russia’s defense minister, after signing the agreement.

    The U.S. has surpassed Russia in being India’s top defense supplies in recent years, which is why Russian President Vladimir Putin feels the need to change his approach in South Asia. Still, Putin is scheduled to visit India in December to meet with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But it is yet unclear whether the Russian President plans to persuade India into halting its expanding military ties with the U.S.

    Earlier in November, the Kremlin announced it will build a second gas pipeline to China, who’s Pakistan’s biggest ally. The move would thus once and for all tilt energy exports toward Asia.

    “China and Russia are also allying themselves, so it’s also one factor why Russia is looking toward Pakistan more cooperatively,” retired Lieutenant General Talat Masood, a former chairman of Pakistan Ordnance Factories, told Bloomberg by phone from Islamabad. “It’s important to be an ally of an ally.

    China, Russia and Pakistan: the world’s new superpower axis 

    Russia and Pakistan are already building plans in counter-terrorism cooperation, increasing port calls of military ships as well as helping stabilize Afghanistan, according to Bloomberg citing ITAR-TASS. During last week’s meeting between Shoigu and Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, the two sides agreed on further steps to boost the $542 million of bilateral trade between the two nations.

    Meanwhile, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently said the country is seeking to modernize its armed forces and become capable of producing its own military equipment, stripping itself off reliance on imports from the U.S. and Russia.

    In August, ValueWalk reported that there were signs of the emergence on a new superpower axis in the world – a triangle between Russia, China and Pakistan. And it seems that there has been significant progress in forming this kind of superpower axis ever since.

    China, Russia and Pakistan are perfect fit for one another for the reason that Moscow is capable of replacing all Western military technology for both Beijing and Islamabad. Besides, Russia has a reputation of being a reliable energy supplies for its allies.

    China, meanwhile, is much more powerful in terms of its economy compared to both Russia and Pakistan. In addition to that, a great amount of foreign exchange reserves are looking to invest and require energy supplies.

    Pakistan, for its part, has a developing economy and requires both military equipment and energy supplies from Russia and protection from China.

    Both Beijing and Moscow see Washington as a challenge to their interests, while they believe it is in their best interests to stop U.S. global dominance. Pakistan, meanwhile, has no significant disagreements with the U.S., but it would not mind to ensure its own safety under the wing of the Chinese and Russians.

    Putin urged to drop nuclear bomb on Turkey, killing 9 mil people

    Putin is willing to use nuclear weapons on Russia’s “enemy number one,” Turkey, according to one of the nation’s leading politicians, as reported by the Daily Star.

    Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the misnamed Liberal Democratic party, urged Putin to destroy Turkish capital of Istanbul, killing over nine million people. Zhirinovsky said Turkey was stupid to shot down a Russian fighter jet on Tuesday, when it violated Turkish airspace.

    “A nuclear attack can destroy Istanbul very easily. Just one nuclear bomb in the Istanbul Strait will wash the city away,” the Russian MP told Moscow Speaking Radio, according to the Daily Star.

    “It would be such a terrible flood, the water would rise to between 10m and 15m and the city would [flood],” he continued and added, “And then there are nine million lives.”

    Zhirinovsky also labeled Turkey as Russia’s “enemy number one.” The comments come after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Russia not to “play with fire,” hinting at NATO’s 5th article, which states that an attack on one Ally shall be considered an attack on all NATO members.
    Russia is ready to use nuclear weapons on Turkey

    The Turkish military shot down the Russian warplane on Tuesday, triggering a furious response from the Kremlin and escalating the already hot tensions between NATO and Russia. With Putin warning NATO of “serious consequences,” analysts believe Moscow is willing to unleash a nuclear war over the incident.

    Despite the fact that Turkey is backed by NATO’s 5th Article, the chances that Putin will start a nuclear war over the incident with the Russian warplane are very “likely,” according to Pavel Felgengauer, Russia’s most respected military analyst, as reported by ValueWalk on Wednesday.

    Felgengauer said Turkey wants to protect a zone in northern Syria controlled by the Turkmens, who are Turkish allies, while the downing of the Russian fighter jet must prompt Putin to either accept the zone or “start a war with Turkey,” which means starting an all-out war with NATO. And the only way Russia could win a war against NATO is by going nuclear, Felgengauer added.

    “It is most likely that it will be war,” said Felgenhauer, as reported by Mirror. “In other words, more fights will follow when Russian planes attack Turkish aircraft in order to protect our [Russia’s] bombers. It is possible that there will be fights between the Russian and Turkish navies at sea.”

    By Polina Tikhonova, ValueWalk

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    Old Secret NASA Photos Stolen By A Hacker… Now Uncovered?!

    NASA is the agency responsible for the space trips and discoveries we hear about on the news. Because of their consistent mentions on social media, it’s hard for them to avoid conspiracy theories spun by people to make the truth either more transparent or hard to grasp.

    But this one probably takes the cake. A photo compilation allegedly taken and stolen from NASA which will probably make you think if the conspiracy theories really are speaking the truth. Press play and see for yourself what some hackers were able to dig out from NASA’s closet of secrets.

    Another skeleton excavated by an explorer which appears to be bigger than the normal human skeleton. Is this another evidence of the existence of the Anunnaki? Another civilization could have been existing even before the human race plagued the Earth. Another puzzle in history that was kept from us. Until now.

    An unearthed structure? Guess again. Found lodged several feet beneath the ground, this could have been a vessel carrying something from another place to ours. A discovery such as this would spark controversy. But what was about this unknown structure that was so important that it was kept a secret from us?

    We apologize in advance for the low resolution of some of these photos. This is the best quality we could find. As you can see most of these photos are very old.

    At first, you would think this was a beat-up fuselage from a plane crash incident. But no. If this photo was kept from people, then this might not be your ordinary plane crash debris. This might not even be a plane! What was once a UFO in what appears to be taken by photograph in the snowy mountains is now on the ground but still remains unidentified.

    What could this vessel be, who was driving it, and where did it come from?

    A fiery comet or meteor blazes across the horizon. This documented shot of yet another UFO brings up a lot of questions: where did it come from? More importantly, where did it land? When you know documented shots like this are kept from you, you know there’s something else going on.

    A fiery comet or meteor blazes across the horizon. This documented shot of yet another UFO brings up a lot of questions: where did it come from? More importantly, where did it land? When you know documented shots like this are kept from you, you know there’s something else going on.

    Skeleton found and excavated by people. Unearthed from probably an old civilization, the Anunnaki. This skeleton is too big to be considered human. So we have yet to know more about them. These giant aliens might have made Earth their home before we did.

    A submarine probes the deep blue and stumbles upon an infrastructure made of rock, bricks, and stone. The way the stones are arranged has a similarity with the Mayan temples or the pyramids in Egypt. But located underwater makes it more intriguing. How did this end up submerged in water? Did they find any signs of life or evidence that it was occupied by living things before it was submerged? They must have found out something. Why else would they keep it a secret?

    Boom! A huge geyser of water is caught on camera as it ensues in an ocean. Surrounding it are a couple of ships. The only probable reason why this happened would be an explosion. An explosion and these ships could be the reason behind it. What were these fleets trying to blow up in the middle of the sea? A creature under the sea? An ancient civilization known only to a few? What could this be that would make it enough for someone to blow it up?

    Hard to make out but if you look closely, this heavily filtered in green photo shows us an infrastructure located in the middle of a mountainous terrain. Such a huge structure left unnoticed by people only means that this can be found in a place where no one usually passes through making it even more suspicious as a secret. What are they keeping from us inside that place?

    Zoom in and see how these golden pieces contain a language unknown to man. These have yet to be deciphered probably. Makes you wonder what these would tell us if only we knew how to read it? Could this reveal something bigger than us? Or is this part of the Scriptures we have invested our lives in today? As if this wasn’t a secret already, now we have to find out what the secret within the secret means.

    Dark, dingy, and probably wet. A tunnel with smooth rock formations on the walls. There’s a hundred chances that this could be on Earth. But if this photo was hidden from the eyes of the public, then there’s a very good chance that this subterranean tunnel would not be found here. But why take a picture of a tunnel? Could this have led to somewhere? Or could this be a cave containing something?

    A vaulted infrastructure made of metal in an icy landscape. Frozen over how many years? I wonder. Could this have been a part of something that was once alive, in full operation? And if so, what did it do? Appears to have no signs of life but enough to keep it a secret from everyone. Places found in unlikely places such as the icy plains always mean something more than what meets the eye.

    An anomaly found and photographed on the side of a cliff or gorge. Rock formations don’t always turn out like this so what could have caused this to happen and show? This could be the result of activities not made by ordinary human beings. Why else would they keep snapshots of these from us?

    A trail of anomalies that appear like a gash on the side of a cliff or gorge. Appears to be charred or blackened rock that could be the result of extraterrestrial or supernatural or paranormal events. We have yet to know more about these places documented in photographs but one thing’s for sure: there’s something more to this than what we see.

    A man is photographed beside a rock wall and on the rock wall, a hole. Where could this hole lead to? An even bigger question was who made it? Experts have yet to explore holes not made by man. Tunnels hidden from prying eyes usually mean that it contains (or contained) something valuable. 

    It’s never a coincidence when you find several holes symmetrical in appearance on the side of a cliff. What could these holes hold for us? Or were they a part of something that a group of people kept from us? We could know more about this if only we knew where it is but it seems a lot of people would go out of their way just to keep this a secret.

    On the left lower corner of this photo is a gear. A blackened, probably petrified, gear. Or it could be a gear of sorts. An authentic petrified gear which would mean that we weren’t the first ones to occupy our planet. How old could this be? Millions? Billions? The ones better suited to answer this would be the ones who discovered it.

    A photograph of a canvass of which appears to be the galaxy dotted with several lights. These blue and red lights could be indicative of stars, planets, or something else. It’s normal for a government agency dealing in space exploration and travel to have shots of the night sky and the space beyond that but why keep it from us?

    This photo contains the same blue and red lights but this time taken as if it was watermarked against a new photo, triangular structures and a couple of surrounding dotted structures smaller than the triangular ones. Why would they have this photo hidden from us? Could this mean something much more than a watermarked photo of two pictures?

    An aerial shot of pyramids in Egypt and smaller structures surrounding it. But if you look back on the previous photos, the conspiracy of it all falls in. Have they been withholding information from us regarding how the lights in the cosmic plane could probably determine the strategic locations of these structures on Earth? Or vice-versa maybe?

    A diagram of the Earth highlighting the central core and the coverage of gravity. Is there any scientific significance to this? Could someone else have been studying the schematics of the only planet we have?

    Cloud formation found on the surface of the Earth. But what could have caused this? Such anomalies have yet to have conclusions drawn from it. But can we hold someone (or something) responsible for this phenomenal event?

    Photo taken in outer space of satellite looming over a cloud formation on the Earth’s surface. This cloud formation could be a result of something bigger than us. This could be the result of extraterrestrial creatures manipulating how Earth behaves.

    We Shape Life

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    The Ministry of Defense (MoD) is reporting today that President Putin has authorized an unprecedented “asymmetric warfare” action, to include “war by proxy”, to destroy the family and government of Turkish President Recep Erdogan in retaliation for the deliberate downing of an Aerospace ForcesSukhoi Su-24M bomber aircraft on 24 November over Syria in a bid to prevent a larger war with the nation of Turkey as a whole.

    According to this MoD report, and as we had previously reported on, the deliberate ambushing and shoot down of this Su-24M was “directed/organized” by rogue elements operating within the Turkish government and United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who were “partners/collaborators” in an oil-for-weapons scheme involving Islamic State terrorists operating in Syria run by Turkey’s President Erdogan’s son Bilal Erdogan.

    Bilal Erdogan, this report continues, is the silent mastermind who has been responsible for converting millions of barrels of Syrian oil controlled by Islamic State terrorists into hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue in a scheme so vast that President Putin described it as a “living oil pipeline” comprised of “vehicles, carrying oil, lined up in a chain going beyond the horizon”.

    With the money earned from this sale of the Islamic States oil, this report notes, American weapons and ammunition were then bought from the CIA and transported back into Syria by Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MİT) to Islamic State terrorists—which was documented and verified by the editor-in-chief of the Turkish Cumhuriyet newspaper who upon the release of this information was ordered arrested yesterday by President Erdogan on treason and espionage charges.

    With Aerospace Forces having destroyed over 1,000 fuel tankers in the week prior to 24 November carrying illegal Islamic State oil into Turkey, MoD analysts in this report state, Bilal Erdogan, along with his MIT and CIA “accomplices” then ordered the “shootdown by ambush” of Russia’s Su24-M bomber aircraft with Turkish Prime Minister, and Erdogan family ally, Ahmet Davutoglu admitting that he personally gave the order to fire on the aircraft—and which was filmed by Islamic State terrorists who knew where and when to “get that exclusive footage”, as reported by Federation Colonel-General Viktor Bondarev.

    To the Western propaganda effort to “disguise/distort” this war crime against the Federation by Turkey, this report says, it has fallen into to many absurdities to count—including the impossibility of this Su24-M being able to fly over Turkish territory at a speed at which if true it had would have fallen from the sky, and which Wikileaks stated about: “Journalists: Learn to do basic maths. Look at Turkey’s statement to UN: 1.15 miles / 17 seconds x 60 x 60 = 243 miles/hour = 391 km/hour”.

    Even worse about the Western propaganda, this report notes, is an obvious Erdogan-MIT-CIA fabricated recording of the alleged warning given to the Su24-M bomber aircraft—but which Turkish authorities have informed the Russian military attache that they did not provide the media with any audio recordings of alleged radio contacts between their F-16 fighter and the downed Russian Su-24M bomber aircraft because they don’t exist.

    To President Putin’s war order against the Erdogan family and regime, this report continues, it has included the obliteration of the Islamic State forces in the area where this plane was downed and now allows Aerospace Forces to shoot down all enemy planes and objects which pose, or can pose, a threat to the serviceman of Russia in Syria.

    And as stated by President Putin to the media this morning, these measures let everyone know clearly that the next time any foreign plane tries to carry out aggression against the Russian Air Force, air base, or the military personnel of Russia in Syria—they will be, without any doubts, immediately destroyed—and the Triumph S-400 air defense missile complex wasn’t just deployed to Syria for appearances.

    With Turkey now massing tanks on their border with Syria, this report continues, President Putin’s war plan against the Erdogan regime also includes the destruction of the Turkish economy and the 1 January 2016 planned suspension of visa-free travel between Russia and Turkey—and, perhaps most dangerously, the immediate deployment to the Kurdish Syrian independent region of Rojava a contingent of Spetsnaz (Special Forces) troops to aid these people in their fight against the Islamic State.

    With Turkey having bombed Kurdish fighters in Iraq and Syria 300 times and Islamic State targets only three, this report notes, the Erdogan regimes greatest fears have been revealed as being against these mainly women and girl Kurdish fighters in Rojava decimating Islamic State terrorists—and who by their success has invigorated the freedom thoughts of Turkey’s own Kurdish minority President Erdogan has vowed to destroy.

    To if the United States would go to war against Russia to protect the Islamic State on the side of Turkey, this report concludes, it appears unlikely after the Obama regime removed all of their military forces Patriot Missiles from Turkish territory leaving that nation defenseless against Federation retaliation if needed.

    And even though not contained in this MoD report, it is worth noting that should the Obama regime engage in war with Russia over the Islamic State, the American fighters entering the battlefield have now become so weak that this past week, the elite US military academy for training officers, West Point, was forced to ban pillow fights and the students at the University of Massachusetts were provided emergency grief counseling after they inadvertently saw a Confederate Battle Flag sticker on someone’s computer.

    EU Times

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    Mizan News Agency:

    The North Korean leader has threatened that Turkey will be nuked by Pyongyang if Ankara takes action against Russia, Ad-Diyar – an Arabic language daily newspaper in Lebanon – quoted informed sources as saying. Kim Jong-un has warned that if Turkey confronts Russia or lends support to ISIS in Syria and Iraq, it will come under nuclear attacks by North Korea, the Lebanese daily added.

    The North Korean leader has also promised to wipe Turkey off the map if Ankara takes part in the Syrian war and cooperates with the US and helps ISIS. That North Korea has talked about regional conflicts such as Iraq and Syria which are battling a war [against ISIS], can be viewed as Pyongyang’s support for Russia in the fight against terrorism, sources say.


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    The entire Arab Spring — from start to finish — was planned in the capitals of the Zio-Anglo-American Axis just as each revolution was manufactured in the various Middle Eastern capitals.

    Every protest and riot throughout the Arab Spring was staged, just as every revolution and civil war had been fabricated in those nations which the Axis powers had targeted for a government overthrow.

    In fact, not a single Arab Spring event has occurred without the fastidious planning and precision coordination of the CIA and MI6, DGSE and MOSSAD. The Western powers not only engineered every rebellion in the Mideast, as they continue to do so, they have been very careful to execute each coup d’état in such a way that the newly installed leaders are always loyal to them, not their respective citizenries.

    Only with this understanding can the current Mideast wars and conflicts, genocides and holocausts, refugee crises and exoduses be comprehended. Looking through the lens of history, particularly the most cataclysmic events of the 20th century, will likewise inform one’s understanding that history is once again repeating itself.

    German Caption Reads: “Crucified Armenian women in the region of Der-es-Zor (Modern-day Syria). Some women were saved – as here in the picture – by Arab Bedouins who took them back down from the cross.” 

    The Execution Plan for the Armenian Genocide Duplicated in Syria

    The preceding photo captured the crucifixion of 16 Armenian girls who were killed by the Young Turks working on behalf of the crypto-Jewish Dönmeh that ruled Turkey at that time. The crypto-Jewish Dönmeh had infiltrated all levels of the Ottoman Empire prior to the engineered election of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the first president of the Turkish Republic. Ataturk has been credited with being the founder of the secular Republic of Turkey in stark contradistinction to the former Ottoman Empire which enjoyed a large Muslim majority as well as sizable Christian population.

    “Dönmeh (Turkish: Dönme) refers to a group of crypto-Jews in the Ottoman Empire who, to escape the inferior condition of dhimmis, converted publicly to Islam, but were said to have retained their beliefs. The movement was historically centered in Salonica.[1] The group originated during and soon after the era of Sabbatai Zevi, a 17th-century Jewish kabbalist who claimed to be the Messiah and eventually converted to Islam in order to escape punishment by the Sultan Mehmed IV. After Zevi’s conversion, a number of Jews followed him into Islam and became the Dönmeh. Since the 20th century, assimilated Dönmeh might have intermarried with other groups and most have assimilated into Turkish society.”[1]

    The primary pretext for the Armenian Genocide was twofold:

    (i) to remove the Armenian population from valuable land which was coveted by the oil companies

    (ii) to scare the Armenian people away from their ancestral lands so that the state and concerned corporations could exploit it without interference. 

    The article linked below presents the back story to this first genocide of the 20th century.

    It is important to be aware that while this fabricated pretext was operative at the time, it was merely a red herring so that the true reasons for the Armenian Genocide would remain secret. That organized genocide, as it turned out, was one of the first series of acts of terrorism directed at an indigenous population within the Middle East in preparation for the formation of the Modern State of Israel. As follows:

    “The international Jewish elite provoked the first world war in order to achieve several goals, including the revolutions in Russia and Germany and the destruction of the Ottoman Empire. In 1917, Great Britain signed the Balfour Declaration, the promise for the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine. British troops could gain control over Palestine and prepared it for the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine. Crypto-Jew Mustafa Kemal Ataturk created a Turkish Republic in order to destroy the Ottoman Empire completely. The Jewish revolutionist Alexander Parvus (who got rich through arms trading) was the financial adviser of the Young Turks and the Jewish Bolsheviks supplied Ataturk with 10 million gold roubles, 45,000 rifles, and 300 machine guns with ammunition. In 1915, the Young Turks committed a genocide against the Armenians, but also against the Greeks and Assyrians. The main reason for the Jewish genocide of the Armenians is that the Jews believe that the Armenians are the Amalekites, the arch enemies of the Israelites (Jews believe they are the descendants of the ancient Israelites). The Turkish government and Jewish groups such as the ADL deny the Armenian genocide, highly likely because the key persons of the Young Turk movement were Jewish, including Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.”[2]

    The relevance of this critical piece of Turkish history should not be underestimated, particularly in light of the stealthily pre-planned Syrian War, as well as the unprovoked Anglo-American war of aggression against Iraq. In both cases it was the extremely strategic geopolitical value of the Northern Levant, which the Anglo-American Axis (AAA) was determined to control, that triggered the unlawful wars. As long as Syrian President Bashar al-Assad remained in power such absolute control over the region would be elusive for the AAA. Similarly, Saddam Hussein had to be removed from power in Iraq for the AAA to exert its hegemonic authority over that nation as well.

    However, it is Syria which is of utmost importance toward the completion of what is known in intelligence circles as the Greater Israel Project. Hence, the Modern State of Israel (MSI) is prominently configured in every aspect of war-making against all the targeted Middle Eastern nations. Not only does such deliberate warmongering advance the multi-decade, covert plan to trigger a Clash of Civilizations leading to a full-blown World War III, each of the wars/conflicts serves to strengthen Israel’s geopolitical position within the Middle East.
    The Greater Israel Project

    The Greater Israel Project lies at the very heart of the AAA’s geopolitical triangulation strategy throughout the Middle East. The United States, the United Kingdom and the Modern State of Israel have collaborated quite closely for well over a century to implement this final phase of destruction of several Mideast nations. Because their once clandestine agenda has now become transparent to the many concerned countries, these 3 nations have become known as the true Axis of Evil in the world today.

    Just as the MSI was born out of terrorism, its methodical expansion through the outright theft of Palestinian land has occurred by way of incessant false flag terror operations. These and many other highly deceptive and destructive tactics have been used against those who rightfully inhabit Palestine, just as they are now being utilized in Syria. The very essence of their ‘Relocation Plan’ is the employment of every form of terror. Just like the Armenian Holocaust was implemented by the same Zionist cabal to scare them away from their communities, which it did, the ISIS and Al Nusra terrorist groups have been set up and enabled to do the very same.

    The purposeful and slow-motion Zionist genocide of the Palestinian people has likewise furthered the cabal’s Greater Israel agenda. Systematically getting rid of those indigenous peoples throughout much of the Middle East is a central component of that agenda. In this particular regard the AAA globalists seek not only to remove the Palestinians from the MSI, but the Syrians from their lands as well. Witness what is perhaps the largest mass migration in modern history of Syrian people to Europe. Irrespective of the fact that the forefathers of Syrians and Palestinians alike have lived in the Mideast for centuries and in Israel over millennia, the Zionist cabal is intent on their removal.

    It is now common knowledge among the world community of nations that the United States, United Kingdom and Israel surreptitiously created ISIS and Al Nusra just as they created Al Qaeda. The blueprint for the formation of these types of synthetic terror organizations came from the CIA’s establishment of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan. By the use of proxy armies of paid mercenaries, which were comprised of ‘Islamist’ guerrilla fighters, the USA was able to defeat the Russian military in Afghanistan. That development, in turn, permitted the Taliban to come into power which merely created another tyranny for the Afghans to deal with.


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    Former Defense Secretary Warns US is Pushing Towards Nuclear Apocalypse

    The United States is on the brink of a new nuclear arms race that will elevate the risk of nuclear apocalypse to Cold War levels, former Secretary of Defense William Perry warned on Thursday.

    Perry, who from 1994 to 1997 served as Pentagon chief under President Bill Clinton, delivered his remarks at an event hosted by the Defense Writers Group
    "We're now at the precipice, maybe I should say the brink, of a new nuclear arms race," he said. "This arms race will be at least as expensive as the arms race we had during the Cold War, which is a lot of money."
    The Pentagon is starting a major overhaul of its nuclear triad, made up of bomber, submarine and intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) nuclear options. Perry called for the breaking of the triad by dismantling the ICBM stockpile.

    ICBMs, he said, "aren't necessary … they're not needed. Any reasonable definition of deterrence will not require that third leg."

    In an August assessment, the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments projects that it will cost more than $700 billion over the next 25 years to recapitalize the nuclear triad.

    Perry said spending that money is foolish considering the United States is both short of cash for other programs and capable of a robust nuclear deterrence already, Defense News reported.

    The risk of nuclear war is exacerbated by the deterioration of the relationship between Moscow and Washington that had been formed after the fall of the Soviet Union. Without clear military-to-military communication between those two nations, the risk of an accidental conflict increases, Perry said.
    "Today – probably I would not have said this 10 years ago – but today we now face the kind of dangers of a nuclear event like we had during the Cold War, an accidental war," he said.

    "I see an imperative: to stop this damn nuclear arms race from accelerating again."

     Sputnik News

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    Allegedly, a dead extraterrestrial humanoid was as found among other charred debris after a fireball exploded in the sky above Ichmul, Yucatan, in Mexico, causing power faults.

    The Yucatan Peninsula was, alarmingly, where a huge asteroid or comet is believed to have struck 65 million years ago, killing off the dinosaurs.

    It is also where several meteors have previously fallen and where many unidentified flying objects (UFOs) have been reported.

    What on Earth Crash-Landed in Mexico?
    “The object reportedly brought mass panic to the rural area after burning in brilliant blue and green colors before crashing.”

    Large fragments were found, including what some people said looked like hollow bits of machinery, plus the charred form that appeared to have two legs.

    Officials later said tests showed that the material was found up of usual meteor composition, but alien investigators remain unconvinced.

    The object exploded in September 2013, but was not widely publicized at the time, further adding to the suspicions of Scott C Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily.

    He posted details of the shocking discovery online.

    He said:
    “Now this was a such a powerful meteor that fell that power everywhere nearby blacked out, but I want to say this looks like ancient alien technology.”
    Look at the body of what looks to be an alien skeleton drone, robot or space suit, because there is no way even an alien body could withstand falling from space and still look this good.
    “The people who found it all over said they found 'parts' all over the ground…they didn’t use the word pieces, which means they thought they looked like technology.”
    Remarking on another picture, he said: “It looks like the helmet for an alien or even more likely an alien robot.”


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    There has been much speculation of the centuries as to the origin of the Voynich manuscript. Written in an unknown language, and containing diagrams of unrecognizable plant species as well as star charts, some have speculated that it was written by a stranded alien who wanted to leave something for his fellow aliens to find when the came looking for him.

    First brought to modern attention when the manuscript was bought by antique dealer Wilfrid Voynich in 1912, the strange language in the book has been tried to be deciphered by the top code breakers of WWI, and WWII. People are still trying to decipher it to no avail.

    The writing is said to contain about 25 different “letters”, are written left to right, and have (through analysis) been determined to have been written fluently as if the author knew the language (as opposed to someone translating from a cypher who would have stopped between every word).

     The origin of the book is unknown, although carbon dating of the vellum pages puts their creation between 1404 and 1438. Also, the McCrone Research Institute in Chicago declared that the paints used in the manuscript were derived from materials commonly used during that period of European history.

    When Voynich purchased the manuscript, there was a letter inside the cover that read:

    “Reverend and Distinguished Sir, Father in Christ:

    This book, bequeathed to me by an intimate friend, I destined for you, my very dear Athanasius, as soon as it came into my possession, for I was convinced that it could be read by no one except yourself.

    The former owner of this book asked your opinion by letter, copying and sending you a portion of the book from which he believed you would be able to read the remainder, but he at that time refused to send the book itself. To its deciphering he devoted unflagging toil, as is apparent from attempts of his which I send you herewith, and he relinquished hope only with his life. But his toil was in vain, for such Sphinxes as these obey no one but their master, Kircher. Accept now this token, such as it is and long overdue though it be, of my affection for you, and burst through its bars, if there are any, with your wonted success.

    Dr. Raphael, a tutor in the Bohemian language to Ferdinand III, then King of Bohemia, told me the said book belonged to the Emperor Rudolph and that he presented to the bearer who brought him the book 600 ducats. He believed the author was Roger Bacon, the Englishman. On this point I suspend judgement; it is your place to define for us what view we should take thereon, to whose favor and kindness I unreservedly commit myself and remain

    At the command of your Reverence,

    Joannes Marcus Marci of Cronland

    Prague, 19th August, 1666” This seems to show that the origin of the manuscript was already a mystery in the mid 1600’s.

    Some have theorized that the manuscript was actually written by an extraterrestrial that [supposedly] crashed on earth and wanted to leave a record of its being here to anyone from its home planet who may eventually make it to earth.

    After crash landing on earth, and realizing that humans in the 1400’s did not posses the technology to help this alien get home, the lost traveler instead decided to chronicle their crash and remaining life on earth in a manuscript that may one day be return to the creatures home world.

    This would allow its decedents to have some closure on the events that led to the disappearance of their ancestor. The unrecognizable flora in the diagrams would be to allow easy identification of the source of the manuscript to other aliens who knew of our travelers home world.

    What do you think the origin of the Voynich manuscript is?

    The Truth Hunter

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    An image taken at the Macedonian border shows Muslim migrants holding up a banner which reads “open or die” before they proceeded to attack police with stones, according to reports.

    Slovenske Novice featured the image, explaining that 200 migrants attempted to break through a wire fence during a confrontation with police and border guards.

    “Some protesters threw stones at police, while others were screaming “We want to Germany!” And “Open the borders!” states the report.

    According to, the migrants also chanted “Allahu Akbar” during the confrontation.

    Hundreds of migrants are stuck in Greece after Macedonia imposed stricter border controls, mandating that only refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan would be allowed to pass through on their way to countries in northern Europe.

    Meanwhile, it has been revealed that two of the terrorists involved in the Paris massacre were recruited by one of the ringleaders of the plot in Hungary after arriving as refugees.

    “Salah Abdeslam, who remains on the run from European authorities, is believed to have visited Budapest’s Keleti station, then left the country with the team he pulled together,” reports the Daily Mail.

    “The development comes as evidence grows that ISIS jihadis are passing through Greece and the Balkans hidden among refugees fleeing the Syrian conflict.”

    In a related development, an 18-year-old asylum seeker was arrested in the Netherlands after he reportedly told other refugees that he fought alongside Al-Qaeda and ISIS in Syria.

    “Dutch police arrested the man on Monday after he applied for asylum in October,” reports YNet News.

    By Paul Joseph Watson, INFOWARS

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    Checkout the video beneath in which cyber security master Gary Miliefskynt cautions that "the main 10 spotlight applications are all malware.

    500,000,000 People Infected: Here’s Why You Absolutely Need To Uninstall Your Phone’s Flashlight App!

    They're vindictive, they're spying, they're snooping and they're taking."

    The most aggravating actuality is that "500,000,000 individuals are contaminated and they don't have any acquaintance with it." This data is a genuine eye-opener —

    Please watch and SHARE to help your family and companions secure them.



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    German Vice Chancellor and SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel warned the Gulf state against financing religious extremists in his country and called for a decisive approach against radical mosques, German media reported.

    The German politician "made it clear that the time of looking away is over" and warned Saudi Arabia not to support Wahhabi mosques in countries abroad, including Germany.
    "Saudi Arabia is financing Wahhabi mosques throughout the world. Many Islamist instigators in Germany come from these communities," the SPD leader told "Bild am Sonntag".

    According to the politician, Saudi Arabia plays a key role in the resolution of a number of regional conflicts. However, it doesn’t mean that Germany will tolerate its activities aimed at backing radical extremists.

    Gabriel stressed the necessity to work out a decisive strategy against fundamentalist mosques.
    “This radical fundamentalism, which takes place in Salafist mosques, is no less dangerous than the right-wing extremism," Gabriel said. "We have to adopt the same approach to the Salafists as to right-wing violent criminals," the politician added.
    Earlier, SPD parliamentary leader Thomas Oppermann warned against the spread of Wahhabism in Germany. Taking into account possible financing of mosques by Saudi Arabia, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution should closely monitor such activities, he told the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag.

    Sputnik News

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    Russia Begins Transport Of Saudi Arabia’s Mysterious “Ark of Gabriel” To Antarctica

    A mind-boggling report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) states that the sudden launching yesterday by Aerospace Forces (AF) of two satellites are for the protection of the Federation naval research vessel Admiral Vladimisky—which has just departed the Saudi Arabian Port of Jeddah after taking on board a mysterious object described as the “Ark of Gabriel” whose importance is deemed so vital that President Putin has further ordered naval warships guided missile cruiser Varyag, the Sovremennyy-class destroyer Bystry, Boris Chilikin-class fleet oiler Boris Butoma, and the powerful salvage tug Alatau that upon the ending of their current mission in India, they are to rendezvous with the Admiral Vladimisky in the Southern Ocean providing it protection as it sails to Antarctica.

    According to this report, the unprecedented mission being undertaken by the Admiral Vladimisky research vessel began on 6 November when it departed from Kronstadt on the Federation’s first Antarctica expedition in 30 years—and described by the MoD as having such “critical military-religious” significance its cargo includes capsules with Russian soil which will be placed in the areas of military glory and burial sites of Russian sailors at selected ports of call. To what spurred this astonishing mission, this report explains, was the contacting on 25 September of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow by representatives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, regarding a mysterious ancient “device/weapon” discovered under the Masjid al-Haram Mosque (Grand Mosque) during what has turned into a very controversial construction project begun in 2014.

    Photo of construction being done at Islam’s holiest site, the Grand Mosque in Mecca

    Gravely raising the concerns of the Grand Mosque emissaries, this report continues, was when this mysterious “device/weapon” was discovered on 12 September by a 15-man tunnel digging crew—and who in their attempting to remove it were instantly killed by a massive “plasma emission” so powerful it ejected from the ground toppling a construction crane killing, at least, another 107 people. Catastrophically worse, this report notes, was that barely a fortnight after the first attempt to remove this mysterious “device/weapon” was made on 12 September, another attempt was made on 24 September which killed over 4,000 due to another massive “plasma emission” which put tens-of-thousands in panic—but which Saudi officials then blamed on a stampede.

    12 September “plasma emission” over Grand Mosque

    Aftermath of 24 September “plasma emission” over Grand Mosque

    After the catastrophic death toll involved with the Saudi’s second attempt to remove this mysterious “device/weapon”, this report says, His Holiness Patriarch Kirill was then contacted by the Grand Mosque emissaries in regards to one of the oldest Islamic manuscripts possessed by the Russian Orthodox Church that was saved from the Roman Catholic Crusaders in 1204 when they sacked the Church of Holy Wisdom (now known as Hagia Sophia) in Constantinople (present day Istanbul, Turkey) titled “Gabriel’s Instructions To Muhammad”.

    Important to note, this report explains, and virtually unknown in the West, were that the Roman Catholic Crusades (and like they mirror today) were not only against the peoples of Islamic faith, but also against those having Russian Orthodox faith too—and why, during these crusades, the Russian Orthodox Church not only protected their own religious libraries from being destroyed, but also those belonging to Muslims. As to the contents of this ancient Islamic manuscript, “Gabriel’s Instructions To Muhammad”, this report briefly notes, it centers around a group of instructions given to Muhammad by the Angel Gabriel in a cave called Hira, located on the mountain called Jabal an-Nour, near Mecca, wherein this heavenly being entrusted into Muhammad’s care a “box/ark” of “immense power” he was forbidden to use as it belonged to God only and was, instead, to be buried in a shrine at the “place of worship the Angels used before the creation of man” until its future uncovering in the days of Yawm al-Qīyāmah, or Qiyâmah, which means literally “Day of the Resurrection”.

    Though this MoD report mentions virtually nothing about the conversations held between His Holiness Patriarch Kirill and the emissaries of the Grand Mosque in regards to this mysterious “weapon/device”, it does stunningly acknowledge that when President Putin was first informed about this grave situation, on 27 September, he not only immediately ordered the mission to Antarctica for the Admiral Vladimisky research vessel, he, also, further ordered 3 days later, on 30 September, Aerospace Forces to begin bombing Islamic State terrorists and targets in Syria.

    As to what this mysterious “weapon/device” actually is we are not allowed to report on due to the strictures we have to abide by in being allowed to publish even the merest glimpses of what happens behind Kremlin walls we are currently permitted to do. This also pertains to why Russia is helping Saudi Arabia move it to Antarctica—but with both of these nations soon to be at war with the fascist governments of the West, one need only watch the following video [or click HERE] of some of Russia’s top military officers explaining what they know of Antarctica, and its past, to figure out for oneself how critical, indeed, these times really are that we are living in.


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    Was the attack on Pearl Harbor allowed to happen to get the US into war when the people of the country were against it?

    Did F.D.R. know ahead of time the upcoming attack on Hawaii by the Japanese?

    Yesterday, December 7th, 1941: A date which will live in infamy.” – F.D.R.

    1945 Life Magazine: Franklin Roosevelt (FDR) Knew Japan Would Attack Pearl Harbor

    FDR and The Pearl Harbor Conspiracy – Secret Tapes Revealed 

    Conspiracy? FDR and Pearl Harbor 


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    A RUSSIAN ‘Doomsday’ plane which is used in the event of nuclear war and is ‘invisible’ could be ready to launch in the next TWO WEEKS.

    Vladimir Putin’s military super-plane is designed to maintain full control over Russia’s armed forces in the event of a devastating conflict.

    Russia Prepares For NUCLEAR WAR with Launch of ‘Invincible’ Doomsday Plane

    Tests for flying the airborne strategic command center aboard a modified Ilyushin Il-80 aircraft have already taken place.

    Despite military experts saying the multimillion weapon will not be ready for operations until the end of 2015, it’s reported Mr Putin has ordered for it to be ready in just two weeks time as tensions flare between Russia and Turkey.

    The plane will carry senior generals, officers and a crew of technicians, who will be scrambled, when bases on the ground are threatened.

    Boasting improved function and survivability, the unit will be able to mastermind Russia’s offensive from the air as the generals on board order the army, navy, air and missile forces.

    Russia and the US are the only two nations in the world who possess a weapon of this kind.

    Aleksandr Komyakov, director general of the research and production enterprise which designed the equipment for the command center, says the Il-80’s main advantage is its “invincibility.”

    He said: “While command installations with known ground positions could be eliminated, an airborne command post is a target hard to disable because it shifts continuously. The Americans call this type of aircraft “doomsday planes.”

    He explained their main task is “establishing communications networks in extremely unfavorable circumstances – with ground infrastructure missing or destroyed.”

    Efforts to get the super weapon ready come as Russia bombs more than 1,000 terrorist targets in Syria and accused Turkey of shooting down a Russian plane to hide Turkish links ISIS’s illegal oil trade.

    As tensions escalate in the Middle East, Russia blew up an oil tanker believed to be carrying oil belonging to ISIS-otherwise known as Daesh as it was revealed Israel has been quietly testing ways of defeating Russia’s air defense system.

    Putin has also deployed a super-weapon to Syria in revenge for Tukey shooting down the Russian fighter jet. An arsenal of S-400 anti-aircraft missiles have been stationed in Latakia, Syria in a bold statement by Mr Putin.The anti-aircraft system pose a threat to both terrorists and coalition aircraft as only America’s most sophisticated stealth aircraft can evade the S-400’s radar.

    By Katie Mansfield, EXPRESS

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    US Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Ukraine is a sign that the US is preparing for World War III against Russia, via escalating tensions with Ukraine, a political analyst and journalist has claimed. 

    U.S. Is Preparing World War III Against Russia, Says Journalist

    Investigative journalist and political analyst, Joachim Hagopian, says that Biden’s visit to Ukraine on Sunday is an attempt to reassure the Kiev puppet ally government that the US is standing behind them, ready for World War III against Russia.
    “I think that we are seeing polarization and a movement towards more confrontation, unfortunately, and I think that this Biden visit to Ukraine is the same [as] ‘you know, we are going to be there for you when World War III starts, we are going to be fighting right alongside you’,” he told Iranian State media. reports:

    Biden is expected to focus on resolving the conflict in eastern Ukraine even as world leaders have turned their attention to fighting Daesh terrorists, a senior US official said.

    The conflict in eastern Ukraine broke out last year following a referendum in the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea, in which people voted overwhelmingly for reunification with Russia.

    Energy: Russia’s winning card

    Elsewhere in his comments, Hagopian said that Russia’s vast natural energy resources act as a very effective deterrent against the West’s constant push for military confrontation.

    Countries like Turkey and Ukraine who have opted for confronting Russia on different issues are now having major concerns over the future of their energy ties with Russia who is one of their main suppliers, the analyst added.

    It was announced in July that a purported “price dispute” prompted Moscow to cut off the gas flow to Ukraine, something analysts describe as a consequence of Ukraine’s military escalation against pro-Russian forces in the country’s eastern parts.

    Turkey is also on the verge of losing access to Russia’s huge energy resources after shooting down a Russian jet over Syria. Russia supplies half of Turkey’s gas and about 10 percent of its oil.

    They “shot themselves in the foot” and have become “puppets” of Washington in exchange for energy supplies, Hagopian stated.

    By Sean Adl-Tabatabai, Your News Wire

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    According to the Ancient Astronaut theory, in the distant past, before the dawn of civilizations, intelligent extraterrestrial beings tampered human DNA on Earth to create mankind as we know it.

    According to numerous theories which seem ever more possible in recent years, ancient mankind was genetically manipulated in the past.

    Without this genetic manipulation, which explains the abrupt rise in human intelligence and fast development, civilization as we know it would probably still not exist today. This is the missing link in the history of mankind.

    According to many authors, the Ancient Anunnaki were responsible for mankind’s ‘little push’ that accelerated the development of intelligent beings on Earth.

    Aliens Genetically Engineered Mankind

    One of the best pieces of evidence that supports the theory that mankind was genetically manipulated in the past by a species of intelligent Aliens is the blood type group Rh Negative.

    Humans have four possible general blood types: A, B, AB and O; this classification is derived, according to scientists, from proteins which are found on the surface of cells which are designed to fight off bacteria and viruses in the human body.

    The vast majority of human’s beings on this planet have these proteins which means they are Rh positive.

    But a minor group, the Rh Negative lacks these proteins. So how is this crucial difference explained scientifically? And why does it even exist?

    Throughout the years, several scientific studies have searched for this answer.

    According to investigators, this would explain why Rh negative mothers do not tolerate fetuses with RH Positive blood; thus, this radical, hard-to-explain, by most natural laws intolerance could derive from an ancient genetic modification why Rh positive and Rh negative groups tend to “repel” each other instead of merging.

    According to this scientific theory, in the distant past, extraterrestrial beings visited the Earth and created, through “genetic manipulation,” the Rh Negative with an intention of creating a race of “slaves”. 

    The Rh negative would be part of the legacy that the Anunnaki left on Earth.

    Interestingly, the negative RH strain is characteristic, for example, of the British royal family, which has generated controversial theories about a possible extraterrestrial lineage.

    Although this hypothesis has not been confirmed, the disturbing questions it generates floats in the air: how would we react to the fact that a small portion of the Earth’s population has a genetic code that has been altered in the distant past by highly advanced extraterrestrial beings?

    Genesis 6:4 “God came into the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, and the same became mighty of old.”

    From the King James Bible: “menchildren – men of Israel, male children of God, not children of man – Ex. 34:23.”

    Ex. 34:7 states “The iniquity of the father will be unto the children unto the fourth generation.”

    Earth We Are One

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