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Our topics include the formation of the New World Order and the New Age Agenda, popular conspiracy theories.

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    Russia Retaliation Begins – Ferocious Bombings and Cruise Missile Attacks Ongoing

    Russia HAS begun retaliating for the death of its downed pilot by engaging in ferocious attacks of Syrian Rebels along the border with Turkey. Dozens of aircraft and cruise missiles inbound right now. IT is a ferocious onslaught!

    In Syria, just across the border from Turkey, is a group of people who refer to themselves as “Turkmen.” They are an ethnic minority in Syria, but have been there for ages.

    Who are the Turkmen?

    Turkmen (not to be confused with people from Turkmenistan) are spread across several Middle Eastern countries but are mostly concentrated in Syria and Iraq. Their total population is thought to range from 1.5 to 3.5 million, though reliable estimates are hard to come by. Of those, somewhere in the range of 100,000 to 200,000 likely live in Syria, mostly in the country’s north near the Turkish border.

    The Turkmen arrived in what’s now Syria centuries ago, as various different Turkic empires — first the Seljuks, then the Ottomans — encouraged Turkish migration into the territory to counterbalance the local Arab majority. Under Bashar al-Assad’s rule, the mostly Sunni Muslim Turkmen in Syria were an oppressed minority, denied even the right to teach their own children in their own language (a Turkish dialect).

    However, the Turkmen didn’t immediately join the anti-Assad uprising in 2011. Instead, they were goaded into it by both sides. Assad persecuted them, treating them as a potential conduit for Turkish involvement in the Syrian civil war. Turkey, a longtime enemy of Assad, encouraged the Turkmen to oppose him with force. Pushed in the same direction by two major powers, the Turkmen officially joined the armed opposition in 2012.

    Since then, they’ve gotten deeply involved in the civil war, receiving significant amounts of military aid from Ankara. Their location has brought them into conflict with the Assad regime, ISIS, and even the Western-backed Kurdish rebels (whom Turkey sees as a threat given its longstanding struggle with its own Kurdish population). Today, the Syrian Turkmen Brigades — the dominant Turkmen military faction — boast as many as 10,000 fighters, per the BBC, though the real number could be much lower.

    The Turkmen role in the conflict has put them directly in Russia’s crosshairs. The Russians, contrary to their stated goal of fighting ISIS, have directed most of their military efforts to helping Assad’s forces fight rebels. The Turkmen have clashed repeatedly with Assad and his allies in the north — which led to Russian planes targeting Turkmen militants last week.

    Turkey was not happy, and called in the Russian ambassador to register its disapproval. “It was stressed that the Russian side’s actions were not a fight against terror, but they bombed civilian Turkmen villages and this could lead to serious consequences,” the Turkish foreign ministry said in a description of the meeting provided to Reuters.

    And indeed, something “serious” happened Tuesday morning, when Turkish fighter planes shot down the Russian warplane. Turkey claimed the attack happened because the Russian plane violated its airspace, a claim that seems quite plausible. That might well be all that’s going on here.

    But it’s also possible that the Turkish actions were influenced by Russia’s attack on the Turkmen. The Russian plane appeared to have been flying over Syrian Turkmen territory at one point. It’s possible that the Turks were, at least in part, attempting to send a message about Russian aggression in Turkmen territory.

    “In recent days, thousands of civilians have fled over the border, saying they feared Russian bombing raids in support of regime forces in [a Turkmen-populated] area … the clash that led to the downing of the Russian jet today may be connected to that fighting,” Telegraph Middle East correspondents Louisa Loveluck and Richard Spencer write.

    This would be consistent with what we’ve been hearing from Turkish officials recently. “Turkish media and officials have for weeks highlighted the plight of Syria’s small ethnic Turkmen population,” BuzzFeed’s Borzou Daragahi writes. One Turkish official, according to a report in Turkey’s Hurriyet newspaper, told Russian officials that “Turkey won’t be indifferent to attacks targeting the life security of Turkmen.”

    Regardless of whether that was a motivating factor behind Turkey’s actions on Tuesday, one thing is for sure: The Turkmen are clearly a growing source of tension between Russia and Syria, making them yet another complication in Syria’s already-complicated civil war.


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    What On Earth Is Going On On This Bizarre Video Of A Middle Eastern ‘Sand River’?

    You probably associate the Middle East with dust storms more than hail storms, but the area has witnessed some freak weather in the past month. Iraqis have reported hailstones the size of golf balls and heavy rain storms raged for days throughout early to mid November, leading Iraq to declare a state of emergency.

    As the country’s war-torn and unprepared infrastructure has struggled to cope with these extreme weather conditions, a truly bizarre video has emerged on the Internet. The footage, below, shows a river of ice water and hail stones flowing through the Arabian Desert in mid-November 2015.


    By Tom Hale , ILFScience

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    NASA-funded Study Finds: Dozens Of Advanced Ancient Civilizations Collapsed Before Us

    Is it possible that just like many other advanced civilizations in the past, ours too is heading towards an impending collapse? Is the collapse of society imminent? These are some of the questions a study from NASA aims at answering. The study, partly sponsored by the Goddard Space Flight Center suggests that civilizations as we know it could come to an abrupt end in the coming decades due to a number of factors.

    If we look back in history, 3000 – 5000 years, we will find a historical record that clearly shows us how advanced and complex civilizations were just as susceptible to collapse as we are today. This ongoing pattern has led researchers to question the future existence of society and civilization as we know.

    If we were to look back further back in time, over 10,000 years, we would encounter evidence of advanced civilizations that possibly predate the Pre-Inca, Olmec, and Ancient Egyptian civilization, not to mention other advanced ancient civilizations in ancient Mesopotamia.

    It is difficult to overlook the repeating patterns identified by scholars in most of these civilizations and the NASA funded study is clear evidence of the path ancient civilizations on EArth have taken for thousands of years. This is considered by many people as a sign that clearly states that ancient civilizations have reset a number of times.

    These factors have kept on repeating themselves and have been the culprit for ancient civilizations before us. In the report, applied mathematician Safa Motesharri and his “Human and Nature Dynamical” model claims that “the process of rise-and-collapse is actually a recurrent cycle found throughout history.”

    “The fall of the Roman Empire, and the equally (if not more) advanced Han, Mauryan, and Gupta Empires, as well as so many advanced Mesopotamian Empires, are all testimony to the fact that advanced, sophisticated, complex, and creative civilizations can be both fragile and impermanent.”

    The study came to the conclusion that there are two key social features that contributed to the collapse of every single advanced civilization from the past: “the stretching of resources due to the strain placed on the ecological carrying capacity”; and “the economic stratification of society into Elites [rich] and Masses (or “Commoners”) [poor]” These social phenomena have played “a central role in the character or in the process of the collapse,” in all such cases over “the last five thousand years.”

    Even though our civilizations is at a very advanced technological stage, this does not necessarily mean that we are saved from imminent chaos. In the study we find that “Technological change can raise the efficiency of resource use, but it also tends to raise both per capita resource consumption and the scale of resource extraction, so that, absent policy effects, the increases in consumption often compensate for the increased efficiency of resource use.”

    One of the best examples of advanced ancient civilizations disappearing can be found in Mesoamerica.

    If we take a look at the ancient Maya who were an extremely advanced ancient civilization we find that several factors played a crucial role for this once great empire to crumble eventually. While most researchers would agree that Deforestation, Famine and Drought where some of the key components in the failure of the ancient Maya, we find a similar pattern in other civilizations, not only I the Americas, but around the globe.

    Motesharrei and his colleagues conclude that under conditions “closely reflecting the reality of the world today… we find that collapse is difficult to avoid.” In the first of these scenarios, civilization:
    “…. appears to be on a sustainable path for quite a long time, but even using an optimal depletion rate and starting with a very small number of Elites, the Elites eventually consume too much, resulting in a famine among Commoners that eventually causes the collapse of society. It is important to note that this Type-L collapse is due to an inequality-induced famine that causes a loss of workers, rather than a collapse of Nature.”
    A video that complements the article


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    BREAKING: Russia Strikes Turkey Convoy, 7 Dead – Putin’s Revenge

    Russian warplanes bombed a Turkish truck convoy at the Syrian border on Wednesday amid increasing tensions between the two countries over Turkey’s downing of a Russian jet.


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    Eucharistic Miracle Under Investigation After Host Bleeds On Third Day

    "[W]e can use this time to renew our faith and devotion in ... the Real Presence of Jesus Christ that takes place at every Mass."

    SALT LAKE CITY ( - A possible eucharistic miracle in the diocese of Salt Lake City, Utah is now under investigation.

    Last week during Holy Communion at St. Francis Xavier parish in Salt Lake City, a consecrated Host was given to a child who had not yet made his First Communion. The child's mother informed the priest presiding and returned the Host to him.

    The priest, adhering to canon law, then took the consecrated Host and placed it in a container of water to dissolve. Three days later the consecrated Host began to bleed.

    As word spread, people quickly began arriving at the parish to adore the Host for a short time. The bleeding Host is now in the possession of diocesan officials who will investigate the possible miracle.

    The head of the investigation committee, Msgr. M. Francis Mannion, issued the following statement:
    Recently, reports of a bleeding host at St. Francis Xavier Church in Kearns have been circulating within the diocese. Monsignor Colin F. Bircumshaw, Diocesan Administrator, has appointed an ad hoc committee of individuals with various backgrounds to investigate the matter. The work of the committee is now underway. The results will be made public.

    The Host is now in the custody of the Diocesan Administrator. Contrary to rumor, there are no current plans for public exposition or adoration.

    Whatever the outcome of the investigation, we can use this time to renew our faith and devotion in the greatest miracle — the Real Presence of Jesus Christ that takes place at every Mass.
    There is currently no estimated time for the length of the investigation.
    By Matthew Pearson, Church Militant

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    Saudi Arabia is planning to execute more than 50 people, found guilty of terrorism, in a single day. The move was immediately slammed by Amnesty International, which said the Saudis are “using the guise of counter-terrorism to settle political scores.”

    The information about executions was recently released in Saudi media, which said that up to 55 ‘Al-Qaeda terrorists’ and 'criminals' from the town of Awamiyya will be executed in the next few days. However, it hasn’t been specified when and how exactly the executions will take place. Awamiya, in Eastern Province where the authorities suppressed protests in 2011, has a predominantly Shiite population. According to sources, the executions may be carried out after Friday prayers.

    Reuters cited the Saudi Okaz newspaper as saying these 55 people are accused of sedition, attacks on security officials, and attempts to overthrow the government and carry out attacks by using explosives and surface-to-air missiles. According to Okaz, those on death row have killed more than 100 civilians and 71 security personnel.

    One of the prisoners is accused of attempting to buy nuclear material in Yemen worth $1.5 million for use inside Saudi Arabia.

    The Saudi plan has been slammed by Amnesty, which said that executing dozens of people“in a single day would mark a dizzying descent to yet another outrageous low for Saudi Arabia.”

    “Saudi Arabia’s macabre spike in executions this year, coupled with the secretive and arbitrary nature of court decisions and executions in the kingdom, leave us no option but to take these latest warning signs very seriously,” said James Lynch, deputy director of the Middle East and North Africa Program at Amnesty International.

    Earlier the mothers of five teenagers who are among those on death row implored King Salman to show clemency.

    “The sentences handed down to our children are unique in the history of Saudi justice,” the statement from the mothers said.

    “They were based on confessions extracted under torture, trials that barred them from accessing defense counsel, and judges that displayed bias towards the prosecution.”

    This year has seen a sharp increase in the number of executions in the Kingdom. About 150 people have already been put to death. This is already a 26-percent increase on 2014.

    The number of executions in 2015 is catching up with the Kingdom’s all-time annual record of 192, which was documented by Amnesty International in 1995. The watchdog has been scathing of the Kingdom’s human rights record, saying they “fall far short” of global norms.


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    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned that Turkey will happily fire on more planes that dare to enter its airspace in the future, following the downing of the Russian Su-24 jet on Tuesday. 
    “If another violation of our aerial border happens, we can respond in the same way,” he said defiantly. “The plane was shot down within the rules of engagement announced earlier.” reports:

    On Tuesday, a Turkish F-16 fighter jet fired at and downed a Russian warplane conducting a combat mission in Syria. Ankara maintains the Russian Su-24 bomber crossed the border and remained in Turkish airspace for 17 seconds.

    Russia denies any violations. It also rejects Turkey’s claims that its military repeatedly warned the pilots of the Russian jet before attacking it.

    “We still haven’t heard any apologies from the leadership of Turkey, nor have we heard any proposal to compensate damages or to hold those responsible for this heinous crimes to account,” said Vladimir Putin during an official address in Moscow.


    Erdogan rejected Moscow’s grievances.

    “I think if there is a party that needs to apologize, it is not us,” he told CNN. “Those who violated our airspace are the ones who need to apologize.”

    Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu told fellow members of his AK Party that he had personally authorized the rules of engagement.

    “We have mentioned that we would take all the necessary precautions needed if these developments result in violation of Turkish airspace,” Davutoğlu said. “The orders to my armed forces were given by me during a meeting.”

    He added that Turkey’s policy towards interloping foreign aircraft “had been explained at the highest level. We gave all necessary warnings. We told the Russians that military aircraft may be attacked.”

    The incident has caused the worst deterioration of Russian-Turkish relations in decades. Moscow accused the Turkish government of staging a premeditated provocation.

    Aggravating the rift is the death of two Russian troops in the incident. The pilot of the downed jet was gunned down by fighters of a Turkey-supported militant group as he was parachuting to the ground. And a marine was killed when a Russian helicopter sent to rescue the crew came under fire from the ground. The helicopter was damaged and forced to land, after which the abandoned aircraft was destroyed by an anti-tank missile.


    Davutoğlu blasted Russian anti-terrorist operations in northern Syria, saying Russian airstrikes target civilians not terrorists.

    “There are no terrorists there. Airstrikes in Bayırbucak cannot be justified by the fight against IS. We cannot turn a blind eye on the fact that civilians come under attack under the guise of fighting against IS. These attacks must be stopped,” he said referring to the terrorist group Islamic State, which Ankara claims to be fighting against as part of a US-led coalition.

    Russia insists there is a presence of foreign jihadist fighters in the region as well as elements of terrorist infrastructure. Moscow believes Ankara is shielding terrorist forces in Syria with the goal of continuing to smuggle oil across the border.

    “Turkey’s actions are de facto protection of Islamic State,” Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Wednesday.“This is no surprise, considering the information we have about the direct financial interest of some Turkish officials relating to the supply of oil products refined by plants controlled by ISIS.”

    The Turkish PM said Ankara wants to maintain ties with Russia despite the incident. 
    By  Sean Adl-Tabatabai, Your News Wire

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    Turkey downed the Russian Su-24 Fencer bomber over Syria in response to the destruction of hundreds of semi-truck oil tankers sent to Turkey from Syria by the Islamic State, Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi said.

    The information minister said that oil smuggled into Turkey was bought by the Turkish president’s son, who owns an oil company.

    Turkey Downed Su-24 to Revenge President's Son Disrupted Oil Business
    “All of the oil was delivered to a company that belongs to the son of Recep [Tayyip] Erdogan. This is why Turkey became anxious when Russia began delivering airstrikes against the IS infrastructure and destroyed more than 500 trucks with oil already. This really got on Erdogan and his company’s nerves. They’re importing not only oil, but wheat and historic artefacts as well,” al-Zoubi told RIA Novosti in an interview.

    “The fact of the attack on the [Russian] plane in Syrian airspace without any warning, as the surviving Russian [co-]pilot reported, confirms once again that Turkey is lying,” the information minister said.
    On Tuesday, a Turkish Air Force F-16 downed the Russian bomber 4 kilometers from the Turkish border.

    Both the Russian General Staff and the Syrian Air Defense Command confirmed that the Su-24 never crossed into Turkish airspace and was shot down over Syrian territory, citing precise objective control data.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin described the incident as a “stab in the back, carried out against us by accomplices of terrorists.”

    One of the two Su-24 pilots was killed by fire from the ground after ejecting from the plane.

    The second pilot was rescued in a 12-hour-long operation.

    Addition: In the following video we see one of the latest models of a US-made TOW missile installations destroying one of the Russian helicopters dispatched to rescue the ejected pilots (by now, everyone probably knows who actually created, financed and supplied ISIS/ISIL and the so called "moderates," which are the same cold blood terrorists):

    Russia has been carrying out an aerial campaign against the Islamic State jihadist group in Syria since late September at the request of Damascus. Moscow has repeatedly called on the UN Security Council to take extra steps to determine who was buying oil from the militants.

    Syria has repeatedly accused Turkey, as well as several Gulf states, of funding ISIL.

    Addition: Also, the alleged ‘Syrian Turkmen Commander’ who killed Russian pilot turns out to be a Turkish citizen and the son of a former Turkish mayor:


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    What started off as a small ripple on Vasquez Canyon Road soon turned into a scene from a post-apocalyptic blockbuster: the asphalt torn, utility poles dangerously tilted.

    Local authorities were quick to close the road on November 19, attracting curious on-lookers as well as extreme sports daredevils.

    Despite danger warnings, skateboarders have used the opportunity to explore the naturally-made ramp, and one man was seen riding his dirt bike on the newly-formed ripples.

    Officials with the Los Angeles Department of Public Works even took to Twitter to warn people away from the site as the landslide was still underway.

    CBS Los Angeles reported on Sunday that the road buckled over a 60-meter stretch, with some parts rising as high as 4.5 meters.

    UCLA Professor Jeremy Boyce told the media that it was unclear what had caused the phenomenon.

    "There was no big rainstorm that triggered this. There was no big earthquake that triggered this,” Boyce said.

    The road sits on private property and efforts to contact the owner are still ongoing.

    “Everything is being looked into because nothing is obvious. There’s no indication that seismic activity had anything to do with it,” Steve Frasher, a spokesman with the LA Department of Public Works, said.



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    Vladimir Putin has authorized Russia’s military to bring down the current Turkish government, which includes plans to rid Turkey of its leader President Recep Erdogan, in response to Turkey’s shooting down of the Russian Su-24 warplane.

    Vladimir Putin has authorized Russia’s military to bring down the current Turkish government, which includes plans to rid Turkey of its leader President Recep Erdogan, in response to Turkey’s shooting down of the Russian Su-24 warplane.

    According to the Ministry of Defence, the shooting down of the plane was organised by the CIA and Turkey, as part of an oil-for-weapons scheme which involved ISIS militants operating in Syria run by Turkey’s President Erdogan’s son Bilal Erdogan.

    According to the MoD, Bilal Erdogan is the mastermind behind the lucrative crude oil smuggling by ISIS militants in Turkey, which is thought to hep fund the Islamic State. reports:

    With the money earned from this sale of the Islamic States oil, this report notes, American weapons and ammunition were then bought from the CIA and transported back into Syria by Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MİT) to Islamic State terrorists—which was documented and verified by the editor-in-chief of the Turkish Cumhuriyet newspaper who upon the release of this information was ordered arrested yesterday by President Erdogan on treason and espionage charges.

    With Aerospace Forces having destroyed over 1,000 fuel tankers in the week prior to 24 November carrying illegal Islamic State oil into Turkey, MoD analysts in this report state, Bilal Erdogan, along with his MIT and CIA “accomplices” then ordered the “shootdown by ambush” of Russia’s Su24-M bomber aircraft with Turkish Prime Minister, and Erdogan family ally, Ahmet Davutoglu admitting that he personally gave the order to fire on the aircraft—and which was filmed by Islamic State terrorists who knew where and when to “get that exclusive footage”, as reported by Federation Colonel-General Viktor Bondarev.

    To the Western propaganda effort to “disguise/distort” this war crime against the Federation by Turkey, this report says, it has fallen into to many absurdities to count—including the impossibility of this Su24-M being able to fly over Turkish territory at a speed at which if true it had would have fallen from the sky, and which Wikileaks stated about: “Journalists: Learn to do basic maths. Look at Turkey’s statement to UN: 1.15 miles / 17 seconds x 60 x 60 = 243 miles/hour = 391 km/hour”.

    Even worse about the Western propaganda, this report notes, is an obvious Erdogan-MIT-CIA fabricated recording of the alleged warning given to the Su24-M bomber aircraft—but which Turkish authorities have informed the Russian military attache that they did not provide the media with any audio recordings of alleged radio contacts between their F-16 fighter and the downed Russian Su-24M bomber aircraft because they don’t exist.

    To President Putin’s war order against the Erdogan family and regime, this report continues, it has included the obliteration of the Islamic State forces in the area where this plane was downed and now allows Aerospace Forces to shoot down all enemy planes and objects which pose, or can pose, a threat to the serviceman of Russia in Syria.

    And as stated by President Putin to the media this morning, these measures let everyone know clearly that the next time any foreign plane tries to carry out aggression against the Russian Air Force, air base, or the military personnel of Russia in Syria—they will be, without any doubts, immediately destroyed—and the Triumph S-400 air defense missile complex wasn’t just deployed to Syria for appearances.

    With Turkey now massing tanks on their border with Syria, this report continues, President Putin’s war plan against the Erdogan regime also includes the destruction of the Turkish economy and the 1 January 2016 planned suspension of visa-free travel between Russia and Turkey—and, perhaps most dangerously, the immediate deployment to the Kurdish Syrian independent region of Rojava a contingent of Spetsnaz (Special Forces) troops to aid these people in their fight against the Islamic State.

    With Turkey having bombed Kurdish fighters in Iraq and Syria 300 times and Islamic State targets only three, this report notes, the Erdogan regimes greatest fears have been revealed as being against these mainly women and girl Kurdish fighters in Rojava decimating Islamic State terrorists—and who by their success has invigorated the freedom thoughts of Turkey’s own Kurdish minority President Erdogan has vowed to destroy.

    To if the United States would go to war against Russia to protect the Islamic State on the side of Turkey, this report concludes, it appears unlikely after the Obama regime removed all of their military forces Patriot Missiles from Turkish territory leaving that nation defenseless against Federation retaliation if needed.

    And even though not contained in this MoD report, it is worth noting that should the Obama regime engage in war with Russia over the Islamic State, the American fighters entering the battlefield have now become so weak that this past week, the elite US military academy for training officers, West Point, was forced to ban pillow fights and the students at the University of Massachusetts were provided emergency grief counseling after they inadvertently saw a Confederate Battle Flag sticker on someone’s computer.

    By Sean Adl-Tabatabai, Your News Wire

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    Ex-CIA Agent: Get Ready For World War III

    A ex-CIA agent, Bob Baer, has said the situation in the Middle East, including the mounting tension between Russia and Turkey, is looking like the beginning of World War III.

    “This mosaic in the Middle East of conflict is getting out of control,” the former CIA agent told CNN. “It’s not just Russia and Turkey, it’s Iran and Saudi Arabia. It is expanding rather than contracting, and nobody has a strategic plan.”
    Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin said that he suspects the United States leaked information about the flight path of the doomed Su-24 flight to Turkey – hinting that the downing of the plane was a deliberate act of war.

    Baer said that Putin is likely to retaliate to the Turkish shooting down of the Russian Su-24 warplane. reports:

    Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has announced expansive economic sanctions against Turkey and Russia’s military shut down all communication channels with the Turkish military, including a “hot line” to help avoid air incidents. 
    Turkey remains intransigent on the shoot down and has vowed to respond if Russia targets its planes violating Syrian airspace. 
    On Thursday Moscow deployed its advanced S-400 air defense system in Syria. The weapon will be used to protect the Russian Hmeimim airbase in Latakia. The Russian defense ministry posted a video of the deployment on its Facebook page. 
    Baer said we should expect Putin to respond to provocations by Turkey. “I wouldn’t put it past him. He’s not going to back down,” he said. 
    “That’s the way he framed this conflict,” Baer said. “The ch ances of this escalating from here without deconfliction of any sort are pretty good.”


    By Sean Adl-Tabatabai, Your News Wire

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    The discovery of liquid water on Mars has led scientists to believe there is a much greater possibility of finding some evidence for life forms on the fourth rock from the Sun.

    Alfred McEwen, professor of planetary geology at the University of Arizona, said: "The possibility of finding life in the interior of Mars is very high. There is water in the crust and we know Mars has received meteorites from Earth. Microbes can survive that trip, making it very likely life could be found in the crust of Mars."

    Mars caused climate change on earth

    Radio host Rush Limbaugh believes the news that there is water on Mars is part of a left-wing agenda. "I would assume it would be something to do with global warming... maybe there was once an advanced civilisation." The controversial radio host warned about 'dubious science' being used to promote the 'climate change agenda' on Earth.

    Nasa is keeping secrets about life on Mars has claimed that Nasa is withholding information about life on Mars, using the discovery of water on the red planet as a soft introduction to the public about the possibility of alien life without causing panic.

    Below is an an image captured by the orbiting Mars Global Surveyor. Nasa called it a "huge rock formation ... which resembles a human head ... formed by shadows giving the illusion of eyes, nose and mouth." Conspiracy theorists leapt on the idea that the Face was concrete evidence that Nasa was hiding information about alien life on Mars.

    Mysterious Mars lady

    UFO Sightings website posted a Nasa photo which they believe shows an alien woman watching the Mars rover. The size of the female is tiny as the scale of the image would make the 'being' only 8cm to 10cm tall. Alien life hunter Scott C Waring said: "The woman seems to have breasts... indicated by the shadow on its chest. We also see two arms that are lighter in colour and what looks like a head with long hair."

    Evidence of ancient Egyptian pyramids

    YouTube channel Martian Archaeology posted a video showing what seems to be a number of eroded pyramid structures, including one with a Sphinx-like face, in NASA photographs of the rocky Red Planet surface.

    Citing the "near-perfect design and shape" they argue the 'pyramid' is evidence that an ancient civilisation once lived on the red planet. While the pyramid is believed to be the size of a car, alien hunters speculate that a much larger structure is buried beneath.

    Life on Mars was annihilated by a nuclear attack

    An Indian probe caught some images of Mars that appeared to show a crater from a massive explosion on the surface of the red planet. This has fuelled speculation from scientists, including physicist and author John Brandenberg, that intelligent life was destroyed by a nuclear attack.

    The author of Death on Mars said that many of the nuclear isotopes in Mars's atmosphere "resemble those from hydrogen bombs on Earth" and expands on the theory that a humanoid race once lived there but was wiped out.

    "This Martian civilization apparently perished due to a planet-wide catastrophe of unknown origin," he writes, citing craters visible on the surface near the Curiosity Rover. "Was it a massive nuclear attack?"

    An army outpost stocked with weapons and missiles

    In April 2015, former United Nations worker Andre Gignac claimed that photos taken by a Mars rover revealed the existence of a bunker with at least one soldier. He also believed that the bunker could be an access point to another, even bigger underground site. "You can see a person behind the bunker's window," he told Cryptozoology News. He claims that "not far from this bunker are missiles, rockets and structures deployed in a circle."

    Fossilised Martian iguana

    It's not only little green men that might be lurking behind rock formations but also lizard life forms. Red Planet enthusiasts claim to have spotted a perfectly preserved fossilised iguana.

    Apparently animal sightings are amongst the most prevalent claims. "This is not the first animal found on Mars, actually there have been about 10-15 to date," Waring told news site

    Extra-terrestrial contractors at workA set of pictures released by a NASA navigation camera appear to show a human-like figure working on the Mars Curiosity Rover. The 'workman' isn't wearing a helmet and he is wearing an airtank on his back. Gary McKinnon, an alleged computer hacker, reportedly obtained classified documents from the US government, claiming he found files showing the existence of "extra-terrestrial officers"

    By Fiona Keating, IBTIMES

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    A Los Angeles man’s alleged plan to resurrect the deceased using cryonics and artificial intelligence may be dead on arrival.

    Multiple news outlets these week proclaimed that a company called Humai is developing methods that will get previously dead people up and walking within 30 years. But experts in the field say there’s no way Humai’s plan is feasible, and there’s some evidence the whole thing may be a hoax.

    Humai founder and CEO Josh Bocanegra says the company will rely on advances in artificial technology, nanotechnology and cryonics — and some advanced planning from future dead people while they are still alive.

    “We’ll first collect extensive data on our members for years prior to their death via various apps we’re developing. After death, we’ll freeze the brain using cryonics technology,” he told”When technology is fully developed we’ll implant the brain into an artificial body.”
    Bocanegra says the company’s biggest challenge “will be connecting a human brain to a bionic body that functions with your thoughts,” he told The Huffington Post in an email. “For that, we have to do research with neurosurgeons/neuroscientists (among others) and work closely in the field of nanotechnology and biotechnology.”


    By David Moye, The Huffington Post

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    Thousands Of Russian Troops Head To Turkish Border As US Planes Flee From Syrian Skies
    Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued orders to deploy nearly 7,000 troops, anti-aircraft, rocket launchers, and artillery forces to the Turkish border, and for them to be in readiness for full combat. 

    A stunning new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin states that President Putin, this morning, issued an order to the 58th Army Headquarters of the North-Caucasian Military District to immediately deploy “selected” regiments and brigades of Federation military electronic warfare, anti-aircraft, multiple rocket launcher, anti-tank, motorized rifle, and artillery forces to the Turkish-Armenia border—which in total comprises nearly 7,000 Russian troops now being put into full combat status.


    According to this report, the legal authorization for this massive combat deployment is due to the joint Russian-Armenian missile air defense system agreement ordered to be signed by President Putin on 11 November and which will be finalized this week by Prime Minister Medvedev. With Armenia now becoming a vital part of the Russian Joint Air Defense, this report continues, Federation military forces will now be able to counter threats from Turkey coming from that nations western border—which will mirror the air defense protections provided by Federation Aerospace and Naval forces on Turkey’s border with Syria that since being implemented this past week have seen both United States and Turkish aircraft completely cease flying missions against Islamic State terrorists in this war zone all together.

    Important to note too about this Federation military deployment to Armenia, this report says, are that these forces will be protected, like their counterparts operating in Syria, with S-400 Triumf (NATO designation: SA-21 Growler) medium/long-range mobile surface-to-air missile systems and Krasukha-4 jamming platforms giving them near total air defense superiority over 85 percent of Turkish territory. The Krasukha-4 broadband multifunctional jamming station is mounted on a BAZ-6910-022 four-axle-chassis and like the Krasukha-2, the Krasukha-4 counters NATO-Turkish AWACS and other air borne radar systems. The Krasukha-4, also, has the range for effectively disrupting low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites and can cause permanent damage to targeted radio-electronic devices with ground based radars also being a viable target—which is, undoubtedly, MoD experts in this report state, the reason US and Turkish aircraft have fled from the skies over Syria.

    Russia's Krasukha-4 broadband multifunctional jamming station operating in Syria

    With the criminal Erdogan regime in Turkey continuing to support Islamic State terrorists in Syria and Iraq, this report further notes, President Putin’s order today to begin the deployment of Federation military forces to Armenia will protect that nations peoples from their barbaric Turkish enemies who just a century ago (1915-1917) massacred an estimated 1.5 million men, women and children in what is known now as the Armenian Genocide.

    And to the great shame of the United States against these Armenia peoples too, this report grimly states, President Obama, this past August, and for the 7th year in row, broke his promise to them to acknowledge the genocide committed against them by Turkey.

    The Federation, however, this report continues, is not only one of the 25 nations that has acknowledge the Armenian Genocide, this past week a bill was introduced into the Russian parliament on holding to account anyone who denies that the killings of Armenians by Ottoman Turkish forces was “genocide”.

    With Turkish President Erdogan having lashed out at Russia, Germany and France for recognizing the Armenian Genocide, this report warns, his actions against the Kurdish peoples in the Levant Region are even more troubling—especially since this past summer when he broke off all peace talks with them.

    But to the Federations greatest fears of the criminal Erdogan necessitating the deployment of thousands of Russian troops to Turkey’s border, this report concludes, is his using of Islamic State terrorists to create for himself a new empire—and which he and his Prime Minister this past May (2015) made no secret of when they declared to the entire Islamic world:

    “We Will Gather Together Kurds And Arabs, And All Of The Muslim World, And Invade Jerusalem, And Create A One World Islamic Empire.”


    0 0

    Erdogan And The Prime Minister Of The Turkey, Just Made This Declaration To The Entire Islamic World: ‘We Will Gather Together Kurds And Arabs, And All Of The Muslim World, And Invade Jerusalem, And Create A One World Islamic Empire’
    By Allah’s will, Jerusalem belongs to the Kurds, the Turks, the Arabs, and to all Muslims. And as our forefathers fought side by side at Gallipoli, and just as our forefathers went together to liberate Jerusalem with Saladin, we will march together on the same path [to liberate Jerusalem].
    These are the words just declared by Dovutoglu, the Prime Minister of Turkey. You would think its coming straight from the mouth of the Antichrist.

    END OF DAYS:  Erdagon Declared To Invade Jerusalem

    The amazing speeches by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu were given at the inauguration ceremony at the country’s 55th airport in Yuksekova district of southeastern border province of Hakkari, in which they made an entire declaration to the Islamic world, on their desire to conquer Jerusalem and form a universal Islamic empire.

    Prime Minister Davutoglu said that an agreement was made with President Erdogan to name the Yuksekova Airport in as Selahaddin Eyyubi Airport, after Saladin of the Ayyubids, the Kurdish-origin Muslim conqueror of al-Quds, or Jerusalem, and one of the great enemies of the Christian crusaders, especially Richard the Lionheart.

    In the conference Davutoglu declared the universally Islamic aspiration to conquer Jerusalem:
    By Allah’s will, Jerusalem belongs to the Kurds, the Turks, the Arabs, and to all Muslims. And as our forefathers fought side by side at Gallipoli, and just as our forefathers went together to liberate Jerusalem with Saladin, we will march together on the same path [to liberate Jerusalem].
    Many of the English media outlets, like World Bulletin, are trying to cover up the reality of this speech, and are actually falsifying the translation, saying that the speech is “to give a message of unity and brotherhood.” This is false, as we have already demonstrated. Arabic media clearly shows the accurate translation. Arab media is calling it for what it is, “We will march to liberate Jerusalem: Says Davutuglo In Naming The Airport Saladin,” says the headline of Hasrr. 

    Here is the speech on video:

    Again, here we have the prime minister, with Erdogan, declaring the Islamic desire to conquer Jerusalem. This desire to retake Jerusalem is the same sentiment that the Muslims of the Middle Ages were fighting to fulfill. Now that Turkey wants to pursue this very same conquests, it is obvious that we are going back to Medieval Times. They are praising Saladin who fought a very fierce battle with Richard the Lionheart in the Battle of Acre, in which the Christians won, and who defeated the Christians in the Battle of Jerusalem, and they are also speaking of the Battle of Gallipoli, in which the Muslims defeated the Christian English.

    Erdogan made more revealing statements on going back to the Crusades, declaring that he communicates with the soul of Saladin (which is necromancy), going so far as to say that he was in the presence of Saladin. The Turkish media outlet, Anadolu, quoted the statement of Erdogan from his speech:
    I am sure the great commander [Saladin] is bringing together all the people of the Middle East into the one army that defeated the Crusaders. He [Saladin] is currently witnessing what we are doing here spiritually. I was in his spiritual presence and I am addressing him [Saladin] here in Hakkari with the mighty men, be it eastern, brave south eastern, valiant Anatolian, in old Turkey, they all promise you, O Saladin, if you united the brothers in the Middle East and so will we. You [Saladin] said, ‘Jerusalem is not for the Crusaders.’, Saladin you witness this, Allah witnesses this.
    Talking to the dead is against orthodox Sunni Islam, but it is not against Sufi Islam, in which Rumi (the top theologian of Sufism) encouraged the communication with the souls of dead Sufi masters. Erdogan is proclaiming himself to be a reincarnation of Saladin, and he says that if anyone sees Saladin (that is, him, “Erdogan”) as God. Erdogan is making himself to be another Christ, hijacking the words of Jesus, “He who has seen Me has seen the Father” (John 14:9), to himself. He ended his speech with:
    Jerusalem is for the Muslims, and not for Israel. Why should continue to be friends with those who stomped their boots, stepping on Masjid al-Aqsa (the Temple Mount). They insist that we (Turkey and Israel) have to be friends? I say, we will not! 
    Erdogan’s speech is even more amazing, he said:
    One people, one flag, one nation, and one state
    Here Erdogan is speaking of the Caliphate state, the universal Islamic empire of the Ottomans. This is a direct declaration to revive the Ottoman Empire. Davutoglu’s statements also included similar rhetoric:
    The Turkish government does not differentiate, from East to West… We intend to put together all of the regions of our nations and we will bring closer this regions back together.
    What Davutoglu is saying is that whatever was East of Turkey that was Ottoman, and whatever was West of Turkey, that was Ottoman, we will bring back together under the Ottoman.

    By Theodore Shoebat, SHOEBAT

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    Meet The Man Who Funds ISIS: Bilal Erdogan, The Son Of Turkey's President

    Russia's Sergey Lavrov is not one foreign minister known to mince his words. Just earlier today, 24 hours after a Russian plane was brought down by the country whose president three years ago said "a short-term border violation can never be a pretext for an attack", had this to say: "We have serious doubts this was an unintended incident and believe this is a planned provocation" by Turkey.

    But even that was tame compared to what Lavrov said to his Turkish counterparty Mevlut Cavusoglu earlier today during a phone call between the two (Lavrov who was supposed to travel to Turkey has since canceled such plans).

    As Sputnik transcribes, according to a press release from Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lavrov pointed out that, "by shooting down a Russian plane on a counter-terrorist mission of the Russian Aerospace Force in Syria, and one that did not violate Turkey’s airspace, the Turkish government has in effect sided with ISIS."

    It was in this context when Lavrov added that "Turkey’s actions appear premeditated, planned, and undertaken with a specific objective."

    More importantly, Lavrov pointed to Turkey’s role in the propping up the terror network through the oil trade. Per the Russian statement:
    "The Russian Minister reminded his counterpart about Turkey’s involvement in the ISIS’ illegal trade in oil, which is transported via the area where the Russian plane was shot down, and about the terrorist infrastructure, arms and munitions depots and control centers that are also located there."
    Others reaffirmed Lavrov's stance, such as retired French General Dominique Trinquand, who said that "Turkey is either not fighting ISIL at all or very little, and does not interfere with different types of smuggling that takes place on its border, be it oil, phosphate, cotton or people," he said.

    The reason we find this line of questioning fascinating is that just last week in the aftermath of the French terror attack but long before the Turkish downing of the Russian jet, we wrote about "The Most Important Question About ISIS That Nobody Is Asking" in which we asked who is the one "breaching every known law of funding terrorism when buying ISIS crude, almost certainly with the tacit approval by various "western alliance" governments, and why is it that these governments have allowed said middleman to continue funding ISIS for as long as it has?"

    Precisely one week later, in even more tragic circumstances, suddenly everyone is asking this question.

    And while we patiently dig to find who the on and offshore "commodity trading" middleman are, who cart away ISIS oil to European and other international markets in exchange for hundreds of millions of dollars, one name keeps popping up as the primary culprit of regional demand for the Islamic State's "terrorist oil" - that of Turkish president Recep Erdogan's son: Bilal Erdogan.

    His very brief bio:

    Necmettin Bilal Erdogan, commonly known as Bilal Erdogan (born 23 April 1980) is the third child of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the current President of Turkey.

    After graduating from Kartal Imam Hatip High School in 1999, Bilal Erdogan moved to the US for undergraduate education. He also earned a Masters Degree in John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University in 2004. After graduation, he served in the World Bank as intern for a while. He returned Turkey in 2006 and started to his business life. Bilal Erdogan is one of the three equal shareholders of "BMZ Group Denizcilik ", a marine transportation corporation.

    Here is a recent picture of Bilal, shown in a photo from a Turkish 2014 article, which "asked why his ships are now in Syria":

     In the next few days, we will present a full breakdown of Bilal's various business ventures, starting with his BMZ Group which is the name implicated most often in the smuggling of illegal Iraqi and Islamic State through to the western supply chain, but for now here is a brief, if very disturbing snapshot, of both father and son Erdogan by F. William Engdahl, one which should make everyone ask whether the son of Turkey's president (and thus, the father) is the silent mastermind who has been responsible for converting millions of barrels of Syrian Oil into hundreds of millions of dollars of Islamic State revenue.

    By F. William Engdahl, posted originally in New Eastern Outlook:

    Erdogan's Dirth Dangerous ISIS Games

    More and more details are coming to light revealing that the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, variously known as ISIS, IS or Daesh, is being fed and kept alive by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish President and by his Turkish intelligence service, including MIT, the Turkish CIA. Turkey, as a result of Erdogan’s pursuit of what some call a Neo-Ottoman Empire fantasies that stretch all the way to China, Syria and Iraq, threatens not only to destroy Turkey but much of the Middle East if he continues on his present path.

    In October 2014 US Vice President Joe Biden told a Harvard gathering that Erdogan’s regime was backing ISIS with “hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of tons of weapons…” Biden later apologized clearly for tactical reasons to get Erdogan’s permission to use Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base for airstrikes against ISIS in Syria, but the dimensions of Erdogan’s backing for ISIS since revealed is far, far more than Biden hinted.

    ISIS militants were trained by US, Israeli and now it emerges, by Turkish special forces at secret bases in Konya Province inside the Turkish border to Syria, over the past three years. Erdogan’s involvement in ISIS goes much deeper. At a time when Washington, Saudi Arabia and even Qatar appear to have cut off their support for ISIS, they remaining amazingly durable. The reason appears to be the scale of the backing from Erdogan and his fellow neo-Ottoman Sunni Islam Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu.

    Nice Family Business

    The prime source of money feeding ISIS these days is sale of Iraqi oil from the Mosul region oilfields where they maintain a stronghold. The son of Erdogan it seems is the man who makes the export sales of ISIS-controlled oil possible.

    Bilal Erdogan owns several maritime companies. He has allegedly signed contracts with European operating companies to carry Iraqi stolen oil to different Asian countries. The Turkish government buys Iraqi plundered oil which is being produced from the Iraqi seized oil wells. Bilal Erdogan’s maritime companies own special wharfs in Beirut and Ceyhan ports that are transporting ISIS’ smuggled crude oil in Japan-bound oil tankers.

    Gürsel Tekin vice-president of the Turkish Republican Peoples’ Party, CHP, declared in a recent Turkish media interview, “President Erdogan claims that according to international transportation conventions there is no legal infraction concerning Bilal’s illicit activities and his son is doing an ordinary business with the registered Japanese companies, but in fact Bilal Erdogan is up to his neck in complicity with terrorism, but as long as his father holds office he will be immune from any judicial prosecution.” Tekin adds that Bilal’s maritime company doing the oil trades for ISIS, BMZ Ltd, is “a family business and president Erdogan’s close relatives hold shares in BMZ and they misused public funds and took illicit loans from Turkish banks.”

    In addition to son Bilal’s illegal and lucrative oil trading for ISIS, Sümeyye Erdogan, the daughter of the Turkish President apparently runs a secret hospital camp inside Turkey just over the Syrian border where Turkish army trucks daily being in scores of wounded ISIS Jihadists to be patched up and sent back to wage the bloody Jihad in Syria, according to the testimony of a nurse who was recruited to work there until it was discovered she was a member of the Alawite branch of Islam, the same as Syrian President Bashar al-Assad who Erdogan seems hell-bent on toppling.

    Turkish citizen Ramazan Bagol, captured this month by Kurdish People’s Defence Units,YPG, as he attempted to join ISIS from Konya province, told his captors that said he was sent to ISIS by the ‘Ismailia Sect,’ a strict Turkish Islam sect reported to be tied to Recep Erdogan. Baol said the sect recruits members and provides logistic support to the radical Islamist organization. He added that the Sect gives jihad training in neighborhoods of Konya and sends those trained here to join ISIS gangs in Syria.

    According to French geopolitical analyst, Thierry Meyssan, Recep Erdogan “organised the pillage of Syria, dismantled all the factories in Aleppo, the economic capital, and stole the machine-tools. Similarly, he organised the theft of archeological treasures and set up an international market in Antioch…with the help of General Benoît Puga, Chief of Staff for the Elysée, he organised a false-flag operation intended to provoke the launching of a war by the Atlantic Alliance – the chemical bombing of la Ghoutta in Damascus, in August 2013. “

    Meyssan claims that the Syria strategy of Erdogan was initially secretly developed in coordination with former French Foreign Minister Alain Juppé and Erdogan’s then Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, in 2011, after Juppe won a hesitant Erdogan to the idea of supporting the attack on traditional Turkish ally Syria in return for a promise of French support for Turkish membership in the EU. France later backed out, leaving Erdogan to continue the Syrian bloodbath largely on his own using ISIS.

    Gen. John R. Allen, an opponent of Obama’s Iran peace strategy, now US diplomatic envoy coordinating the coalition against the Islamic State, exceeded his authorized role after meeting with Erdogan and “promised to create a "no-fly zone" ninety miles wide, over Syrian territory, along the whole border with Turkey, supposedly intended to help Syrian refugees fleeing from their government, but in reality to apply the "Juppé-Wright plan". The Turkish Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, revealed US support for the project on the TV channel A Haber by launching a bombing raid against the PKK.” Meyssan adds.

    There are never winners in war and Erdogan’s war against Syria’s Assad demonstrates that in bold. Turkey and the world deserve better. Ahmet Davutoglu’s famous “Zero Problems With Neighbors” foreign policy has been turned into massive problems with all neighbors due to the foolish ambitions of Erdogan and his gang.

    Zero Hedge 

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    What is going on! Strange unexplained sounds heard around the world this month along with a number of strange events 2015. On November 26, 2015.

    What is going on! Strange unexplained sounds heard around the world this month along with a number of strange events 2015. On November 26, 2015. Last night at about 4:30 am my fiance and I were woken up to these horrible screeching sounds, i don’t know how to explain them! almost like really loud screeching trumpets or something.. very strange. It lasted for more than 10 minutes at least! and not to mention woke us from our sleep they were so loud. I’ve never heard anything like this in all my life, so we’re posting it here in hopes to somehow learn what on earth this could be !!



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    Project ISIS: The KGB Found Mummified Body Of A 13.000 Year Old Alien Astronaut In 1961

    It seems that the KGB, which is one of the world’s largest spy and state-security machine, involved in all aspects of life of everyday people in the Soviet Union, discovered a mummified ancient alien astronaut in 1961.

    The mission of Project ISIS included several Egyptologists from the Soviet Academy of Sciences, scientists, and military experts. The team was led by Sami Sharaf, a close aid of president Gamel Abdel Nasser of Egypt.

    The first time this incredible story was mentioned was in the documentary of Project ISIS, the secret Russian expedition that took place in Egypt in 1961, the goal of the mission was to “uncover” the “Tomb of the Visitor”. The documentary by the name The Secret KGB Abduction Files by the U.S. was first shown to the public in 1998.

    According to the documentary, there is a video which reportedly documents a part of the top-secret project called “Project ISIS.”


    The video of the secret mission was made available thanks to a Russian intermediary who claims to have obtained it from the secret archives of the KGB. In the video which is in Black and White, you can observe Soviet personnel recovering what appears to be a mummy of the Alien “Astronaut” from a sarcophagus which was located in a tomb in the Giza plateau.

    Skeptics are not sure what to make from the video, since it is impossible to confirm its authenticity, and if in fact the mummified remains belong to an alien astronaut. According to Sci-Fi Tv Channel, Forensic experts who analyzed the video confirmed its authenticity.

    According to Sci-Fi, the video was purchased by them by Russian “mafia” sources and originated directly from the archives of the KGB. Testimonies from highly ranking KGB officials seem to corroborate the story stating that the sarcophagus which was recovered by Russian military personnel, did in fact contain the remains of an alien being.
    Skeptics seem to strongly dismiss the suggestion that the body that Russian military personnel recovered belonged to an alien being, according to skeptics, Russian personnel only found a royal tomb of an Egyptian noble or King.

    Sci-Fi on the other hand says that the video is authentic and that the footage displayed had never before been shown to the public before its agents managed to “buy” it from Russian sources.

    In the video, we can see Russian soldiers entering the tomb without any protective gear, but after the sarcophagus of the “alien being” was opened, a cloud of “toxic” fumes rose which caused the soldiers to retreat and dress in protective suits and gas masks.

    It is believed that Project ISIS was created in 1961, during the beginning of the Cold War arms race, when both sides actively sought a military-technological advantage over the other side. According to historians and ufologists, the Russians were worried following reports that the United States had obtained secret “alien technology” which was being studied re-engineered at Area 51.


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    A video that seemingly bolsters Russian claims of Turkish government complicity with the Islamic State, highlights the casual relations between the terror group and Turkish officials.

    Turkey has been accused of being one of the main benefactors of the ISIS terror group, accused of providing logistics, financing and military hardware. These accusations are particularly startling as Turkey is a member of NATO, a collective security group obligated to go to war if a member state is attacked. It would be a seemingly dangerous proposition to allow a state that basically props up the Islamic State, which then uses the group as a geopolitical weapon, to be in such a strategically important group.

    The amateur footage reportedly shows ISIS militants and Turkish border guards holding a relaxed conversation near the Syrian city of Kobane, according to the Daily Mail. The amateur footage, taken near Zarova Hill on the outskirts of Kobane, was uploaded to YouTube on October 28, 2014.

    According to the report in the Daily Mail:

    It appears to show two heavily armed militants wandering nonchalantly up to the Turkish border fence – displaying shocking bravado as they smile and wave at the camera.

    They are met by what appears to be a military vehicle full of security officials who, despite carrying weapons themselves, do little more than break into conversation with the jihadis, who eventually wander off back into Syria while shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’…

    The clip begins with the two apparent jihadists lighting fires near a group of cars, which are believed to have been abandoned by desperate Kurdish families who fled Kobane in recent weeks when ISIS militants stepped up their attacks on the city.

    After appearing to realise they are being filmed from inside Turkey, the pair start walking towards the border fence, stopping only to mockingly wave at the amateur filmmaker.
    As they reach the border fence, an armoured military vehicle belonging to Turkish border guards speeds up to meet them. Heavily armed officials jump out the back of the car and – after briefly talking on their radios, simply engage the men in conversation.

    At one point the situation appears tense and a border guard scampers towards the militants with his gun briefly raised, but he stops seconds later and also begins talking to the men.

    After several minutes chatting, the militants wander off, defiantly raising their index finger to the sky to represent jihadism while chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’ – a phrase that translates as ‘God is the greatest’.

    The Turkish government has repeatedly been accused of being one of the largest state sponsors of the Islamic State.

    International security expert, Dr. Nafeez Ahmed, has repeatedly documented the fact that Turkey acts as a state sponsor of ISIS.

    According to a report in Insurge Intelligence by Dr. Ahmed:

    Earlier this year, the Turkish daily Meydan reported citing an Uighur source that more than 100,000 fake Turkish passports had been given to ISIS…

    A senior Western official familiar with a large cache of intelligence obtained this summer from a major raid on an ISIS safehouse told the Guardian that “direct dealings between Turkish officials and ranking ISIS members was now ‘undeniable.’” The same official confirmed that Turkey, a longstanding member of NATO, is not just supporting ISIS, but also other jihadist groups, including Ahrar al-Sham and Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria…

    Turkey has also played a key role in facilitating the life-blood of ISIS’ expansion: black market oil sales. Senior political and intelligence sources in Turkey and Iraq confirm that Turkish authorities have actively facilitated ISIS oil sales through the country…

    Last summer, Mehmet Ali Ediboglu, an MP from the main opposition, the Republican People’s Party, estimated the quantity of ISIS oil sales in Turkey at about $800 million — that was over a year ago.

    By now, this implies that Turkey has facilitated over $1 billion worth of black market ISIS oil sales 
    to date.

    Turkey is a neo-Islamist regime bent on taking out the Assad government in Syria through the use of terrorist proxies and is working to defend their terrorist allies in Syria.

    After the downing of the Russian fighter jet, Russian President Vladimir Putin very succinctly laid out what has been taking place, placing blame directly on the Turkish government for the continued growth of the Islamic State.

    “We have long been recording the movement of a large amount of oil and petroleum products to Turkey from Isis-occupied territories. This explains the significant funding the terrorists are receiving. Now they are stabbing us in the back by hitting our planes that are fighting terrorism. This is happening despite the agreement we have signed with our American partners to prevent air incidents, and, as you know, Turkey is among those who are supposed to be fighting terrorism within the American coalition…

    If Isis is making so much money – we are talking about tens or maybe even hundreds of millions, possibly billions of dollars – in oil trade and they are supported by the armed forces of an entire state, it is clear why they are being so daring and impudent, why they are killing people in such gruesome ways, why they are committing terrorist attacks all over the world, including in the heart of Europe,” Putin said.

    The fact that NATO continues to allow membership by Turkey, after their blatant support of the Islamic State, should raise serious questions as to who we call our “allies.”

    If the U.S. truly wants to stop the Islamic State then it would seem logical to call Turkey out for its immense and continued state support of ISIS/Daesh.

    The fact remains that Turkey is one of the biggest supporters of global terrorism and a member of NATO.

    Will the Western world really allow itself be dragged into a potential global war due to an alliance with the Turkish government who refuses to cease their support for the Islamic State?
    By Jay Syrmopoulos, The Free Thought Project

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     Putin Orders Russian Military: Prepare Syria To Become “Obama’s Graveyard”

    A truly sobering report issued by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) today appears to show that President Putin is preparing his military forces for World War III after he ordered Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu and Head of Russian Aerospace Forces Victor Bondarev to being preparing Syria to become an “impenetrable zone of conflict” that would, in fact, become “Obama’s graveyard” and spell the ending of the NATO-Western alliance against the Federation.

    According to this report, this grave war order was secured after President Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reached an agreement late yesterday providing that Israel will not interfere with Federation air or land forces operating in Syria even in the event of an all-out war with the Obama regime led NATO military alliance who are attempting to aid their Islamic State allies currently being obliterated by Russian airstrikes and Syrian Army ground attacks.

    Necessitating the timing of this order, this report continues, was President Putin’s refusal yesterday to obey the Obama regime’s warning against the Federation arming its fighter aircraft operating in Syria with air-to-air missiles—which when this Pentagon demand was ignored, the US announced it would begin an immediate massive air power exercise involving F-16 fighter jets, E3 AWACS surveillance and command jets, KC-135 refueling tankers, RC-135 intelligence-gathering planes, and B-1 and B-52 bombers with them, also, refusing to disclose the total number of planes involved.

    Equally as provocative against the Federation necessitating this war order, this report notes, was Germany, this morning, announcing it too was sending thousands of it military ground and air forces to battle in Syria, while at the same time stating that they would not share any intelligence with Russia they had against Islamic State terrorists, and would in no way cooperate with the current legitimate Syrian government currently in power.

    With the Syrian government, like Lebanon, Iran and now Iraq, being the only Middle East nations to support the rights of woman and other religions within their borders, this report says, the joining of the Germans on this side of the Islamic State and their woman hating Saudi Arabian backers defies all logic, but becomes understandable when viewed in the context that the Obama regime led West really does want a global war.

    And as if these provocations by the Obama regime against the Federation were not by themselves sufficient enough to cause the issuing of this war order, this report also notes, NATO’s announcement today that they were inviting the Balkan country of Montenegro to join their military alliance against Russia is cause enough alone for a massive war to begin.

    To the Obama regime’s supposed war against Islamic State terrorists in Syria, this report explains, it is nothing more than a mirage as yesterday’s Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) report proves in their detailing of their attacks on 29 November that states:
    “In Syria, coalition military forces conducted three strikes using bomber and remotely piloted aircraft on Nov. 29. Near Dayr Az Zawr, one strike destroyed an ISIL excavator and three ISIL bulldozers and damaged an additional ISIL bulldozer. Near Al Hawl, two strikes struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed an ISIL checkpoint and an wounded an ISIL fighter.”
    And while Obama regime forces have left these Islamic State terrorists short one excavator and 3 bulldozers, this report continues, Aerospace Forces, at the same time, have been systematically obliterating these barbarians source of wealth—and described by President Putin as a “living oil pipeline” stretching between Islamic State territory and Turkey with “vehicles, carrying oil, lined up in a chain going beyond the horizon” and “day and night they are going into Turkey where these trucks always go there loaded, and back from there – empty.”

    As to why the Obama regime has not targeted the Islamic States illegal oil wealth, having only bombed them 260 times in nearly two years, this report says, is due to their support of Turkey’s Erdogan regime, and about whom new documents were released this week proving this criminal organization had so much illegal Islamic State oil flowing to them they had to actually buy tanker ships to handle it all.

    And with Turkey’s President Erdogan saying today he would resign if it’s proved his criminal organization is buying illegal Islamic State oil, this report points out, he should actually step down now as the evidence for his doing so has not only been fully documented by Russia with satellite photos, but also by London’s Guardian News Service who in July wrote: “After a US attack on the compound of a Daesh (ISIL) leader in Syria in May, direct dealings between the terrorist organization and Turkey became undeniable.”, and The Institute for the Study of Human Rights at Columbia University who in their report wrote:
    “Turkey Provides Military Equipment to ISIS (ISIL Daesh), Turkey Provided Transport and Logistical Assistance to ISIS Fighters, Turkey Provided Training to ISIS Fighters, Turkey Offers Medical Care to ISIS Fighters, Turkey Supports ISIS Financially Through Purchase of Oil, Turkish Forces Are Fighting Alongside ISIS.”
    So by the Obama regime’s cover-up and complicity with Erdogan’s criminal cartel’s illegal association with Islamic State terrorists, this report gravely states, it becomes understandable why Russia’s NATO envoy, Aleksandr Grushko, warned earlier today: “By ‘covering’ Turkey politically, NATO took responsibility for downing of Russian Su-24 – envoy “NATO, which gave no principled assessment of this illegal act and, as a matter of fact, politically covered for Ankara as the member of the alliance, thus shares responsibility for the incident. Once again, we see that political considerations are getting the upper hand over objectivity and mere common sense.”

    And to the effect of President Putin’s order to his top military commanders to turn Syria into “Obama’s graveyard”, this report continues, was the immediate deployment to this war zone of advanced Russian fighter aircraft, the movement of Federation Aerospace Forces aircraft and ground troops to al-Shayrat air base, near the central city of Homs, and, most crucially, the deployment throughout Syria of electromagnetic weapons designed to turn this war zone into a virtual “electronic ghost world”.

    Also to be immediately “deployed/implemented” in this war zone too, this report gravely concludes, is what many call Russia’s “ultimate weapon”—otherwise known in the perception warfare community as “Reflexive Control” whose basic principles are:

    Distraction—during preparatory stages of combat operations, creating a real or imaginary threat against one of the most vital enemy places such as flanks and rear, forcing him to reevaluate his decisions to operate on this or that axis.

    Overload—often manifested by sending the enemy a large amount of conflicting information.

    Paralysis—creating the belief of a specific threat to a vital interest or weak spot.

    Exhaustion—cause the enemy to carry out useless operations, thereby entering combat with expended resources.

    Deception—during preparatory stages of combat operations, force the enemy to reallocate forces to a threatened spot.

    Divisive techniques—cause the enemy to believe he must operate in opposition to coalition interests.

    Pacification—through a peaceful attitude and approach cause the enemy to lose vigilance.

    Deterrence—create the impression of superiority.

    Provocation—force enemy action advantageous to your side.

    Suggestion—offer information that affects the enemy legally, morally, ideologically or in other areas.

    Pressure—offer information that encourages society to discredit its own government. 

    And though not stated in this MoD report being referenced, the most astute reader of this report can be left with no other impression than Russia’s President Putin has, indeed, made the choice to confront NATO directly over the Syrian issue, will not back down.

    And, as always, the West, especially President Obama, will grossly underestimate the Russian peoples and government willingness to sacrifice everything, if they must, to save the Christian world from what they believe are satanic barbarians.


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